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Junky Chronicles Ch. 04


Hey again Litsters!

So you have all been waiting and I am finally ending the wait. Here is the final leg of Natalie, Devon, Kaz and Ashley's journey! You will notice that my writing style is different from the start of the story and the reason is because I have grown as a writer.

To the people who will have a comment about grammar, dude get over it! If you are planning on counting the mistakes, please don't read! Or better yet, her is a math problem for you solve:

Solve the equation

5(-3x - 2) - (x - 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

Hopefully after you find the solution you will be over counting the mistakes!

Idrublood, thanks once again for all the help and being my beat reader! It has an advantage, you read it all before anyone else, LOL. Simplydivine24, I hope I didn't disappoint and that you find the final part satisfactory.

To my angel, thanks for keeping me sane during the writer's block and being you!

To everyone else who stuck by me during this journey, thank you! You kept me going when I was ready to give up! Your support means the world to me and I apologize for taking so long, but hopefully you all love it!

Happy Reading!


Chapter 30 Present

Ashley stirred beneath the sheets and her blue eyes fluttered open, immediately searching for Natalie and smiling when she found her sitting in the window seat.

"Why are you all the way over there?" she asked sleepily.

Natalie moved to the bed and sat by Ashley, her fingers running through her blonde hair, "Megan and Caleb were crying so I went to put them back to sleep and then I just started reminiscing and I guess I lost track of time."

Ashley pulled Natalie into bed and wrapped her arms and legs around the toned figure, "get back into bed and cuddle me like you love me."

Natalie laughed and wrapped Ashley tightly in her arms, "is that all I'm good for? Cuddling?"

"Hmmm, I can think of many things you are good at. Like that tongue of yours is insanely talented, those fingers are limber and seem to know just which spot to hit every time," Ashley mumbled and pulled Natalie in for a kiss.

"Is that a hint?" Natalie asked and ran her hand up Ashley's back, around her ribcage and cupped her breast.

"Jesus, that feels good. Do we have time to finish this before the kids wake up?" Ashley asked breathlessly.

"We should, I checked on them twenty minutes ago, but only if you can keep really quiet," Natalie pinched her nipple to emphasize her point and elicited a moan from Ashley.

Ashley planted her lips on Natalie's in a crushing kiss, her leg wrapping tighter against Natalie and her hips grinding at Natalie's pelvis. Natalie pinned Ashley beneath her and started ripping at her own clothes to get as naked as Ashley was. With some help from her wife they quickly removed the offending items and their mouths pulled together again.

Natalie's hand found Ashley's nipple again and gave a strong tug, causing Ashley's back to arch off of the bed and a moan to escape into Natalie's mouth.

"Can you keep those moans under control, love?" Natalie asked, a daring glimmer in her eyes.

"No promises, but I will try, Tiger," Ashley responded breathlessly, her hips gyrating desperately.

Natalie kissed her one last time before moving down her neck, nibbling on the soft flesh there before taking her sensitive earlobe into her mouth. She heard the sharp intake of breath and felt the nails dig into her back, her hand travelled down the taut stomach and found the wet labia. Natalie moaned when she felt how wet her wife was and left the earlobe to nibble on a soft nipple. Ashley's back and hips arched off the bed and a low growl escaped her open lips when she felt the fingers rub her wetness.

Her hands tangled in Natalie's hair while her hips rocked against the exploring fingers. Natalie pushed three fingers into Ashley's wet depths and curved them to find her g-spot, when her fingertips brushed the spongy spot Ashley's hips arched to an uncomfortable angle. The fingers started pumping slowly, teasing the velvety wet flesh surrounding it and rubbing over the spongy area.

"Fuck, yes, right there," Ashley breathed and rocked her hips faster.

She felt the orgasm build within her, like a wave building speed, height and intensity. Natalie pumped faster, her fingers slamming against the wet folds and felt Ashley's muscles clench her fingers and her body grew rigid. Without warning she stopped and removed her fingers.

"What the fuck?" Ashley whined, "I was so close."

Wordlessly Natalie got up and removed the strap-on from its hiding place, smiling at Ashley as she stepped into it. She crawled over Ashley's body and positioned the head at her soaking entrance.

"I want to look into your eyes when I make you cum," Natalie whispered and pushed inside.

The large cock sank away into Ashley, inch by inch disappearing into the wet opening. When her hips touched Ashley's pubic bone she gently started rocking against her, giving Ashley time to get used the large intruder.

"Fuck that feels good," she whispered and bit her lip to avoid moaning, her nails digging into the flesh of Natalie's back.

Their lips met and Natalie increased the velocity of her rocking hips, slamming the cock into Ashley as she felt the tiny nub rub against her hardened clit. The sounds of ragged breaths and the slurping of Ashley's wet labia filled the room as their hips rocked together and their muscles clenched at the impending orgasm. Small waves started rolling over the women and they increased their pace to get closer to their peaks. Without warning Ashley's body went rigid and her back arched off the bed, Natalie covered the open mouth with her own and swallowed the strangled scream that escaped them. Seeing her lover in the throes of passion pushed her over the edge and her jaw clenched while her hips kept rocking to maximize the orgasm. Wave after wave washed over Ashley until both her and Natalie collapsed, their skin covered in a sheen of perspiration.

They caught their breaths and Natalie pulled out of Ashley, hearing a sigh of disappointment when the fullness disappeared. She removed the straps and made sure to put the strap-on where the kids wouldn't come across it. When she got back in bed Ashley was already asleep and the moment she felt the warm body get in next to her, she snuggled closer and threw her legs over her wife. Natalie sighed contentedly and closed her eyes, a deep dreamless sleep consuming her within minutes.

Chapter 31 1993 - 2001

She felt violated and sore, tears streaming from the blue eyes as she pulled the blankets tightly around her. Desperately she tried to find comfort in the duvet, the sobs didn't stop but by now she had learned to keep them silent to avoid a beating. Her thoughts were jumbled and for the umpteenth time in her life she wondered if all girls went through this. She had no one to turn to, nowhere to run and there was no one who would listen to her plight of desperation and unhappiness. So she did what she thought all thirteen year old girls did, she kept quiet and persisted, holding out a tiny bit of hope that someday someone would rescue her.

This had been her life for years now and Ashley didn't know that the life she lived wasn't what life was supposed to be. Every morning she woke up for school, dreading the end of the day which meant she had to return home and every night he would come knock on her door. This Wednesday night was different, he came into her room and started pulling his pants down but this time Ashley let out an ear piercing scream. Her mother had, had enough of this and came running down the hall, deciding to do what she should have done years ago.

She pulled the large man away from her daughter and he turned around in a rage, his fist connected with her face and her body flew a few feet back. Ashley tried to fight him and keep him away from her mother but her small body was thrown into a wall as he descended upon her mother again. His fists kept connecting with her face and Ashley screamed, blood spattered across the walls and his face as he beat her. The next thing she heard was the door being kicked in and a neighbour knocking her father out cold. He checked on the little girl and then tried to find a pulse on the woman lying on the floor, choking on her own blood.

His wife came in as the man started CPR and took a hysterical Ashley from the room to wait for the paramedics, but they were too late. All of them were too late, her mother was pronounced dead and she already carried the shame of being raped repeatedly by the man who was supposed to protect her. She barely remembered the test and hospital stay, the next couple of months were a blur. Child Services sent her to Johannesburg where she went to stay with her grandparents who still mourned the loss of their daughter. They tried to help Ashley but the little girl was a mere shell of who she once was. She didn't trust anyone and she was completely withdrawn from the world around her.

Her grandparents had started sending her to therapy not long after the fatal incident and even though she slowly started speaking about what had happened, nothing seemed to heal. Dr. Greenstein looked at her over her glasses and smiled her soft, reassuring smile.

"So, Ashley, can you remember when this started?" she asked, trying to give the young girl some comfort.

"No, not really, I think I was about ten. He was drunk one night and came into my room. I mean he didn't rape me, I don't think. But I remember him taking my clothes off and touching himself while he looked at me. He put his fingers..." she started sobbing, "his fingers went inside me and it hurt."

The gentle, elderly woman sat next to her patient and tried to soothe her by gently rubbing her back.

"He forced me to touch him, I thought that, that was what all girls did. That's what he told me," her small body wracked with sobs.

"It's okay sweetie, he will never hurt you again. He will spend the rest of his life behind bars and in time your wounds will heal," she whispered as she held the crying child.

"I'm scared," her voice was muffled by the shirt her face was pressed against.

"I know you are, but I promise that he will never, ever come near you again."

Ashley spent most of her sessions crying and the therapist would soothe and reassure her. Months passed and the pattern was repeated three times a week. The rape and molestation had placed a fear of men inside of Ashley and she even had a hard time being with her grandfather. After Dr Greenstein spoke to them they decided that the best course of action would be to send her to an all-girls school and then gently introduce her back to men. They all realized that she would need time to readapt to men and to trust anyone again. What hurt her grandparents' the most was the fact that their daughter knew about this for years before stepping in.

When they enrolled Ashley at the school they extensively explained the circumstances and asked the teachers' to keep an eye on the little girl. The story had been headlines and every South African citizen knew about what had happened. The principle had a very soft heart and immediately agreed to enrol the girl.


School was never easy for Ashley, she was very introverted and her studies suffered under the constant stress and depression she felt. She was idly doodling in class one day when they announced a new student would be joining their class. That moment the floor ripped from beneath her, because it meant that she would have to share her desk and she had worked so hard to avoid making friends or even having to sit close to anyone.

"Class this is Jean Holcomb, she just transferred to the school so please make her feel welcome. Jean, please sit next to Ashley," the teacher said and Ashley tried hard not to squirm away from the situation.

The brunette girl slowly walked down to the seat at the back of the classroom and sat down next to the blonde girl. She looked at her new desk partner and saw her shy away from her, almost sinking into the corner.

"Hi," she whispered to the shy girl.

"Hi," Ashley responded never looking up.

The rest of the class passed in silence, the pupils hardly concentrating on what the teacher said. The bell rang for recess and everyone quickly filed out of the class. Ashley packed her books slowly, trying to avoid bumping into anyone, to her surprise she saw Jean waiting for her.

"Can I hang out with you? I don't know anyone," she said and a blush covered her cheeks.

Ashley looked into the warm brown eyes and smiled despite herself, "I don't do anything during recess. I just eat and read, but I guess you can sit with me if you want."

"Thanks," she quickly followed the blonde and dropped her bag next to her new friend's.

They walked to a large tree, their lunch boxes in hand and sat against the large base of the tree. Silence filled the space between them and Ashley wondered why she agreed to be friends with this girl.

"It's scary to change schools," Jean finally broke the silence, "it's difficult to fit in and make new friends."

"I wouldn't know, I never make friends," Ashley responded and felt the warm blush cover her face.

"Why?" Jean asked, shocked by the revelation.

"Because I don't trust people and I prefer to be alone most of the time."

"Can I be your friend?"

She asked it so sincerely that Ashley couldn't help but nod, "where are you from?"

"We just moved from Bloemfontein. My dad got a better job offer here so we had to pack up and move," she said in a sad voice.

"I used to live in Cape Town," Ashley felt as though she could finally share a piece of herself with someone who wasn't paid to listen.

"Why did you move?" Jean asked in curiosity.

"I'd rather not talk about it," she looked down at her hands.

"That's okay, I understand. So, since we're friends now, can I come over to your house tomorrow? My parents work all day and I hate being home alone."

"Yeah, I will speak to my gran and ask her."

Suddenly a fourteen year old girl forged the first friendship in her life and she couldn't decide whether she was overjoyed or dreaded the decision. She shrugged mentally and decided to take a chance for once in her life, at least her grandmother would be happy that she finally peaked from beneath he shell.

Ashley happily jumped into her grandmother's car and smiled, "I made a friend."

The older women was so shocked and overjoyed by this news that she stalled the car when she tried to pull out of the parking space.

"That's great!"

"Can she come over tomorrow?" Ashley asked excitedly, finally regaining some of her childlike excitement.

"Of course she can, I will bake some cookies for you two," she navigated the heavy traffic and couldn't wait to share this news with her husband.

The grandparents watched their granddaughter bustle with restless energy and laughed at the tales the girl started sharing about school. Both relieved to see that there was still hope for the young girl to lead a happy life and both already thanked Jean for breaking the ice and entering her life. Neither could wait to finally meet this young girl and prayed that this was the breakthrough they needed to save Ashley.


Jean followed Ashley to her grandmother's car and politely greeted the old woman behind the wheel. She hopped into the backseat with her bags and smiled as she listened to the banter between the old woman and her granddaughter. They arrived at a large house and Ashley bounced up the stairs, almost running to her room while dragging Jean by her hand behind her.

"This is my room," Ashley explained as she entered the room.

"It's nice," Jean dropped her bags and fell onto the bed, her arms stretched above her head.

"Yeah, I think it's pretty cool."

"So are we going to do homework so we can gossip or watch T.V.?"

"We don't have a lot of homework today, so it should be quick."

Jean moved to make space for Ashley and the girls quickly worked through the homework they had. Ashley's grandmother arrived with a large plate of cookies and fruit juice, smiling broadly when she saw the easy interaction between Ashley and her new friend. Once the girls finished their homework they settled on the couch in front of the T.V. with a large bowl of popcorn and watched cartoons until Jean's mother arrived. The conversations between the girls were easy and both felt comfortable in each other's company.

Four years later Jean and Ashley were still inseparable. One was hardly ever seen without the other and even though Jean had started dating, Ashley's fear of men and mistrust followed her still. It was a Friday night and Jean was spending the weekend with Ashley as was their routine. They were lying side by side on the queen sized bed and Jean was babbling on about her latest boyfriend. Ashley hardly heard a word, her thoughts were instead on Jean and wondering why she felt jealous of the guy who got to kiss the brunette.

She watched the pouty lips move and wondered what it would feel like to kiss the soft looking lips. After long discussions regarding this with her therapist she come to realize that because of her trauma her attractions to women was natural and might stay with her for the rest of her life. She considered this and realized that she would feel safer dating a women because she found it easier to trust someone of the same sex. Yet, she wondered if she would have been a lesbian had it not been for her father and the constant rape.

"So, when are you ever going to find a boyfriend?" Jean asked, cuddling into her friend's side as she always did.

"I don't think I'll ever date men," Ashley smiled sadly.

"Are you ever going to tell me what happened in your past?"

Ashley had never shared her story with Jean, too ashamed to admit that she had been abused the way she had. But on this particular night she decided, what the fuck, if I can't trust Jean with this then she will never trust anyone. She began to tell her story, tears streaming down her face as she did. Jean quickly took the crying girl in her arms and held her tight. Her own tears streaked her face, wishing that she could take away the pain that her friend felt.

"So I think I might be a lesbian, because I don't find men attractive and I will never be able to trust them," Ashley concluded and held her breath.

Jean held the smaller girl tight, suddenly realizing that she wanted to kiss her friend so badly that it hurt. She knew she had to say something to let Ashley know that she didn't mind and that this didn't change anything in their friendship. The words wouldn't come so Jean gently tilted the tear streaked face up and lowered her mouth to the trembling one. When their lips made contact it felt as though their worlds finally shifted into place as their heart raced and their bodies trembled at the soft contact.

Ashley moaned at the contact, her tongue running along the smooth lips, begging for entrance and when Jean's mouth opens she slips her inquisitive tongue inside the warm mouth. Jean moaned, her heart beating rapidly as the wetness between her legs grew. She gently laid Ashley down and settled on top of her, her hands running up the blonde's sides. Ashley pulled the athletic body closer, her fingers digging into Jean's back as she tried to increase the contact. Jean broke the kiss and started kissing down the pale neck, her tongue swirling across the smooth skin.

Their breathing became laboured and when Jean's hands cupped her breasts she felt the fear grip her when she realized where this was going. She pushed Jean away, her blue eyes wide with fear and her throat constricting as she tried to keep from screaming.

"I'm sorry," Jean said desperately, sitting upright and pulling the scared girl into her arms.

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