tagGroup SexJulia's Paris Adventure Ch. 03

Julia's Paris Adventure Ch. 03


Lying where she was eyeing Albert's semi-erect cock it was making Julia horny even if she had already taken advantage of his cock. She wanted to feel Andre's hard cock as well. She felt sure Andre had the same idea as he kept peering round his easel and his eyes always seemed to linger on her a moment too long. She smiled to herself as she knew why. Here she was posing naked for a gorgeous artist with her breasts pressed against the equally handsome brother.

She hadn't a clue what had got into recently since she wasn't normally this bold, maybe it was raging unsuppressed hormones. Next time Andre looked round from behind his easel she half closed her eyes and licked her lips teasingly. His eyes widened and she knew he was trying to restrain himself. She remarked, "I think you've been painting too long, you deserve some fun as well. Don't you agree Albert?"

"As long as I can have some as well." Albert replied with a cheeky grin.

"I supposed you can …" She didn't get to finish her sentence as Albert had leant forward and was now kissing her hard. She glanced over to Andre and was surprised to find him already crouched down beside the settee. He leaned in and took a breast which he began to knead with his fingertips while he kissed the other. Julia's eyes rolled back into her head from the pleasure of the attention of two men.

Suddenly she found herself leaning back into Albert's lap with his hands rubbing her nipples, making them hard and more pert. He was also nibbling on her ear making her feel even more aroused. She glanced down and found Andre between her legs. He was kissing his way up her thighs to her trimmed mound. He found her clit and caught it between his lips and sucked at it, drawing it out, making it hard and sensitive. The tip of his tongue rolled round the little bump causing her to arch her back and thrust it further into his accepting mouth. He smiled into her mound.

The fingers of one hand ran up the inside of her thigh and found her slit. He slipped two fingers in and felt Julia's muscles tighten round them as if they thought it his cock. He was finding it hard to resist thrusting into her wet insides. He looked up and saw Julia kissing his brother while Albert's hands continued to squeeze her plump breasts. He could feel her withering in his grip- wanting more then just his fingers.

He sat up and ran his hand over his hard cock and glanced at Julia's open legs and up to her glistening lips and the slit between them. His eyes continued up her long body to her large breasts half hidden by his brother's hands. He licked his lips hopefully. He felt Julia's eyes staring at him and she had the same look in her eyes as he did when he looked into them.

She was hungry for his cock and he knew it. Julia removed Albert's hands from around her breasts and moved over to Andre. She licked her lips as she moved over his muscular body. Andre reached for her hips and drew her body up his so he could feel her hard nipples rubbing against his chest and he felt her shudder from the intense pleasure she was feeling from her sensitive breasts. For her it was the first time her breasts had left her melting in a man's arms- never had it happened before.

She reached for his cock wanting to feel it in her grasp and then use it for her own pleasure. Andre took hold of her breasts and drew one into his mouth to suck and nibble at her pink nipple. Julia balanced over the top of his cock before spearing herself on it and gripping it tight. Andre let out a moan as he felt himself inside her. His teeth tightened on Julia's nipple making her moan as well.

Albert remained where he was playing with his cock not that it needed it. As soon as he had started to play with Julia's breasts his manhood had bounced up eager red and ready. He ran his hand up and down it's length and over it's head and gasped as he felt it growing sensitive to his touch. He could feel it growing even harder as well watching Julia riding Andre slowly and steadily- taking her time and enjoying herself. His eyes stared at her round smooth buttocks and remembered Andre telling him about them. He imagined his cock rubbing the clef between her buttocks and finding the puckered hole that was her arsehole and then slipping his thick cock into that tight tight hole.

Unable to resist such a thought anymore he moved forward. His hand ran over Julia's buttocks and into the clef and down and under to her wet slit where he felt Andre's cock moving in and out. He found her dripping and took some of her sex juices to rub round her arsehole to allow him to ease his cock in. He did it several times before he was contented.

Julia glanced round when she felt Albert's fingers pressing against her small hole. She had had fingers up it before up became more concerned when she felt Albert pressing the tip of his cock against it. Looking at Albert though she remarked to herself- 'what the hell, I've nothing to lose with these men and it's not like I'm single'. It was a new adventure and when Albert looked to her for consent she nodded before returning her attention to Andre.

Albert gently guided his prick into Julia's tiny crack and felt it at first protest to the intrusion. He continued gently to pursue his final aim and he smiled as he felt the muscles give to his manhood. Softly he began to move within Julia and felt his brother's cock rubbing on the other side of the thin wall separating the two holes.

Every time Julia moved on Andre she felt Albert's cock burying itself within her. Her eyes closed from all the powerful sensations she was feeling from both cocks hugging her insides and thrusting themselves. She felt the shakes coming and knew she was going to orgasm any minute especially as Andre still had her breasts in his hands. She shuddered and felt herself gripping the brothers' cocks. Under her Andre shook and he clung tight to her as his load exploded within her. Albert was not long in coming either. He within drew from her arse and his semen leapt from his cock to land on Julia's back. They sank in a heap together- their indulgences satisfied for the time being. In Julia's eye Andre murmured, "It is late. Will you stay for dinner and the night?"

"Maybe…." Julia smiled teasingly, "May I have a shower?"

Andre smiled back hopefully……..

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