tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job Ch. 3

Julie's New Job Ch. 3


When you got home that week I was torn between telling you everything and keeping silent. Joan called me at home that first night and warned me about her friends and my silence about what had been happening. She firmly suggested that I was not to tell you anything at all! I could tell you knew that something was bothering me even though I was trying my best to hide it.

The day you left to go back to work I fell apart as I watched your plane leave. My personal hell was about to get worse! I wanted to run away, far away. Joan stopped by that afternoon and got my things for the trip to LA, then made me go with her to a motel near the airport. The following morning we left. I called you from the hotel in LA on what was your second night at work! Now Joan had me lying to you about just about anything!

Our first day in LA was horrible! Joan had me dress up in that front slitted dress again. We then went to an office building near a warehouse district. It was a dirty looking place, with grimy windows, peeling paint, and across the street were two adult bookstores. There was a nightclub down the street, obviously a strip club. When we went inside the building the receptionist looked like a hooker! Blonde, big chest, skimpy clothes, lots of make-up. She gave us the office number where we were expected to be and went back to her "duties". (Polishing her fingernails!) As Joan led me down a hall, I looked into whatever door would be open; glancing at what kind of businesses might be in it. I noticed one set of doors opened into a very large room with lighting bars way overhead. I thought it must be a studio of some type. I found out later that indeed it was a studio, for making porn films!

Joan led me into an office where there were six black men and two white guys. They were looking me over like a side of beef! Joan told them, "Here is the new 'contract' girl!" One of the black guys whistled at me and told me, "Turn your tight white ass around there bitch!"

"I want to see what I am going to be sampling!"

I cringed at his rough talk, but did as requested (Ordered really). As I turned around a white guy ran his hands over my chest! One of them slipped into my dress and he got a firm grip on my tit! He pinched and rolled my nipple firmly, but surprisingly gently! "Oh yeah!"

"She is going to be a real deal maker!" He let loose of my tit and ran his hand down to my crotch! "SHIT!"

"She ain't shaved clean like she is supposed to be!" I was scared! He sounded really mad! Joan interjected smoothly, and quickly. "Julie wanted to let you shave her clean, Roger!"

"She really wants you to be the one using a razor on her honey!"

I didn't want any of these goons touching me! Joan gave me that 'look', and I smiled nervously and agreed with her! "Oh yeah, Roger, I wanted you to be the first guy to shave my p-pussy for me!" I felt ashamed, and must have been as red as a beet! Roger looked at me and just smiled. "Oh, are you in for a treat, Julie! I must have looked surprised! He went on, "Joan told me ALL about you Julie!"

"How's your husband, Jon, isn't it?"

"Is he healthy, and alive?"

The way he said it left no doubt about what he could or would do if I didn't please him! All I could do is just shrug, and stammered out, "He's fine!" All the men laughed at my discomfort! I didn't know whether to laugh with them or cry! (I wanted to cry, believe me!) "Well Julie, why don't you show us your tits?" I just looked at them not believing what was happening to me. In less than a month I had gone from a happy, loving, faithful wife, to an on demand slut! I quietly undid the straps on my dress and let them fall down to my waist, where I held my dress up, as modestly as I could! They gawked and made comments about my 'tits', and Roger stepped in close to me. His hands covered both of my tits and he squeezed them! "Firm, smooth, and just the right size!"

"What, 38 D's?" Joan stepped in and said, "Like I told you on the phone Roger, 36 double D's!"

"Her ass is a nice tight 30 inches, and, look at her body, totally firm, 'hard-bodied' if I say so myself!" He laughed. "Yeah Joan, she is going to be perfect for what we have in mind!"

"Drop the dress slut!" He took a half step back and watched, waiting. I let loose of my dress and it fell to the floor. There was a moment of silence as they all stared at me. I was just wearing garter-belt, hose and very high-heeled shoes! Some of the men walked around me looking appreciatively.

A hand came from behind me and moved to my pussy! Its fingers were slipping up and down my slit! Pretty soon another hand was on my ass! Fingers were starting to go everywhere! One pushed into my asshole! It hurt for a minute, and before the pain was totally gone another finger joined it! Joan all of the sudden broke up what was quickly becoming a "Let's fuck Julie" moment!

"Boy's, we need to have the contract's taken care of first!" Roger motioned to the others and they moved back. I was relieved, but that only lasted for a second and Joan continued; "Julie will be more than happy to serve all of you after that, in the rumpus room!"

"But, you all need to understand, I don't want her hurt or marked permanently!"

"Julie will do whatever you want willingly, and even like it!" When she said that she gave me a look that implied I had better make sure they thought I was willing!

They all found a seat and I was left standing there still just in stockings, garter, and heels! When I went to pick up my dress, a black man that was within arms reach of it, grabbed it and folded it up and tossed it onto an end table! "You won't be needing that for a while slut!" He said. "I like looking at pretty white women for awhile before I give them my present!" One of the others said, "Yeah, all twelve inches of a present!" They all laughed at that!

Roger motioned me to come over by his desk. "Sit on down here Julie!" I went to where he pointed, which was the front of his desk. As I started to sit on his desktop, he cleared off some papers and things that were in the area behind where I was going to be sitting. "Make yourself comfy, honey!"

"Lay on back, on your elbows!" He would be right at my tits with me leaning back like he wanted! Joan and Roger finished up signing the papers and then Joan said she would be back in a while to pick me up. "Don't wear them out too much Julie!"

"We want them to be able to party good tonight dear!" And with that Joan got up and walked out leaving me with these eight strangers! Naked!

Roger leaned over and took one of my tits into his mouth! He lightly bit down on my nipple! As he was doing that a big black man moved up between my legs. He started to finger my pussy. He started with one finger, but quickly added fingers until he had four fingers moving in and out of me! I was getting wet, and turned on! I was ashamed of myself at how easy I turned on for these men! How could I ever prove otherwise when my body betrayed me like this!

Roger stopped what he was doing and told one of the men in back of the crowd to get the shaving kit! While he left to get it another man said he would get the bowl of water! They were going to shave my pussy! When the guy came back with the shaving kit he laid it out on a small table near the desk. The other man came in a minute later with a bowl of warm water. Roger told me to pick up my legs and hold them up. "Grab your knees, Julie, and spread your legs out as far as you can!" Someone put a couple of pillows under my head and shoulders propping me up in a semi-reclined position. Roger pushed my legs apart even more than I already had them and nodded to two guys on either side of me. They took my ankles firmly in hand and pulled them up and over until my knees were beside my shoulders! In this position every bit of my privates were exposed. I was lewdly spread out for these men to look and touch however they wanted.

Roger opened up the shaving kit, removed a washrag and proceeded to wash my entire crotch area and my whole butt! Someone started to brush on the shaving cream all around my asshole and pussy! Roger's shaving kit had an old style cup and brush for shaving cream. It tickled a bit while brushing in and around my ass and pussy! I was squirming around quite a bit until Roger started to strop a straight edge razor! I was nervous about his using an instrument like that on me! He noticed my fear and soothed me, saying, "Don't worry slut!"

"I haven't cut or nicked anyone unintentionally for years!" They all laughed about that for a minute then Roger started to shave my pubic area. As he shaved me his fingers would be touching, sometimes slipping into my pussy! I started to get real wet now! They all noticed that! "Look at that, she's getting real turned-on Roger!"

"Hey Rog, don't slip and cut her!"

"Boy, she is tight around this little finger, think what it's going to feel like with my cock up in that tight little hole!"

I was getting hot! I couldn't help myself. Roger had about finished up; he was just shaving in and around my ass hole now. "Hell slut!"

"I think I'll take this little tight hole first!" He stepped back and the washrag re-appeared in a black hand, wiping away the shaving cream. Roger undid his belt and lowered his pants. Stepping out of them he took off his shirt, revealing a muscular very toned body! His cock, I saw, was very large being about eleven inches or so long and pretty fat also. I doubted that my hand would close around it at all! He moved in between my spread legs. The men holding me were not moving, so it appeared that I was in the position I was in for a while yet! Someone smeared some gel on my ass, and Roger proceeded to finger my ass, rubbing in the greasy lube! I realized that his huge fat cock was soon going to be right where his fingers were! I started to control, (Or trying to control) my breathing as much as I could and relaxing my muscles as much as I could. I didn't want to get hurt, nor did I want any pain if I could help it!

I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down. It would go from the bottom of my crack up to my clit, where he would pause and use a circular motion. Then back down again. Suddenly he thrust forward, and the head of his cock rammed into my bottom! It was so sudden; I didn't even feel any pain! For a second anyway! Then he pushed in further and further! I was painfully aware of every single inch of that hot hard cock! The pain was tolerable after a few strokes. Then he was going all the way in and his ball-sack would slap on my butt cheeks!

He began to stroke a little faster as I opened up to this assault. Soon he was hammering away at a good pace. I started to feel the beginnings of an orgasm creeping up on me! It was feeling so...well... it felt real good. Another man had his big black cock at my lips. He was rubbing it all around my mouth and up over my face. Then it came back to my lips and prodded my mouth open! Soon I was taking in this intruder. The pillows under my head and shoulders disappeared, causing me to recline fully. The men holding my legs went with my body, so my knees were still next to my shoulders! Roger was pumping away at a steady pace and the cock in my mouth started to go deeper! I was swallowing on every in stroke; the head of it was pushing through into my throat! At some point, I'm not sure when, his balls bounced off of my forehead! I had at least ten inches of cock in my mouth, down my throat!

Roger humped in hard on my ass and started to shake, filling my poor asshole with his ejaculate! I could feel the hot sperm being forced out around that monster cock, running down onto the desk! The cock in my throat started to spasm and I almost choked on the sperm that shot out of the end of it! I swallowed as fast and often as I could!

I felt Roger pull out and another cock moved in. It went to my pussy, and thrust in, in one big shove! He rammed in and out at a very fast pace! The cock in my mouth pulled away, and Roger stepped up in front of me! I knew where his cock had just been and I could see sperm and gel on it! He moved it up to my lips, I tried to close my mouth but someone twisted my nipples hard! When I started to yell, Roger shoved his cock right into my mouth. It tasted terrible, but I had no choice but to clean his cock up!

After that it became a long, unending, string of cocks fucking me in every hole I had. I soon just passed out!

When I came to I was being wiped up. Then I was stood up and walked outside to a waiting car and hustled into it! I had walked through the office building and out front naked! I didn't care; I just wanted to go to sleep! I was taken to our hotel room and dumped on the bed. I slept for hours. About 9 p.m. Joan woke me up and got me into the shower. I stood there feeling the hot water cascade down my worn sore body, grateful for the soothing warmth! Joan came in and got me prepped up to go out. "Can't we wait until tomorrow?"

"I'm really tired Joan!" Joan just kept forcing me through the motions of dressing up. "We need to be at room 1210 in twenty minutes Julie, then after that you will go to room 1212 and serve a small group!"

"After that, you will get some rest, probably until tomorrow night!"

"You must keep going!"

"I know that this is hard right now, but we need to get through tonight!"

"Everyone wants a sample of the new contract girl sweetie!"

Joan swept me out the door and down the hall! We came to room 1210 and Joan knocked. It opened and there were only two men in the room. I was relieved that it wasn't a larger number! Joan had dressed me in a micro-mini skirt that was like vinyl or PVC. Real tight, short, and shiny! No panties or underwear at all. The top was a very small tube top, almost to be just dental floss in width! It barely covered my nipples!


"What a babe!" They were impressed with my attire that was for sure! "Would you look at the tits on this bitch?"


"Did you pour on that skirt?" Joan told them I was only available for two hours then I had to leave. One of them asked if Joan was available also. She smiled and said, "I don't hold a candle to Julie here, so why don't you boys have your fun with her!" They moved in close to me and started fondling my body. Soon I was naked and sucking one hard cock while the other was pounding my pussy like a jackhammer! They were very vocal about my skills! The one I was sucking couldn't get over how I was taking his whole cock down my throat! His cock wasn't so large as I had had at that point so it was no feat for me. The other however had a long fat cock, and knew how to put it to use! Just before the man in my mouth came he pulled out and moved around behind me. The other guy lay down and I straddled him. As I got into motion, the guy behind me moved in and pushed his cock right up my asshole. I now had two cocks in me at once, which I hadn't done very much up to this point. (At least that I was aware of!)

Soon they shot their loads off in me. As I was cleaning up I overheard Joan telling them that I would be at their service later that week if they wanted! They wanted all right! I got dressed back in the PVC skirt and tube top, put on my heels and we left. Down the hall to room 1212. Joan stopped me and detoured us into an alcove with a seat. "You will call Jon when we get into this next room!"

"I want you to tell him things are going great!"

"Remember, he is safe as long as you do what I need you or want you to do Julie!" I told her that I couldn't possibly talk to you while I was dressed as I was or while in front of strangers that were going to be using me in a few minutes! Joan said, "Julie, you need to get your head up and out in clear air here!"

"I'm telling you to call Jon and tell him things are ok!"

"If you don't, I will call him and hand you the phone when he answers, while you have a cock in your ass and in your cunt!"

"Do you understand me?" I knew she would of course so I just acknowledged her and we went on to room 1212. Upon entering the room, I was greeted with catcalls and whistles. There were several white guys and more blacks. They were all around me in seconds, grabbing and feeling me all over. Most roughly poking and pinching wherever they could get their hands on me!

Joan called them off of me and had me phone Jon. I was crying and falling apart! How could she do this to me on top of everything else she had done? This was so evil! To have a wife call her husband while dressed like a streetwalker! To tell him everything was great just before getting the living daylights fucked out of her by a group of men? I held myself together as well as I could while I talked to you. It was the hardest thing I ever had done!

Mentally I was coming unglued at the seams! I was about to break down! Joan kept a watch on my call to you and got me off the phone by having one of the men call out for me to hurry up!

As I went out into the main room of the suite, I saw a man with a camcorder all set up and ready to tape the events! I balked at this and Joan came in close to me and ordered me to get going. "Wipe off your face and get these men satisfied slut!" She said. "You got quite a night ahead of you whore!" I pulled myself together once again, it seems that all I did anymore was fuck, cry, and pull myself together, and fuck some more! I seriously had fleeting thoughts of suicide, but was afraid that if I did they would harm or even kill you Jon, so I couldn't bring myself to use even that escape! You saw what happened in that room that night on film last night! After all of the gangbangs by groups of men, somewhere in them I would lose myself and just go with the flow! I guess it was either survival instinct, or worse, maybe deep down I really was starting to like it!

The next days seemed to run together. I was usually fucking and sucking one, two or many more men. Then two nights before our scheduled departure, Joan took me down to the office building. We went into the big studio, where there was a large group of men and some women seated around a small stage. Joan had dressed me in a French maids uniform, consisting of a white frilly apron, garter-belt, stockings, 6-inch high heels, and a maid's hat! Nothing else! She brought me onto the stage and there was a funny bench with x-wings kind of extensions, and a large bed. I noticed a long ramp up the back of the stage that I hadn't seen from the front. Joan pulled me in close to her and told me I was going to make an epic film tonight!

"Remember when I told you that if I told you to fuck a donkey you had better do it and act like you loved it?" I was stunned! She had to be fucking nuts! I wasn't going to fuck an animal, NO WAY! I told her that too! She looked at me and smiled a very evil, evil smile! "Oh Julie!"

"You're not going to be asked to fuck a horse or animal sweetie!" You are going to meet the girl you are replacing!" As she said that a woman was coming up the ramp. A woman who looked very familiar. OH! GOD NO! MARY! It was my sister Mary! Joan had somehow gotten my sister involved in her sick business! I knew that Mary and I hadn't seen each together for several years, and only had two or three phone conversations. I thought that she was married and living with her husband back east, running they're little computer business!

When I looked in front of me there were ten men lined up on the stage. Ten big naked, huge cocked, black men! I knew that either Mary or I were going to be the next show! The bench was positioned out in front, and the x-wings brought up. Joan herded me over to it and had me sit down on it. "Lay down Julie, and spread your legs wide!" My legs were strapped in and then my arms. Under my bottom a board was removed and my whole crotch area was open from the small of my back behind me to, well all of me front. My head was back at an angle that made my chin straight inline with my throat. I then knew I was destined for a long hard night! My legs were spread out until it hurt in my joints! I could feel cold air on my pussy, and my pussy lips opening up! Then the first of what was to be many men line up and plunged into my pussy! He stroked a few times then moved his cock down to my ass! In he went, with very little resistance! After pumping there for a while, he pulled out and moved around my spread-eagled body to my head. Here he plunged his cock into my mouth and down my throat! He was fucking my mouth like he had my pussy and ass! Now another man stepped up and it started all over! For the next three or four hours man after man fucked me in all of my holes! The ten black men got me first, but then it became audience participation! I had orgasm after orgasm until eventually I passed out. Joan told me the next afternoon that the line had kept up for about an hour after I passed out! A couple of the women in the audience had lifted their dress's up and straddled my head and brought themselves off on my jaw, and mouth! I licked them best I could strapped down like I was. It wasn't like I had a choice!

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