tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust a Little Fishing Trip Ch. 03

Just a Little Fishing Trip Ch. 03


Chapter 3: The Little Fishing Trip Winds-up

WARNING -- Please do not read this "fantasy" story if you are offended by graphic descriptions of group sex; multiple penetrations; un-protected sex; sex acts other than vaginal/penile; if the image of a woman who is less than willing offends you -- do not read any further. A reminder -- it is just a fantasy and is intended for light entertainment by mature readers.

* * *


Only silence.

"Rebecca, you awake still?" Johnny asked, but he still got no response.

The young man had gone outside not long after Doug had left them to go to his tent. He had waited in the shadows of one of the mango trees out of the moonlight for a few minutes and listened to the murmurings of Doug and his wife, Rebecca, talking softly.

Then only a few moments after Johnny had noticed them stop talking together, he moved in closer to the tent, very quietly, and listened again. The sound was unmistakable; Rebecca was getting fucked by her husband!

Johnny managed to position himself so as to be able to see through the insect-screened entrance of the small tent. With the second doorway on the opposite end of the tent in an identical situation, no doubt for better ventilation on the warm evening, he was able to see quite clearly as Rebecca moved onto her knees and with her husband kneeling in behind her.

Johnny was surprised at how quick her lame husband, Dougie, had been and he had almost burst out laughing when he had heard Rebecca complain to her husband that he was too quick. That was until he overheard them talking softly again -- and then the penny dropped -- Rebecca had just taken it up the arse! And from what Johnny could figure, it was her first time!

The young man's loins had stirred almost instantly at the discovery -- he wanted to be next to fuck her pretty arse!

Waiting quietly for a few more minutes, Johnny soon could hear the deep, regular breathing of Doug as he slept, and he had sniggered to himself in contempt of the older man in the tent whose wife they had all been fucking for the last couple of days. "Just a fucken cuckold now, ya piss-weak wimp," Johnny had whispered to himself.

"Psst...Rebecca, hoy, ya hear me?"

"Hmm...who...who's that?" Rebecca answered him dreamily.

"Ya boy-lover, sweetheart."

"What...what do you want?"

"Me ol'uncle wants ta speak to ya for a few minutes," Johnny lied, moving in closer to the doorway of the tent and reaching for the zipper.

"Can't it wait till the morning, Johnny?" Rebecca asked softly as she pulled up a sheet to cover her nudity.

Johnny slowly unzipped the fly-screen doorway, his eyes focusing on Rebecca as she lay next to her sleeping husband with just her head and shoulders exposed from beneath the bed-sheet.

"Go away...please, I'm tired...I...I don't want to come back inside," Rebecca whispered, "And don't wake Doug...Johnny, stop it!"

The young man, having opened the tent, moved in to reach for Rebecca and had grabbed her hand.

"I don't give a fuck if I wake ol'Quick-Draw up...if you don't wanna wake him; get your arse out here!" Johnny said with some emphasise.

Rebecca wondered for a moment what he had meant by calling her husband that -- and then she realised, "Were you listening, you bastard?"

"Wasn't much to listen too...fuck he's a laymo," Johnny responded, pulling on her hand, "Come on, before I give him a jab in the ribs!"

"Oooh alright," Rebecca sighed, "Let me put something on first."

A smile crossed the young man's face at his easily-won victory and he let her hand go, but stayed just inside the doorway, watching her.

Rebecca sighed again; it was obvious the young man was not leaving without her and she let the sheet fall from her shoulders so as to reach inside her small bag for some fresh clothes.

Johnny's eyes feasted on her lovely breasts -- they were superb he thought, probably the best he had seen in a long time, almost perfect. And although her nipples now stood only partially erect, they were still long and large, just outstanding for an older woman.

He looked down at the sleeping form of Doug with his back turned to his wife, as she rummaged around for some clothes, and Johnny sniffed disdainfully at him -- then he reached over and placed his hand over one of her breasts, rubbing it firmly.

"Do you mind?" Rebecca growled softly, but making no attempt to push his hand away.

Johnny smiled, tweaking her nipple and teasing it till it grew hard -- he was tempted to take it in his mouth and suck on it greedily, but he knew he should wait and he removed his hand from the warm flesh.

"Thankyou," she said tartly.

Rebecca pulled out a light-weight dress with patterns of black hibiscus flowers over a white background and slipped it over her head and down past her breasts. Glancing down at her husband, she then knelt and lowered the hem down over her hips. It was not too short, probably the most modest of her collection of clothes that she had brought along for the week of fishing. It fitted her well and without all the buttons fastened up the front, her suntanned cleavage stood out invitingly.

"I'll be out in a minute," Rebecca said softly to her audience.

She then pulled out a damp face-washer from her toiletries-bag, and reaching between her thighs, she mopped-up some of her husband's sperm that oozed out from her recently-fucked anus.

Johnny moved out from the tent and turned back toward Rebecca, just as she slipped a clean pair of g-strings on her legs and wriggled them up under her dress. Fuck, she was a sexy bitch, he thought to himself as he watched her finish dressing.

Taking a quick glance at her husband's sleeping form; Rebecca crept out the tent to where the young man awaited her and followed him cautiously back up to the donga.

The generator was off, Rebecca noticed, probably out of fuel again she surmised. A small gas lantern illuminating the 'dining room' hung from a hook in the rafters above the large table. Looking in, Rebecca was surprised to see Big Tom was leaning over the table, apparently fast asleep. The tattooed one, Craig, was slumped in a chair against the wall and he looked up at them both amusingly when they entered the room.

"He's asleep, Johnny, doesn't look like he wants to speak to me at all!" Rebecca noted with a tone of annoyance.

"Did he just fuck you up the arse?"


"Limp-dick, ya hubby, did he just stick his little dick up ya butt?" Johnny clarified smugly.

"Look I'm tired, Johnny, I'm going back to bed, and please do not disturb me again!" Rebecca said as she turned on her heel and headed for the door again.

Johnny reached for her arm just as she brushed past and pulled her back toward him, "You can stay in 'ere tonight, fuck goin' back to ya tent. It'll be heaps more comfortable on me uncles bed...don't look like he's gunna use it now anyway."

Rebecca tried half-heartedly to breakaway from the firm grip of the young man, then stood almost motionless, her head downcast as he turned her around to face him.

"Give us a kiss," Johnny said to her, one hand around her slim waist and the other holding her chin up toward his face.

"I...I don't want to...I don't want to kiss you. I want to go," Rebecca said timidly.

Johnny reached down to her buttocks and pulled the hem of her dress upwards, exposing her voluptuous buttocks only a metre away from Craig, and squeezed a cheek firmly.

"You are gunna kiss me, and fucken properly too...and then when I'm good an' hard...which won't be fucken long...I'm gonna bend you over the table 'ere...and you know what then?"

Rebecca shook her head, more out of denial than otherwise. She suddenly felt trapped again -- the young man truly frightened her at times.

Johnny squeezed her bottom and prised her g-string down over her hips, sniggering, "Then...then I'm gonna fuck this pretty fucken arse of yours as well!" he stated before closing his mouth over hers.

Doug awoke with a dreaded sense of unease. It took several moments for him to get his wits together -- but then it all came back -- he knew where he was and the nightmare was real!

He reached over for Rebecca for some comfort.

"Bec!" he called in alarm, although his tone was somewhat lowered, "Bec, where are you?"

Doug looked at his watch, it was half past two. Her side of the thin mattress was cold and a sense of panic rose from the pit of his stomach at his onerous discovery.

"Calm down," he told himself, "It was just the dream; she has probably just gone to the loo."

And he waited and he listened.

He noted the generator was off and the night was still. A curlew screamed out its eerie call in the distance several times and was answered by its mate seconds later -- then it was quiet again -- except -- except for a barely discernible rhythmic thumping.

Doug strained his ears to focus on the noise -- but he could not be sure of its direction. Maybe the donga, he thought to himself.

Discernibly worried about his wife's absence, he slipped his shorts back on and quietly left the tent

The closer he walked toward the donga -- the more noticeable the noise was -- and it was definitely coming from the donga.

Doug could not see any light on in the dining room -- but a beam of yellowish light emanated from a small window not more that four metres from the dining room door -- Tom's bedroom.

Doug heard a chuckle and a male voice murmur something -- then the thumping started again.

Doug now recognised the sound -- he had heard it earlier in the evening and his anxiety rose instantly at the recent memory.

He moved down the dark path toward the window and surreptitiously, he looked inside.

There was a gas lantern sitting on an old chest of drawers near the side of Tom's bed, it cast an even light on the occupants and Doug felt his anger seethe up inside of him at his discovery!

His wife was kneeling on the bed, leaning on her elbows -- naked -- most of her long dark hair hung loosely past her shoulders as her head bobbed back and forth. Craig was kneeling in front of her with his back toward the window -- he was also naked. He had a small clump of her pretty hair in one hand and his other hand was behind her head holding her. Although Doug could not see the detail, it was plainly obvious she was giving him head.

But if that was not bad enough -- almost standing behind her, but with his knees bent -- was that young bastard, Johnny. He had a look of the utmost gratification on his face as he held Rebecca's buttocks firmly, and using the strength of his legs, was lowering himself up and down -- quite unhurriedly, his long, slick penis disappearing between the cleft of her cheeks for a few seconds, and then reappearing briefly, only to plunge back inside her again!

Now almost completely enraged, Doug looked around for a weapon! And he remembered the filleting knives up where they cleaned the fish. He would fix the bastards, he thought angrily!

Of course Doug wanted to surprise them, as he knew he was going to have to take all three of the men out -- so quietly, he snuck up toward the filleting table some ten metres away.

Doug picked up one of the knives and flexed its blade -- and then he hesitated -- he began to shake with nervous apprehension at what he was going to do!

"Probably go to jail," he mumbled to himself, "But it'll be worth it...won't it?"

And then he started having second thoughts. Maybe, just maybe the courts would not be all that kind to him. And what would happen if one of them survived to give his side of the story -- what then? And what if it got out that he had done nothing while standing outside listening to old Tom fuck her in the kitchen -- or when Craig took her into the bedroom for a quickie? Or if his wife confessed to letting him have sex with her after "doing" them, her pussy still oozing their come! What then?

"And what about if I don't get to them first?" Doug's heart beat rapidly with fear, as he realised he was unsure of where Big Tom was -- and then suddenly he lost all his nerve. He could not bare the thought of being killed himself, leaving them to do as they all pleased with his wife, possibly even kill her too when they had finished with her. No, there had to be a better way?

Putting the knife back down, Doug snuck back down toward the window, noticing the bed continued to thump against the wall. His legs, shaking perceptibly from the intense surge of adrenalin he had just experienced, could barely carry him as he snuck back stealthily to his earlier vantage point.

Standing in the shadows, Doug looked back inside. His wife was now holding Craig's stiff penis in her right hand, stroking him back and forth rapidly, her lips only centimetres away from his glistening purple knob. Johnny, still behind her, had increased his pace, and was thrusting himself forcefully against her upturned bottom.

Doug did not want to acknowledge it at first, but it was undeniable, his wife was pushing her buttocks back against the young man with almost as much urgency -- but if that was not enough proof of her submission -- her vocal encouragement confirmed it for certain!

"That's it...fuck it, Johnny...gawd it feels good....aarh...aarh, I'm coming...that's it...oooh my god-father...don't stop...it feels sooo good!"

Doug stood almost trembling as he listened to his wife's cries of pleasure -- and he felt his bile rise in his oesophagus. His jealousy was rising too of course -- but he was totally ashamed of himself when he felt his own penis growing hard at the carnal scene he was now witnessing.

Briefly rubbing his hard penis through his shorts, he watched as his wife's orgasm washed over her. It was of course quite unmistakable, as he had seen it many times before, but certainly never like this!

Her face looked enraptured and she cried out loudly with her release as the youth continued to fuck her madly -- her hand now clasped motionless around the other man's cock as he fondled her breasts.

Then Johnny stopped fucking her!

"Got an idea," he said almost breathlessly.

Doug watched the young man sit back on his haunches, while pulling Rebecca back up till she was almost sitting against him. He repositioned himself so that he was now lying on the bed with his feet toward the window, and Rebecca was sitting on him, also facing the window.

"What...what are you trying to do?" she asked meekly.

Johnny reached up for her breasts, and clasping her long, fat nipples between each of his thumb and forefingers, he pulled her back towards him.

"Give that a shot, Craig," the young man suggested lewdly to his friend kneeling before them.

Doug peered in a little closer, finding a small clean area on the pane of glass that gave him an almost perfect view inside -- and his eyes lit up in disbelief!

"Open ya legs for 'im, would ya Bec," Johnny instructed, while he roughly fondled her breasts.

Rebecca did as requested almost immediately, pulling her knees back, but leaving her feet on the bed either side of the youth's hips. Now Doug could clearly see that Johnny's penis was planted firmly inside his wife's anus, and almost to the hilt, her hairless slit puffy but vacant!

Johnny ran a hand down to Rebecca's vagina and peeled her outer labia apart, so as to expose her engorged inner lips that glistened with her copious lubrication. His fingers then worked expertly on her shiny little nub of flesh that protruded from its sheath so beckoningly.

"Come on, man, get ya cock in 'er!"

Craig, still kneeling, moved forward until he was between both Johnny's and Rebecca's legs -- stroking his dick slowly.

Doug was not too sure he could take much more -- he of course now wished he had never awoken to discover what his wife was doing -- but something kept him there -- and he continued to watch almost transfixed!

"Oooh...I don't know...gawd...both of you?" Rebecca asked demurely, while lacking any real resistance to what they had planned for her.

"Ya gonna love it, better'n one cock in ya for sure!" Johnny said.

Rebecca hesitated for a moment, and then lent back on her elbows, throwing her head back so her long hair hung down past the side of Johnny's face. Craig then nestled in between her spread thighs, one hand holding him up from the bed, while his other hand rubbed his penis along her welcoming vagina.

Doug gulped helplessly when he saw the tattooed older man flex his hips forward -- slowly pushing himself into his wife's waiting pussy.

Then looking up at his wife's face, he noticed her eyes open widely in what he took as her surprised pleasure, only to then look directly in to Craig's face, as he withdrew for a few moments, and then pushed his cock back inside her again.

He listened to the two men laugh at their own prowess as they both fucked his pretty wife at the same time -- and Doug felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. Then Doug realised he had been rubbing his own hard penis through his shorts, and he sighed deeply with embarrassment; he now felt his humiliation was almost complete.

Looking away, Doug was about to leave when he was startled by a loud voice from inside.

"What the fuck's goin' on in 'ere?" Tom asked gruffly, "Rootin' me new girlfriend without askin'...and on me own fuckin' bed too!"

Doug looked over at the doorway to the bedroom and could see the dominating figure of the old man standing there, hands on his hips, his grey hair a mess and wearing only a pair of shorts that were partly unbuttoned and hung loosely below his large belly.

"Both of ya at the same time?" Tom queried with surprise, "You up 'er clacker are ya young fella?"

Tom stepped into the room and looked at the scene through his bleary eyes a little closer.

"Fuckin' are aren't ya...got ya long tool jammed up 'er pretty little arsehole!" Tom sniggered, "You right Bec? I mean ya seem 'appy enough."

The two men screwing her had stopped for the moment and Rebecca looked over at the older man standing next to the bed, "I'm...I'm okay, Tom, they...they haven't hurt me or anything...been pretty gentle even," she said coyly.

"That's good ta 'ear, Luv. But by Christ...ya givin' an ol'boy a fuckin' fat again you sexy thing!" Tom exclaimed, as he dropped his shorts to the ground, exposing his great slug that was rapidly rising as it became engorged with blood.

"You nearly done, Craig me boy?" not waiting for an answer, Tom continued, "Tell ya what, you jump off 'er an' stick ya cock in 'er gob...I'm gonna give 'er a bit of a poke while me young nephew is still up 'er bum."

Rebecca looked over at Tom despairingly, "Oooh....I...I don't know...that might be a bit too much for me...I...I don't...I don't think I could take that..."

But Tom ignored her pleas, he already knew she liked it a bit rough, "Come on, Craig!" he said a little impatiently as he knelt onto the edge of the bed, his penis now almost fully erect.

Doug looked through the window horrified at what he was now witnessing. He had only ever seen a penis as large as Big Tom's in pornographic videos and the knowledge that his wife had already been serviced by the old man and his big cock at least once further demoralised him!

Doug watched Craig slip his cock out of Rebecca -- her pussy was splayed out, puffy and reddened. To his dismay, he detected a wry grin on his wife's face, as she watched the over-weight man move between her legs, his long fat penis jutting out proudly from under his belly.

"Back in the saddle...me little beauty," Tom chuckled as he lowered himself.

"Oooh, steady, Tom...please, not too fast...let me...mmm...let me get used to it first...gawd you're a brute," Rebecca groaned as the old man pushed himself in.

Doug now really thought he would be sick as he watched the big man's hairy buttocks squeeze together as he pushed forward between Rebecca's thighs.

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