tagFetishJulie is a Pissmop

Julie is a Pissmop


Excerpt taken from a conversation held in my office next to my Pissmops studio with a potential new pissmop.

ME: It's $300 as a standard rate, for that you gotta, at least, agree to us filming you taking minimum three loads of piss, you must swallow some and then you gotta blow bubbles in it. You know, I showed you the videos.

HER: $300! But I need $1000, I must have $1000. I need it for my flight home. Can't I do enough to get $1000?

ME: Let me think about it, but I gotta warn you for $1000 you're going to have to go a whole lot further than that.

HER: Whatever, I'll do it. I need that money and quickly!

As I watched her leave my office I couldn't contain my excitement.


In the business I am in (that is shooting porn movies, and not just straight sex porn movies but really dirty, nasty, degrading, humiliating porn movies) you sometimes come across girls that you just know are right. That you can straight away envision in the twisted, depraved scenarios you like to film. Girls that, hell, you would do for free just to do it to her (but you never tell them, because where's the fun in that?). Well from the moment this girl walked into my office I knew I had to film her, she was perfect, just my type, just the kind of sweet, innocent looking girl I love to degrade on video.

Her name was Julie Duncan and she was nothing like the slutilly dressed, whore wannabies that usually stagger into my office so desperate for either money or a break in the porn business that they'll allow me to shoot them. Thing was, although she was pretty there was no way she was pretty enough to make it in the mainline porn business, for one thing she had no surgery and for another she was just too regular looking. She was about 5'6" and while not too weighty still had a nice little bit of puppy fat that added to her all round cuteness. She had an infectious smile and laugh and though she was obviously nervous in my office she genuinely came across as a happy, carefree girl that just desperately needed cash. She had long, straight, light brown hair that came just past her shoulders and was just so damned shiny and healthy looking, one of her teeth was a little squint but that minor blemish just added to her attraction for me.

Turns out she is British and came to LA for the same reason most of them do, to find their fortune and fame and having not found it she wanted to get home real quick, I never did find out why. Still as she came into my office and sat across from me clad in a tight but not very revealing T-shirt and cargo trousers (like I say not your normal porn starlet's attire) I was taken by her, she had that intangible look to her and despite my reticence in my financial dealings with her I wanted to shoot her almost as desperately as she wanted to get the cash.

Later that afternoon I had her come back to the office with my list of things I wanted to shoot, for that amount of money I pretty much included everything taking the view that if you don't ask you don't get. She screwed her nose up at a lot of stuff and stated vehemently "no animals, no way!" but to the rest and for cash immediately after the film was shot she agreed and I spent the night dreaming of all the carnage I was going to get to wreak on her.


I had her dress in a smart ash-grey business suit (jacket, trousers, smart black patent high heels) and I also got her to pile her hair tied up on her head and wear a real bookish pair of silver spectacles. The look really suited her, she looked smart, professional and in control – just the perfect image to start the film with, it would beautifully bookend the finish I had in mind and highlight her total, complete loss of control to me during the duration of filming. A quick word told me that she was ready and I told her to sit on my faded old sofa and we would get started, I was almost trembling in anticipation of this, I hadn't been this excited about filming a pissmop for positively ages.

The camera started off with an extreme close up of her pretty face, her dark green eyes magnified behind the glasses and her cute smile on display as she puts down the newspaper prop I gave her to read as we started, the camera pans back to let us revel in her full outfit before I start. It's the usual script from me I guess, I get her name, where she's from, her age, information on her family /lovers etc before deviating somewhat from my usual script.

"Do you want a drink Julie?"


It was my first great moment of that day when I produced a long, empty wine glass, conspicuously unzipped my flies and proceeded to dangle my cock in the glass and fill it up with my own, thick, yellow piss! I came close to overflowing it but just stopped in the nick of time. Smiling at the look on her face, really this was almost the best time in these enterprises, the moment when the penny really drops on what they are about to do, the depths to which they have agreed to sink in pursuit of nothing but cold, hard cash. I live for that moment, just to see the look of horror and disgust pass over their eyes, sometimes to stay there for the duration others allowing just a brief flicker before their veil of protection comes down again. With Julie it was the latter, I could see for the shortest moment her revulsion at what I had done and asked her to do but it was gone almost before you could see it. Maintaining her professional veneer, she thanked me and picked up the glass (another wince crossing her face as her hand felt the warm glass). By this time I had stood back and started drinking more water to get ready for my next appearance and have admit it was a major turn on to watch Julie lift the glass to her lips and begin to nervously sip it down.

I was quite surprised and impressed that she didn't put up more of a protest, I mean sure most of these dumb whores who come to me agree to everything before hand but usually when it comes time to do it it can be a different story and I have to threaten not to pay them to get my performance. This girl was one of those that obviously didn't want to do all I had planned but needed the money even more. Excellent news!

"Now don't you just chick that down Julie, I want to see you swirling it about in your mouth, gargle it a bit, savour the bouquet and taste, then drink it down. OK?"


I sat back for a moment to enjoy the sight of this hot little bitch sipping down my very own piss, happy in the knowledge that after a beer of three last night it should be suitably gross. From the grimace on her face she was trying terribly hard to disguise, it was. But to her credit she slowly drank the whole glass, doing just as I suggested, swirling it around her mouth like mouthwash before swallowing it and not spilling a single drop on her suit jacket. The camera zoomed in to catch a terrific shot of her licking the last remnants off her pink lips.

"Now you've got a taste for piss lets really get started. Get those clothes off and kneel down at my feet. Keep the glasses on for now, I kinda like them!"

It's a great job I've got and there's hardly a day goes by I don't appreciate it. Even more so when a money hungry cunt like this is sipping on your piss like it's a cocktail. Anyway, I digress, at that moment my angel for the day was busying herself with undressing her blouse and trousers and stepping out of that office attire to reveal some very nice black lingerie, but who wants lingerie when you can have tits and pussy? Not me. So I hassled her to get a move on and seconds later she was on her knees and naked as the day she was born.

"You know I don't think I got it all out bitch, why don't you give it a little suck to get those last drops of piss."

As usual in my films, my face isn't visible but there is certainly a nice view of my, only slightly erect (I am a pro after all) dick and Julie straining her lips forward to engage it. It's shot in close up for a very good reason as once the slut has wrapped them around my cock and started to suck I let go with the rest of my bladder that I had so neatly held back from earlier. Whoooosh!

My cock exploded with piss, flooding Julie's mouth and in her surprise (and from the force of flow) it leapt clear of her mouth and sprayed all over her shocked face. Her glasses were knocked squint with the piss and in the blinking of the eye the yellow nectar was running in rivulets down her face and onto her pert breasts. But she composed herself from this surprise pretty well, not saying anything and just really coughing and spluttering and trying to stay upright as I finished up pissing on her. As the last dribbles came out I slapped it against her forehead and cheeks and again told her to suck it dry, this time with no surprise for her, worse luck.

So we were off to a good start, but I had a hell of a lot planned so I had to get on, if I was going to pay this girl $1000 she was going to be damn well earning it!

You may be wondering where I get all my male characters for my productions and the answer is simplicity itself. After all this is not what I would call 'proper' porn, you know the sex kind. Any guy with a will and a cock will do the job so most of the guys I use I get through the local adult video store, asking if they want to participate or through my website or just word of mouth, you'd be amazed how many guys want to spend five minutes a day pissing on pretty girls. I had sent out the e-mail the day before and had more than enough guys reply and tell me they would be there when needed. First up, as I put mine away for the moment, was Ernie a three foot six high, black midget. I liked to call him the 'wee man'. He was buck naked and smoking a cigarette and, as usual, chatting and shouting the whole way. I've shot stuff with him before and know he's good for a shocking scene, every second word outta his mouth is a curse and he sure knows how to treat the ladies. As he verbally demonstrates as he walks across the room towards a dripping Julie.

"God Damn Bitch! Look at you, you're a fucking disgusting mess whore! Don't you know how to drink piss? 'Bout time Little Ern showed you how cunt!"

With that he took the silver dog bowl that I handed him and placed it on the floor right under Julie's face, it was a nice big one (in fact if you held it on it's end it was damn near as big as Ernie!) and he wasted no time filling it up from his disproportionally large penis.

"Oh boy slut, look at that colour! Damn that must be all those beers last night!"

He wasn't far wrong either as when he had shaken the last drops off and stood back the colour and smell would have made most people gag or wretch. I certainly noticed today's little pissmop go a little green around the gills. Still she wasn't to lap it up just yet, I handed Ernie a plastic dogs rubber toy bone and told him to get Julie to kneel up and beg for it like a dog then had him put it in her mouth.

"That's it, good doggie, now get down there and drink my piss bitch!"

A command which Julie obeyed with less enthusiasm than earlier, she was obviously having some second thoughts of this as a way to score the grand quickly. Well too late bitch, the contracts were signed!

It was apparent that Julie found it a real struggle to drink the midgets piss from the dog bowl and get it all down, at a couple of points I was sure she was going to puke (and if she had done, for sure she would have had to have eat it all back up) but somehow she ploughed on, slurping and grimacing and lapping her cute tongue on that vile piss until it was scraping metal.

By the time she had finished lapping it all up her face was in quite a mess, her long hair, wet from my efforts earlier, had continually fallen down over her face as she leaned forward and it was already wringing wet and giving off the not so lovely aroma of urine, as she rocked back on her heels it hung around her and stuck to her face in a most undignified manner – just like all the best pissmops!

Next up I had a real treat planned for my viewing audience, especially those who like to see the piss being ingested rather than all over a girl. To get her over into my next room (the famous bathroom where nearly all my films ended up at one stage or another) I handed the Wee Man a dog leash and asked him to fix it on his 'bitch' and walk her through the studio to her next destination. It made quite the visual, this miniature naked guy taking a piss soaked beauty for a walk so I made sure to capture it on film too. What a pity she had nixed that 'animal' scene because right about then I could see one of my assistants taking my dog Fido out for his afternoon piss at the far end of the corridor and thought what a waste. Still, on he led her, like a household pet herself, passed a line of waiting, watching guys (all preparing themselves for their piss) and into the bathroom.

Ah! My beautiful bathroom. Its walls covered in a dull beige tiles that are either stained or chipped or both, the floor a faded grey but at least the toilet, sink and bath are sparklingly white (mainly 'cos yellow shows up so well against that backdrop). First up I have the 'tube test'. Julie was led across the room and compliantly stepped into the tub, Ernie taking his leave while Julie took off the leash and dropped it outside the bath. Another assistant handed me a grubby cardboard box which I folded open and started to take out a whole bundle of equipment. It consisted mainly of a jumble of clear plastic tubes and funnels, they weren't too messed up as I had only done this a couple of time before but it was always a favourite with the audience. Julie knelt in the bath and watched me untangle it all, a look of resignation and sadness on her face, she knew exactly what was going to happen and knew that she had agreed to it but still I don't think anything can prepare you for stuff like this unless you have done it before. Eventually I had it all untangled and proceeded to hand them to Julie and instruct her on how to fit them. First was a large, plastic mouth guard with three holes in it that three of the plastic tubes lead out of to funnels. Then a tube fed into each of her ears and similarly one for each of her nostrils. And it's only at this point that I invite seven of my male co-stars to all file into the bathroom.

The seven were a pretty eclectic bunch, a mix of ages, races and sizes but it didn't really make any difference given what they were here for, all they had to do was piss into the tubes and all they had to have was a bladder full to bursting! Which they all had, this was their thrill, their excitement, for gods sake I didn't have to even pay them to do it. Surprisingly, Julie seemed to have somewhat regained her composure and was kneeling in the bath patiently, looking like something out of Star Wars with all those plastic tubes on and around her head. Her face and body had that familiar almost jaundiced looking sheen to it that all the girls that pay a visit to my bathtub get but she seemed to be calm enough, she was well aware of what we were going to do, after all.

At the far end of the bathroom is a foot wide shelf that is actually just perfect for standing on, with the camera set up on the other side it's where I tend to stand for my normal run of the mill pissmops. That shelf was going to come in real useful today Fortunately the pipes were all of varying lengths so I was able over the next few minutes (hurrying because I was mindful of my stars desperate need to take a piss) to arrange them in such a way around my little, waiting pissmop that I could still fully capture her when the piss started flowing. I asked each to pick up their own individual funnel and pipe and as I stepped out of shot got the cameras rolling for this great moment.

It took only a moment before the sound of piss rushing out of desperate, straining cocks could be heard and swiftly on the heels of that was the sight of those tubes turning yellow as they carried their loads towards their targets. It was like watching a bizarre science experiment as the piss raced toward its target and then in an instant they all seemed to reach at once. Julie gagged and coughed and thrashed her head as it was totally invaded by all these loads of piss at once. Imagine it, piss flowing into her ears, nose and mouth all at once, pervading her head with it's stale, musky stink and the sour, acrid taste, from what other girls have told me, this British slut would not lose the smell for a long, long time, if ever.

Then the tubes into her ears started to back up and they were plucked out, allowing the piss to spill from Julie's ears down her neck and her arms, then the guys pissing into her nose ran dry and those were plucked out too, as she struggled to breath in through it. Finally, her ordeal was over for now as the three guys completed filling her mouth with their piss and almost without spilling a drop she took the mouthpiece out - she had drunk all three loads!

While the seven guys nervously made their way out of the bright room, trying at all times to avoid getting their faces on camera, I left Julie to stay where and like she was – completely saturated and inundated with piss. I had left the plug in so, having given her that moment to compose herself again I was right back at her.

"Enjoy that bitch? Enjoy being a piss receptacle'? Come on tell me what you are?"

She knew what to say alright, I had coached it to her earlier and she had seen it in my films.

"I'm a piss whore" , all said while her head was drenched with piss.

"What kind of piss whore?" I demanded.

"A fucking piece of shit piss whore."

"Yes you are, now give your face a quick wash in that puddle of piss and get out of there, we've got more to shoot yet."

So I got a few minutes of her cupping the piss in her hands and not too enthusiastically washing her face with it, for which I scolded (while secretly loving the look of revulsion on her face) and told her to do it again, this time looking happy to do it. It's amazing what the threat of losing your pay will do in these types of cases. While she busied herself with that I had a prop for the next scene brought into the room.. It was a flat trolley on wheels that most mechanics use to get under cars, it was only a few inches off the ground and had been especially designed to fit in a particular place. That place? How about right at the bottom of the fake toilet bowl in the bathroom! Yes that's correct, as soon as Julie had completed her washing in the bath I had her get out, lie face up on the trolley and rolled it under the toilet, her face perfectly flush to the rubber edges at it's opening. Then a strap around the back of her head to keep it from moving, her arms and legs similarly bound to ensure minimum movement and her role as a human toilet was complete. I was sure to get the camera right inside the bowl to zoom in on her pretty face as she awaited her first visitor.

I had ten people lined up at one minute intervals, the seal at the bottom meant very little of their piss would escape and she would need to be sure and drink as much down as possible as quickly as possible to prevent drowning in the piss. This was where I had saved some of my more 'eccentric' co-stars for. First up was a huge, hairy biker who took great delight taking down his jeans and parking his hairy ass on the seat and making out like he was going to take a dump on Julie, after a few seconds or so he got up chuckling and stood over the bowl to instead just piss in it. And he was sure not to hit the porcelain, his fast flow targeting Julie's eyes, nose and mouth. As he shook the last drops loose and moved on I had time enough to get the camera in there and capture her sucking as much down as possible as the minute buzzer went off and the next pisser entered the bathroom. It was Venus, a gorgeous redhead who I had done films with before. As usual she was totally drunk and we had to guide her onto the seat and literally instruct her to piss. She did as told and it was soon another load for Julie to drink down. Like I say there were eight more to go and by the end Julie was really struggling to clear enough to get her nose and lips above the level before the next one. I could see by the tenth she had had enough but I had one load left for her, and she knew all about it. That $1000 wasn't going to come easy, was it?

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