tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust A Quickie Ch. 02

Just A Quickie Ch. 02


I didn't see Julie for a week after my quickie with her (See just a quickie) except at the school when we picked up the kids and then I just gave her a sly smile, she couldn't look me in the face without going red so I knew that she remembered everything that had happened even though she was totally drunk at the time

Although Julie was a friend of my wife's she had always seemed to me to be a slapper who had got pregnant and then found a reasonably well off guy and conned him into marrying her, she walked around telling everyone how well off she was and yet I doubt if there was a single thing in her house that wasn't stolen second hand or begged from someone else, I knew she'd had at least one affair and thought probably more so I wasn't surprised when she didn't cry rape after our little session and knowing what I had done gave me a feeling of control but no immediate urge to do it again, not yet anyway.

It was about two weeks later when there was a knock on the door, it was 1pm and I wasn't expecting anyone so I had been sunbathing. Dressed just in shorts I opened the door and there stood Julie dressed in jeans and tee shirt and no bra, her tit's may have been small but she had nice nipple's

"She in?" she asked, which was her usual request when she wanted to see my wife. I beckoned her in and followed her to the kitchen.

"Coffee?" I asked

"Yes please, is she around?" she asked again.

I ignored her question "Didn't tell Dennis then." I said.


"About our little fuck the other week." I said. Julie went bright red and very flustered

"Wher...where's Joan." she stammered.

"She's away for a couple of week's with the kids, you didn't tell him then." I said again, pushing her for an answer.

"Nnno...no...I better go." she said, eye's looking at the floor, However my kitchen is very small and she couldn't leave without pushing past me so she stood and waited for me to move, of course I didn't.

"Suck me!" I said

"What? no I cant, I cant." she said, looking down at my now semi erect prick.

I reached out grabbing hold of the front of her t shirt "What the fuck made you think it was a request now get on your knee's and suck me bitch!" I shouted, and with that I let her go, she was shaking so much she could hardly stand still, I looked into her face and she knew I meant it, slowly she went on her knee's then pulled down my shorts, after a second she took my erection in her hand and started wanking it "And make it good." I said.

Slowly she opened her mouth and moved forward first taking the head and closing her lip's over it then pushing it all the way in, she worked it well, pulling the foreskin back and using her tongue, she was good and it didn't take long before I was ready to come but I held it off, the more she worked the faster her breathing got, she was really into it now using her other hand to roll my balls around, then I couldn't hold it anymore and put my hand to her head holding her there as I shot my load into her mouth, she didn't stop in fact she seemed to go faster wanting more, finally she stopped and stood up, her breathing was heavy and erratic now as she pushed passed me "I have to go." she said quietly.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her to me her arse brushing against my softened prick I spoke into her ear "You enjoyed that didn't you?" I said quietly.

"No I didn't." she answered but without real conviction.

I pushed my hand down the front of her jeans as she squirmed to get away reaching her pussy, it was wet "Don't ever lie to me." I said, running my finger over her swollen clit "You enjoyed it didn't you."

She squirmed a little more but I pulled her hair until it hurt "Oww you bastard." she screamed, "Yes! Yes I did." I pulled my hand out and undid her jeans, all the time she was pulling against me but she never put up any real fight, I pushed her jeans down enough for me to get a comfortable hand on her wet pussy and started brushing her clit again

"Not once have you said no to me and meant it have you." I said all the while brushing her clit, I could feel her knee's shaking at the sensations that my touch was sending through her body

"No!" she replied quietly, her breathing now in time with me hand

"Because you have enjoyed it all haven't you?" I asked "Even the other week."

"You bastard." she cried. I pulled on her hair again and stopped my hand movement "Yes! Yes I have don't stop please don't stop."

"Ok! well let's lay down the rule's shall we." I said, playing her clit again "I hate women in trousers or jeans so whenever you are alone at home you will wear a skirt or dress, nice and short, your going to be my plaything so no underwear of any sort except suspenders and stocking's you will do my bidding whenever however and with whoever I say is that understood."

She was moving up and down my body now her arse rubbing my prick to erection "Yes." she moaned.

"You will do anything and everything to please me?" I asked

"Yes anything." she replied, shaking all over now

I let her hair go and stepped back "No don't stop please don't stop." she begged, "Not now."

"Wanna come do you?" I asked

"You know I do." she replied, looking at me pleadingly

"Then you do it." I said, with a wicked grin

"Nooo I cant." she cried shocked.

She was even more shocked at the slap around her face "Anything and everything whenever I say, now do it." I demanded with a great deal of contempt in my voice.

Slowly her hand moved to her pussy one finger slipping in and then out to her clit all the time she looked at me then two fingers, she opened her legs slightly and worked on her clit, her breathing became ragged. I could see her legs were going to collapse so I pulled her jeans down to her knee's, she stepped out of one leg and sat on the floor her back to the wall, I pushed her legs apart so I could get a better view and still she looked at me, it wasn't long before her breathing signed her impending orgasm, her finger's making circular motion's on her swollen bud, sliding down the wall her knee's bent and spread, faster and faster her hand moved, tears started running down her face "You bastard." she moaned, "You fucking bastard what have done you to me, ahh....ahhh... ahhhhhhhhh....yes oh yes." her hand moving like a piston she slid down the wall till she was laying down and still she kept coming, it seemed like forever and then slowly her hand stopped, her legs closed and she turned on her side clamping her hand between her leg's. I lit a cigarette and handed it to her, she sat up and took a deep puff on it "What the fuck have you done to me it's never felt like that before, it never felt like the other time either you bastard god I'm knackered"

"Now go home." I said, "And remember from the time the kid's go to school or whenever your on your own you belong to me, your one purpose in life is to please me and if you want a shag any other time you will have to come and ask my permission."

Slowly pulling her jeans up she said, "Yes, I know anytime anything and anyone I know." and she made her way to the door.

Once she had gone I took a beer and went back into the garden, considering it was all unexpected I think thing's went quite well but I would have to find out just how much control I really had over her and I intended pushing her to the limit.

An hour later and still in my short's I went the few yards to her house, I didn't bother knocking I just walked round the back, she was in her kitchen and shocked to see me as I walked in the door, but she was dressed as requested thin top short skirt, I didn't say anything just reached out and grabbed her tit's, I knew she didn't have a bra on but checked anyway just to humiliate her, stepping back I said, "Show me."

She lowered her gaze and lifted her skirt up to show me her naked pussy, I put my hand under chin and made her look at me, at that moment the door bell rang "It's Sharne." she said. Sharne was Julie's best friend and popped round all the time.

I turned round and locked the back door then grabbed Julie's hand and led her to the front of the house so she could see a silhouette of her visitor through the glass, Sharne had her back to the door so I pushed Julie to her knee's so she could see and then dropping my shorts rammed into her from behind, only a foot from her friend she couldn't cry out so she just let out a stifled moan, the door bell rang again, I pushed harder, Julie arched her back as Sharne walked away "Ohh you fuck you." she moaned "She might have seen, Arghhh yes harder harder." So I gave her what she wanted I fucked her hard and fast till she screamed for me to stop and then I shot my load into her streaming wet cunt,

I pulled out of her and before she could collapse on the floor I said, "Clean me up bitch." she turned and quietly took me into her mouth licking every last drop of both her and my juice from my prick

Once she had finished I said. "Make the skirt's shorter."

"I don't have anything shorter." she replied.

"Then get some." I demanded, and with that I went home.

The following day she knocked on my door "I got some." she said, as she waved some bag's in the air "I stole the money from Dennis I hope he doesn't notice." She walked in and I was surprised how calm she seemed to be, not a slave but a willing partner in her own degradation, or she would be once I had tested her limitations.

She walked into the living room and took out one of her skirt's, nice and flowery flared number quickly followed by two other's and several tops. "They look ok." I said, trying not to be too impressed "Try them on."

She looked at me and then grabbing everything went to go upstairs "No! down here." I said. Her look of shock didn't surprise me at all my living room widow was about 7' high and 9' wide and although it had net's up you always felt that everyone was looking in.

She took a deep breath and then slowly dropped her skirt to the floor "Now the top." I said "And then try out the new one's." Constantly looking out the window, never knowing if she could be seen she tried on her 3 outfit's and I had to say they were perfect. I gathered up the loose clothing and put it in her bag, as I handed it to her I ran my hand up her leg to her pussy and as I suspected she was wet, I brushed her clit a few time's and then said, "Well done, see you later maybe."

I led her to the door and as she stepped out I said, "Oh I more thing no finger fucking unless I say, bye" and I shut the door but not before I saw her face change to disappointment.

Later that day I spotted her going to work on her allotment, still dressed in her skirt and thin top, I gave her ten minute's and then went over to see how she was doing when I arrived she was in her shed so I closed the door and said "Suck me!" this time there was no hesitation, she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my rod putting it straight into her mouth, I had to admit she was good and had me juicing her mouth in no time, the feeling of power over her was tremendous and I was almost sure she would do whatever I told her to. She did seem disappointed that I didn't fuck her or something but hey what the hell she was my plaything not the other way round. I lit up a fag and watched her work from the seclusion of the shed, after a few minute's the guy working the next plot arrived and the look on his face told me that he loved what he saw. The top Julie had on was thin and low cut and the skirt was very short, the problem was Julie wasn't used to wearing such clothes and didn't even realise she was showing everything, bare arse naked nipple's the lot.

She stopped what she was doing and walked into the shed "Who's the guy?" I asked

"Oh that's Alex he comes over here a lot." she replied

"He fancies you like crazy what do think of him?" I asked

"Well, he's nice we get on really well I suppose, why?" she said quizzically.

"Fuck him then." I said.

She was stunned "What!"

"You fancy him and he fancies you like crazy especially as your flashing everything at him so tease him a bit, in fact tease him a lot and then fuck him, be a tart." I said, very calmly "And then come and give me the details before you go home". I wanted to see what her reaction would be, had I gone too far? She said nothing just looked out the door at him and then back at me, a confused look on her face, asking herself if I meant it or should she do it, who knows? I just brushed past her as he turned his back and walked home. I went up into the back bedroom grabbing my binoculars as I went, from this vantage point I could see everything she was doing. Now I would find out if she really was the slapper I always believed her to be.

She had gone back to picking her produce, slowly at first it seemed and then after a while more vigorously, bending over in front of him, knowing that she was showing everything. Judging by the mouth movement they were talking to each other and then he moved over to her plot and started to help her, his eye's couldn't get enough of her and she was showing him everything quite openly even crouching down with her legs wide open to give him an eyeful, at one point she literally pushed her arse into his face and then stood up, her pussy only inches from his face she slowly pulled the skirt up another couple of inches and then walked away a few paces. Whatever they were talking about was creating quite a few laugh's, After a while of doing this she stood up and took her items to the shed, as she turned to come out he was at the door and didn't move, she stood there looking into his eye's till he suddenly put his arm round her back and pulled him to her kissing her roughly on the lips, her arms flew up round his neck and he picked her up with one hand while using the other to close the door.

Fifteen minute's later she knocked on my door, out of breath and agitated "I did it." she said "I fucked him." and went to step into the house.

I put my hand out to stop her "Did you come?" I asked

She looked at my hand barring her way and then looked around to see if anyone was about "No." she said. "No he came too quick, I need to though, I need to come, please."

"Go home." I said, with a smile and slowly shut the door, the last thing I saw of her was tears welling up in her eye's.

I saw her a couple of time's over the next couple of day's but deliberately stayed away from her during 'our' time. So it was three days later that she knocked on my door again. I opened the door and immediately thought 'You poor bitch yet another one of those coincidences' She was dressed in another of her new skirts and what I thought was the best of her new tops', it was really low cut, more of a dressy number than day wear, a single button at the tit's held it together. I beckoned her in, as soon as the door was closed she said, "Fuck me please, please make me come it's hurting please."

I took her hand and led her into the living room, where I introduced her to John a mate of mine who had popped round for a coffee, my wife called John a slug, she said that the thought of him shagging any woman made her want to throw up, he was about 5'8" tall and grossly fat, he was one of those guy's who always wore a t shirt a size too small and the skimpiest of short's, and he was always sweating. To John a woman was a utensil, something you got out when you needed it and shut away when you'd finished. Now I would really find out how much control I had over her.

Julie looked at him and then looked at me embarrassed, "Oh I'm sorry" she said, "I didn't know you had someone here, I'll go."

"No." I said, "John is a friend and I like to make my friends happy sit down."

She gave me a frightened look and went to sit on the settee, I was still holding her hand "No! not there," I said, "Sit with John." and with that I pushed her, she lost her balance and fell towards him, John being the gentleman made a grab to save her and inevitably one hand grabbed her tit and I could see him squeeze it hard.

Julie sat down hard on John's lap facing me legs wide, John now had hold of both her tit's and was playing with them.

I gave John a smile and said, "Julie is, shall we say, a friendly neighbour just tell her what you want and she will be happy to oblige, isn't that right Julie."

I waited for her to say no, she looked at me angrily at first and then she looked away "Yes." she said quietly, "Anything for Mike."

"Good" I said, "I'll go and get some drink's then." and with that I went to the kitchen and got a beer each for me and John and a large vodka for Julie.

When I returned to the living room John's shorts were pulled down and Julie was giving him a blow job, he was loving every minute of it, pushing her head down so hard it made her gag. "Fucking hell Mike," he said panting heavily, "Doe's she do everything this good."

I laughed "Oh yes John," I said "She is a bloody good fuck believe me." Julie was into her rhythm now and her breathing was becoming as heavy as John's. It seemed to me that however much she may dislike something, once she was resigned to do it she couldn't help but enjoy it.

"Oh god that's good." John said, "Doe's she take it up the arse too."

"Any way you want it John." I said, "Any way you wannit."

With that he pulled her off "Hold it babe's don't wanna finish just yet." he said "We'll save some for that cute little arse of yours." He pulled her back onto his lap and reached out for his beer, I handed her the vodka which she drank straight down. She was breathing heavily now and trembling slightly, she looked at me and squirmed a little on John's lap he grabbed hold of her top and pulled it over her head, throwing the top away he turned her slightly so he could bite on her tit's. She let out a little grunt as his teeth closed over her erect nipple, he seemed to enjoy causing her pain and surprisingly she seemed to get more turned on by it as well.

"Aw fuck this." he said, "I cant take anymore." and he pushed her to the floor. She was facing me now on her hand's and knees, she looked straight at me, it was clear that she was turned on, maybe the lack of orgasm's over the last few days contributed to it but I think she just loved the situation.

John pulled her skirt right up and crouched behind her "That's one tight little arse you got," he said, as he slipped his erection into her "Ohh yes that's it all the way." and with that he started pumping her arse like his life depended on it

For as long as she could she just stared at me but slowly she started to moan and respond "Ohhh, ohh yes." she moaned, and reached underneath to play with his swinging balls, I was forgotten now and I knew that all she really wanted was to come.

John's face had gone bright red with the exertion and I thought he would have a heart attack he was pumping so fast, his hand's were on her hip's and he was pulling her hard onto him "Ohh yeah fuck me bitch oh yes oh yes ohhhhh jeez ohh arghhh." he screamed as he shot his juice into that tight little arsehole, slowing down as his final spasm hit him "Ohhh god what a fuck, what a fuck you are bitch." and finally he stopped.

Julie looked up at me with tears in her eye's shaking her head, poor bitch had missed out again. John pulled away from her getting a moan in response, as he sat back down Julie stood up and rushed upstairs. John put his short's back on and said, "I'm gonna have to come round here more often, best hospitality in town Mike the best"

"Well don't expect it every time John." I said, "But I have to admit I make a great cup of coffee." We both laughed at that and then John said that it was time he left. I saw him to the door and then went up stairs to see what Julie was doing, I found her in my bedroom curled up in a ball"

She looked up at me "Please make me come, I gotta come it hurt's too much please." she begged.

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