tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulia's Drunk Humiliation

Julia's Drunk Humiliation


We met Julia about 8 years ago. She was your typical piss head, first into the pub and the last to leave. She was a fine looking woman and, at 26 years old, she could cut it with the best of them. She stood almost 6 feet tall, as skinny as a rake, with a small pair of perfectly round tits.

Julia was always in our local pub and six of us got friendly with her. We would get her pissed and then take turns trying to get her tits out. By the end of the night, she would leave the pub with swollen nipples and a sopping wet pussy. It was a kind of unspoken rule that no one took it any further.

This all ended when Julia was hitched to a local store manager, who new nothing of her murky past.

I had forgotten all about Julia until one night when a few of the guys and I were out clubbing. I had become separated from the guys when I suddenly saw her at the bar. Thinking that this was an opportunity too good to miss, I slid up to her, cupped her ass and managed to get part of my thumb in her asshole before she screamed blue murder. She turned and smacked my hand away. Recognition crept up her face and she must have thought, “You bastard, I remember you.”

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she told her husband that I had assaulted her, so he and the bouncers proceeded to give me a good kicking.

It was not until the following Christmas that I had my sweet revenge. My phone rang at one in the morning. It was my little sister, Katie, saying she had had too much to drink and had to leave her car at the club and could I give her a lift home. I got dressed and drove the five miles to pick her up.

As I pulled up to her, I could see that she was supporting another girl. Katie opened the passenger door and bundled her friend into the seat. To my utter surprise, it was Julia sitting next to me and, boy, was she pissed. Katie got in the back and explained to me how she had met Julia in the club and how they had hit it off straight away and were now the best of friends. Julia was asleep before we drove off. Katie explained to me where Julia lived and asked if I could drop her off as well.

My brain was working overtime and I pretended to miss the turn off. So, I just said that I would drop Katie at home first and return Julia home afterwards. Perfect. I dropped Katie at home and was left all alone in the car with Julia.

As I started to drive towards her home, I reached across and gave her tit a good rub. Even in her state of unconsciousness, her nipple was reacting to my rough touch. I pulled the car over into a lay-by and slipped her shoulder straps down her arms. Those tits are fucking gorgeous.

I started to suck on her nipples; they were like a pair of bullets. I started the car up again and just drove around with her in the front with her tits just hanging out. I looked at my watch and it was 2.20. I had been playing with those titties for over half an hour, now it was time to have some real fun.

I pulled the car over in a secluded field entrance and got to work.

I held onto her hand and got her to open my fly. My cock was already erect, her tiny hand only just encircling it. Not happy with that, I yanked her by the hair and started to ease my cock into her pretty little mouth. Not wanting to waste any of my precious cum, I got out of the car and pulled her on to the grass verge. Laying her on her back, I straddled her chest and managed to get most of my cock into her mouth. Not being able to hold back, I started gushing into her open mouth. I thought she was going to choke, so I eased my cock out of her mouth and wiped it in her hair.

“Now I’m going to have me some pussy pie for dessert,” I said, to no one in particular.

Reaching up under her skirt I could feel the smallest of thongs, moving it to the side I started rubbing her clit. She started to feel moist and I needed to get a look at that sweet smelling pussy. I pulled her panties down her legs and was greeted by a musky smelling heaven. I pocketed her thong and proceeded to lift her skirt up.

“PHHHEW,” I let out a whistle as I looked upon the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Trimmed to perfection and damp looking I put my nose to it and gave a sniff. My cock was already as big as it had been earlier.

I got Julia into a kneeling position and eased my cock into that little pussy. I knew I would not be able to last too long, so I made the most of it by cramming my thumb and forefinger into her asshole. I fucked her brains out and, at one time, I thought I heard her let out a moan. Pulling out of her pussy with a slurp, my cock erupted over her back, covering her dress with cum.

I got her back into the car and drove her to the address Katie had given me earlier. Not being able to resist those titties, I gave them a final going over, which left her nipples like thimbles. I sat her on the doorstep, holding her own panties and covered in cum, and rang the doorbell for her.


More to follow if anyone is interested.

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