Junky Chronicles Ch. 03


"Hi boss," he said with a toothy grin. Natalie hated them calling her mme, a sotho word for mother but used as a form of respect.

"Can you get me a fix?" she asked eyeing him.

"What you need?" his smile grew at the prospect.

"I want smack, now," her sunglasses were hiding her face and to onlookers it would seem as though she simply asking about some tourist attractions.

"I go get for you, how much you need?" he asked eagerly.

"Get about five grams. But I want to see the stock before I pay. So you must take me to the main man," Natalie knew how it went. They ask for the money upfront and bring you an artificial mixture of what you desire.

"You follow me," he said when Natalie stuffed a hundred rand note in his hand.

They crossed the street, Natalie following some distance behind. They entered an apartment building, the place was worn down and dirty. How people could possibly live like that always boggled Natalie's mind. On the third floor the car guard knocked on the door, a short exchange was given in Zulu and the door swung open.

"They got what you need," he said and started to turn.

"Thank you," Natalie mumbled and entered.

The door closed behind her and one of the men inside started to unpack the heroin. Natalie inspected each and decided on the most pure one that the guy had. They exchanged and five minutes later Natalie was exiting the building. She found her car and drove back to her house. There she followed the familiar routine, before she knew it she had prepared a dose for two people, she simply looked at it and still she experienced no emotion. She packed the second syringe away with the rest of the smack in a drawer, grabbing a beer from the fridge she made her way to the couch and simply soaked in the effects.

After about two beers and an hour later the sun had already set and Natalie decided to change and hit up the club scene. She went through the bag that she had thrown clothes into, she pulled out jeans and a black tank top. After she discarded the clothes she had on she changed and put her shoes on, she styled her hair roughly and headed for the door. She got in the mustang her parents bought her, music blared and she dropped the clutch, hit the acceleration and sped of toward the heart of the city. After a forty minute drive she parked in front of a club and headed inside, she paid her entrance fee and immediately heard the trance music blare through the speakers and hundreds of bodies grinding against each other. Each lost inside their own drug induced world that amplified each touch, movement or emotion. Natalie looked out over the floor, it was like watching a large orgy live, no one hid their arousal and grinded against the closest body for release.

Natalie walked over to the bar and ordered a beer, a pretty young woman was standing next to her and she gave Natalie a tempting smile.

"Hi, I'm Susan," she winked at Natalie.

"Natalie, nice to meet you," Natalie responded with a smile.

"Do you want to dance?" she asked and grabbed Natalie's hand before she could respond.

Susan dragged Natalie to an open spot on the dance floor and started grinding against Natalie, who was swept away by the effect of the touch and the music. The effects of the heroin had already decreased and Natalie knew she needed another fix, but Susan was one step ahead of her. Susan placed two ecstasy tablets on her tongue and pulled Natalie in for a kiss, her tongue probed inside of Natalie's mouth and transferred one of the tablets into Natalie's mouth. She pulled away and swallowed, Natalie did the same and took a swig of her beer. They continued to dance and forty minutes later the effects of the ecstasy and booze kicked in. The touch of Susan's body against her own became more pleasurable and Natalie felt the familiar stirring in her loins.

Movement became her best friend, all she wanted to do was fuck and dance, Susan pulled her closer and pressed her pubic bone into Natalie upper leg and increased her movements. Gasps and moans escaped Susan's lips and she dug her nails into Natalie's neck. Natalie pulled her closer and pressed her leg harder into Susan's crotch, moving in time with Susan to increase the pleasure that Susan felt. Their lips locked and Susan's body started spasming as an orgasm coursed through her body, Natalie never decreased her movements and prolonged Susan's climax while deepening the kiss. Gradually Susan's climax subsided and she broke off the kiss, Natalie moved back a bit and undid the zipper on Susan's jeans and without hesitation pushed her hand into her panties.

The panties were damp and her core soaked as Natalie's fingers explored the folds of her pussy, Susan gasped and kissed Natalie again, more urgent this time. More liquid gushed from Susan and Natalie found the opening into her sex. She pushed three fingers inside and let thumb run over Susan's clit. The sudden sensation made Susan bite down on Natalie's lip, she worked her fingers in and out of Susan, her pace increasing with the music. Susan knew she wasn't going to last long with the sudden attack on her pussy, her orgasm was building at a rapid pace and she started bucking her hips t match each thrust by Natalie. Before she knew it she was screaming into Natalie's mouth and her pussy clenched around Natalie's fingers, she pulled away and gasped for air.

"Sweet Jesus," Susan breathed, "let's get something to drink and her head to the VIP section. I think we can get up to a lot more there."

Natalie smiled, she needed release, between the effects of the ecstasy and Susan's grinding she felt like she would spontaneously combust if she didn't get release soon. She gladly followed Susan to the bar, after ordering their drinks they made their way up a few stairs, at the top Susan flashed a ticket that hung around her neck and pulled Natalie inside with her. Inside were women only, deep in a conversation, some kissing each other and others had their hands down each other's pants. Susan pulled her toward a blonde woman sitting on the other side of the room, deep in conversation with another woman.

The blonde woman excused herself from thee conversation when she saw Susan and walked toward them.

"Where the fuck have you been?" she asked ignoring Natalie.

"Downstairs, I wanted to dance and you didn't want to come with me," Susan retorted.

"I was fucking worried! For all I knew someone fucking dragged you away and raped you!" the blonde woman said angrily.

"Well, no one did and I made a new friend," Susan said.

The blonde looked Natalie, apparently trying to judge if Natalie was some sort of serial killer. After about a minute of staring at Natalie she decided that Natalie wasn't going to kill them, "I'm Kerry, nice to meet you," she said extending her hand.

"Natalie," she said taking the offered hand.

"Great, can we get to some drinking now," Susan said heading to the couch in the corner.

Natalie was confused, she thought they were headed somewhere that they could have more sex, instead she meets Susan's friend and ends up sitting on a couch to have more drinks. Natalie shrugged her shoulders and thought what the fuck. A conversation erupted between the three women, mixed with laughter and shooters. All three was drunk when Susan handed each another ecstasy tablet, without thought they swallowed it and talked some more. Natalie felt Susan's hand on her thigh and the hot trail it left on her jeans moved up toward the button and zipper of Natalie's jeans. Without any struggle she undid the button and the zipper, Natalie laid back and spread her legs some more as Susan's hand traveled over her clean shaven pussy and into her folds.

Natalie lost all focus of what was happening around her as Susan's fingers expertly entered her and toyed with her over sensitive clit. Kerry watched as Susan's hand disappeared into Natalie's jeans and felt her pussy clench, she leaned forward and kissed Natalie deeply, while Susan fucked Natalie. Her senses came back to her somewhat and she undid both women's pants, her hands traveling down the saturated panties and into the warm folds beneath. They gasped and Natalie explored the pussies, the palm of her hand running over their clits as her fingers searched for entry. Natalie entered both women at the same time and pumped her fingers in and out of them at the same pace, Kerry's hand went under Natalie's shirt and bra, she started playing with Natalie's nipples.

Susan kissed Natalie's neck, her free hand running up Natalie's torso to her other nipple, she pinched it and Natalie gasped in both pain and pleasure. Her orgasm was building fast, she started bucking her hips and increased the pace of her fingers inside the two women, their hips also bucking wildly. Natalie's orgasm overtook her with a brutal force, hr breath caught in her throat her body went rigid and her fingers curled inside the women, causing it to touch their g-spots and in seconds both tried very hard to keep screams from escaping their mouths. It took them minutes to calm down enough to speak again, each drinking their drinks as though it was their life source.

"Wanna go somewhere a bit more private?" Kerry whispered in Natalie's ear.

"Sounds good. Are you coming?" Natalie asked Susan.

"Nah, Kerry hardly ever finds someone she likes, so I'll give you two some privacy. I am going to go dance," Susan said and kissed Natalie goodbye.

"Seems like it's just me and you then," Kerry said seductively.

Natalie was a little disappointed, she figured that the three of them made a great team, but some one on one time with this blonde sounded just as heavenly to her. Kerry took Natalie's hand after they zipped their jeans up again and led her outside.

"Let's go in my car," Natalie suggested.

"Okay," Kerry followed her and got in.

She gave Natalie directions to her apartment after they concluded that Kerry's apartment was closer. It was a short drive, Natalie parked her car and followed Kerry up the stairs to her apartment, once inside Kerry closed the door and pushed Natalie up against it and kissed her deeply. Running her hands over Natalie's body, she reached for them hem of the tank top and pulled up over Natalie's head.

Chapter Twenty Five 22 December 2006

Kerry pulled back to admire Natalie's body and her hands reached for the scar that ran over Natalie's chest, her fingers tracing the edges of the scar.

"What happened there?" Kerry asked n a whisper.

"Something I don't want to talk about," Natalie said looking down.

"Fair enough," Kerry said and removed her own shirt.

Natalie ran her hands up the smooth and flat stomach and cupped the bra encased breasts in front of her. The nipples hardened immediately at Natalie's touch and Kerry gasped at the feel of the cold hands on her skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps.

"You want some coke?" Kerry asked with her eyes closed.

"If you mean the kind that you snort, then yes," Natalie responded without removing her hands.

"Yeah I meant that kind," Kerry smiled.

She unwillingly pulled away from Natalie's touch and made her way to her bedroom, there she retrieved a small mirror, a blade, some coke and a rolled up fifty rand note. Natalie was sitting on the couch when she came back and she placed the items on the coffee table.

"Make a few lines, I'll get us some beers," Kerry said as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Natalie threw some coke on the mirror and started cutting it and making line on the mirror, she had just finished making about eight lines when Kerry reappeared with two beers in hand.

"I have an idea," Natalie said, "lie on the couch, on your back."

Kerry did as Natalie instructed and watched as Natalie poured the lines onto her stomach, she took the blade and created four lines, accidentally making a small cut on Kerry's stomach. She reached for the fifty rand note and snorted the lines one after the other from Kerry's stomach, when she was done she did the other four lines on the mirror again and pulled Kerry into a sitting position. Kerry then took her turn and snorted the four lines made for her. When she laid back again Natalie noticed the small trickle of blood on Kerry stomach and licked it up, sucking on the wound.

Kerry watched in amazement and remembered a fantasy she had, somehow she knew Natalie would help her realize it. Natalie was completely lost in kissing the smooth skin that covered Kerry's stomach, in the back of the mind she thought that it was weird that she enjoyed the taste of Kerry's blood as much as she did. She looked up at Kerry and saw her smile, she held the blade and made another small cut on her stomach, Natalie immediately went to the wound and eagerly drank up the blood that ran from the wound.

Natalie took the blade and proceeded to make cuts on Kerry body, going to each to drink the new flow of blood, while the other started to bleed again. Kerry raised herself and removed her bra, letting her 36 C breasts fall free and she watched as Natalie's hungry and eager mouth sucked her nipple in. She loved each sensation, the burning that the cuts caused, the roughness as Natalie cupped her other breast and the tender suckling on her nipple. She felt as though she would explode at any moment, she took the blade from Natalie's hand and made a small cut on Natalie's shoulder, sucking every drop of blood she could get to.

"Let's go to my room," Kerry managed to say.

Natalie picked her up in one swift movement and put her down at the door of the bedroom, Kerry quickly removed every item of clothing that Natalie still had on and Natalie proceeded to undress the blonde. They made their way to the bed, kissing passionately until the back of Kerry's knees hit the bed and she fell backward onto the bed. They both laughed and Kerry scooted to the middle of the bed, blade still in hand, she waited for Natalie to join her.

Natalie made her up to Kerry, kissing from her ankles up to her glistening pussy, she wrapped her lips around Kerry's sex lips ad sucked them in hard, which caused Kerry to raise her back from the bed and let out a loud scream. Natalie continued to suck while Kerry cut herself some more, blood mixed with sweat on her body running in tiny streams down her body onto the bed. Natalie turned her attention to the swollen and erect clit and pushed three fingers deep into Kerry. She let another scream escape her lips, her breathing became erratic and she dropped her hand to the bed, grabbing hold of the sheets as she raised herself off of the bed. Kerry grabbed hold of Natalie's hair and pulled her deeper into her pussy and bucked her hips. Riding both Natalie's face and fingers into an earth shattering orgasm.

"FUCK!" was all Kerry shouted repeatedly.

She pulled Natalie up to her by her hair and kissed her deeply, tasting herself on the brunette's lips. Natalie rested her body on top of Kerry's, their sweat mixing and Kerry's blood smearing over Natalie. Kerry's hand traveled the length of Natalie's body and rested between them, her fingers separated Natalie's sex lips and rubbed up and down her folds. Kerry seeked for Natalie's core and pushed two fingers inside her, her hips grinding into Natalie trying to find any form of contact to her clit. Neither women knew what possessed them, whether it was the drugs or the meeting of two damaged souls seeking healing, but they couldn't get enough, no matter how great the orgasm or how sensitive their bodies became they needed more.

Natalie pushed her hips down into Kerry, her thigh moved up until it made contact with Kerry's dripping sex and they moved together. Kerry's fingers still buried deep inside Natalie and with each movement they would hit her g-spot sending tingles through-out Natalie's body. Their movements became more urgent and their breathing increased, before Natalie could mentally prepare herself for the explosion that was about to happen in her body she saw fireworks, her back arched up causing her to press in Kerry harder, Natalie's fingers dug into the mattress and Kerry's nails dug deep into Natalie's skin as her own orgasm overtook her.

They lay together for a while, coming down from the new highs they had pushed each other into, Natalie reached for the blade that was lying on the mattress and started to cut herself the same way as Kerry did. She did not know what possessed her, but seeing the blood flow from her made her realize that she was still alive and the burning caused by the tearing of her skin made her feel something other than the emptiness she had become accustomed to. That pain was real and no illusion, there was no Megan, no Alice, simply a blade tearing through her skin. Kerry leaned over and reached inside the bedside table, Natalie turned to look and saw a harness being pulled from the drawer, attached to it, a large purple cock.

Natalie immediately knew what Kerry wanted and lifted herself to her knees, Kerry help her fastened the straps, while Natalie reached for the lube.

"God, that looks good on you," Kerry commented and settled back onto the bloodstained bed.

"I am going to fuck you until you can't anymore," Natalie said positioning herself between Kerry's legs.

Without warning or hesitation Natalie pushed the entire cock into Kerry, causing her to whimper at the sudden stretch of her pussy. Natalie felt nothing for this woman and the thought that she was causing her pain or discomfort made her feel triumphant in a sense. Finally she could cause someone a fraction of the pain she carried daily, without allowing Kerry anytime to get used the cock she started pounding it in and out of her. All of the rage she carried inside her suddenly had an intended target, she pulled the cock out up to its tip and rammed it into Kerry with a brutal force.

Despite the pain and discomfort that Kerry was experiencing she found herself wanting more, wanting it harder than it was being given to her. Her body moved up with each thrust, Natalie was raised on her arms and stared at Kerry with eyes that didn't see and carried so much pain and coldness that it somehow gave Kerry chills. Yet she found that she loved the ruthless pounding she was receiving, she locked her legs around Natalie's torso, raising her sex more to give Natalie better access.

Natalie blindly kept fucking Kerry, each movement carrying out her anger and depression, Kerry began squirming beneath her, her muscles tensing as her orgasm built to new extremes. If she didn't know any better she would have thought that the force of the fucking she was getting and the enormity of the orgasm building inside her would rip her apart.

"GOD! FUCK! JESUS! YES!" Kerry shouted repeatedly, her screams became incoherent as her orgasm overtook her, momentarily blinding her.

The merciless fucking did not stop for a second as she felt herself being picked up and turned so she was on all fours and her ass in the air. Her arms and legs could barely support her weight, she felt Natalie wrap an arm around her hips and keeping her up while she pounded into her. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Kerry, each one weakening her more until she finally passed out.

Natalie didn't know how long she fucked Kerry for, she looked onto the unconscious body surrounded by blood, the sheets stained with red and her own blood crystallized on her body. She pulled the strap-on from Kerry with an audible plop, she removed it and started hunting for her clothes. Once she was dressed she walked out of the apartment to her car, on her way down she passed Susan.

"Jesus, did you just finish now?" she asked shocked.

"Uhm, yeah. Your friend is a freaky one," Natalie said and kept walking.

For the first time in five months she felt emotion well up in her, tears threatening to spill as she walked to her car. She needed to get home and get a fix, she refused to feel any pain, she couldn't. She got in her car and sped off, tears blurring her vision as she pushed the car faster and faster. She thought the faster she drove the better the chances of her outrunning the emotions that threatened to overcome her. Then it all went black...

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