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Just a Dream


I have to give thanks to my dearest of friends Adam, whom without I would have never had the courage and insight to go on with my writing.

With much love, thank you.


Click, click, click. The noise her stiletto high heels made as she walked down the hall. I've seen this woman before. She haunts me in my dreams. Around every corner, behind every door. She defines beauty. Her soft auburn curls bouncing with every step. I want to call out to her. I want to see her face. I want to look into her evergreen eyes. I start to follow her without noticing keeping a steady pace. She walks into a pitch black alley I pause then pursue after her. I yell for her. I need to know her name. Suddenly I am up against a cold brick walk. Warm soft lips are pressing against mine. Something is whispered in my ear but I'm too caught in the moment to care. My heart is racing, pounding so loud its sounds as if in my head. My hands are tangled in her hair, it's softer than what I could have imagined.

I'm panting trying to keep my breath. I'm lost in the moment. She stops kissing me. I need to know her name. I try to speak before I can I'm being led away further down the alley. I can't see anything. Her hands are warm and as soft as silk. She leads me through a door I can hear some sort of techno music playing. It's loud and I feel the bass through the floor. There are black lights lining the floor and ceiling with glow paint all over the walls.

As she leads me down the hall I see people making out against the walls and others are being led around on leashes. I ask her where we are, she turns to me pressing a finger to her deep red lips. We walk through a massive crowd most are dancing others having sex. We make it to a room there is a bed with all sorts of restraints and chains on it. At the foot of the bed is a black trunk. With what I have seen so far I could only imagine what it holds.

I'm not a virgin but haven't had a lot of experience either in 22 years. I was never very popular and I was even less popular when I admitted that I'm a lesbian. She walked me to the edge of the bed before kissing me then shoving me on to the bed stripping me revealing my full breasts. The air in the room is cold making my nipples instantly hard.

¬¬¬¬Once I am fully exposed, she shoves me onto the bed strapping me in with my arms above my head, legs spread. I'm aroused by the restraints and the atmosphere. As soon as she finishes with the last restraint she starts digging around in the trunk pulling out a glowing ball gag.

She kisses my lips once before putting the gag on. I can feel my temperature rise along with my pulse. I can feel myself getting wet. She starts to caress my breast slowly circling my nipples but never touching them. I'm aching for her to touch them and be rough with me. Not just my nipples but every inch. Moaning is nearly impossible.

As I'm lost in the torment there is a sudden hard slap against my right breast. The sudden pain sends a few tears down my cheek. I can feel the slight burn. Before I can get use to the pain the is another hard slap on the left breast, then another, and another. I have tears gushing down my face. I'm so turned on by the pain. She starts kissing the welts. She starts licking my nipples and gently biting and pulling at them. I am dripping wet. I want her to abuse me more. I want to be her slave.

The experience is nothing I would have imagined for myself. Before I know it she stops once again, I want to beg her not to stop. She is once more in the trunk, I can't tell what she is grabbing. Something small, shiny, on a chain. She pulls out a few more items but keeps them completely hidden. I'm suddenly being blind folded.

There is pain in my nipples. Clamps, I feel the chain resting across my chest. She yanks hard on the chain, making me moan loud. She repeats this for a few more moments. There is a soft whirring sound. I know what it is. I want to feel it. I'm trying to resist the urge to move towards the sound. She sees this giving off a low chuckle.

"Do you want this little girl?" She traces my thighs with the tip of the vibrator. I nod my head wildly. Oh how I wish she would ungag me. "Well to bad." She takes the blindfold off. "You have to wait." There is another woman standing next to the bed. Short black pixy hair cut, with dark eyes. She is also gagged, hands bound behind her back. She climbs over me in the bed.

"This is Lila, she likes being watched and that's just what you're going to do." She is sitting on her knees legs spread. Her hands are unbound and she is handed the toy. She is dripping wet. She starts to fuck herself slowly at first then fast and violently. "Don't you dare come." As she gets a hard slap on her breast.

Lila slowed down dramatically, she was so close to orgasming. She lowered her body over mine. I could feel the vibrations in her thighs. Occasionally she would brush my clit my the slightest touch. I watched every inch of her, wanting, needing her to touch me. Sweat runs down her chest, at that moment I notice just how beautiful she is. I hadn't even notice that there where a few men and a woman or two lingering in the room. Lila notices this too letting out a loud moan with large eyes. She is ungaged. "Please? Please Mistress?" The mistress smirks, "Just a few more moments. Entertain your audience." She said in the seductive voice of hers. Gabbing at the chains on my nipples giving them a hard yank.

"You want to be pleased don't you little slut? Isn't this just pure torture?" I look her in the eyes, focusing on the pain. Looking back at Lila seeing her whole body spasm, her juices running down her hands onto my body. She is panting, waiting for her next demand. She has a sweet smell almost a honey smell. Mistress looks around the room. "Do you think our little slave pet is ready to be pleased?" Some nodded, others smiling, Lila smiling too. "Ungag her now!" Lila leans over taking my gag off handing it off.

"You're going to love this." She mutters returning to her previous position. I am being kissed all over, being touched in all the right spots. I let out a few moans each one louder than the prior one before. I watch as the mistress strips down to nothing but her heels and stockings. With a snap of her fingers the kissing stops and Lila gets of the bed with once final kiss along my thigh.

The mistress climbs onto the bed standing over my face, facing the group. "You're going to eat me out. I saw how you watched Lila." She said squatting driving herself into my face. It took me no time to make her come. Licking her clean. I was wet and I hadn't even been touched yet. I knew what was in store for me. I longed for it. Mistress climbed off of my face, having Lila once more over me. "Return the pleasure."

Lila drives her face into me. The first touch almost sends me over the edge. I ignored it trying to last as long as possible. I moaned to the point of a scream letting my body spasm much like Lila's did. Never before had I experienced anything like this. I open my eyes remembering the room full. It was pure ecstasy I loved feeling all the eyes on me. It only made me want more and more. I wanted more, I felt as if I would never get enough. This was a full body high. I wanted to be free from the restraints.

I wanted to taste the mistress's juice again. I was their slave to do what ever they wanted. The was suddenly sharp stinging spots all over my body. I was being whipped. I was struggling to move, not to scream out. The pain bringing me closer and closer to coming. I am drenched in sweat, gasping for breath, once again I open my eyes to realize it was all just a dream.

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