Just A Tease


The following is a true story that happened some years ago. I was 23 at the time and hitchhiking through the mountains of British Columbia. I’d been dropped off in a small town and was sitting having a coffee in a truckstop along the highway, hoping for a trucker to walk in that was going my way. I sat there for half an hour or so in a booth with my knapsack propped up beside me making it obvious that I was traveling. Two older guys came in and sat in the booth across from me and asked the waitress to see menus. I listened to their conversation as I gazed out the big window at the parking lot and nothing in particular and gathered that they were on a week long fishing trip and headed my way. They were in their early fifties, a little overweight, kinda geeky and really paying me no mind, they ordered their food and were drinking coffee and chatting about their trip. I was getting a little discouraged as no truckers going my way had come in yet, the ones that were there were going the other way. I’d never had trouble getting a ride before no doubt due to the fact I am a good looking young woman, I kept my blond hair short and wore baggy clothes which covered my voluptuous build, I had a slim frame with nice hips and a large chest that guys loved to notice.

”So where are you headed young miss”? one of the men in the next booth said to me awakening me from my day dreaming.

” Oh…uh.. Vancouver” I replied. ”Hitchin” he asked.” Yes” I replied back not really offering anymore.

”How long you been waiting here”? his friend asked.

”Almost an hour now” I said back, explaining that I usually tried to get rides with trucker’s as they seemed to appreciate the company and me the ride. We started chatting back and forth and they told me their names were Bill and Tom and this was their week away from the wives. I told them my name was Loni and that I had a friend in Vancouver I was going to visit for awhile. They had finished their breakfast by now and were finishing their coffee.

”Well Loni “Tom said ”we’re about ready to take off and are heading your way if you want a ride” he said. I usually ride with truckers because theirs only one guy to deal with if I have too and most of them are pretty good, the odd asshole but that’s it. These guys seemed harmless enough though and as they got up from their booth and headed for the cash I said why not and followed them out after paying for my coffee. Once out the door I saw them headed for a chev truck with a camper on it and followed. Bill took my knapsack around the back and put it in the camper while I got into the front seat of the truck beside Tom, Bill came around from the back of the truck, got in and there I was sitting between the two of them, feeling just a little intimidated. We headed down the highway no one really saying anything much, just the radio playing bad country music.

”You smoke dope” Bill asked me as he put a joint in his mouth, it totally didn’t suit him. I said that I did and so we smoked the joint and got a good buzz and chatted about this and that and whatever. I had a real good buzz going and one thing dope does to me is makes me less inhibited and a little horny too, not that I was thinking I would do anything with two old men. It was pretty warm in the truck and I wanted to take my jacket off but all I was wearing underneath was white cotton t-shirt and no bra and normally would not have taken it off except that I was a little loose from the joint we’d smoked. I decided there would be no harm done and I could at least give them a little thrill and myself too. They made room for me as I struggled out of my jacket tossing it over my head and back behind the seat, my t-shirt was pretty flimsy and my big breasts were totally visible through the fabric as they bounced back into place.

”Whew that’s quite the set you got their Loni” Bill said and Tom seconded that. I just laughed a little and we carried on with our chat. Both men kept shooting glances at my breasts as we talked and I just pretended not to notice but getting horny knowing these men couldn’t keep their eyes off me. This made my big nipples swell and harden as they watched me, The outline of my large breasts topped off by two big pink silver dollar sizes nipples totally visible to them was turning me on. I was being naughty and thought it was ok and just fun for now. Suddenly the topic of conversation changed.

”Are your nipples sensitive Loni”? Bill asked. I hesitated and then said yes they were feeling a little uncomfortable at the question and a little embarrassed.

”May I touch them”? Bill asked making Tom laugh. Now I was very uncomfortable and blushing visibly.

”Don’t be embarrassed” Bill said “I just want to feel them, they look so nice and firm those big tittys of yours.

”’Uh…I don’t think so “I said matter of factly, trying to sound firm.

”I can put my jacket back on and I think I will “I said. I lifted my right arm and was feeling around behind my head for my jacket when I felt Bills big hand cup my right breast and firmly squeeze. I jerked my arm down and asked him to please stop it and let me put my jacket on.

”You wanted to show them off “he said gruffly.

” So now lets play” I didn’t know what to do, what could I do? I sat very still as he kneaded my breasts in his big hands a look of lust in his eyes. Tom got in on the action too tweaking my big hard nipples through the fabric as I sat there powerless to do anything about it. As we continued down the highway the men were not nice anymore.

”Take that shirt off” Tom said.

”Please, just let me off here “I said meekly.

”Now” he said. I complied and pulled it over my head my breasts totally naked now as they watched with delight. Bill bent down and began sucking my right nipple as I lay back letting him do what he wanted to me. My nipples were hard as rocks now as my body betrayed me and I just lay there letting whatever happened happen and hoping it was over soon and they’d let me go.

”Should I find a road “? Tom asked and Bill nodded and said yes, do it. Oh my god what have I done I thought to myself, when will they let me go. I sat there half naked not knowing what would happen next. Tom slowed the truck down and took a right onto a dirt road, after a few bumpy minutes of driving with my breasts bouncing to both men’s delight the truck stopped and he killed the engine. We sat there and they forced me to smoke another joint with them getting me even more buzzed. Bill got out of the truck and told me to get out, I did trying to cover my bare breasts with both arms. He grabbed me by the arm and led me to the back of the truck where Tom met us and opened the camper door. Bill pushed me up into the back of the camper and told me to strip. I feared they would hurt me so I did as I was told. I could hear them talking outside the door. I was soon joined by both men, that was an afternoon I’ll never forget. I got my brains screwed out that day real good. They took turns fucking me again and again until they were both spent and I was covered with their sticky semen. That was a lesson I’ll never forget, I have never teased anyone again since that time and never will, situations can get out of control.

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Couldn't think of an ending?

This story was "Just a Tease." The story was moving along and then just died.

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