Julie Ch. 20


In the morning the phone call the night before seemed surreal and Julie found herself questioning whether she had dreamt it. But the tightness in her gut, the unease that lingered, told her it had really happened.

The thought of the photos hit her again, even as she was getting out of bed.

Gary had pictures of Julie sucking another man's cock. He had tried to use them to get her to give him a blow job. No matter how half-hearted the effort, Gary had actually tried. If it weren't for the photos themselves, the attempt might have been laughable.

But he had the pictures.

However nice a guy Gary was, no matter how unlikely it was that he would ever use those pictures to humiliate her, the reality was, he had them. And, to some extent, Julie was at his mercy.

What did that really mean?

Well, it meant Julie wasn't going to go anywhere near Greg's place any time soon. If she was going to see Greg, she wasn't going to do it if Gary would find out. She didn't want to antagonize Gary into showing someone those pictures.

So now what? Julie padded softly into the bathroom, still fighting off the aftereffects of sleep. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked the same as she always had. How could her life suddenly be so completely different? How could her compass be so fundamentally altered?

She undressed in front of the mirror, assessing herself with a lover's eye. Yes, she had a beautiful face, delicate features, high cheekbones and a dazzling smile all framed by shimmering silky black hair. Her green eyes lent a feline grace and beauty to her face. Her body was shapely, enticing. Her full breasts looked so large on her petite frame. She tapered at the waist and then swelled delectably at the hips in a classic hourglass figure. Her ass, firm and round, disappeared into supple, sculpted thighs. And the neatly trimmed black triangle nestled between them was like an arrow, pointing to where she wanted her lover to go.

If it wasn't for Gary, the pictures, the compromising circumstances... Oh, God! Julie would surely find a way to be with Greg!

A thought occurred to her as she stepped into the shower. Greg had conceived a simple yet seemingly foolproof plan to thwart anyone following them. Julie saw a way to expand that plan to bring Greg back here.

Of course, it would require some cooperation from Ashlee.

Was Julie ready for that?

The events of yesterday and last night still had her rattled. It seemed to her that the best thing might be to lay low, hope everything simply blew over like a bad storm. At the same time, all of the things that had happened made her long for Greg, the reassurance of his presence, his touch. It was foolish, perhaps. But there was no denying the appeal.

Of course, Greg's trick of losing a shadow in the mall might not work twice. If Julie and Greg used it tonight to go get a drink, would the person following her adopt a new strategy? She couldn't really think of a way that one person would be able to defeat Greg's tactic, but it wasn't really something she had any experience in.

It seemed that if she was going to use that trick to get Greg back here on Wednesday, she probably shouldn't use it tonight to meet him for drinks.

Besides, Julie had some important business to take care of. Like finding a lawyer, opening a new checking account, applying for a new credit card and all the myriad of things that she was going to need to do to disentangle herself from Gary.

She hadn't been in that big of a hurry when she had left. She may have known that it was unlikely that she and Gary would stay together, but she hadn't taken any of the necessary steps to separate herself from him. If he was really going to file for separation tomorrow, Julie couldn't afford to get caught unprepared.

But down inside, she would have let all that go another day, another week, another month, just to be with Greg. The pictures changed all that. Now there was a sense of urgency Julie hadn't had before.

Julie emailed Greg from work. She didn't go into details, but said she would like to see him tomorrow and hinted that she might be able to have the place to herself for an hour or two. Greg emailed back expressing a little bit of regret about not seeing her that night, but plenty of interest in the possibility of being alone with her the next.

Now the question was Ashlee. Did Julie want to enlist her help in meeting up with Greg? Did she want to involve her in this mess? And, more importantly, did Julie really want Ashlee to know that much about her sex life?

Ashlee was certainly going to know, of course. Even if Julie just took her friend up on the offer to leave the house for little while. Ashlee was going to assume, and most likely be right, that Julie would be using that time to have sex with Greg.

And it wasn't like Ashlee would be bashful about asking Julie for details. Did Julie want to sit there, her pussy still throbbing, and try to dodge questions about what she had just done?

On the other side of that, of course, was the fact that Greg was going to be leaving town in less than a week. He didn't know when he was coming back. Could Julie afford to let an opportunity to see him, be with him, get away?

The tug-of-war went on in her most of the day. She knew what she wanted. Of that there was no doubt. The only question was whether or not she was prepared to expose herself to get what she wanted.

In the end, Julie continued along the same path she had chosen to this point: her desires dictating against her better judgment. After all, if her wedding vows weren't enough to deter her, what was a little embarrassment at Ashlee's hands?

The pictures still made her hesitate. They represented an almost bottomless pit of embarrassment and ruin, both socially and financially. But, she rationalized, they already existed. Anything she did, or abstained from doing, didn't alter that fact. Of course, Gary's restraint in refraining from using them could crumble if she continued to behave the way she had.

In short, Julie knew the course she should choose; what would be safest. She also knew that that wasn't what she wanted to do. And it was just a matter of time before she came up with a convincing enough rationalization.

That, in and of itself, was a strangely compelling logic. If she was going to find a way to give in anyway, why fight it in the first place?

She picked up her cell and started to call Ashlee. Then she stopped. Yes, she wanted to be with Greg. But did she really want to let Ashlee into her business to that extent? Did she want her friend to know so much personal information?

Julie put the phone back in her purse.

An hour later, she took it back out and stared at it for a few minutes as if weighing the decision. But her heart was already set on a course of action, wasn't it? Julie knew what she wanted. Her reluctance to let Ashlee into her intimate life was genuine, but it wasn't strong enough ultimately to prevent her from making the call.

"Hey, Ash," Julie said when her friend answered. "Uh, is your offer for Wednesday still good?" She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks as she heard Ashlee laugh on the other end of the line.

"Sure, kiddo! Just can't live without a fix, huh?" Ashlee needled her. "S'okay," Ashlee added. "I certainly understand!" Julie fought back an urge to retort. What could she really say anyway? Ashlee knew the truth.

"Uh, Ash," Julie said hesitantly. "There's one other thing..." Julie briefly outlined what she needed Ashlee to do.

"Ooh, kiddo! Now that's hot!" Ashlee teased. "Giving your tail the slip so you can get some tail! I like it!"

Somehow, Julie was not surprised that Ashlee was enthusiastic about the plan. In spite of herself, Julie smiled.

That evening after work, Julie parked her car at the mall as she and Greg had originally planned. She walked unhurriedly through the mall, stopping in a store or two as if she were shopping. She kept a careful eye on the time as she went. At exactly five forty-five, she walked out the door at the opposite end of the mall. Greg, as arranged, had pulled up in his car waiting for her.

Julie hopped into the passenger's seat and they pulled away quickly. They greeted each other as Greg drove out of the mall parking lot, but Julie was too nervous to do much more than say 'hi.'

A couple miles from the mall, Greg pulled into a bar parking lot and pulled around to the rear lot. There, Ashlee was parked, waiting for them. As Julie got out of Greg's car and into Ashlee's she suddenly felt incredibly foolish.

Were they going through all of these wild gyrations for no reason? Was anyone still following Julie now? Gary had all the ammunition he needed. Why would he need to follow—or have someone follow—Julie further? Greg probably could have just driven to Ashlee's place and parked a block or two away. Maybe he could have sneaked in through the back, just in case.

But all this cloak and dagger? As Julie slid into the passenger's seat beside Ashlee, she was acutely aware of how ridiculous or paranoid or both she was being.

"Hey, kiddo," Ashlee greeted her.

"Hi," Julie replied, noticing Ashlee's gaze in the rear view mirror. "Oh, this is Greg," she said, feeling self-conscious and foolish. "Greg, this is Ashlee."

"Nice to meet you," Ashlee said. Was there something a little too flirty in her tone? Had she emphasized 'nice' just a little too much? Or was Julie just being paranoid still?

"Same here," Greg replied and now Julie knew she wasn't just being paranoid, because she heard something in Greg's voice as well. She had to will herself not to turn around and look at the expression on his face.

As Ashlee drove them back to her place, there was an easy banter between her and Greg, mostly revolving around this "secret mission," as Ashlee labeled it. Julie also noted out of the corner of her eye how often Ashlee's gaze went to the rear view mirror. Were she and Greg making eye contact? Were they flirting?

Given what she knew about both of them, it certainly didn't seem out of the question. Greg was, after all, a man who was know to chase after practically every set of tits that walked past him. And Ashlee wasn't shy about her sexual appetites either.

And Ashlee knew damn right well what Julie and Greg were going to do once she left them. Was she curious? Was she thinking about what Greg looked like under his clothes? How he was in the bedroom? Was she going to ask Julie questions later? Want details?

On one hand, it was a little unnerving. Julie had never had or wanted anyone inside that innermost circle. She didn't talk about things like that. It was simply uncomfortable.

At the same time, there was no denying the sneaking self-satisfied pride that Julie was feeling. Greg was going to fuck her senseless and Ashlee would practically kill to know the details. There was something appealing about having something or knowing something that other people wanted.

"Okay, you kids have fun," Ashlee said playfully as she dropped the two of them off in front of her house. "I'm going to visit my mom. I'll be back in a few hours."

When Julie first led Greg into the house, she felt that old feeling from before. The feeling of not knowing how to pick up where they had left off. Julie had last seen Greg just a couple days ago and there had been no lack of familiarity between them then.

It was weird. In a matter of minutes Julie would probably have Greg's cock in her mouth. But as she stood in Ashlee's house and pointed out the living room and dining room to Greg, she felt that old nervousness.

Why did Julie feel like she was starting over every time she and Greg got together? Was it because Julie knew she couldn't take Greg for granted? That at any time he might lose interest in her? That he might still be sleeping with other women? That he simply wasn't hers? There really wasn't much she could do in any case. If she got too possessive of Greg, it would only hasten his departure.

Overall, though, it was probably a combination of factors, Julie told herself. Her own situation, her issues with Gary probably played as much a part. How could she be comfortable and relaxed with Greg when she knew Gary would stoop to photographing her in the act? Threatening her with the pictures?

Then, as Julie started to lead Greg down the hall to where her bedroom was, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and planted a kiss on the side of her neck. It was warm and it was wet and it sent a thrill of excitement through her, sweeping aside all her doubts and concerns in an instant. It might have been foolish and even self-destructive to be there with him, but Julie was immediately reassured that she wanted to be there. And she wanted Greg there with her.

She stopped walking as soon as his warm lips descended on the sensitive flesh of her neck. She leaned back against his muscular chest and tilted her head back and to the side, offering her delicate skin to his kisses. The warmth that filled her belly and her pussy began to spread steadily through her body with each kiss.

His hands gripped her waist, holding her possessively as she moaned and writhed against him. Julie's eyes closed and her head dropped back into his shoulder. She moaned as the heat and wetness throbbed between her legs. Greg's touch was simply magical. It affected her in a way she couldn't even comprehend.

His lips moved up to her ear, nibbling softly on her earlobe as his hands slipped up along her blouse, his fingers lightly caressing the sides of her breasts. Julie moaned more emphatically, her body shuddering with pleasure.

God, how could she ever say no to him? How could she live her life without the thrill, the excitement of his fingers and lips on her? Julie was already electrified and Greg had hardly touched her. She was already turning to butter in his hands.

Her knees shook as Greg put his hands on her shoulders and spun her around. Like a rag doll, she turned easily, her eyes wide and vulnerable, gazing up into his. Her heart was beating faster now and she could feel the heat rising all through her.

Greg's lips closed over hers with force and passion, pressing as hard as she could stand. She felt his tongue in her mouth and almost reflexively she sucked greedily on it. His fingers continued to run lightly up and down her sides, following the curves of her hips and the swells of her breasts, sending a stream of tingles all through her.

As passionate and romantic as Greg's kisses were, Julie knew what was coming next and she was almost impatient for it. Incredible as his kisses were, Julie's anticipation was getting the best of her. When Greg pulled his mouth from hers, took her chin in his hand and looked into her eyes, Julie was ready to burst.

Greg took a step back from Julie, his eyes never leaving hers, the smirk holding her almost mesmerized. His hands dropped to his belt, unzipping his pants. Her eyes darted down to his hands then back up to his eyes. The arrogance twinkling in those eyes was so powerful. Once, long ago, that look would have repelled her. But now, that look owned her. She was his to enjoy as he pleased.

"Julie," Greg said, soft and low. Her body shuddered in anticipation.


"I want to see you on your knees." The way he said it, the way he slightly emphasized 'knees,' was perfect. He seemed to understand that being on her knees was at least as important as actually sucking his cock. Kneeling before him was such a powerful symbolic part of her surrender to him. Oh, and the way that surrender made her pussy throb!

Julie looked up into his eyes and she knew he could see in her just how desperately she wanted to comply. But she resisted, if only for a moment.

"Lover," she breathed, eyes meeting his for a long moment, then casting down. "Tell me what you want." He didn't reply immediately, but kept his eyes locked on her. The tension of the moment sent a fresh surge of warmth cascading through her limbs.

"I want you to get on your knees," Greg said, his voice husky, uncompromising. Still, Julie resisted just a moment longer.

"Why? Tell me why, lover." She didn't look up as she made her request in a soft, almost pleading voice. Without looking, she could feel Greg's smirk widening. He knew what Julie wanted. And he seemed to relish the opportunity to give it to her.

"I want to see you get down on your knees," he said again, with a little more intensity. "Then I'm going to take out my cock," he continued, leaning down to speak directly in her ear. "And I'm going to hold it out to you. And you're going to ask me to let you suck it, because that's what you want, isn't it? To suck my cock, Julie?"

Julie involuntarily sucked in a sharp breath and let out a little whimper. Yes, that was exactly what she wanted. To kneel before this man and plead with him, beg him to let her suck his cock. Like being on her knees, it wasn't just about taking him into her willing mouth. It was about the way he made her want to do it. The way he made her feel desperate to do it. The way he felt her make she was the lucky one, because he would let her take that long thick tool of his into her mouth.

It was the way he reduced her from a self-assured, self-confident woman to a humbled, cocksucking slut.

She started to lower herself before him, but his hand shot out and grabbed her under her elbow.

"That is what you want, isn't it?" he asked, although it hardly seemed like a question. Julie looked up into his steely eyes, then down at the floor and nodded. "No," he shook his head. "Say it. Tell me." Julie quivered and trembled, her pussy molten and dripping.

"Yes," she said softly, almost demurely. "I want to suck your cock, lover." She looked up at him for a moment, loving the tingle that his blazing eyes elicited between her legs and the fire it generated in her belly. "Please," she continued as she sank to her knees, rubbing her cheek along the front of his pants. "Please let me suck your cock?"

Greg looked down at Julie, clearly savoring the sight of her on her knees, so compliant, so willing. He drew in a deep, satisfied sigh, his nostrils flaring, then reached for his zipper. In a moment, he had his cock out, hanging three quarters erect in Julie's face. She sighed as he presented it to her. She wanted to go slowly, build up their anticipation with long, lusty licks on his shaft, teasing him, caressing him with her mouth.

But once his cock was in her face, Julie found herself unable to be patient. She took him quickly into her mouth, getting wetter still as she felt him stiffen on her tongue. There was a hunger evident in the way she sucked him, an almost frantic effort to please him.

Greg widened his stance, standing with his feet shoulder width apart. He put his hands on his hips and looked down at Julie, watching her efforts with an almost detached air. But his breathing was heavy, laden with rolling sighs, giving evidence of the effect Julie's lips and tongue were having on him. And each one of them brought a fresh burst of joy to her.

Julie sucked him with abandon, sparing no effort to ensure Greg's pleasure. If he came, she would keep sucking him until he was drained completely. Yes, she wanted that thick cock of his buried in her pussy. Nothing would make her happier. But it had to be Greg's choice. If he wanted just a blow job, he would get the finest one that Julie's lips, mouth and tongue could provide.

But after a few minutes, Greg stopped her.

"Whoa," he said, his breathing ragged. "You better ease up or you're going to make me cum." His words flooded Julie with a wave of satisfaction. And flooded her pussy with another wave of wetness. She sat back on her heels and planted a kiss on the head of his cock, marveling at its size and its ability to possess her. Even if he didn't fuck her with that incredible organ, he, and it, still owned her. All he had to do was show it to her and she would fall on her knees.

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