tagNonHumanJust Being Wolfy Ch. 07

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 07


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My head throbbed painfully as I opened my eyes groggily. "Gracielle?" I could hear a very fretful voice piped at me, "my Alpha Female, are you all right?" I groaned at Jessica's stubbornness in calling me formally like that.

I was still lying on my back on the ground. I blinked twice; I sat upright in sudden jerks as a very horrible pain cramped in my stomach. I keeled, panting for a moment. I could feel Jessica and Tylie's anxious looks towards me as they tried to help me up. "Food poisoning," I breathed out, cursing myself for eating the dinner meatloaves leftover during dawn. I was too hungry to even bother to cook up a fresh batch of food, let alone phase and hunt for a kill.

"Maybe we should take you to Rachael," Tylie suggested, referring to the pack's doctor. She didn't want their alpha to blame them if his mate's condition became worse.

But before I could even answer, the cramping pain vanished into thin air, leaving bubbles of light dizziness in my head. Jessica carefully helped me up to my feet. Sweat rolled down my forehead. "I'm OK," I breathed out. I suddenly had this urge to phase and hunt for a bear. "Let's not tell the alpha about this, all right?" I said, not actually asking them but ordering them instead. James had enough things to worry about in his plate; he didn't need anything less significant like this.

"As you wish, Gracielle," Tylie piped. She looked intensely relieved now when she saw the pink colour returned to my pale face, she tugged at my hand, "Well, do you think you can beat us in a race?" she asked me as she slipped her dress off her. Jessica followed her suit, folding her shirt and short khakis pants neatly and placed it on a small rock boulder.

I smiled. Running was my passion. I took off my clothes, tossing it to the tree bark near me. "The finish line?" I asked Tylie eagerly.

"The first one to reach the waters wins," she grinned playfully, "We're very fast, Gracielle," she boasted proudly.

"We'll see," I said with a laugh as we phased into our wolf form. I growled in excitement, my muscles flexed as I leaped above the unsuspecting Jessica, jumping above her and then landed perfectly on my four paws. I howled mocking at them, challenging them to beat me; to outrun their young Alpha Female.

Jessica and Tylie snarled loudly; pure instincts of competition washed over them as they sprinted towards me, wanting to beat me at their race. They didn't know that I was faster and skilled at this game.

I could feel the wind over me, like little fingers caressing softly on my fur. I made an easy leap passing the thick vegetation; Jessica howled in competitive fury, sprinting towards our finishing line; her stride grew as she leaped up above a boulder. Cheater, I growled at her.

All's fair in war and game, Gracielle, she thought back cheekily.

I growled, my body tensed as I jumped onto another boulder, leaping up to a small hill leading to an open pathway where the beach would be. I could feel Tylie gaining behind me; I snarled, wanting to beat Jessica but as I made another big leap across the narrow stream. The crunching pain blazed inside my abdomen, I whimpered as I fell into the shallow waters. Both Tylie and Jessica stopped, turning back towards me with alarm. They phased back and ran in their naked form towards me. I wanted to phase but the pain wouldn't let me control my wolf. The pain numbed my body but the burning fire was still blazing inside me.

Jessica didn't even care that I was still snapping my jaws at them involuntarily as she carefully lifted me up and cradled me like a fetus to her naked chest. She didn't even care that I was wet from the stream. Tylie offered a hand and both of them carried me. I felt like a hunted pig tied on a pole waiting to be cooked by savages even if they were carrying me gently with their hands.

"This isn't food poisoning, Gracielle," Jessica said softly realizing the tattletale significant signs as they continued to carry me through the thick forest back to the manor. I didn't need her to tell me that I was wrong, I already have an idea what was going on with me. I wish I could walk on my own but the pain was still burning in me; I knew right then that I would have more than one baby growing inside me. They were all cramped tight inside such a little space and I wasn't even that pregnant yet!

"To think our Alpha Female is three years younger than us!" Tylie grinned, "Mated and pregnant already," she teased me, "We need to find our own mates, eh Jessica," she grinned playfully to her friend

"Imagine the valiant alpha with baby spit on his shirt," Jessica burst into laughter. "James Ruben...a father, now that's hilarious,"

Hey, c'mon stop it, I growled my thoughts at them, at least the pain was receding to a bearable feeling. I felt strangely bloated.

They finally let me down when we were right in front of the Ruben Manor's main door. The pain was already gone. I looked at my two Betas and thought seriously towards them; do not tell anyone about this, not until I tell James. I phased back into my human form and Tylie gave me back my clothes which she had carried on her arm earlier.

They nodded their heads down, bowing in respect. I sighed as I went inside the manor. My Betas left me alone, hurrying to do their jobs of overseeing their assigned groups. I climbed up the marble staircase, wanting to lie down on my comfortable bed.

Just 'perfect', I thought dryly.

I should have expected this to come sooner or later; James and I practically had sex every night with no whatsoever kind of protection for crying out loud! It was like we couldn't get enough with each other. I smiled to myself, longing to wrap my arms around him. I walked past a couple of low ranks, smiling cheerfully at them as they bowed their heads to me in respect. I hurried to our home quarter, feeling glad for once that I was alone in our quarter. James must be with his in-commands. I was careful with my thoughts; I didn't want him to find out about the pregnancy yet. I wanted to surprise him but I didn't have a clue how. I wished my Mom was here so I could ask her how she told my Dad when they were expecting me.

I lay on our bed, curling up into a fetal-like position. I was immensely thrilled to be pregnant actually but the timing wasn't right. Jerry was still out there, planning something for me. The strain he had caused on his pack and how he had forbidden my family from coming to see me but at least, for the Grand Feast this weekend, I could see them even if from afar. I knew my family would keep a distance from me that day. I wondered how I was going to tell my parents about my pregnancy and how they will be possible grandparents to not one baby but a likelihood of more than one. I secretly hope that it would be twins and not more than that.

I would suffer more pain as the months past but I didn't mind. I caressed my slightly bloated stomach. Funny, I thought to myself. I didn't realize the slight bump when I had a shower in the morning. I wouldn't be pregnant for 9 months like the humans do but my pregnancy would last shorter than that; I assumed it would be 5 or 6 months later, depending on how many babies were in me. Two, I prayed hopefully, let it be two! I could accept three but more than four would be torturous since I would be hugely and painfully big.

I would be a very crabby wolf.

Gracielle, love... James thought towards me, just seconds before sleep crept by me. I opened my bleary eyes and then groaned slightly, curling up into a ball and closing my eyes. Are you tired, love? He asked me lovingly. I knew he couldn't see me so he wouldn't be able to see how tired I was, he could only sense my exhaustion.

Sleepy as hell, I thought to him. When are you coming back, my love? The bed is cold without you.

He chuckled in his thoughts to me. Love, if it's up to me, I'd be up warming the bed with you, naked.

I realized that I wouldn't be seeing him any time soon. Where are you going?

Malcolm and I are on our way to the Andashman Pack and after that we'll go to the Nyca Pack. We need to give their alphas a heads up about Jerry. We'll keep it a secret from their packs of course. He thought back grimly.

Be safe. I thought as sleep started to fall over me, caressing me to sleep. I love you James and then, I couldn't hear anything more as I fell into a peaceful sleep. James chuckled, amused with me.


Fiorelle sprinted happily alongside Adrian as they leaped up a fallen tree. They blended with their greenery surrounding. Adrian's wolf form was bigger than her; he was also two years older than her. "But you looked so young!" she remembered protesting at him when she asked how old he was. He chuckled at her as he helped her up the hill before they stripped down and phased into their brown wolf forms. He even respected her privacy by leaving her to phase alone. She liked that in a man. She forgot all of her troubles for a moment, glowing in sheer cheerfulness as she submitted to her wolfy desires to run like the wind.

He sprinted ahead of her and then halted to a surprising stop, turning to his left side. Hurry up Fiorelle, he thought towards her. Follow me!

She smiled in her thoughts. She was amused with him. He wasn't like any wolves she hung out with. They would always compete for her affections, showering her with unnecessary compliments and expensive gifts as well as boasting their own achievements. Adrian wasn't like that. Suddenly, reality dawned upon her, she was a mated wolf. Adrian didn't have to bother with the usual courting tactics or even pretend to be who he wasn't since she was already taken! The glum feeling confused her deeply. She slowed down her pace when he stopped right in front of her, phasing back into his human form. She absorbed the view in front of her, memorizing every line on his beautiful naked body. He wasn't built for fighting that was for sure but he still looked godly nonetheless. She was highly curious about him.

Either that or she was falling for a low rank.

His back was to her so she couldn't really admire his whole body. She was still in her wolf form, uncertain for a moment on what to do. He finally turned his head and frowned, "Why aren't you phasing back, Fiorelle?" he asked, he pointed to the view in front of her. Something she hadn't realized before.

She was stunned as she walked on her four paws next to him, admiring the sun setting on the whole area. She wasn't aware until now that they were standing on the highest hilltop in Thorn Estate, she could even see the manor from here. The sun's golden ray shone on the vegetation covers; if she squinted hard enough, she could see the little tiny specks of the rest of their pack members doing their daily tasks around the manor. She phased back to her human form, forgetting momentarily that he was standing butt naked next to her. She smiled beautifully to herself, mesmerized with the heavenly scene shown in front of her.

She became aware of his presence when his hand snaked its way to her shoulders, touching her in a friendly way. He meant as a friendly gesture; she was absolutely certain about that but she couldn't stop her heart from hammering.

"This is my secret place," he told her proudly, "I found it by accident when I was four. I was a very naughty cub," he grinned as he folded his hands to his bare chest. She hated the fact that he was being cautious with her. She was after all still his Alpha Female.

She honestly forgot that little significant fact.

"You're sharing it with me?" she asked, her voice thrilled with disbelieve.

He chuckled. "Yes," he nodded, looking at her, "It's actually very boring to sit here and watch the sun set alone,"

Alone. She thought bitterly. I'm alone here.

Adrian tore his gaze from her when she realized that he was starring at her. She blushed, realizing that they were both stark naked. She turned from him, phasing quickly to her wolf form. He followed suit.

I'm tired, she thought lying to him but it was a valid excuse. I think I have enough fun for today.

Adrian didn't reply her; instead he broke into a sprint ahead of her. She followed his lead and they returned back to Thorn Manor in utter silence.

She hated the silence but she was grateful for it since she couldn't bear to look at him in his eyes anyway.


"Madam Alpha Female," a sweet voice called, knocking softly on the bedchamber door. I groaned softly to myself, refusing to open my eyes. I wished the sound would just go away. I still felt a bit tired. The sweet voice knocked on the door softly. I quickly covered my face with James's pillow, willing the sound to fade away as I slowly crept back to sleep.

"I told you that we shouldn't have come!" a harder voice hissed, "She's probably asleep, we should go,"

The sweet voice protested, "Tylie and Jessica said that we ought to say hello to the new Alpha Female!"

"Well, the Alpha Female isn't answering our call," the voice drawled back.

I sighed, taking the pillow off me as I sat up cross-legged on the bed. I stretched my body, yawning as I got up. I went to the door and opened it.

Sarah and Simon Russell Ruben straightened up and flashed me a very warm smile. "Did we disturb you sleeping?" Sarah chirped.

Simon snorted, "Sarah, are you blind?" he pointed to my sleepy face, "Of course we did,"

Sarah's beautiful face contorted guiltily. "We're sorry,"

I smiled, "Don't worry," I said quickly, "What can I do for you?"

"We just want to say our greetings to you, Madam Alpha Female," Simon answered, "We would have greeted you earlier but we were punished," his eyes twinkled with mischief. I knew then that they would continue to be as mischievous as ever.

"Gracielle," I corrected them, "Don't call me as Alpha Female," I said warmly at them as I walked out from the bedchamber. "Do you want some refreshments? I'm sure there are some in the kitchen," I said as I hustled to the kitchen.

Sarah and Simon gaped at me when I returned to them with two bottles of cold sodas. I frowned at them, "Is something wrong?" I asked with concern as I handed them a bottle each.

They accepted it robotically. "You're a weird Alpha Female, Madam Gracielle," Sarah said mechanically as Simon popped open the bottle and took a healthy swig.

I smiled at them, realizing that I shouldn't have done that but then again, I didn't want to be a bossy Alpha Female. I wanted to do things my way. "I'm a modern-age Alpha Female," I joked at them but they still stared at me incredulously. "Oh! Would you like it better if I'm a big bossy evil wolf with you guys?"

Sarah giggled. "N-no, Madam Gracielle,"

"You just took us by surprise that's all," Simon answered as he took another swig from the bottle. I was amused with them; Tylie and Jessica didn't react like they did. "I think we're going to be a very happy pack together," he summed up cheerfully.

"Sarah, please just call me Gracielle," I repeated.

She giggled. "Having an Alpha Female of our age rocks!" she announced, twirling around.

"Don't mind her, Gracielle," Simon shook his head, embarrassed with her behaviour, "She's the cuckoo one in this pack," Sarah stopped twirling and hit her brother playfully on his strong shoulder.

I still felt a bit tired. The idea of me going into bed looked appealing to me. Simon must have noticed the look on my face because he quickly added, "Excuse us, Gracielle, we wish we could stay longer but we have to sign a contract -,"

Sarah cut him off sarcastically, "A stupid useless piece of contract,"

Simon ignored her, "Like I said, my father told us that the alpha reduced our punishment if we agreed to sign a deal to stop our tendency of getting into potential trouble, we're supposed to go and see Malcolm about it,"

They let me returned to the comforts of my bed as they left me alone. I slid into my duvet and wished that James was here to curl his arms around me.

James, I thought, Come back soon...


"I don't believe you," Fernandez Rana Andashman said grimly, his back to James. He stared out to the window, refusing to believe what the Ruben Alpha had brought to his ears.

Malcolm looked at James across the table. James, what should we do? He thought anxiously to him. James shot him a look.

"I assure you, Fernandez," James promised, "This is not a lie,"

Fernandez growled, slamming his fist on the table. "DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THAT MY – MY DAUGHTER -," he was too furious to continue. He grabbed James by his collar, glaring, "MY DAUGHTER IS NOT SUFFERING! DO NOT DRAG MY DAUGHTER INTO THIS MESS YOU HAVE MADE TO YOUR OWN TAIL, RUBEN!"

"Take your hands off me, Andashman," James growled, his eyes burnt with anger. The primal instincts of alpha versus alpha washed over them. Malcolm pulled Fernandez away from James. He growled at the Ruben Alpha but he let go his hold on him. "We do not mean trouble," James stated as he smoothened down his collar.

"You tell lies, James," Fernandez snarled, "This is below you,"

"Believe what you want, Fernandez," James said, a certain finality rung in his frustrated voice, "Jerry Thorn has intentions to bring the four packs into a war, doesn't this concern you?"

Fernandez growled. He sat down on the chair; his hands covered his middle-aged face, "What did you hear about my daughter?" he asked quietly

James sighed. "There were rumours that he forced himself on her," he sat down next to him, "Jerry is furious that his desires to have my mate was thwarted. I'm sorry to say that we are indeed to be blame for your daughter's sufferings but we didn't come here to talk about this. There are consequences to be taken cautious of and we will face that," he paused as Fernandez looked at him on the face, "We came here to ask for your alliances. An assurance that should Jerry tries to accomplish with his plans that we won't have a war with the packs. We have lost so much in the last war; certainly you understand what I meant,"

Fernandez snarled, "I do not wish my son's memory gone to waste," he stood up suddenly, his back at them as he looked out to the window. "You have my word, Ruben," he said, his tone softened. He looked at them, "I must leave you now," he said, "I need to get my daughter back home. I shouldn't have asked the Four Council for her mating, my poor daughter,"

James stopped him, "This isn't the right time to rescue her," he said quickly, "She is still bonded to him, don't forget about that,"

"THEN I WILL BREAK HIS NECK!!" Fernandez boomed angrily.

"It won't do well for her," Malcolm said, holding out a firm grip on Fernandez, "We need to keep this matter a secret. We can't afford Jerry to know that we have an idea on what he wants to do. We figured that he will do it during the Grand Feast this weekend. Have some patience, Fernandez,"

Fernandez grumbled but he realized the truth in their words. "I suppose you are going to the Nyca Pack after this,"

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