tagNonHumanJust Being Wolfy Ch. 08

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 08



Hi there guys!!! This is the EIGHTH installment for JUST BEING WOLFY series!!!

I hope you guys loved the previous chapter and will continue to love future chapters! :D

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More to come!!

A very BIG thanks to my grammatical-error-savior new EDITOR: - STEVESWOMAN - for helping me to edit my story. Without her help, my chapters would still be tangled with grammar mistakes that I couldn't see LOL…

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Someone cleared his throat at Fiorelle. She looked at the source; instantly frowning. "What is it, Christopher?" she asked him with obvious bitterness in her voice. She looked at him as he approached her.

Christopher scowled at her as he held the phone towards her. "Jerry told me to give this phone to you," he said coldly, "He didn't have time to deal with insignificant matters like this," he looked at the Alpha Female who sat cross-legged on the sofa. He had found her lounging alone in the living room of the Alpha Quarter.

She took the phone without a word and put it to her ear, "Yes?" she asked to the phone. It was Malcolm Ruben. She listened to him for a minute, nodding her head. "Yes, I will inform the alpha, thank you Malcolm," she paused for a moment, "No, it's not a problem at all. We haven't even started to pack yet," she threw the phone back to Christopher.

"What did he want?" he asked.

"Tell your stupid Alpha that the Ruben-Thorn Grand Feast has been moved to another date. Two weeks from Sunday," she growled as she stood up, "What has he been doing that's so important that he couldn't answer one measly phone call?" she asked.

Christopher smirked; he folded his arms to his chest. "The Alpha you have the gall to call 'stupid'," he paused, still smiling as he leaned his weight to the wall. "He shall surprise you with what we have in store for this pack's future and of course Gracielle.”

"What do you mean, Christopher?" she demanded.

He went towards her in a blink of an eye, grabbing her by her dress collar, tossing her to the wall. Her back slid down the hard wall and she crumpled down on the floor. "You don't have to know, Fiorelle Andashman," he chuckled, watching her. "You may be the Alpha Female but you don't have the Alpha's heart,"

"I don't want his heart," Fiorelle groused angrily. "I don't need his forsaken love!"

Christopher snorted. "Spoken like a true so-called independent Andashman," he said, "Pity," he paused for an effect, "…we all know how much he likes to hump Gracielle-look-alikes," he bent down, touching her hair, "You are so beautiful, most wolves would howl your name. But the Alpha is an exception to your seductive beauty,"

"I will rip your throat out, Christopher Thorn," she swore as she stood up, feeling disorientated after he had tossed her to the wall.

"You wish," he said with a mocking smile as he grabbed her collar again and slammed her to the wall. He held her still even if she struggled to get free from his hold. She could feel his breath on her as he whispered, "I know how much you miss a man's touch, I can see it in your eyes." He trailed his free hand on her exposed cleavage. "I'll make your desires come true," he said as he bent down to kiss her lips.

She struggled, kicking her legs out. She tried to kick his groin but it was like kicking the air. He chuckled as he grabbed both of her hands and held it in an iron grip to the wall. "Don't fight it," he cooed, licking her chin. She shuddered in disgust. "I know you long to be touched. Your wolf howls to be claim and yet your mate doesn't want to touch you, such waste…" he clicked his tongue. "What a waste to such a perfect tight young body,"

He was about to make a move on her lips when she banged her forehead to his. He staggered in surprise, releasing his iron-grip hold on her. She tore her dress off her and phased into her wolf form, bolting out from the Alpha Quarter before he even considered chasing her.


Fiorelle sprinted as fast as her four paws could carry her. She leaped up the familiar pathway of rocks and fallen trees. She whimpered in her thoughts of how close she had been to becoming another rape victim. It was an immense relief to phase into her wolf form; she felt safe. She had been cooped up in the quarter ever since she had returned from her trip with Adrian.

She felt so dirty. It was one thing to be raped by her mate but it was an entirely cosmically different matter to allow her to be degraded by an oaf! A middle-aged oaf who had mated and had offspring! She sprinted blindly with tears flecking on her wolfy golden eyes.

She didn't know how but she found herself phasing back into her naked human form. She walked to a small boulder and rested her head there, sobbing. She went to the safest and happiest place she had ever been – the secret hilltop that Adrian had shared with her.

"Fiorelle?" a concerned voice asked suddenly from behind her; she could feel strong warm hands touching her bare shoulders in concern but she jumped anyway in self-preservation. She snarled to the intruder; she was about to phase back into her wolf form when she noticed that it was Adrian. She broke into helpless sobs in his arms. "Fiorelle?" he asked again, holding her chin to face him, "What happened to you? Did the alpha hurt you again?"

Tears streamed down her beautiful face as she held tighter to him, forgetting the fact that she was naked in front of him. "It's not Jerry," she said, sniffing, "It's that horrible horny Christopher! He – he tried to rape me,"

Adrian felt her hurt. How could they treat her like this? Couldn’t they see what a beautiful fragile creature she was? He wiped her tears away, "You're safe now," he promised her. "No one knows this place."

She looked up at him, her eyes shone hopefully. How foolish she was to even consider on avoiding him? He had never hurt her. He was the only one who truly treated her like a person. She held to him tighter as she started to calm down. He caressed her back gently feathering her spine with his fingertips, trying to comfort and calm her. Instead it brought out the raging desires which she had denied to herself for so long. Christopher was right, even if he was beastly about it, she longed to be touch and to be loved. She touched his left cheek, caressing his face as she stared into his eyes. Wordlessly, she kissed him softly on his lips. He was hesitant, she could tell from the way his lips trembled on hers.

He tried to push her away gently but she held on. "Adrian," she whispered, her voice saturated with intense need.

A typical wolf would have crushed his lips on her but she knew Adrian wasn't like those fake bastards. He released his hold on her. "Forgive me Fiorelle," he said softly, his voice breaking. "But – but you're my Alpha Female," he bent down on his knees. "I am just a low rank."

He could have said that he was a poor crazy wolf but she wouldn't have heard it anyway. She felt so alone. She fell on her knees, cupping his face to her, "I don't care about that," she whispered, "Please, Adrian." She closed the gap between them as she hugged him.

Her breasts smashed on his broad chest; his hands fell on her slim waist, hugging her tightly, finally surrendering to their lust. He kissed her neck, lingering down soft touches on her small back. She tugged at his pants off him as he took his shirt off and tossed it behind him. He gently lay her down on her back, kissing and caressing her. The alluring temptation of the forbidden overwhelmed them. His kisses reached to the scar on her neck, she moaned at him as she pushed him on his back. Her hair fell like curtains on her side as she slid herself onto his virgin hard-on. She moaned in sheer pleasure as she rode him, bouncing up and down. His hands fondled her beautiful full breasts, tugging at her aroused nipples. He held her back as he turned her over on the ground.

"Let me please you," he whispered, his kisses felt like fire on her skin as he pounded into her.

She wrapped her legs around his waist. Her hands clung to his neck. Their lips met in a passionate dance, their tongues battled with one another in a seductive song. "Oh Fiorelle!!" he breathed out as his cock emptied itself in waves of orgasmic pleasure and warm seed flooded inside her waiting womb. She moaned as he lingered kisses on her cleavage. He continued to pump into her again and again until she cried in orgasmic bliss.

"Are we mates now?" he asked her after a few minutes of silence. By this time, his knot had vanished and he lifted himself off her. He lay by her side as they stared to the sky above. Their hands entwined.

"No, don't be silly," she answered grimly, "I'm still Jerry's mate," she paused for a moment. "Forever, until one of us dies,"

"Oh, right," he spluttered. His voice broke as he frowned at the sky, "I forgot about that."

She turned to her side and looked at him. "It's OK," she said, fully satisfied as she traced his body with her fingers. "This is just a one-night stand, nothing more, nothing less." She had never thought that she would betray the holy bond with her mate but then again, Jerry wouldn’t give her the same respect. She thought how lucky humans had it; they could love and get married but could get a divorce if they don't like each other anymore. It was just so simple for them. She was exhausted as she curled herself, willing sleep to overtake her and she did sleep peacefully – a first after so long…


Relief flooded over me as Malcolm told James that he had just phoned all of the alphas about the change of date. He didn't tell them that I was expecting of course; instead, he made up a story of how I had broken my leg from losing my footing when I had leaped from a rock boulder to another in my wolf form while sightseeing around with my Betas.

They all knew how mischievous and careless I could be. They totally believed that ridiculous lie. It was so unbelievable!!

James and I were lounging on the long sofa in our living room. I laid with my back to him, his hands wrapped on my slightly rounded stomach. I felt droopy; my stomach cramped once in a while but the pain was bearable. I laid my head to his chest, cuddling close as I rested my eyes.

The decision to move the Grand Feast date was a must since I was in the very early stage of pregnancy. If what James had assumed was correct and Jerry would launch his diabolical plan on us at the Grand Feast, it would be dangerous for me and the babies. I would need at least a week to ensure that my body stabilized with the new development inside me. Two weeks would be perfect to keep our offspring safe, hence increasing their chances of surviving should the need to do hard work happened such as running. I had no doubt in my mind that I would be doing a lot of running after two weeks, especially from Jerry. I knew that with the Grand Feast being postponed, Jerry might have taken this as a chance to improve his plans. I shuddered in my thoughts, wondering if he really did manage to accomplish his plans.

I wondered what he would look like when he saw the defined bump on my stomach. I sincerely hoped he would realize that we didn't have anything together anymore but then again, I doubted anything could get into that thick, moronic skull of his. He had always had a competitive streak in him, a little too much sometimes. I suppose this was a normal trait for wolves but there were boundaries that should not be crossed.

Let's just say that in another alternate reality – for Jerry's sake -- that I was actually in love with him. He would still be mated with Fiorelle, and there was no changing that fact; I could never be his true mate but just a lover; a lowly mistress. It was either that or he could opt to kill Fiorelle, which was basically the only way out of his mating if he ever wanted something mate-y with me. Ancient wolf laws stated that a wolf mates forever but the bond would be broken when one dies.

Regardless how unjustified she treated my family, I didn't want Fiorelle to die because of me.. She was also a victim of circumstance, just like me except that my life turned out for the better while hers was in ruins.

I breathed in James’ scent, memorizing his sensual aroma even though I already had it cemented in my wolfy mind. He was mine; my happiness was complete. It was hard to believe that I had more than what I had hoped for in my life. I was blessed by the moon with a loving mate and a baby (or HOPEFULLY two) on the way, completing my whole purpose of life, despite the fact that Jerry was obsessed with his plan to take me away from my happiness.

I was so happy that it made me wonder if the balance on the happiness and sadness scale were disrupted. I trailed my fingers on my clothed rounded stomach. James had fallen asleep; he snored softly as his head rested on the couch. I was lying on my side on his chest, cuddling him close. I smiled happily; I found his little snores very adorable. I knew he was extremely exhausted with the whole Jerry and the impending war thing. He hoped that he could prevent a war from coming and he figured that it could be done but he knew that he had to face Jerry sooner or later to end all of this nonsense.

Jerry was Fiorelle's mate forever until death shall part them.

James didn't want to fight him but he would, nonetheless. If circumstances forced him to choose between to honour the Four Council Pact and me, he would without a doubt choose me.

I didn't want this anymore than he did. A war brought nothing but pain and suffering. The last war showed how much precious lives could be taken so cruelly. We used to be a happy five packs family and now, we had lost one forever. James had lost his parents in the war and he didn't want to lose any of his pack members' lives. He tightened his hold on me as he continued to sleep. I looked up at him, realizing that he must be having a dream. I hoped that he was dreaming pleasantly.

I should have stopped this from the very beginning. The Four Council Law was right all along. Jerry and I weren't meant to be and because of our selfishness, our lives were turned upside down. But then again, another thought crossed my mind as I wondered what would have happened if Jerry DID stand up to the Four Council and refused to mate with Fiorelle Andashman. Would I be as happy as I was now?

Surprisingly the answer was NO.

Fernandez Andashman would have considered Jerry's refusal as an unforgivable insult for no one would turn down the hand of a perfect goddess. The Four Council Pact would have been made void and war would have erupted, with anger and humiliation as its endless burning fuel. A lot of lives would be lost and I knew there was a chance that my Dad would have had to fight in his last battle.

The thought crumbled my heart. I missed my family so much and in my state of expectancy, I wished my Mom was here to comfort and give me advice on being a mother. I wished Dad was here; I knew he would bicker relentlessly with Haylie about baby names. I smiled. My Dad and Haylie were two different unrelated people but their personality was surprisingly similar. Both were quite headstrong and definitely the best people I would ever wish to be with. I longed to hug my best friend; she was my sister in a sense.

The Four Councilmen were ancient but they were very wise. They knew the ups and downs of life. The world was fast forwarding to the modern-age and yet, our lives as wolves and the ancient laws had to be remembered and must be kept close in our hearts.

Simon would have rebuffed me if he heard my thoughts. He would say that rules were meant to be broken. Yes, indeed, some rules were meant to be so BUT certain rules weren't supposed to be broken.

I was such a mischievous wolf. Jerry had been a perfect temptation for trouble and I hadn’t realized it in my teenage crush on him.

I took James hands and started to kiss his fingers softly. He stirred in his sleep but he didn't wake up. I cradled his arms to me, wrapping his hands to my body. I started to fall asleep, breathing again his sweet wonderful scent.

He was my mate, my lover and my soul. He was my husband and the father of our children.

He was the man I loved eternally.

But if there were come a time that I have to choose between my own selfish desires to be with him and to save him from harm's way, I would be gladly sacrifice myself to save him. It was time for me to take responsibilities of my life.

I was a wife, a mate and mother-to-be; I need to take responsibilities on my actions.

I wasn't a little cub.


Fiorelle put on her bathrobe on her wet body. She had taken a shower earlier, scrubbing and cleaning herself as meticulous as ever as to wipe Adrian's scent off her. She had formed an infidelity to such a holy bond. She was a satisfied wolf but she wasn't happy with the fact of her betrayal. Jerry didn't have any trouble with humping those low ranks because he would have claimed that they were merely his concubines. He couldn't say that they were his Alpha Female Mistress since he could only choose one. He would have escaped punishment set by the Four Council. She, on the other hand, was supposed to stay pure as a new-fallen snow and give herself only to her mate.

She combed her messy hair with her fingers as she sat down in front of her built-in dresser in their chamber. She sighed. She pushed her robe collar off her, revealing her neck and shoulders. She stared at her reflection as she trailed Jerry's bite mark on her neck. It was the symbol of her union with him.

She blamed Jerry for her moment of weakness. She was never this careless with her life before; she was always on the right direction.

If Jerry hadn't treated her like some kind of a trash, she would have been content to stay by his side. Perhaps she wouldn't have felt the need to be loved with Adrian.

She sighed bitterly again as she combed her hair harshly, making sure that every strand on her head was sleek. She looked at the comb and saw strands of her hair tangled in it. Yes, she cared for him but where will they be in the future? She was already a mated wolf. She couldn't lie to herself about that fact and besides she wasn't in love with him or anything. It was like she had said before, a one-night stand. She smiled wryly, thinking that her father would have a coronary if he found out about her affair with a low rank. She vowed to keep it a secret.

Her father would definitely hate her more for disgracing the family name.

She felt more depressed as ever. She laid her head on the dresser table, sobbing quietly at the state of her life. She felt very guilt about her affair with Adrian despite everything Jerry had done to her. Abruptly, she felt a hand on her back. She looked up, tear-faced and when she realized who it was. She quickly straightened up and wiped her tears away.

Jerry looked at his mate. "Why are you crying?" he asked her, his voice was surprisingly kind. She looked at him with surprise. This was practically the first time he had ever shown any sign of concern over her. "You shouldn't break down like this. You're an Alpha Female; did the female pack members hurt you?"

She looked at him dejectedly. His concern was merely on her status as an Alpha Female and not as his mate. "I'm fine," she said but her teary eyes betrayed her words.

"Are you – um," he paused, for the first time. She thought she saw the real wolf in his eyes but it disappeared just like that as he cleared his throat as if he was about to say something Suddenly, it seemed as if a whiff of a very faint and yet detectable scent reached him. He automatically sniffed at her, he frowned,."What were you been doing earlier? You stink." He approached her, this time he held her gently and started to sniff on her hair and then down on her exposed neck.

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