Julie is a Pissmop


I held up a full plastic bag (nice and yellow fluid inside) and a length of tube leading out of it to the camera.

"Now it's time for your piss enema slut!"

The enema bag was filled to the brim with my very own piss, which I had filled the night before. Keeping Julie in her position I made a great show of taking the specially tipped end of the hose and squeezing it right up her waiting asshole (I had a camera concentrate on her face at the bottom of the bowl as I did this) then began to squeeze the foul liquid in. With the combined debris of all the previous piss to have washed over her face the view didn't quite get the full entertainment of the contorting of Julie's face as her ass filled up but it was still fairly obvious. I kept up a fairly constant, degrading commentary, telling her and the viewers exactly what was happening and asking her what it was like having my piss bloated inside her asshole. Finally we had squeezed the last of the piss out and it was inside her, waiting to rush out but this was just the first half of this fiendish scene, far worse was still to come.

One of my assistants had dragged what, at first glance, resembled a washing up basin into the bathroom. It was very similar, hard grey, plastic; the only difference being that it had one side higher than the other. Very carefully we slid it up to Julie's ass (which was hanging perfectly over the edge of the trolley) and positioned it right behind and below it so that when I plucked the hose from her ripe, bursting asshole it nearly caught all the watery, stinking mess that exploded out of it God it was an unholy mess and stank to high heavens, everybody still in the room seemed to shrink away from it by a couple of yards. Not me though, I crept forward to lift it up and hold for the camera to film it before standing over the bowl looking right down at Julie.

She knew what was coming; she had seen it in my list of demands and agreed to it, she needed the cash after all. But standing over her I could see the fear in her eyes and could just imagine that as she parted her lips it was to plead for me not to do it, that she had changed her mind. Still she was stupid opening her mouth like that, wasn't she? At just that moment I tipped the basin and sent the whole disgusting contents into the toilet bowl and over her face. She knew that to complete this scene she had to drink her way out of it and I took the camera to focus in on her efforts. It was quite the visual as she gurgled her way through that disgusting mixture but she did it, determined pissmop that she was. And when we finally released her from under the bowl and she lurched for the real toilet to puke her guts up it was to a round of applause from the rest of the cast. But we weren't quite done yet.

Like I said earlier I recruit a lot of my 'stars' from the local adult video store and as a special gesture I had agreed with my friend the store owner to finish this days filming there today. I gave Julie only a moment to get whatever she needed to out of her system before whisking her, still naked and dripping in piss, off to our waiting limo (complete with plastic cover for the back seat where she sat!). During the drive I asked Julie a few questions about what we had shot already, her answers were now short, surly and snappy and the happy girl from the start of the film was definitely gone for now. I didn't car, I knew the short interview in the back seat of the limo would be perfect to show how I had got to her and got under her skin and snapped her spirit, yeah she had got her cash (or she was about to) but I had more than got what I wanted too.

"There's anger and distrust in those eyes honey. Why's that? You agreed to do this. You were that desperate for the money. What's wrong sweetheart? Not liking it so far?"

Oh if looks could kill I would have been dead right then. Still I just smiled at her, we both knew who was in control of this situation and it certainly wasn't some dumb cunt glaring at me while still dripping in piss, was it?

Our journey took us downtown to a pretty run down area of town, I was a regular at the store, either hawking my own stuff or looking for fresh meat or ideas. It was a pretty tawdry, sleazy place and I could sense Julie wince as I opened the car door and told her get out then led her into the bright, overhead lights of the store. There were a few customers in who all took the time to leer at Julie as she walked in front of me. Clive, the store owner, was waiting for me and he just smiled at us and lead us out back, past a row of viewing booths and out the dark fire exit at the back and into a harshly lit yard. I had arranged this with Clive over the phone last night and he had been sure to tell as many of his customers that day to see if they wanted to participate as well as putting a large sign in his window which I'm sure Julie couldn't have missed as we entered.


It was a small, square yard with only a series of scattered boxes and bins in it. We passed through that and into the alleyway behind it. Against the back wall of the yard was a drain pipe and it was to that I led Julie. I had her kneel there and produced a set of handcuffs and cuffed her wrists behind her back and looped through the knuckle of the pipe to keep her in place. She was directly under the glare of a lamp post and I quickly set up my camera across from her in the inky darkness and waited for the action to unfold. Clive was to meet the customers who wanted to participate and tell them where she was and what to do (pretty simple really, just use her as a toilet basically). For the next couple of hours I filmed a steady stream of guys coming out to her and pissing all over her, mostly concentrating on her mouth and face. It was quite a collection of guys, there must have been more than twenty that night all urinating all over her leaving her kneeling in a big puddle of their piss. I had seen enough and around about midnight walked over to her. She was a saturated mess and her eyes told me any defiance she had had was long since gone. She just wanted paid and out of here. You know I'm always happy to oblige my little pissmop!

I took out the $1000 and counted it on camera, carefully rolling it into a cigar style shape and popping it in Julie's pliant mouth.

"Well done slut, you certainly earned that."

With that faint praise said I undid my trousers again, pulled out my cock and slipped it inside the rolled up bills and used them as a funnel to piss in her mouth again, soaking her pay in the process. The final scene on the film of her spitting the wet notes from her mouth – another classic wrapped up!

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