tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJust A Taste Ch. 02

Just A Taste Ch. 02



The thought of him being on the same page as me gives me a big shot of adrenaline and the heat travels straight from my brain to my pussy in an instant. What? What? He wants me, too? I couldn't believe my fortune but now have to make the decision – his place or mine? My mind is frantically trying to find an answer because I can't let this opportunity pass. His voice makes me wet, I am sure his tongue can speak different languages on my clit. Bonjour, J'ai une idée? One idea is to make me cum with your tongue! I can't go to his place because I don't even know him which...should stop me from totally fucking his brains out but damn the devil with his details! I don't want to take him to my place because I have two other roommates. The house is three levels and I so rarely see them, but when they do catch me with some guy; they can act the bully big brother role. But, I want to see Matthew in my area – in my shower, in my mirrors, in the flesh in my bed...I might be able to sneak him in.

I smile as I tell him, "Mine."

But first... I must get another taste of those lips. As I look up at him, he moves his hands to my thighs, just on the skin below my short skirt. I automatically move in closer and slide my hands up both sides of his neck, slightly pulling myself toward him. I want to guide this process because first kisses never happen twice. I just want to feel him. I just waaaaant to feeeeel him! Feel his energy. As I move in close...my lips hovering over his. I breathe in that energy, that anticipation. I am so damn excited but can't ruin the moment by being too hasty. Just a whisper, butterflies touch as I smooth my lips over his. It's as if I am back in my fantasy of earlier, only now it is real. I slide past his lips and slowly breathe in his scent as my lips move closer to his ear. I almost don't recognize my low husky voice as I say, "I want you to fuck me in this bar, I want you to fuck me on our walk to my house, and when we get to my house...your dick is mine, for I just need a little taste."


Damn this crazy girl. She is so fucking hot and she says things that are now making ME crazy! Her words are like food to a starving man. I quickly slide my hands up to her ass and pull her toward me so that she can feel my hard dick against her stomach. She has no underwear on and I have her ass bare to whoever might be looking. I quickly look up and around the room, assessing the situation, and spot a darker corner of the bar. It's where the bar runs dead into the wall, so it isn't completely private but it will have to do. I let go of her ass, grab her hand and lead her to the last stool at the bar. I semi-sit on the stool and before I even think of what to do next, she is taking control – opening my pants and OH GOD! Her hands are so warm...


It is such a dilemma when a girl has a dick in one hand and a first kiss looming in front her lips. Which comes first? I can't help myself as my hands wrap around the most perfect dick. I look at his fingers... long, thin, shapely fingers, so there is truth to that story. Man fingers and a perfect man's dick. Still pleased with my good fortune, I move my hand slowly down, feeling the softness, and then back up to the dripping tip. I bite my lip and look up at Matthew as I lift my wet finger to my lips. Damn, he does taste every bit as good as I thought he would. I know that the bar is gaining people by the minute and although I do want my cake and to eat it too, I also know I have to hide his dick quickly. Our body language talks to each other, he knows I want to climb on and so he moves back on the stool. I easily straddle him and I am so wet from my constant arousal, I know we will fit together easily. I use one hand to help guide him and I feel the tip of his dick at the entrance. Leaving my flip flops on the floor, my bare feet are pressed to the underside wall of the bar, giving me leverage. His hands are back holding my ass as we both move just enough to feel his dick slide home. OH FUCK yes!...

Knowing we are in public puts an edge to our personal party that is both thrilling and confining. Evidently Matthew is thinking it is more confining because the minute I was seated and he was deep within, he pulled me up tight against him with my legs wrapped around him, stood up, and walked us straight into the ladies room and back into the handicap stall that I had already become acquainted with.


When Dee tasted me I knew I needed more. Her words from earlier along with the reality of now had me wanting to dive my dick between those lips and give her more of what she craved. It felt great having her wet pussy clamped around my dick like a vice, but I couldn't shake the image of my cum sliding down her throat. Her craving for me was amazing me and exciting me! My dick isn't going to touch her lips if we continue fucking on this stool. Once again, I look up and my eyes beeline it to the ladies bathroom. If I could run there, I would – the thought of Dee's echoes of earlier... Oh, fuck ya... she will sound real hot with my dick in her mouth.


He slams my body up against the wall, his dick still deeply planted inside me. I quickly look to his face to see if the abuse was done on purpose. It was like a switch, I almost didn't recognize his face. Still handsome but now he looked dangerous. I don't know how I missed it before, but it looked like his 5 o'clock shadow was more prominent now than it was earlier. It is so fucking sexy that I almost forgot why I looked up at him. Until he growls, "I'm going to fuck you here in this bar, in this bathroom and before I'm done you'll be swallowing every last drop!" The echo of it was loud and it seemed as if the "last drop" lingered longer than it should have. Before YOU'RE done? Ya, more like before I'm done...I'm going to drink you today, drink you tomorrow...I'm not stopping until I quench my thirst! His words and my thoughts brought shivers coursing through me, because of my need or because of his rough voice and the command behind it, who knows?

He then motions with his head and eyes "Reach your hands up and grab the windowsill above your head." As his words echo through the room, I do as I'm told. He grabs my hips, and pulls me further from the wall so that I am leaning back as if offering my breasts to him. He also leans back so he can see where we are joined and after a few aggressive slams, starts to slide in and out at a nice pace. "Are you watching me fuck your bald pussy?" The echo of his voice is louder than normal. I think he just yelled that because he really wants everyone outside that door to know he is fucking me! With my legs wrapped around him and my hands hanging onto the windowsill it makes it easy for him to hold on to one ass cheek for leverage and use his other hand to slide straight to my clit. He is an expert manipulator as he places his four fingers on the entire upper part of my pussy...pushing down with my clit in the middle, like he knows that my clit is to sensitive to be touched outright. He moves his fingers in unison, first slowly – back and forth – and then picking up speed.

I start taunting him with my own words. More to hear myself echo, but in the process it also was adding another element to our fucking experience. "You like fucking me, don't you?" He uses his hand briefly to slide my tank top up exposing my breasts to him for the first time, and then quickly moves his hand back down to my clit. Leaning down he licks around my very aroused, very large, nipples. "Ahhh you like it when a girl acts the whore!" I love to hear it echo, and it turns me on knowing the bar is filling with people; he isn't the only one that wants everyone to hear us! Latching on, he sucks hard, I nearly lose my grip on the windowsill. It is like there is a string attached and each time he makes a pulling draw on my nipple... a tightening happens in my uterus. Arousing me enough to imagine; if I was lactating, he would get a mouthful. Ya baby, drink from me, I'll be getting my meal later. As his fingers are moving and his mouth is sucking, I can feel myself going over the top. My pussy muscles clamp down so hard that Matthew has to grab my ass cheeks with both hands just to stay inside. He is pumping into me at a frantic pace as I start screaming, "Fuck me harder" harder, harder... My release shakes me to the core and has me screaming again into the echo chamber. "ahhhh...ahhh....ahhhuhh." ahhhuhhh ahhhuhhh...

Matthew joins in, "You are so fucking HOT!" hot, hot... His echoes continue to bounce around the room. "You like taking my dick deep." deep, deep...


This is by far the best fuck I have ever had. My only thought now is to cum in her mouth. She said she wanted it and now I can think of nothing else. My cum sliding down her throat is a visual that will stay with me for years. The echoes of her screams, the smell of this bar, and the feel of her hot pussy clamped onto mine. The thought of her tasting herself as she tastes me, which of course brings me back to my cum sliding down her throat...


In an almost growl, Matthew cruelly says, "Now suck my dick, rock star!" star, star... Again, the echo is loud and it made the command sound even more dangerous.

He roughly grabs my arms off the windowsill and continues a downward motion until I am kneeling in front of him. He grabs my head and without my help guides his dick into my waiting lips. "Oh...My...God!" That is what I said, but the echo around the room sounded more like "ohhhh yyyyy ahhhhh" as I had a mouthful of hot, wet, dick. He started to move us both in the push and pull rhythm and I couldn't help but make more "ohhh" sounds echoing and fueling both our fires. I knew it wouldn't be long as I could feel him tensing up, could see his balls tightening... His hands are grabbing my head tighter and although I could feel him trying to hold back to save me injury, he was getting rough with the build up.

His screams were louder than mine from earlier as he came with a fury. "Take all of it... swallow swallow ... what I give give, give...you!" you, you...

Warm in my mouth, I gladly take it all; sweet and tangy. I feel like a vampire taking what I need, swallowing every last drop, knowing it won't be the last time. No, it won't be the last time! He is exactly what I pictured and he tastes better than I could have imagined. His body is so sexy I will never tire of looking at it, his face is handsome one minute and dangerous the next, it excites me. I crave his voice and I find I now crave his sweet and tangy taste.

I sit back against the wall and Matthew moves to join me, leaning back against the same wall and then slowly sliding down to sit next to me. Holding my hands out, we both notice how dirty they are from the dusty windowsill and start to laugh. It was so crazy and it happened so fast, we now have to think about leaving the bathroom, collecting my flip flops on the floor by the bar, and might I hope, walk to my house. We have to leave knowing that the people, on the other side of the door, totally heard our performance. Good... I hope they did hear it – why should I care? When I look up into Matthews face, his eyes, his lips...I forget all earlier thoughts. Looking at his lips reminds me, we skipped our first kiss. I can't help but wonder, fresh from his dick, will he kiss me now?

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