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Just Desserts


David came home late from work, his briefcase hanging from almost nerveless fingers. As he dropped the case to the kitchen floor and let his suit jacket drop over it, he took in the dim candlelight, and heard the first soft strains of music from the stereo. One of Enya's songs, no doubt. His wife of two years, Lila, was a huge fan. But looking around, he didn't see her anywhere in the kitchen or living room of their cozy apartment, and she didn't answer when he called out to her.

However, the smell of the fresh plate of dinner did call to him, and his stomach answered with a ravenous growl. He sat down and tore into the meal. Sautéed pork chops, mashed potatoes drowning in melted butter, and fresh, hot biscuits, all washed down with Mogen David red concord wine. As he wiped the corners of his mouth, he reflected on how much better he felt. Lila was so thoughtful, making one of his favorite dinners like this...but the question still nagged him. Where was she?

As he lifted his plate, rising to put it in the sink, he got his clue. On a napkin, under his plate, was a note, reading only: "Dessert is in the bedroom. L." Setting the plate back down on the dining table, he walked to the bedroom, and opened the door. The sight that greeted him made his eyes widen, and his jaw fall slack.

Lila was there, laid out on her side on the bed, dressed only in a black garter belt and fishnet stockings. The rest of her lithe body was gloriously naked, from her dainty toes to her firm breasts and pale, swanlike throat. She smiled up at him as he took in the sight of her.

"I know you liked dinner, honey. Care for a taste of dessert?" she asked, waving a bottle of chocolate syrup slowly back and forth, like a pendulum. All he could do was lick his suddenly dry lips and nod, dumbstruck. And watch as she opened the bottle and slowly drizzled the syrup over her smooth, creamy skin, making spiral patterns over her breasts, belly, and down along her thighs...and the sweet junction where her thighs met.

David moved closer, loosening his tie, then throwing off his shirt. Tugging his pants down, he staggered to her, wearing only his boxers, and knelt before her as she offered him one syrup-sticky hand. He took it, and began to lick and suck the syrup from each slender finger. Lila smiled at him, and drew him closer. His mouth was soon cleaning her shoulder, then her collarbones and breasts. As he licked the syrup from her nipples, she stiffened and gasped in pleasure, grasping his head in her arms. His tongue moved down her body, cleansing her belly of the sweet, dark fluid, while the flood of pleasure he was creating in her was stirring up her own juices.

As he teasingly licked the inside of one thigh, then the other, getting so close to her freshly shaven pussy without actually touching it, she groaned in frustration, wanting more from him, but being denied time and time again.

"Quit teasing me, you bastard, and lick me. You know I need it!" she hissed at him heatedly, tightening her fingers in his hair and drawing his face up so that he could see the lust that burned in her eyes. He smiled softly, and gently lowered his face again, hearing a purr of approval as she felt his hot breath, and then his soft lips, on her sticky mound.

He licked and sucked on her sweet sex then, cleaning the syrup off of her tender folds thoroughly, savoring the tastes that mingled on his exploring tongue, which now writhed deeper into her hottest chamber. She moaned and twisted on the bed, courtesy of his ministrations, her pleasure washing through her like a series of tidal waves. When his lips wrapped around her swollen clit, she felt the first pulses. When he sucked on it in a slow rhythm, she exploded into bliss, wrapping her legs around him and cherishing every ripple of sensation that he had brought her.

When the aftershocks had settled, she held him, lightly stroking the length of his cock, which had gone neglected thus far. Reaching for the bottle of chocolate syrup, she tugged his boxers off.

"Okay, love, you had your dessert. Now it's my turn." she said, licking her lips hungrily.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/11/17

What lovely sweet.
When was in the RAF one of my mates was just about to get married and he asked me if I had any suggestions I jokingly said put a protective sheet on the bed get some treacle or runnymore...

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