tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust One Hour Ch. 05

Just One Hour Ch. 05


If you want to know how my snooty sister-in-law Debbie got herself enslaved in the most insane bordello in the world; you can read her journey in the earlier chapters. If you don't really care then jump straight in. Remember anyone can visit her there if your fantasies are worthy enough-just drop me a mail with your nasty requests. Finc

Kris sat back in the cool air-conditioned world of the private limo. The brightly coloured street whisked by, the afternoon a simmering, steaming haze after the intense midday sun. The folded portfolio on the seat showed idle ticks and circles, evidence she hadn't really been concentrating anymore on the day's negotiations. It had been a great business deal, but somewhere in the day concentration had begun to wander. Business was everything; but ever since she realised she needed to come personally to secure the contract her mind and thoughts had been split.

She had been to this hot humid place once before, but on that occasion it had been for a very different reason. It was here she had her first and last experience of an elite underground club. Now years on it was an opportunity to revisit that very special place; a place where the most bizarre sex games could be acted out with captive angels. The down payment had been transferred yesterday; you see it cost $2000 just for them to answer your enquiry. And if they don't like the sound of your enquiry you don't even get a reply. The accounts are untraceable; they only want the most serious to even try contacting them. The place was an urban myth in elite circles, but she knew better

Kris was already a member, inducted two years back by her ex steel magnet partner. The experience had been terrifying, disgusting and totally lacking in morality; but so exciting too. After, she told herself to forget, that it wasn't right, that it wasn't for a lady such as her. And it had worked until now. But like a moth straying too close to a porch lantern she had reason to be here, to be so close that she found it impossible to resist temptation. It was like a voice in her head urging her on. But things today had not gone to plan.

They had rung that morning as the early forties multi-millionairess passed through the airport arrivals. As she signalled to the limousine waiting to collect her she answered the call.

"Yes Kris speaking?"

"Do you wish to make a request?" Came a question without even an introduction.

She realised instantly, "it was them!"

Her heart raced. The last time it had been her partner's party, now this was hers alone. She replied quickly in a sweet voice. "I'm in town today and I wanted... er," pausing unsure, someone who did million dollar deals unsure.

She continued." I... wanted an hour?"

"When?" Was the ice cold response.

"Today, like I said I'm just in town and I..."

"Today?" The phone voice said incredulous.

"Yes?" She replied with a grimace already realising by the tone of voice she was asking too much.

"Impossible!" Was the swift reply. Then the phone went dead.

She cursed herself, not for the lost money but foolishness. They hated surprises and rich or not did she think she was booking tickets to the opera?

That had been this morning and all day throughout the important meeting the thoughts of what had been denied clouded her concentration. As the beautifully groomed blonde sat through presentation and graph after graph her mind was on other matters. If only she had known she was coming earlier she might have gotten an appointment.

The opposite chairman coughed nervously a number of times bringing his attractive visitor attention back to the board room table. For her it was a long day.

Kris was glad when the finally deal had been done and she could get out of this damn city. Now as she sat in the airport bound limo the phone rang again.

She answered with a tired voice then nearly dropped the handset. "It was them again!"

"We now have a vacancy." Announce the ice cold feminine voice.

"But I'm on the way..." Kris blurted out before even thinking.

"We are behind you now," the voice explained Kris spinning her head trying to see a car following. "Are you still interested in a reservation?" The voice had the arrogant disinterested slant of an exclusive restaurant.


She gulped realising she only had moments to decide. "Very well I'm pulling over," she said decisively and a little too loudly.

Her heart was racing, her breast heaving inside her tight expensive blouse and black suit.

The limo dipped down a side street then the black business attired Kris stepped out, the driver confused but not questioning. She signalled for the limo to leave and looking around nervously dialled on her phone. Gus her current toy boy answered. She was controlling her breathing as she explained the deal had gone on longer and there were loose ends. She'd be staying tonight taking a flight tomorrow. Her lover laughed, there were always complications and to ring him later this evening.

As she finished the call a sinister big BMW pulled up alongside, its windows blacked out. She was aware of two people in the front seats. It remain stationary the engine on idle.

The business woman opened the rear door and sat down. As the car moved off neither of the two front seat occupants turned to her. The driver was a shaven headed heavyset man looking all the way a hired gun. The passenger was a slim blonde woman, dressed in black, a device on her lap.

She passed it over her shoulder still looking at the busy street.

"Your payment is $20,000; please process." Kris was going to complain, sessions were priced to the extremity of sex game. "But I only..."

The blonde woman looking like some super bitch cut her short. "A client sadly died today. He had a double session and both were $20,000." She turned to look with a beautiful impassive face. "He had a heart attack on his first session of the day." Her eyes fix the blonde babes surprised stare, "do you want his session or not?"

Kris kicked herself, "fuck; just do it, what the fuck! The money was irrelevant. Why the hell was she arguing?" Her thoughts snapped angrily frustrated with herself.

She nodded quickly inserting the card in the hand held machine making the transaction.

The super bitch handed over a hood and Kris placed it over her long blonde locks, pulling it down over her high cheek boned face. Obscured from the outside world by mirrored glass she sat in darkness. Kris wasn't too nervous; she kept reminding herself she'd done this before.


It had been weeks in this hellhole but Debbie still resisted. She knew it was easier to be complaint, to submit but her mind refused. She thought she was defying them but in truth her disgust and angry fire retained her premium value. They didn't need mindless exhausted sex dummies. Well not unless the client requested that, then a drug concoction was administered. No, what they offered for the expense was resistance and refusal. And in that department Debbie was not disappointing her clients one bit.

The days were the same in their horrific metronome frequency. First a morning sex session then an afternoon session. In between were showers, rest, forced exercise, food, bed and nothing more. She knew she was not alone in here; hearing moans through insulated walls. No doubt the source was nearer to high pitch shrills muffled by sound deadening concrete and foam. Her captor if there was only one she saw mostly by the green tint of his night vision goggles or as a shadow in the doorway as another "dirty scum bastard pervert" entered to spend an hour with her. Those she saw many of.

The men she couldn't forget. Some were masked others more blatant, rampant in their obscene appearance. All slavering sex crazed creatures, the money, the dungeon and Debbie herself a heady mix of erotic overdosing for these clients. The last visitor was as demented as any. If ever there had been poetic justice then her last session was it.

As she sat waiting on the high back chair she remembered back with quiet satisfaction to those mornings events.

The sex cell had been pitch-black early that day. Debbie struggled to keep her toes touching the floor. Her arms were aching as above her head her wrists were tied together suspending her from a chain and ceiling attached pulley. Her shoulder blades were pulled in tits thrusting out. The curve of her fantastic figure accentuated down her spine to the taut uplifted ass, everything tensed in this stretch position. She was naked and in the humid blackness dripping with sweat. Her mouth was gagged with a hollow rubber ball as it had many times before. She wasn't sure how long she'd been hanging there in darkness; sometimes she waited hours while the clients prepared themselves. She'd been escorted from her holding cell by "the green haze" in total darkness not bothering to beg or try to reason today. The captor had spoken as he used his night goggles to see while he tied and stretch her into position.

"You're proving very popular," he had said in a quiet slow paced voice. "I have many re-bookings for you already."

He stroked down her back admiring her in the all green tint. He smiled seeing her arrogant upturned nose and snapped shut lips, refusing to talk today. As he fastened the ball gag in her mouth he mocked her arrogance. "You're in excellent shape and premium quality. I see no reason why you can't have a career with us lasting many years." He smiled seeing her eyes go even wider in the pitch blackness; that thought sinking in.

Now hanging in darkness for ages she heard the door open but saw nothing apart from the glow of green night vision goggles. For a moment it remained open a person was entering, but not the green glow; that disappeared as the door slammed shut. Someone was breathing in an excited pant searching near the wall. Moments latter the long bank of humming neon lights flickered then sprang into glowing life. Debbie closed her eyes hearing someone continue moving about. She squinted slowly the light painful, opening her lids bit by bit until she could use her vision again.

"Hello my dear," he gasped trying to keep his excited breathing in check, "I'll be your inquisitor for today."

She tried not to react, every time she tried but it was difficult. Her body stiffened a little as she slightly twisted on the pulley chain her mouth making a gruff sound in frustration and disgust. "Oh fuck," she thought, "not another interrogation fetish."

The man in front of her was fat, blubbery fat, and bullet head bald with pig pink skin. Lots of it. He reminded her of some fat Germanic baron from a movie; only the monocle missing. His accent was from that part of the world too, an arrogant east European slant. But his words were in English. He was naked apart from rubber boots under a big rubber apron an obvious crotch hole cut in the front of it. Around her was a cell converted to his needs. A workbench, this chain type pulley she was dangling from and on the floor in front of her a machine with cables that she knew was some type of big battery.

The man stood for a moment admiring the stretch lovely, her porcelain white skin was beginning to bronze with copious amounts of sweat, her long brunette hair in a pony tail her full lips a crimson red. His cock was hardening at the sight of those thrusting globe tits, indeed as described. "Like bug eyed headlights on an hourglass figure." He wondered if to poke his erect member through the rubber apron hole..." no he'd wait a while."

Henrick had been here before but not with this girl. How he made his fortune in the collapse of communism when he was young is of no matter only that he represented the ideal client, a man who does not flinch at spending $40,000 dollars on a day's extreme game. He'd booked a double session he always remembered after the fact something he'd wished he'd done at the time. This way he could have a fine lunch and return refreshed in stamina and creativity later on.

He came closer his hand stroking up the side of her waist all the way up to her stretch arm; then down again curling around to fondle her ass. He stuck his pug nose up close to her impressive heaving breasts sniffing like an animal, his licking lips already glistening with saliva.

"I'm going to make you beg for my cock," he whispered in an excited husk. "Oh and by the time you can beg, you'll mean it trust me." Debbie gagged mouth coughed but could not respond anymore. "I want a confession. Admit you love it here, love being treated as a rich mans plaything."

The buzzer sounded and he looked at his watch, he knew they were very particular about time, not a minute more, not a minute less. He looked around. "Ah there it was as ordered."

Debbie's head turned to one side as the bucket of tepid water splashed against her shoulder and neck, rivulets rushing down her body like over a wondrous undulating land. Her eyes were wide; dark pupils looking straight at him her jaw biting on her gag. "Ah yes beautiful," he whined almost like a child.

He came closer again gripping her behind her back pulling her tits onto his slobbering mouth; his fat lips biting and taking long teat stretching sucks. His angry slurping mouth was dribbling spittle to the floor, his jaw opening as wide as possible.

"Bigger!" He growled teeth pinching and pulling, "get bigger you hot little bitch."

She twisted and danced on the spot his fingers now rubbing together, nipples held tightly elongating at his attention. "Good you can't stop them hardening can you?" He laughed; Debs face flush with embarrassment and anger. His big rubbery lips licked, his eyes mesmerised by her fabulous melons. Like hard ripe fruits defying the pull of gravity.

He pulled away his cock slapping on the inside of his rubber skirt. He bent down picking up the clamps, Metal pincers tensioned to bit shut unless pressed strongly. Each one was attached to a yellow cable running down to the battery.

He grinned making the pincers snap like two angry creatures.

Debbie shook her head as he waved them in front of her face. "Why did she do that?" Her own mind snapped in anger," you're just pleasing him more!"

He nodded in excitement as if hearing her thoughts; yes he wanted her to be scared.

"Now stop wriggling while I connect you up." He said in an impatient school master type voice. His own apparent indifference making his cock twitch like crazy.

Her nipples were now easy targets; full succulent bolts Debbie biting on her gag as the pincer jaws gripped one then the other. A quick strip of duct tape and both breast were secured, her teats clamped and firmly attached.

He stood back switching a dial on the battery machine to his desired setting, then holding a switch a bit like a cigarette lighter on a lead. His finger hovered above it like he was about to blow up a bridge. He felt his stiff cock tapping inside his apron eager to come out to play.

"It was time to show her, show her how pleased he was."

He reached inside his apron pushing his hard curved cock out and up his balls also spitting through the rubber hole, so he stood there his manhood exposed in all its glory around a black backdrop of rubber. His free hand went down to stroke his cock as he pressed the trigger." Now dance my dear!"

Debbie felt her tits swell the electricity like needles on her nipples her whole body stiffening. Her eyes crossed her head thrown back. It was a long but bearable burst her body juddering, ass clenching so much she thought she'd suck herself inside out.


He stopped to allow her body to relax her limbs to give way and her arms take the weight of her slumped form. Through the hole of the ball gag she gasped for air. He studied her panting dripping body, wild eyes, bedraggled hair matted to her face. Her thighs were apart as each ankle was in a leather hoop pulled towards a ring in the floor. She hung legs apart twisting at the surge of energy.

It was a fantastic sight. His cock and balls had swollen so much he doubted he could pull them back through the rubber apron hole even if he wanted to.

After a few moments he repeated the shock treatment, then again, then again, over and over. The room hissed with electricity the hot babe's tits seeming to glow and expand. Her eyes rolled her body a dripping mess as she jerked back and forth.


He lifted the battery pack onto the table adjusting the dials again. She'd get more this time. He pressed the switch again.

Debbie's hair was standing on end her body arched forward on tip toe, back curved tits thrusting so far forward as if trying to escape her body. He left the power on looking at the tools on his table. There were rubber spiked dildos, hoses and bladders; all his chosen toys. Finding a smaller wire clip he grunted in satisfaction turning and casually flicking off the power not even looking at her.

Debs gave a muffled moan her breath returning her knees turning in as she slumped; her arms taking her weight. "Jesus," she thought to herself the room spinning, "I can't take much more of this."

Then she saw what he planned next."Oh God no!"

He attached the wire to another node of the battery pack and as Debbie struggled to resist he knelt down between her legs. His dirty finger ran up to her shaved slit probing finger and thumbs gripping pulling. "Yes your clit," he said seeing she understood his intentions, "give it to me, hurry I'm paying by the minute,"

Debbie felt the little teeth of the crocodile clip bite her fleshy bud. Her face red at how causally and easily he played with her body.

Standing legs apart rampant and proud his cock tapping his apron he then pressed the switch again.


The sensation was unbelievable her nerves endings alight her eyes seeing spots then almost white out. Her nipples were on fire and she imagined smoke billowing from her tits points and any second an explosion from between her legs. Her pelvis jerked forward her mind imagining her clit like a balloon filled with helium rapidly until it popped. "Ohhh God," her mind screamed, understanding already that she would indeed confess, beg for his cock and be thankful of it. "Anything to stop this!"

Pleased with her shaking head and wild pleading eyes he looked at his watch then reduced the power to minimal ebb and flowing tide. The sweat was beading in her eye sockets her red lips awash with saliva, the new humming sensation making her groan and moan through the gag.

"Tingles doesn't it?" He laughed.

He checked the dial again then moved closer unlashing a cute ankle then the other. He could feel the tingle in his hands like strong static making his fingers a little numb. His mouth drooled as he thought what it was doing to her clit. Seeing her beautiful eyes react to the power made his erection like steel.

He would come in her now. That would leave just enough time to get hard again before his session ended. And he would get hard again. Now he'd exhausted her with electrodes it would be easy to lay her on the workbench play anal games with the bladder and hoses. He looked at that open red-lipped mouth. She'd talk filth to him pleading to let her suck him dry rather than let a balloon grow so big it exploded inside her. And after he'd come she say thank you with such relief. He was sure of that. They always did.

Kneeling down he unfastened her ankles from their binds. He then gripped her hot toned thighs pulling them up and out. His pink stiff cock looked like an attachment to his black apron the head searching for her entrance.

He angled his tip pushing in past the warm crocodile clip his cock feeling the electricity rush down his rod to his balls. He gave a groan of excitement, just bearable enough his sack feeling the power of the battery his own body tensing tightening his erection inside her hot deep tunnel.

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