tagIncest/TabooJust Checking In Ch. 2

Just Checking In Ch. 2


Todd parked the minivan and rushed toward the front door. His emotions churned in his gut. The call to his daughter earlier had left him anxious and hopeful for more. He went through the door.

“Sweetie, I’m home!” he called out. No answer. Maybe he had imagined the whole thing? No, he was sure it was real. He went to the living room. No one there. The house was quiet. He went to Trudy’s room. No sign of her. He sighed and went to his room. He could hear giggling on the other side of the door.

As he open the door he saw them. His daughter Trudy and her best friend Summer were lying on the bed. Trudy was wearing a pair of silky pink panties and bra, and Summer was wearing the same except blue. There crotches were noticeably damp.

Trudy sat up. “Hi daddy.”, she giggled. “Glad your home. Are you going to spank me now?”

Todd didn’t waste any time. He strode across the room and with his big strong hands threw his daughter over his lap. He gave her ass a good hard slap. Trudy cried out, slightly surprised.

“So you think you can just get drunk whenever you fell like it huh?” he said, and slapped her ass again. His other hand reached under her to squeeze her tit. “And you think it’s okay to go through my things?” He spanked her again, and then again. “And you think it’s cute to be a little tease when I’m in traffic huh?” His hand came down on her ass audibly in a regular rhythm now. “Well, young lady, I’m going to teach you some manners.” He started spanking her harder and faster.

“Oh daddy, Ow! I’ll be good! Ow! Ow! OW!” Trudy moaned as her father abused her taut little ass. “Oh I’ve been such a dirty girl daddy, mmmm.” Trudy bit her lower lip. Her father’s hand was a blur as her ass turned bright pink. Trudy desperately rubbed her crotch against her father’s leg. Tears were running down her eyes.

Todd slipped a hand down the back of the silky panties and began to rub his daughter’s crotch. Trudy let out a moan.

“I see my little girl got very wet from her spanking,” her father said, bringing his fingers to her lips.

Summer had just been staring at this scene and rubbing her crotch. “Hey, Mr. Sullivan, you aren’t going to forget about my spanking are you?” she asked coyly. Todd turned his head, and Trudy wiggled out of his reach. She quickly undid her father’s zipper and his cock came springing out of his pants.

“Oh Mr. Sullivan! You are even bigger than I fantasized about!” Summer giggled, and then straddled his lap. Todd gave her ass a soft slap.

“You need to be punished too, you bad girl.” He gave her ass a swat. Summer yelped and then grinned, and ground her pantied crotch against his throbbing erection. Todd whacked her bottom again, and Summer moaned. She reached down and drew the material of her wet panties to one side. Todd began to spank her earnestly. Each time his palm would hit, she would grind her wet mound against him. Trudy reached around from Todd’s back and unbuttoned his shirt. Todd whacked Summer’s cute butt faster and faster. She yelled and moaned as his hand left large red marks. Summer shifted and with one fluid motion buried Todd’s cock up inside her wet cunt. Todd felt his daughter run her tongue over his back. He shivered and grabbed Summer’s hips, pulling her hard down onto his aching cock.

“Oh my God Mr. Sullivan, that’s so fucking good!” she screamed. “Yeah, yeah, give it to me harder! Fuck!”
“You like that you little slut? You better fucking love it!” Todd yelled. She was so tight and wet and perfect. She was just like he had always imagined her to be.

“Fuck her daddy,” he heard Trudy whisper in his ear, “Give that slut what she deserves.” She was pinching his nipples now, and he could feel her soft breasts running over his back.

“Oh god, wait, stop Mr. Sullivan. I have to pee,” Summer panted. All the alcohol earlier must have run through her system “Please. Let me up.”

“I don’t think so. You aren’t going anywhere until you cum for me.” Todd grinned maliciously, and began thrusting into her faster. “Cum on you little whore.”

“Oh God, oh please, Mr. Sullivan, Ah! I can’t hold it much longer! Oh my God! Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Ah! Oh Jesus Fuck Me God I’m Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!” Summer screamed as her cunt muscles squeezed Todd’s cock. She threw her arms around his back and shook violently as she came and pissed all over his cock. Her juices ran down his balls. Todd grunted and threw her to one side. His cock was soaked.

“Now, Trudy, get over here and suck your father’s cock.” Trudy crawled in front of her father and lowered her head onto his soaked crotch. First she just took the very head into her mouth and sucked softly. Todd groaned and took a fist full of his daughter’s red hair into each hand and began to pull her head further down his shaft. “That’s it. Suck daddy’s cock like the little fuck toy you are.” Trudy’s head bobbed up and down. Strands of her hair tickled his balls. Summer was now chewing softly on his shoulder and ear, and drawing little patterns on his back with her finger. His daughter’s drool coated his shaft. Trudy looked up at him and giggled, her fist pumping his cock achingly slow.

“Do I suck cock good daddy?” she asked, smiling at him. Summer snaked in and began flicking her tongue over the head of Todd’s cock. The two girls kissed and moaned into each other’s mouth, then each began licking up and down the side of the shaft. Summer took a testicle into her mouth and began to suck lightly on it while Trudy ran her tongue in circles over the head. Todd groaned.

“Oh, god yes, that’s wonderful sweetie,” Todd moaned. “Oh my God, Oh god, I think I’m going to cum…”

“Not yet daddy,” Trudy giggled. “You promised me you would fuck me in the ass.” She sat up and pulled her panties completely off, then got on her hands and knees on the bed. Todd knelt behind her. He slid his cock up and down the crack of his daughter’s ass, then slowly began to push his cock into her. Trudy moaned and bit her lip. Summer positioned herself under Trudy, and started licking her thighs.

“Fuck her ass Mr. Sullivan. Fuck her hard.” Summer teased as she bit at Trudy’s shaking thighs.

“Yes daddy. Please do it. Please fuck me. I need your cock in my asshole so badly. Yesss,” Trudy hissed. Her father slowly worked more and more of his cock deep inside her. He rotated his hips as he pushed deeper and deeper into his daughter’s tight asshole. Trudy’s legs were quivering. Summer reached up and gave a soft lick over Trudy’s clit, and then another one over the balls nestled next to her best friend’s ass. Father and daughter moaned together in unison as Todd slowly pulled his cock out and then sunk it back in again.

“Oh God daddy I’m so full” Trudy moaned as she desperately push back against her father’s thrust. “Oh god yes.” Summer was sucking on her clit now, and Todd began to thrust into his daughter’s ass faster and more surely.

“You like that don’t you little whore?” he said, pulling at Trudy’s hair. “You like it when daddy fucks your dirty asshole don’t you?“ His hips pounded against her butt, still red from the spanking a few minutes ago. Summer’s arms wrapped around her best friend’s waist as she ran her tongue over Trudy’s soft pink folds, catching the juice from her friend’s pussy.

“Oh fuck yesss, yes God it’s so fucking good! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me harder! I’m your little whore! Eat my fucking cunt Summer! Oh god! FUCK!” Trudy screamed. Todd jack hammered in and out of his daughter’s ass. Summer’s tongue was going wild over Trudy’s clit. Trudy pulled her head down to moan into her best friend’s pussy. She shook violently. “Oh god daddy I’m going to cum. Cum with me daddy. Make me your little whore. Make me yours. Cum in my fucking asshole. Please daddy. I need to be your slut. Oh god, Oh my fucking God, Yes, YES, YESSS!” Trudy thrashed as she began to cum. Her tight anal muscles clenched over Todd’s tortured cock, sending him over the edge. He began to cum more than he ever had in his life, spurting more and more incestuous seed inside his daughter. Todd pulled out. He was shaking and drained. Summer crawled up and began to lick the cum now dribbling out of her friends asshole, and then licked what little was left off of Todd’s cock.

The two girls sat up and the three of them kissed, their tongues coming together in luscious harmony.

“What dirty little girls you are,” Todd breathed happily. “Who wants another drink?”

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