She wasn't the kind of girl that most men fantasized about. She was tall, about five seven with a slender willowy body. Her hair was long and black and, when it was loose, fell in waves over her shoulders. She didn't often wear it loose though. And her tall slender body was almost always clad in frumpy ultra conservative clothes. Her face was angular with a wide mouth and elfin nose and eyes. This with her oriental features almost made her look like an anime character. Her thick glasses with the very unstylish brown rims couldn't quite hide all of her natural beauty, but they tried very hard.

Evan had a thing for the librarian look though. He was also afflicted with yellow fever, that unexplainable thing that some men have for oriental girls.

With some it's confined to only Japanese girls or only Filipina girls but to Evan all girls from the orient gave him that jolt. Whether they were from mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam or whatever, they all had that special look.

With Sophie being from China and looking like an uptight Chinese Librarian, well, instant hard-ons were not uncommon whenever he looked at her.

He looked at her a lot too, seated as she was directly across from his desk in their office. From 8:00 am to 4:30 pm every Monday to Friday, Evan sat facing Sophie and tried hard not to ogle or fantasize too much as he tried to work.

Evan's favorite outfit that she wore was a black skirt. It fell to just above her knees and was tight fitting, at least compared to any of the other clothes she wore it was tight. She typically wore a button-down blouse with it. In the summer it was too hot for her to wear a camisole underneath so Evan spent hours trying to catch surreptitious glances down the front. Occasionally he would see the top of her bra but nothing further. He often found himself fantasizing about seeing her pale pink nipples peeking out from beneath her blouse; at least he imagined her nipples were pale pink.

This particular day was very hot and the air conditioning was not performing well. As a result it was probably ten degrees hotter in the office than usual though still ten degrees cooler than outside.

Evan was trying hard to concentrate on his work as the sweat poured off his brow. His shirt was practically soaked through and, much to his delight, so was Sophie's. He could clearly see the outline of her bra through the pale yellow fabric.

From time to time she would chew on her upper lip as she studied her computer monitor then continue with her work. Every few minutes she would tug on the neckline of her blouse and hold the wet fabric away from her skin for just a moment's relief. Then she would let go and go back to her drawing.

"Too hot!" she said with a smile.

"What?" Evan asked, startled out of his reverie.

"Too hot today," Sophie said with a wide smile.

Evan found himself drowning in that smile and he jerked himself out of it by clenching his fists over his keyboard.

"Yes," he agreed, relieved that he hadn't been caught ogling her chest, "it's too hot to think straight."

"Need cold drink," she laughed.

"No," he said with a grin, "you need hot tea or hot coffee."

She frowned and shook her head and pulled her blouse open briefly in illustration.

"No, too hot!" she said.

Evan laughed, if only to disguise the sharp intake of breath as he spotted the white bra she wore under her blouse and her bare tummy all the way to the top of her skirt.

"Yeah, you're right," he said. "It is too hot."

He got up and went to the bathroom. As he washed his face with cold water he wondered if he was cooling himself off from the heat or from the tantalizing glimpse of flesh she had just given him. He chuckled to himself and thoroughly soaked his face and the back of his neck. Just for good measure he soaked a paper towel and washed his torso down with it, reveling in the feel of the cool water on his skin.

He soaked another paper towel and carried it back to his desk with him, still dripping. He held it to his forehead for a moment and Sophie watched him enviously as the excess water dripped down his cheeks and neck and under his shirt.

"I wish I could do that," she said ruefully and then laughed at herself.

"Why can't you?" he asked with a smile.

She frowned again and leaned closer.

"Different for you," she whispered. "You are a man! You can do this and no one think. I cannot do this."

"Why not?" Evan asked.

She giggled softly and leaned closer still.

"I cannot get my shirt wet," she said. "It will be... I don't know the word in English... When shirt is wet, you can see underneath."

"You're shirt is already wet," he said casually. "It's soaked from your own sweat and I can't see through it! I don't see what difference a few drops of water would make."

Sophie looked down at her blouse in alarm and saw that her shirt was indeed soaked through. She relaxed when she realized it was not as transparent as she feared it might be and then smiled back at Evan.

"I think you are right," she said with a laugh. "Maybe I will try."

She got up and went quickly to the bathroom and Evan watched her walk away with relish.

When she returned she appeared to be a little cooler and the hair framing her face was wet and plastered against her skin. She had a wet paper towel and she laid her head back in her chair and rubbed it against her forehead and neck. She smiled and then looked back at Evan.

"It feel good on my face but I am still very hot!" she said, leaning forward and tugging her blouse away from her neck.

She began fanning herself with the fabric and Evan gulped as he was now peering straight down her shirt from her chest and all the way to the top of her skirt again. Her bra appeared to be padded and was wet around the edges.

Sophie was looking down at the floor and she must have forgotten that Evan was sitting in front of her because she popped her bra away from her chest for just a second.

"So they're not pale pink," Evan said to himself as he clearly saw both her nipples. "They're small and bright red like little moles."

He turned back toward his monitor just in time as Sophie suddenly realized that she was exposing her tiny breasts. She looked up to see him studying his computer screen and breathed a sigh of relief.

He got up and went to the bathroom once more but this time it wasn't to cool off. His hard-on was pushing against his slacks and he had to do something about it. Sophie watched him absently as he walked uncomfortably toward the bathroom but Evan didn't see her eyes go wide upon seeing the tent in the front of his slacks from his erection. She looked down at her desk quickly fearing that he would see her looking.

Evan closed the bathroom door behind him and tried not to think about her bright red nipples. He took some deep breaths and washed his face and hands once more. After he was done he realized that only one thing was going to make his hard-on go away.

He dropped his pants and wrapped one hand around his cock. As he slowly began to stroke it he replayed the sight of Sophie's nipples through his head over and over. Soon he was cumming and the semen was dripping from his hand on to the floor.

He resolved to stop looking in her direction for the rest of the day.

He returned to his desk, once more with a wet paper towel in hand. Sophie looked at him and smiled.

"How do you stay so cool?" she asked. "Even when I use the wet towel I am still hot. You don't look as hot."

"I wash myself down in the bathroom," he said. "I rub the wet towel under my shirt and pants and it makes me feel less hot."

She nodded in understanding and went back to work.

Evan was called to go out to the factory to help with an issue. As soon as the door to the back of the building was opened a blast of hot air hit him in the face. He followed the plant manager into the humid air and dealt with the problem as quickly as possible. When he was done he hurried back to the office and breathed a sigh of relief even though the air conditioner was only working at half speed.

He went to the bathroom to wash himself down once more. He opened the door and was startled to see Sophie with her blouse wide open. Her bra was wet around the edges and her skin was glistening. She had one foot resting on the toilet and her skirt held above her waist and was rubbing a soaking wet paper towel up the inside of her thigh. Evan's eyes widened as he saw the white thong panty she was wearing. It had a floral pattern sewn into it and her black pubic hair showed through in patches. He never thought she would wear such a racy pair of underwear and his cock hardened all over again.

As soon as the door opened Sophie looked up in alarm. Her eyes went wide and when she saw it was Evan her nipples hardened under her bra. She cupped her hand over her mound and felt it heat up and realized that she was gushing with excitement.

They stared at each other for a moment, both of them shocked and neither of them willing to let the moment pass.

Evan swallowed in nervousness and made a decision. He stepped through the door, closed it behind him and then locked it. Sophie's mouth opened but no words came out. She clenched her hand over her mound and felt shivers cover her whole body from the stimulus.

Evan stepped forward slowly until he was only inches from her. He placed a hand on her waist and Sophie looked down at it. As she looked down she saw Evan's hardness pressed against the inside of his pants. She felt herself shiver again and a low whimper escaped her lips.

Evan pressed close to her and let his arms enfold her waist. He pushed his hands under her blouse and to the back of her skirt. He bunched her skirt up until it was hiked completely over her waist. When it was all the way up he slid her panties down over her slim hips. He let them go as they reached her thighs and they fell in a puddle around her feet. He then pushed her blouse back over her shoulders and then it too was on the floor.

He lightly gripped her wrist and guided her hand to the front of his pants. He briefly held the small zipper handle out and then she had it between her fingers. She began to draw his zipper down agonizingly slowly. After what seemed like forever his fly was wide open and she slowly pushed her hand inside. Just as she closed her hand over his erection he leaned forward and kissed her.

He gently put his hand against her hairy mound and cupped it. He rubbed his palm lightly against her clitoris and let his fingers slide along her pussy lips. He sighed with satisfaction as he felt how wet she was.

Sophie gripped his bare cock lightly and pulled it through the zipper hole. She moaned softly against Evan's lips as she ran her hand slowly along its length from the head all the way to the root.

Evan pushed her buttocks against the counter and pulled her legs wide. He bent slightly at the knees and pushed his cock forward to rub against her outer lips. Sophie moaned again and then pushed the head of his penis into the folds of her vagina. She pressed her hips forward, urging his member past her lips.

As the bulbous head pushed into her tunnel they both moaned.

All gentleness gone now, Evan started ramming into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and raised her buttocks on to the counter so she could wrap her legs around his hips. They grunted from the exertion and she bit his shoulder through his shirt.

Evan groaned from the sensation and pushed into her even harder. Sophie cried out and dug her nails into his back. Evan was cumming then.

He slammed into her as far as he could go as his balls were drained.

With both of them breathing heavily they looked down to watch as his cock shrunk and popped out of her followed by a trail of semen that drooled from between her puffy lips. It gathered in a small pool on the edge of the counter and began to drip to the floor in thick lazy drops.

Sophie muttered something breathlessly in Chinese and pulled him close. Their chests, both heaving and sweaty from exertion, were drawn together. Her tiny breasts were crushed into the matted hair on his chest and they shared a passionate kiss in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Still breathing heavily, they dressed and tried to neaten their hair and general appearance. Evan unlocked the door and peered into the hall, his heart beating hard at the prospect of getting caught.

There was no official policy at work about relationships, but he was pretty sure that fucking in the bathroom during working hours was probably against the rules.

With a sigh of relief he saw that no one was there and exited the bathroom quickly, closing the door behind him. He returned to his desk and Sophie came back to her desk a few minutes later.

She looked up at him shyly for a moment and then went back to work.


The next day was equally hot but the air conditioning in the office was working much better. Evan arrived at his desk and began preparing to get to work.

Sophie arrived minutes later and Evan looked up to give her his customary greeting. The words "good morning" died in his throat when he saw how she was dressed. Although her clothes were nothing that office women were not wearing all over town, he was surprised to see Sophie wearing them.

Gone were the ultra conservative frumpy clothes that she usually wore. Today she was wearing a dark blue pencil skirt and matching blazer. The suit was fitted to her like a second skin and Evan's mouth fell open as he watched her lithe body move gracefully toward her desk.

"Good morning," she said with a bright smile.

She settled into her seat and smiled in his direction.

"Is there coffee?" she asked.

Evan nodded and held up his own full cup as evidence.

"Good," she said, her smile becoming saucy. "I need to have coffee!"

Evan watched her walk to the staff kitchen and he gulped as he took in her new appearance. She peeked over her shoulder at him and winked; something he didn't realize she even knew how to do. He bent over his desk with his eyes wide and his breath tight in his chest. He heard her clearing her throat and looked back toward the kitchen. She was leaning against the near door frame with one eye peeking around the corner at him. Her smile widened when she got his attention and she stepped a little further into the doorway. She opened her blazer and Evan's mouth fell open in awe. The tiny camisole she was wearing was almost completely transparent and she was not wearing a bra. Her tiny nipples could be clearly seen and she teasingly lifted the light fabric high enough to uncover her left nipple. She smiled again and then dropped her shirt back into place. Then she disappeared from the doorway and went back into the kitchen.

When she returned she was carrying a coffee mug and she put it down on her desk.

"Hot today?" she said playfully.

"Very hot!" he agreed in a constricted voice.

She grinned and then went to work.

Evan tried to do the same but now he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Although she now kept her jacket tightly closed, he knew she was virtually naked underneath it. He kept picturing her nipple in his mind and he closed his eyes to try to clear his head.

She cleared her throat again and he looked up in time to see her standing in front of her chair and searching the various paper slots on her desk. She smiled at him and he could not help but look down the front of her jacket and camisole. She lingered there for a long moment and smirked when she saw his hypnotic gaze. Her tiny breasts swayed slightly and her nipples hardened even as he watched. He looked up to meet her eyes and she winked again.

He smiled back and took a deep breath.

"You're evil!" he said quietly.

She looked at him innocently as she sat and gathered some paperwork in front of her. She raised her eyebrow at him and he frowned, knowing he was being played. He shrugged off her questioning gaze and then tried to get to work, again.

It wasn't easy.

Every time he thought he was finally able to concentrate she would do something outrageous. Once she dropped her pencil and bent over to retrieve it. The whole time she was digging around on the floor for it he could see her naked from the waist up thanks to the way her jacket opened up.

A little later she leaned forward on her desk to ask him a question about a drawing the two of them had worked on in the past giving him a clear look down her shirt again. This time it was much worse because one of their coworkers was taking part in the conversation and he couldn't see the view that Evan was getting.

Evan answered the questions put to him and was able to concentrate only by not looking at Sophie at all through the whole exchange. When their coworker returned to his desk Sophie gave him a hurt look to which he scowled and glued his eyes to his computer monitor.

At lunch time Evan got some food off the coffee truck that came by every day. He returned to his desk to see Sophie gone. He figured that she had gone to the bathroom and tried not to think about her while he ate. Just as he was finishing up she returned. She grabbed her cell phone off of her desk and walked into the staff kitchen. She sat down in one of the straight-backed chairs and made a call.

Now that Evan wasn't facing his computer monitor but was turned to face one side of his corner desk, he could see her sitting in the chair out of the corner of his eye. He slowly turned his head toward her and saw her talking to someone in Chinese, though she was looking directly at him and smiling wickedly. He lowered his gaze and saw her legs splayed apart a little, just enough for him to see the panties at the tops of her thighs. He stared, unable to tear his eyes away.

She grinned wider and spread her legs wider as she did. She rested her left foot on her right ankle with her left knee elevated so that he had a clear view of her panties and her milky white thighs. She began rocking her knee back and forth alternately opening her thighs wide and closing them until the view of her panties almost disappeared.

Again Evan was trapped by the view her antics offered him. She opened her jacket and slowly moved her hand up under her light camisole and pinched her own nipple softly. She licked her lips and smiled slyly at his breathless reaction.

Evan scowled as he realized she had taken him in again. He turned toward his computer and didn't turn back when she cleared her throat to get his attention.

He got up and went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water until his erection faded. He went back to his desk and looked into the kitchen. Sophie was not there. In fact he was the only one left in the office. Apparently all the others had gone out for the forty-five minutes they were allowed. He sat down at his desk and leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

He opened them again suddenly when he felt a pair of hands undoing his pants.

He looked down between his spread thighs to see Sophie under his desk. She pulled his fly down and freed his growing cock from his pants then leaned over it hungrily.

She popped the head between her lips and suckled on it lightly. She started to move her hand back and forth along the shaft and met his eyes with a satisfied expression on her face. Before too long Evan was squirming in his chair and she was moaning and cooing over his cock. She stroked it constantly as she suckled on the end and soon there was pre-cum dripping slightly from her lower lip. She sped up her stroking and Evan gasped. He gripped the arms of his chair and thrust his hips forward. She giggled and held his cock firmly between her lips. He let go and the semen squirted into her mouth. She giggled again and then crawled back toward her own desk.

She got up from the floor and sat in her chair looking innocent; a look that was not quite convincing with the coating of white that clung to her bottom lip. She smiled impishly and opened her mouth to show that his seed was all over the inside of her mouth. She giggled quietly and closed her mouth just as their coworkers began to return from lunch.

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