Julie the Schooly and The Emo Kids


The first load shot out like a bullet and landed on my top lip. I pulled him closer by his dick and squeezed another two big drops onto my chin as I continued tugging Woody's hot six inches. Confident that Sash was empty I wanked Woody even faster until his body stiffened and he gripped the sofa.

"Ooh oooh OOOH!" The teenager grimaced, and then fired a load of his warm milk onto my face too. His was a lot runnier than his friend's spunk immediately running down my cheeks on impact. The second spurt landed on my fringe. Their goo smelled amazing and sexy as it clung to my skin.

"Fucking Hell Julie!" Sash groaned as I squeezed the last pearl out of his softening dick; "that was fucking awesome!"

I scooped a little bit of spunk off my lips and chin and licked it off my fingers, much to their delight, then picked up a pair of discarded underpants and wiped the rest off my face.

I was still so excited at wanking them off that I couldn't speak. My eyes flashed across their young naked bodies, taking in every inch. Both boys were heavily tattooed; Sash's arms and shoulders were covered with Celtic images and Woody had crosses, guitars, skulls and flames on his arms, shoulders, back and legs. The boys edged away as I pulled my labia apart and immediately slid two fingers into my twat. My fingers were a blur as I fingered myself silly for a couple of minutes until I had four fingers inside and my other hand was rubbing my clit. No matter how hard I rubbed I couldn't make myself cum, so I rolled over onto my knees with my arse in the air, legs wide apart and my head resting on the sofa arm. I rubbed my seeping hole again and slid my four fingers deep inside my twat.

"Slap my arse somebody!" I panted "Slap it...... hard!"

"Are you sure?" Woody limply asked.

"Yes! As hard as you fucking can!" I screamed as froth built up around my fingers.

Smack....smack.....SMACK! Three slaps cracked across my buttocks.

"Yes...yes...yes!" I hollered.

SMACK....SMACK....SMACK...SMACK across each fleshy cheek, even two at exactly the same time. My arse cheeks were on fire....just the way I like.

"Aye aye aye.....yesssssssss!" I squealed as every nerve end in my body tingled when my orgasm raced through my heaving body; leaving me exhausted. My whole hand was soaking wet and sticky and my pussy stretched beyond belief as I flopped helplessly onto the sofa with my arse still sticking up in the air.

"Fucking Hell!" Sash whistled, "Look at her cunt....you could drive a bus up there!"

Both teenagers giggled despite the fact that I quickly tightly closed my legs and rolled onto my back. The smile on my face went from ear to ear when I saw that their cocks were both rock hard again.

"What do you want to now?" Woody asked after a few seconds; staring at my sweaty tits.

"Anything you want to do sweetie....anything at all." I giggled.

Sash lunged forward with his thin cock poking out from his copious ginger pubes. Grabbing my tits with both hands he wriggled his hips until my legs parted. Without any finesse he pushed his cock straight into my gaping cunt.

"Huh." He grunted as his dick slid in right up to his balls. With glaring eyes, flared nostrils and gritted teeth he immediately began banging away. I pulled my legs up by the back of the knees so his cock could fuck me as deep and as hard as possible.

He soon had his head buried into the nape of my neck and used his athletic young hips to fuck me like a rabid terrier making me squeal like a bitch on heat.

Woody was tugging at his thick cock only inches from my head. Sweating and unable to speak from Sash's pummelling I opened my mouth and waggled my tongue. He got the message and pushed his foreskin covered knob between my painted lips. I sucked as hard as I could but it wasn't good enough for him so he grabbed a handful of hair again and began thrusting his cock down my throat. All three of us were in a kind of sexual trance as both boys fucked my cunt and mouth in unison.

"Swap." Woody groaned and punched his friend in the shoulder to get his attention, "Let's swap."

Sash lifted his head and nodded agreement.

My cunt immediately felt empty and cavernous when he pulled his dick out. As the boys moved along the sofa I curled up in the foetal position as my stomach was aching.

"What's wrong?" Woody asked with a hint of despair in his voice.

"Nothing sweetie. Nothing." I smiled, "I'm just a little bit uncomfortable."

"But I can still fuck you, can't I?" He sounded and looked very young.

"Of course you can." I smiled as sweetly as possible, "let's try it this way." Then I rolled back onto my knees with my still stinging arse high in the air.

"Yeesssss!" Woody hissed with excitement when he realised he was going to fuck me doggy style.

I made myself comfortable with a cushion under my tummy and my head hanging over the sofa arm.

Woody grabbed my hips and then sighed with delight as he guided his thick cock into my hole. With a tight grip on my hips he made his dick glide along my stretched cunt walls. The big lad was more controlled than his friend but just as powerful with his thrusts which made me throw my head back.

"Stick your dick in her mouth." Woody said in a low voice, "Like I did...she fucking loved it!"

Sash who had just been standing staring at us began fumbling with his tiny deflated cock.

"Don't worry about that," Woody laughed, "Julie will get it hard again in seconds; when you fuck her mouth."

I hung my mouth open and invited my young friend to put his cock in. When he did it was still soft and pliable....but not for long.

Woody soon began banging his cock into me with an increased ferocity making me lunge forward onto the growing cock in my mouth. My head was soon spinning with a combination of alcohol and sexual adrenalin.

The big lad behind me pulled his cock out on a backward stroke and accidentally hit my arsehole on the forward stab. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when he pushed again and the fat knob extended my anal opening. Before I could do anything the little bugger pulled my hips backwards and filled my arse with his teenage cock.

I was now sucking up buckets of oxygen through my nose as Woody plundered my arse and filled my bowels with his cock.

"Have you seen what I'm doing?" He shouted to his friend, "I'm fucking her arse!"

"Fucking Gay boy!" Liam laughed and grabbed two handfuls of my hair as he banged his hairy balls off my chin over and over again as I deep-throated him.

"Yahoo!" Woody howled as he began slapping my arse cheeks while he buggered me for all he was worth.

"Shit shit shit!" Sash soon moaned as his body stiffened and his spunk filled my throat and mouth. For a second load there was a hell of a lot....but I guess teenagers are like that. He staggered backwards and when his cock slipped from between my lips I coughed up a load of cum which I accidentally spat onto the carpet.

"Oh yeesssss!" Woody viciously slapped my reddening arse cheek as I convulsed, then filled my arsehole with a load of thick cum.

"Huh; huh!" He gasped as he squirted as much young spunk as possible deep into my rectum. "Oh God....fuuucckk...that was amazing." Woody panted as he pushed me off his cock making me flop unceremoniously face forwards. I could feel his cum bubbling out as my arsehole throbbed and ached from the pummelling the young lad, now sitting grinning on the carpet, had just given me.

I picked up a pair of discarded underpants and stuffed it between my legs to soak up the excesses that were dribbling out of my extended hole.

I then tentatively stood up and with the pants still mopping up my fluids I teetered on my high heels to the bathroom. My arse cheeks stung as soon as I sat on the pot but the coolness of the plastic soon soothed my burning flesh. It took a couple of minutes to regain my composure and wipe myself clean then I quickly brushed my hair and gave my well fucked holes another wipe before going back to face my young lovers.

Eventually I confidently made my way back into the living room; tits wobbling and naked apart from my heels. The boys just sat grinning as I bent over, arse facing them, to pick up my unfinished drink. I finished it one long slurp; then turned to face them.

"Same again tomorrow night?"

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