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Just My Imagination


Was it just my imagination when I would see my wife chatting with the landscaper that she would rub his bicep and laugh in a way that was more than customer and client? Was it my imagination that my wife upon my arrival at home if she was on the phone would chuckle in that high lilting voice that was a different tone than she spoke with her girlfriends? Was it my imagination that my wife wore practically nothing while she sunbathed by the pool always when the pool guy was there? Was it my imagination that all the service guys were all studs and all seemed to come to our house on Saturday when I was always working?

I'm not sure if it was my imagination or not, but it seemed to me that there were an awful lot of coincidences around our house and it could be my imagination. I would never ask my wife outright though. Since I had lost my lucrative job, we were forced to live on my wife's salary albeit six figures, and we wanted for nothing she insisted I take a menial job to 'help with expenses' as she put it until I was able to get a 'real job.' The job I now had was working 6 am to 2pm every day but Sunday at a Dunkin' Donuts near our house. Saturday's I also had another part time job from 2 pm to 6 pm meaning on Saturday's I worked 12 hours straight making me exhausted on Sunday.

My forty year old wife Mae is twelve years younger than I am, with her long lustrous red hair with 38F breasts, a 36 inch waist and 50 inch hips is luscious at 5'7" and 190lbs and sports a size 14 dress. She works for a high profile medical company in their corporate office and loves to wear clothes that flaunt her figure. We married after I basically had to beg her as our first couple of dates didn't go to well once we hit the bedroom. Standing a scant 5'4" a bit on the chubby side with a cock that only grows to four inches when rock hard; I am not the most physically imposing guy. Mae agreed to go out with me after I had met her at a convention. Long story short I had some serious premature ejaculation issues on our first two dates first when Mae removed her top in the bedroom, and secondly when she showed up for dinner at the restaurant with no bra and I had a little accident in my pants. I ended up on both occasions satisfying her with my tongue and she agreed to a third date.

It was clear that I was enamored and in love with her and she treated me as a whimsical dalliance but I persisted. I drained my savings, bought her a huge diamond and proposed promising my body, mind, and soul if she would accept. I slipped the ring on her finger and pleaded with her to marry me. She accepted and within a month the company Mae worked for bought out my company and I was out of a job. My self esteem plummeted and it showed up in the bedroom and Mae became more and more aggressive, insisting that I pleasure her with my tongue each night before bed. Soon I was licking her pussy and ass faithfully every night professing my love for her. Mae would toy with my cock for a few seconds and I would spurt on her hand and she would make me lick it up.

That's when I began wondering if my imagination was running wild on me or if the things I was seeing and feeling were real. We had more handymen around our house of late than I had ever seen, but Mae was paying for them so I couldn't very well object. Painters, landscapers, plumbers, pool guys, all showed up on different Saturday's while I slaved away twelve hours a day. Sometimes I would come home at 6pm exhausted to find my gorgeous wife laughing, joking, groping and fondling the hired help. When they would motion to me she would simply wave me off and whisper something in their ear and they would both laugh hysterically.

One night she wandered into the bedroom wearing high heel boots and black thigh highs and stood in front of a full length mirror we had showing me her ass and said, "Do these boots make my ass look big?" and laughed. Before I could answer she threw on a tight tube top with no bra and a short denim skirt, grabbed her purse and said she was heading out for a night with the girls and for me not to wait up as she knew I was exhausted after my long day and she would more than likely be out late. I lay there with pictures of her running through my mind wondering where she was and who she was with. After not being able to sleep I dialed her phone at 10pm and was greeted with a slightly out of breath Mae saying hello. I asked her if everything was alright and she said yes she was just out of breath from walking up the stairs to a club her and the girls were at. She then told me that she was going to lose signal going into the club and she'd be home late and not to wait up and the line went dead.

Touching myself while I held a pair of Mae's panties in my hand smelling her scent and tasting the crotch I shot my load and went back to bed hoping to find sleep. I drifted off around midnight and was awoken at 3am with the garage door opening and Mae's car driving in. She came into the bedroom, dropped her purse on the floor and saw that I was awake and said she had had a great night but was very horny and wanted me to lick her pussy. Dutifully I knelt by the side of the bed while Mae lay back naked and spread her lips. She was soaking wet and her pussy tasted salty. Was it my imagination or was there some guys cum in my wife's pussy? It didn't matter, all that mattered was Mae's happiness so I sucked it up and licked her pussy and ass cleaning the cum out and telling her how much I loved her. After her third orgasm she drifted off to sleep and I was left staring at her naked gorgeous body.

The next morning Sunday was our only day together and Mae slept in late. I prepared a lavish breakfast in bed for her and served it to making sure I licked her to another orgasm to start the day. I was doing the dishes while Mae showered and I had just put the last dish away when she came into the kitchen wearing high heels, tight fitting jeans, and a black leotard with no bra, her purse over her shoulder. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said that her boss had called and she had to go into work for a couple of hours. I was downhearted and felt beaten. I dared not question her, and instead worked at finishing my chores. I always hated her boss Josh as he was tall, good looking, arrogant and was instrumental in the buy out that cost me my job. Mae on the other hand made no bones about telling me what a hunk she thought he was.

Mae called me late in the afternoon telling me that Josh had invited her to go out on his boat with him and some of his buddies for a little rest and relaxation after their long day. She told me not to wait dinner for her and she'd send me a picture from the boat. Sure enough several hours later I started receiving photos on my cell phone from Mae. The first one was of her and Josh arms around each other at the dock. The next couple of shots were of Mae and three of Josh's college buddies all on deck with their shirts off, six pack abs glistening in the sun. The next picture startled me and caused me to get hard and jealous at the same time. It was a naked photo of Mae spread out on the deck sunbathing! One was of her spread eagle on her back and the other spread eagle on her front, the captions read: 'ooops! Forgot my bathing suit! Hope you don't mind!'

What could I do? This wasn't my imagination. This was my wife being naked in front of her boss and three of his college buddies. I paced the floor, but what did it really mean? So she was naked, it didn't mean she was having sex did it? I looked at the pictures on my phone, took my cock out and jerked off furiously.

I received a text from Mae telling me that Josh had dropped his three buddies off at the dock and the two of them were going to stay on board and have dinner. I texted her back and told her I didn't think it was appropriate that she was naked in front of Josh and his friends. This incensed her and she shot me back a stern text telling me that I wasn't her father and I had no say in who she showed her body to or for that matter, what she did with it. She told me she'd show me inappropriate! And then nothing, an hour went by, and then two. I was going crazy until finally my phone lit up saying I had a video message. I clicked on the message and was greeted with a video feed from Mae's phone. Her beautiful face came into focus as it was obvious someone was holding the phone on her face. "Hey there baby I thought I'd show you what inappropriate is!" and with that the camera panned out and Mae was holding a huge wet cock in her hand. She put her mouth on it and took the whole thing which must have been eight inches all the way down her throat. She pulled it out and stroked it a few times and looking straight into the camera said, "Josh's cock tastes so good and is so big! A LOT bigger than your little thing which I'm sure is dripping pre cum all over now!" She went back to sucking his cock and I watched as she gave him a thirty minute blow job; something I could never imagine lasting through. As his cock grew hard I knew he was going to cum and sure enough he came and she swallowed every drop. She licked the head of his cock running her tongue around the glistening tip and looked straight into the camera and said, "MMMM does that taste good! If you're a good boy maybe I'll bring some home for you to taste!" They both laughed and the video feed went dead.

I couldn't believe it! My imagination then began to run wild picturing what they were doing together while I was home with my tiny cock dripping just like Mae said. She knew me that was for sure! The rest of the evening I went about making the house look spectacular for Mae, I had candles lit, wine poured, lights dim, all in the hopes that she would forgive me for questioning her. At ten pm she rolled in the door and held up her hand alerting me to not say a word. She crooked her finger for me to follow her to the bedroom which I did obediently. While she stripped her clothes off she handed me her phone which had several pictures of her and Josh naked that had been taken with the phone's auto timer. One was of the two of them naked on opposite ends of the couch with Mae's feet playing with Josh's cock. The next was of one of her sitting on his cock while he sucked on her nipple her head thrown back in ecstasy. And the last was of the two of them facing forward with Josh behind her and her sitting on the edge of the bed legs spread one of his hands on her tit and one buried between her legs with her arm wrapped around his neck pulling him towards her as he kissed her neck. She flopped on the bed as I sat the phone down on the nightstand. Spreading her legs and then her lips she said, "Come taste your inappropriate wife's pussy and taste how good Josh's cum is!" I fell to my knees and lapped furiously at her pussy and her ass licking like a wild man not wanting to anger my beautiful wife any more. I licked her through two pussy orgasms and one anal orgasm. As my beautiful rubenesque wife drifted off to sleep I wondered was it my imagination or had I tasted that cum before?

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