tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJulia's Boating Trip

Julia's Boating Trip


"Julia, do you get seasick?"

When her supervisor called the newest junior executive at Crispin Financial had certainly not expected that question. "No, sir. At least I've never been seasick."

"Good. A group from management has put together a deep sea fishing trip for the weekend of the twelfth. We just had a cancellation, so you're invited if you want to go."

Since today was the tenth that meant they would be going in two days.

"Do you mind if I ask whose going, sir?" Julia asked.

"Me, John Amos, Beth Hewitt, Harold Bain, Ronnie Hamlet, and you if you want to go." he answered. "We're going to take Harold's RV so we can eat on the way since even leaving at 3:30AM we won't have time to stop on the way. The boat will leave the dock about six. We should get to the fishing grounds around eight. What time we head back in depends on what the fish are doing and the weather. We'll grab something to eat before we head back if we get in earlier enough. Otherwise we'll spend the night there and come back Sunday morning."

Julia did a quick mental review of the group. There was her boss Bob Crawford; John, Bob's boss; Beth, who she didn't know; Harold who was John's boss and the Vice President in charge of New Market Development Division; and Ronnie Bain, Vice President of Support Division. All in all a pretty heady group. Getting in good with them could only help her in her career. An added incentive was the presence of Beth so it wouldn't be just her with a bunch of guys.

"I'd be thrilled to go along, sir," she replied.

"Good. I'll let the others know you're in. We'll meet here at 3:30AM. You'll want to bring an overnight bag just in case we get back late. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit, suntan lotion, and sunglasses. It can get pretty intense out there."

"I'll be ready, sir."

The evening before the trip Julia got her stuff ready. A change of clothes in case the trip took an extra day, toiletries, suntan lotion, sunglasses, her one-piece bathing suit and a pair of coach's shorts to wear over it. Boating shoes and a straw hat rounded out her shipboard costume.

Dragging herself out of bed at 2:30AM was a challenge, but she did it. At 3:15 she pulled into the company's parking lot. Harold already had the RV waiting. Bob pulled in just behind Julia. Bob and Julia grabbed their stuff and walked over to the RV together. Harold saw them coming and had the door open so they could walk right in.

He told them to put their stuff in the back bedroom and have a seat. John and Beth came in the same car and arrived a couple of minutes later. Ronnie arrived five minutes late and the others kidded him about it. As the newest member there Julia decided to refrain from taking part.

Harold noticed and said, "Julia, on this trip we're all friends. There's no mister this or miss that. I'm Harold, he's John, she's Beth, the one who can't tell time is Ronnie, lanky over there is Bob, and you're Julia, unless you have something else you prefer to be called."

"No sir, Julia is fine."

Ronnie spoke up. "Julie girl, he's Harold not sir. Or you can call him Crash, which you'll understand when you see his driving."

Turning to Harold he continued with a grin, "You going to get this behemoth on the road or we going sit here flapping our gums all morning?"

No one had called her Julie since she graduated high school and she decided she needed that sounded more mature. However it felt good to be included in the group so she didn't protest.

Once they were on the highway Beth offered to get breakfast started, but the guys immediately told her no way. As John stood up and stepped into the kitchen area Bob explained, "John used to be a short order cook. Just tell him what you want and he'll whip it up in a second."

"Since Ronnie has to take over for Harold when he eats, Ronnie gets first choice," John said over his shoulder. "What are you having, Ronnie?"

"The usual," Ronnie said.

"How about you, Beth?" John asked.

"Oh, I'll just have cereal," she replied.

"Sorry. No cereal on board. You can have eggs in your favorite style, along with your choice of bacon, steak, or ham. We also have toast or muffins, hash browns, and grits. What's your pleasure?"

"A guy with rock hard abs and a body to match," Beth stated with a smile. "Oh wait you meant to eat. Sorry I got confused for a minute."

Everyone laughed at her joke.

"How about ham and eggs scrambled?" she said.

"Coming up. What would you like Julie girl?"

Apparently she was going to be Julie girl on this trip, Julia realized. "I'll have a Heart Attack Special, please."

John stopped what he was doing and turned his head, "And what, pray tell, is a Heart Attack Special?"

"Four eggs over medium, crispy bacon, hash browns with onions and cheese if you have them, and a side of toast," she replied.

"Where did the name Heart Attack Special come from," Bob asked.

"I have a friend named Tim who has high cholesterol and he told me that between the eggs, bacon, and hash browns cooked in grease it was a heart attack looking for a place to happen."

The other chuckled at her description.

She continued, "We were out riding his motorcycle one time and we stopped at a little country diner and he ordered it. I just ordered toast. When the food came Tim chopped everything up, except for the toast, and mixed it into a big gob. It looked like something an elephant would leave behind after dinner, but I tried a bite and Wow. We both finished his while I ordered a second round. It was so fantastic."

"Is it too late to change my order?" Ronnie quipped.

"Nope. It'll just take a second," John replied.

When the others saw the way he was enjoying his meal everyone else went with the Heart Attack Special too.

While Harold was eating after Ronnie took the wheel, he joked, "My heart specialist is going to kill me if this doesn't. But it would be worth it."

After breakfast Bob explained to the girls what kind of fishing they planned to do. "The fishing world record authorities have a bunch of records of fish caught with eight pound test fishing line that we think we have a chance to break. Eight pound test is kind of light so if you get a bite you have to play it very carefully. A little too much pressure on the brake and the line breaks. It can take an hour to get the fish along side the boat so just be patient."

As they had planned the group arrived at the docks a little before six o'clock. Having been there before Ronnie knew where to park the RV and everyone got their gear. Following Ronnie they made their way to their boat, the 'Tank Sank'.

The transom featured a painting of an army tank about to go under the surface. It was so comical Julia had to take a picture of it. When everyone was aboard, the mate cast off the lines and the captain eased it away from the pier.

Julia asked the crewman, "Where did the boat's name come from?"

With a smile he replied, "It comes from the fact that it tank sank yet." The other had already heard the story and just out joking groans.

Two hours later they were approaching the fishing grounds and the temperature was going up so the guys went below and changed into swim shorts. Beth went next and soon came back on deck in a green two-piece. The guys all whistled their approval when she returned to the deck. Joking around Beth assumed an exaggerated sexy pose.

Julia was next. She went down and looked for her bag, but was unable to find it. Returning to the deck she asked if anyone had seen it.

Bob asked, "Where the last place you remember seeing it?"

"I set it on the pier when I took some pictures of the boat's name," she answered.

"Did you pick it up afterwards" Ronnie asked.

"Oh, crap," Julia replied. "I don't think I did. Damn!"

"Was there anything valuable inside," Bob questioned.

"Not really, just the clothes I was going to wear here and a few personal items."

"Well, I've got an extra swimsuit if you want," Beth offered.

"Oh thanks, Beth. That would be great. It's going to be too hot to stay in these clothes," Julia exclaimed.

"If all you're worried about is being too hot, you could just take your clothes off. I promise we won't mind," Ronnie quipped.

Julia answered by sticking out her tongue. Then she followed Beth below. Beth looked in her bag and pulled out a blue bathing suit. "I'll see you back on deck, Julie girl," she said.

Julie unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it on the bunk. Next she reached around and unclipped her brasserie and dropped it on top of her blouse. Then she unfastened her pants and pushed them and her panties down her legs. Kicking off her shoes she removed the last of her clothing.

She picked up the bikini bottom and got her first real look at it. She hadn't taken into account that Beth was noticeably thinner and as a result the front and back panels were smaller than suits Julia normally wore. Mentally shrugging her shoulders she decided to go ahead anyway since it was going to be too hot to stay in the outfit she had just removed. She tied the strings on one side of the bottoms and stepped into them. When she had it in place she tied the other side.

Glancing at a mirror on the bulkhead she noted that it was a good thing she kept her pubic hair gone. The front of the suit certainly didn't cover as much as her suit did. Twisting her body she saw that about a quarter of each of her butt cheeks were exposed. Damn she wished she had her coach's shorts to put on over it. 'Oh well,' she thought, 'it's not like I was wearing a thong.'

As she was looking in the mirror she caught a flash of movement in one of the cabin windows. Clasping her hands over her exposed breasts she whirled around and looked at the window. For the first time she noticed that there was a small gap between the two curtains.

Had someone been watching or was it just a shadow from someone walking by on deck. She waited and after a bit another shadow crossed the window as someone walked towards the front of the boat.

"Silly girl," she muttered to herself as she dropped her hands.

"Is there a problem, Julia?" came a male voice from behind her.

Taken by surprise she whirled around without thinking. Her boss was standing at the top of the steps looking down. As Julia looked at him she saw his eyes widen in surprise. It took a second for her to grasp that she still hadn't put on the suit top and she standing there with her breasts fully exposed.

With a gasp of dismay she clapped her hands back where they had just been.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," he stammered. "You were down here so long I was afraid something might have happened."

Over his shoulders she saw the others' faces appear. As each took in the sight of her standing there with only her hands to shield her breasts from their eyes, she saw each one's expression change to a smirk.

'Great,' she thought. 'Now everyone knows he saw my tits. I bet I'll never hear the end of this.'

"I'm fine," she stated.

"Yes you are," Ronnie agreed wholeheartedly. The other laughed at his solemn tone.

"So, are you coming back on deck?" John asked hopefully.

"You mean like this?" Julia replied in disbelief.

"Sure, why not," Beth said grinning. "We're all adults. We've all seen boobs before. Hell, I've jot a pair of my own. See?" and saying that she reached up and popped the knot on her top. The next thing Julia knew Beth was standing there topless and seemingly completely unconcerned about it.

Seeing Beth strip off her top among the men shocked Julia.

"Come on up, Julie girl, and let's get fishing," Harold said.

"But I'm topless," she whispered to her boss.

"Beth is too. She got topless so you wouldn't be the only one. Are you just going to leave her topless all by herself?" He paused a second and added, "However it's your decision. I'll see you on deck when you make up your mind."

Turning around he went back up and closed the hatch behind him.

Julia thought about it for a minute. After all Beth was topless too and while they guys had kidded her about coming on deck topless they didn't seem all that shocked by Beth's action.

Finally she sighed and said, "Screw it. She can put her top back on if it bothers her." Julia picked up the top and tied the top strap in a bowtie. She hung it around her neck and tied the other two strings behind her back. Looking in the mirror she wasn't totally sure that it was an improvement. The twin cloth patches were only about three inches wide at the bottom and tapered as they went up. A couple of millimeters narrower and there wouldn't have been enough material to cover her nipples. If she had been there by herself she wouldn't have gone back on deck in the top, but since Beth was topless at least Julia was somewhat better concealed.

Her return to the deck drew a few catcalls and wolf whistles, but everyone seemed to take it in stride. Julia was pleased to see that Beth didn't seem to mind that she was female with her boobs exposed.

The crewman had put out several lines and after a while one of them got a hit. Beth had picked number one when they drew for order and she was handed the pole. Everyone else reeled in the remaining lines to get them from getting tangled and following instructions Beth heaved back on the line to set the hook.

Julia watched as Beth worked her fish. About a half an hour into the battle Beth asked someone to put some suntan lotion on her as she could feel she was starting to burn.

John grabbed a bottle and squirted some on her back. He rubbed it into her back, down along her arms, and to Julia's amazement across her chest and onto her breasts. Beth never utter a word of protest. When John was finished she even thanked him.

Just as Beth got the fish close to the boat the fish gave a sudden jerk and the line broke. Julia thought for a minute Beth was going to cry.

After a round of 'sorrys' and 'too bads', the lines were reset and they started again.

The next hit went to Ronnie as he had picked the number two out of the hat when they drew for order. He worked for a while to get his fish back to the boat only to have it do the same thing Beth's had done and escape.

After the first two fish the activity slowed down and it almost ten o'clock when another lure was taken.

This time it was Julia's turn. She set the hook as she was instructed and the fish sprinted away. Within seconds it had pulled a couple of hundred feet of line off the reel. The others were reeling like crazy to get their lines out of the way.

Once their lines were on board Bob grabbed his video camera and started filming.

Julia had never hooked anything like this fish and found herself completely captivated by it. Twenty minutes later she was still fighting the fish and having the time of her life.

Ronnie whispered something to Beth and the two of them moved up behind Julia. The pretended to be there to encourage her whereas in reality they each carefully untied a bowtie on either side of her bikini bottoms. They then stepped out of the way of Bob's camera.

Within seconds, unbeknownst to Julia she was fighting the fish bare-assed. Out of her sight, but within the viewfinder of Bob's camera, the others were quietly swapping hi-fives with each other.

When the fish was finally drawn near the boat it made one last attempt to get away. It took all of Julia's concentration to avoid losing him. However eventually she got him back to the boat and the crewman was able to gaff him.

He hoisted the fish up and Bob told Julia to pose with her trophy.

After several seconds of filming the two Ronnie said, "That's a pretty sight. A beautiful fish and a beautiful beaver."

The comment puzzled Julia for a bit. Then realizing what he meant she looked down and saw that she was naked from the waist down. She instantly dropped the rod and clasp one hand over her crotch and the other over her ass as she sunk into a couch.

"Damn I can't wait to see this video on the net. Shit, I bet it won't take a day and everyone at the company will know about it." Ronnie said.

Julia turned her anguished face to Bob. "You can't be going to post that on the web."

"Of course he can," John said. "That's a beautiful fish. Everyone will want to see the video of you landing it."

"But I'm naked, damn it," Julia retorted.

"No you're not," Beth pointed out matter-of-factly. "Your tits are covered."

"But my, um," Julia started.

"Pussy," Harold said helpfully.

"Okay, yeah, my pussy is exposed," Julia responded hotly.

"I love it when you talk dirty," Ronnie interjected.

"So? It's a very pretty pussy. You must be very proud of it, Julie girl," Harold added.

"But I still don't want it spread all over the internet," Julia complained. Turning to her boss she added, "Please stop filming."

"I have a counter proposal, Julia," Bob offered as he continued to film her. "Take off your top, remain nude the rest of the trip, and don't be difficult and in return I promise this video will never be posted online. Okay?"

Julia considered his offer. Summoning all her courage she straightened up and ever so slowly moved her hands away from where they had been shielding her and instead untied her bikini top and removed it.

As her tits came into sight everyone with their hands free applauded to scene. It was Julia's first time topless in public, not counting a few skinny-dipping experiences and a streaking dare in high school.

"Okay," she said to Bob, "you said you'd quit filming if I took my top off and I did."

"Actually," Harold countered, "he said him wouldn't let the video be post online. He never said anything about not recording the sight of your delightful body. Does everyone else agree?"

All the others nodded their agreement with his assessment.

"You guys know what I think?" Beth said, "I think Julie girl should show that she's truly committed to fulfilling her end of the bargain. I think she should do twenty-five jumping jacks for us."

Julia couldn't believe her ears. What was this, some kind of punishment because she hadn't gone topless when Beth did?

To her dismay the others agreed it was a fine suggestion.

"I'm not going to do it," she swore.

Ronnie answered, "It sounds a lot like you're being difficult."

Harold chimed in with, "That's right. She's definitely being difficult."

"Come on, Beth. Tell them you were just kidding," Julia implored.

"I wasn't kidding, Julia girl. However to show that I'm magnanimous about it . . ,"

Julia's relief was evident on her face.

". . . I'll count for you. One."

Looking around the circle of faces Julia realized that they all expected her to do the twenty-five jumping jacks for Bob to film. Resignedly she hopped up and spread her legs as she clapped her hands over her head. Then she hopped up again and brought her arms down to her sides as she brought her legs together.

"Wait for me," Beth instructed. "Back like you were."

Resignedly Julia returned to her previous position.

After waiting a few seconds Beth said, "Two."

This was fairly quickly followed by 'three', but Beth left her in in that position for several seconds before saying 'one.'

'Terrific,' Julia thought, 'four-count jumping jacks."

Beth continued counting. Every time Julia was in the spread stance Beth left her like that for several seconds. When Julia was in the closed position Beth was quick to get her back to the spread posture.

Finally Julia completed the twenty-five four-count jumping jacks Beth had demanded.

When she was finished Harold said, "Now that our erotic interruption is over, let's get back to fishing."

"But first, Julia needs to pose with her fish," Ronnie injected.

The others agreed and Julia was directed to stand next to her fish in the nude as Bob filmed the two of them.

Afterwards, to Julia's relief, the others agreed with Harold and they turned their attention back to the water.

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