tagInterracial LoveJunko Round 01

Junko Round 01


I love masturbating. I just love it. I love feeling the heat of my cock and the firmness of my balls. I love tasting my pre-cum as I milk it out of the head of my cock. I usually try to jerk off in front of a mirror so I can watch my hand as it slides up and down my shaft and so I can see the look on my face. Just before I cum, I grip my cock tightly just under the head so that when I shoot my load, it comes out in one big stream inside of several splashes. If I'm horny enough and if I've been working my cock long enough, I can easily shoot my cum onto my face and if I'm really feeling dirty, I shoot it into my mouth. I'm happy to swallow my own cum- I've been doing it for years. I was also very happy to have dated a Japanese woman for about four years who, besides having a smooth, tight pussy that she loved to show off for me and let me fuck in any position I wanted, also loved to watch me jerk off.

Junko was about ten years older than me and came from Fukuoka (how appropriate!), a city in southern Japan. She and I met in Hong Kong at a product launch for whatever it was her company made and we quickly hit it off. As the event was ending, she handed me her business card. On the back she'd written her home phone number and three simple words: "Call me. Please."

Two days later, I invited her to dinner. We met outside the restaurant and it was clear she'd put some time and care into her appearance. For a woman of about forty-three, her face was pleasantly unlined. She'd dyed her hair a light brown colour as a lot of Japanese women do, and although fairly short by Western standards, she was very well toned and slender. Inside the restaurant, we sat at a booth with her against the wall. After two pre-dinner drinks, she excused herself to go to the ladies' room. As she walked off, I could make out the outline of a very high-cut pair of panties. A couple of minutes later, she returned to the table with a slight smile on her face.

"Come here, I have something for you," she quietly said as I leaned forward. Under the table she had slipped her shoe off and was gently running her foot up and down my leg.

"Reach under the table," she directed.

I did and I found her hand, balled into a fist. She opened it and inside were the high-cut panties that she had had on. I took them from her and felt for where I figured the crotch would be. It was very wet.

"I just fucked myself in the ladies' room. I couldn't wait. I've been thinking about you for two days now and I've been so horny. I really want you inside me. Sorry if I'm being too direct, but I haven't had sex for about two years and I really want you. I tried to control myself but as you can tell from my underwear, I'm very, very hot and wet. Here, take these and smell them."

As discreetly as I could (and luckily the lighting in the restaurant was on the low side), I brought her bunched up panties to my nose and inhaled. Her wetness smelled delicate, not fishy like a lot of assholes think a Japanese woman's pussy smells. My cock was already semi-stiff but breathing in Junko's warmth made it fully hard. She reached over the table and whispered "Kiss my fingers. I've just had them inside me." I brought her fingers to my lips and gave them a quick kiss. I could taste her pussy on them and I started to worry about how I was going to get out of the restaurant with my now fully hard cock tenting up my pants.

Our main courses arrived but I doubt we tasted much of them, eating as quickly as we did. We skipped dessert, had a quick drink, paid, and got ready to leave.

"I've got a little problem. Well, actually it's a big problem," I whispered to Junko.

"It's your cock, right? It's hard, isn't it? It's hard because you want to fuck me, right?"

"Exactly. It's hard because I really want to fuck you. And I don't want people staring at us when we walk out."

With that, she opened two buttons on her blouse and casually spread her top open so that her cleavage was very visible. Although not ample by any means, enough of her top was open that the inside roundness of her breasts were very exposed.

"I'll go first. They'll be distracted by this and won't even notice your cock."

Which of course just made me even harder.

We made our way to her car (I'd taken a cab) and before getting in she turned to me and told me to kiss her. As I did, her hands moved to my crotch, one hand softly grabbing my balls, the other firmly on my shaft.

She softly whispered "I want this in me. I need it. Please fuck me. I'm so wet. Please."

"I would love to. I'm so hard. I want to be inside you," I replied.

We got into her car and the first thing she did was to ask to see my cock.

"Take it out for me. I've been thinking of your cock for days. I have to see it. Take it out now."

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out for her. I was very hard and a small drop of precum wet the head.

"No. That's not enough. Take your pants down. I want to see everything. Spread your legs open. I want to see your balls."

I did as she asked and slid my pants down and spread my legs. My cock was standing straight up and my balls, as tight as they were, were plainly visibly. Junko reached over and softly traced her fingers up and down my shaft, stopping occasionally to softly rub my balls.

"I want this cock in me so much. It's so warm. I want to feel it inside me. You will fuck me, right? Please? I know my chest isn't very big. I'm sorry. But I'm very tight. I haven't been with anyone for a while and I'm so tight and wet. Please give me your cock?"

"Let's get home and I'll give it to you any way you want. I really can't wait much longer. I'm very full and I want to cum with you so much," I replied as her fingers continued to trace up and down my cock.

She started the car and I started to pull my pants back up but she told me to stop.

"No. Keep it out. I love looking at your cock. Touch it for me. Feel it for me."

I slowly started to tug at my cock for her as she glanced over as often as she could while still keeping an eye on the road. Traffic was light at that hour and she got in as many looks as she could. Every so often one hand would wander down between her legs and she would lightly stroke her pussy through her skirt.

"Mmm...I like watching you do that. It makes me so hot."

"And I love doing it for you. I'm not shy at all. Actually, I really like to have people watch me when I cum."

"What do you mean 'people'? Don't you mean 'women'?" She had me there.

"Um...don't get worried or anything. I'm not weird. But I'm not shy with anyone. Women, men, couples, whatever. I really like people watching me."

"Couples?" she asked.

"Y...es. About a month ago, I met a couple online that wanted to watch me cum. So I went over to their place, we had a glass of wine and then I stripped, sat down across from them, and they watched me."

"What were they doing?" she asked. This conversation was getting me really hot and I started working my cock a little harder and faster.

"They started with their clothes on but they were touching each other while they watched me. After a while, they took their clothes off and we were all naked. They sat across from me and kept watching me but she started rubbing his balls...like this...and his cock was very hard. He had his hand on her pussy, on her clit...They were doing each other while watching me. He spread her lips open so I could see her pinkness and she kept feeling his cock."

Junko's hand was spending more and more time between her legs and I wondered where she lived and how soon we'd get there. The last thing I wanted was to shoot my load in her car, but I was getting pretty close.

"Did you cum for them?" she asked.

"Of course I did. It was pretty hot. She started to suck his cock but she spread her legs and kept touching her pussy. I was so hard and watching them watching me made me very hot. They told me to cum and she took her mouth off his cock. He and I started jerking our cocks faster and faster and she had two fingers inside her and her thumb on her clit."

"I wish I could see that," Junko said.

"I could feel that I was close to cumming and I told them. They moaned for me to cum. Then the guy and I shot off at almost the same time. I came all the way up to my face, I had cum dripping off my chin. He shot all over his stomach and her body was shaking. She took some of his cum and rubbed it into her nipples. Even after I came, I still kept beating my cock for them."

"Did they have sex?"

"Not while I was there. But I'm pretty sure they did after I left."

"Hmm...anyway, here we are. This is my place. Better get your pants up. There are a lot of security cameras here. But I want to feel you again first, wait a minute."

She parked the car and reached over to squeeze my cock. Then she bent over and put her mouth down on it, tasting the precum with her tongue. I thought I was going to shoot it right there. Her mouth was so warm it was hot. She didn't get all of my cock in her mouth, but it was close. She went up and down on me a few times and then sat up and said "Let's go. Now. I need this."

We took the elevator up to her place, eager to fuck right then and there but remembering that there were cameras all over the place, even in the lift. As much as I have no problem fucking in front of complete strangers, I didn't want my face showing up on the Internet.

Once inside her apartment, she told me to get naked for her. I did and sat down on the sofa, my cock as hard as stone and standing straight up. Junko got us each a glass of wine and slowly slid her small dress off to show me her little tits and nearly hairless pussy. She sat across from me as I lightly stroked my cock.

"Do you shave?" I asked.

"I don't really need to. I've always only had a little bit of hair. Anyway, no one's seen this for a while, so I'm not too worried. Do you like it?" She put her wine down and spread her lips with both hands. Her clit clearly stood out from under its hood and she was obviously very wet. I could see that all around her pussy was slick and her nipples were very erect.

"Mmm...I like it. I'd love to taste it."

"Not yet. I want to watch your touch your cock. Let me get some lotion for you."

She disappeared somewhere and came back with some moisturiser cream and a small towel. The cream was cool but very, very smooth. I lubed up my cock with it and slowly fucked my fist for her, pushing my cock into my hand an inch at a time.

"I...like...that," she whispered as her fingers slowly slid inside her pussy. "Please do it for me," she softly moaned.

"I will. How's your pussy?" I asked.

"I'm so hot. I haven't felt like this for so long. Oh, I want your cock."

She got up and stood in front of me, cupping a small breast and feeding me one of her inch-long nipples while looking down and watching me slide my hand up and down my cock. She took the small towel and wiped most of the cream off my cock. Then she got on her knees and pushed me back on the couch.

She slowly jerked my cock while licking my balls. I try to shave them as often as I can so they were very smooth and hard. Then she moved her tongue lower, flicking at my asshole. I had been with Japanese girls before so I knew some of them had a penchant for giving guys rim jobs. Junko seemed to have a special gift for it though. Her tongue on my ass was magic, so soft and delicate. But when she put her tongue in my hole, I almost hit the ceiling. She was tongue fucking me, the way a guy would do to a pussy. She had it going in and out of me while pumping my cock with her fist at the same time. She took a quick break and asked me if I liked it.

"Oh, I love it. But I want to fuck you so much. Sit on me. Please. Open your pussy and sit on me."

She put her head down and gave my asshole and balls another lick then she stood up in front of me, one hand spreading her cunt open.

"Give it to me. Please."

"Sit on me, sit on my cock."

She lowered her pussy on to the head of my cock and very, very slowly started to fuck me, half an inch at a time. She was so tight but she was also very, very wet and I could feel her muscles slowly relaxing as she worked her pussy down over my cock. Soon I was completely inside her and we both looked down to see only the base of my cock outside her lips.

She pushed her breasts together so I could almost suck both nipples at once while she continued to gently ride my cock. Then suddenly, she stopped.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine. I love this. But I forgot one thing. Sorry." She eased herself off my cock and walked over to the antique mirror standing in a corner of her living room.

"I want to watch us. Help me with this please."

My cock standing out straight in front of me, I went over to help her move the mirror to where we were fucking. We positioned it so that I could look directly into it with her on top of me and so she could look over her shoulder as my cock split her lips open.

"Let me see you put your cock into me," she gasped, settling her pussy down over my cock again.

"Junko, I love this. Look at my cock in you. Oh, that's going to make me cum..."

"Fuck me. Don't cum yet. Just fuck me. I want you to cum on my face. Please fuck me."

I watched in the mirror as her little bum moved up and down, her pussy now stretched enough to take every inch of my cock. I alternated between pulling on her nipples and gently biting them. She moaned every time I did.

"Slap me," she moaned into my ear.


"Yes, slap me while you fuck me. I love that." With my cock inside her wetness, I figured that I would do as she asked. So I lightly slapped her cheek. She rode my cock faster.

"Harder. Slap me harder," she moaned.

I pushed my cock deep inside her and slapped her cheek again, this time hard enough to make it turn pink. She moaned loudly and I could feel her tighten her pussy muscles and bear down on me.

"Harder! Slap me. I love it! Harder! Fuck me!" She wasn't whispering anymore. Now she was shouting at me to slap her and fuck her pussy harder.

I slapped her again, by now having decided that she was really into this and wasn't going to end up calling the police.

"Fuck, I love it!" she shouted, again shoving a nipple into my mouth. Her pussy was so wet I could barely feel her cunt walls and I was very, very close to cumming.

"I'm going to cum, honey. I can't hold it any more. Your pussy's too tight," I said.

"I want to watch you cum. Don't cum in me! I want to see you do it. Slap me again!"

I slapped her again, her pink cheek turning crimson, while she bounced hard up and down my cock. I was very close to shooting my cum.

"Honey, I'm going to cum! I can't hold it. Your pussy's so good! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!"

She very quickly got off my cock, got on her knees and pulled her hair back.

"On my face! Cum on my face! Let me see it!" she shouted.

I started beating my cock off, hard. I was so close and she was staring right at my cock, feverishly working her clit. I felt my cum starting to surge and I pointed it straight at her mouth and face.

"I'm cumming! Fuck, ohhhhh..." I shouted as I gripped around the base of my cockhead, briefly stopping my ejaculation so I could better direct it right where she wanted it.

She had her mouth and her eyes open, waiting for my load. When I shot it, she took as much as she could in her mouth, using some of it to lube her clit. Her body shook as she came and my cum dripped off her chin and cheeks.

"I love your cum. I love tasting it and feeling it on my face," she panted, resting her head on my leg. She stood up and leaned in to kiss me, her face covered with my cum. I licked it off her and then we shared it on our tongues. She bent down to lick my cock clean and we shared those juices as well, her pussy and my cum. I slid a finger into her pussy, causing her to shudder and moan "Please fuck me again".

I'd come so much and so hard that fucking her again as going to be out of the question for a while. Besides, I thought her pussy might have been a bit sore from my cock. Instead, I asked her where the bathroom was. She led me to it and I got into the tub.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Pee on me. Open your pussy and pee on me."


"Yes, really. I gave you my cum, now I want your pee."

She squatted down over my face, one hand on the tub, one hand holding her lips open so I could see the little hole just below her clit open as her warm, golden stream gushed out over my face. The rush of liquid over me made my cock hard again and we quickly rinsed off and headed to the bedroom where we fucked again, this time with her finger up my ass, pressing on my prostate as I shot a load deep into her pussy while we both watched us fuck in her bedroom mirror.

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