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Just One of The Guys?


Sex has always been my favorite hobby and I believe that sex should be full of fun and adventure. I remember my first sexual adventure at the age of 16 and recall that I didn't really enjoy it. But then neither my partner nor I were very experienced. I have to say that over the years I have gotten much better at sex and thoroughly enjoy a good fucking. Although I can't speak for my first partner because I haven't seen him in over 30 years. As you can guess from that statement that I'm currently 46 but don't look even close to that. I have developed many talents over those years and have to say that I'm damn good at fucking and sucking cock and I can say that I obtain huge pleasure from doing both.

I want to relate a personal favorite experience from my early days of sexual realization.

This was during the early 80's a time when I was discovering my love of sexual pleasure. I was young, (or at least younger than I am now), and I was 5'6", 130 pounds, 38D chest, great ass (if I do say so myself), blonde curly hair and blue eyes. For some reason in life I've always gotten along much better with men than women. (Women can be such jealous bitches at times. Me along with all the other women), and despite the fact that I am a woman, I usually get treated like one of the guys. Or maybe I should say I was treated like one of the guys with 38D breasts.

I was hanging out at my favorite bar in the late afternoon having a drink with my bartender friend and some of his buddies. Keith the bartender and I had spent the morning in bed doing some good hard fucking before he had to go to work. That day, the guys decided to see if they could embarrass me and make me blush by relating sex stories. Since Keith was the only guy there who really knew me, the guys didn't know what they were getting into. They began to regal me with stories of fucking ready and willing women which didn't faze me at all. The men then started talking of strip clubs and their adventures there. This discussion led to the guys deciding we were all going to a strip club thinking that I wouldn't have the courage to go. Needless to say we all piled into Keith's car to go to the strip club down the street.

We walked into the club and found a place down front to sit. It had become early evening and I was somewhat surprised at the many men who were already at the club. The current stripper was doing her thing on the stage and I noticed that the men in the club had turned to look at me walking in and sitting down instead of observing her work. Other than the current entertainer and the bartender, I was the only other woman in the club. I also noticed that I had a better chest and ass than the woman on the stage (another if I do say so myself statement).

The dancer moved across the platform and began to dance in front of the guys and me. Licking her lips and rocking her hips in our direction. That's when the guys noticed that she seemed to be more interested in showing off for me than she was for the guys. She was running her hands over her breasts and down her belly toward her g-string and sliding her fingers to her barely concealed pussy. Of course the guys noticed the special attention she was giving me and began to encourage her on. She got down on her knees with her legs wide spread and pushed her barely covered pussy toward me. The guys were intently watching to see what I would do. Due to the fact that we had partaken in some weed on the way to the strip club and the fact that I was surrounded by men watching me, I was so incredibly turned on and was so ready to fuck almost anything.

Much to the amazement of the men I was with, I moved closer to the platform and the dancer to get a closer look at that obviously shaved pussy, and those pert breasts. With my move, she stepped down off the platform, looked me in the eyes and straddled my lap facing me. She then proceeded to give me one of the best French kisses I have ever had. (I do have this theory that you can tell how well a man fucks by how well he kisses. I wasn't sure about women and kissing, but I knew she was damn good.) She reached to pull off my t-shirt and the guys with me helped her strip off my shirt and quickly unhooked my bra to release those 38D's of mine. Her lips left my mouth and bent down to suck on my hardening nipples. Her teeth nipped at my left nipple and her fingers pinched my right. My hands pulled her head down harder on my tits to get her to suck and bite harder. She squeezed hard on my tits and began to suck and bite around my large breasts. This just sets me on fire, I love to see marks on my tits and get so turned on later looking at them that I can easily cum again. She ground her pussy onto my lap and I could feel that I was getting very wet. I needed to feels hands on my dripping cunt. We stood up and the guys unzipped my jeans and stripped me naked. They pushed us down on the stage platform and she and I began to kiss deeply again and our hand roamed over each others body.

At this point none of the male patrons minded that the stripper had stopped dancing, and had gathered around to watch the new show on the stage. I was oblivious to anything going on around us, I just wanted more of the woman who was now moving her mouth from my tits down toward my pussy. Her fingers were rubbing circles on my clit, and then running around the opening to my cunt. I needed so much more. I raised up my hips and she took my clit in her mouth and began to suck, flicking her tongue over the sensitive bud. "Please, please more, fuck me" I begged. With that she slid one finger into my already sopping pussy. She curled her finger and began to massage what I knew to be my g spot. Within a minute I started to gush and screamed "I'm coming, oh please don't stop." Our audience began to cheer and shout to see me squirt. She pushed more fingers into my pussy and began to rapidly fuck my cunt hard and furious. My hips were raised up and I was bucking against her hand to take more in.

Now, I have to say that I'm not gay or bisexual but at this point in time I so wanted to taste this woman's pussy. I sat up and began to lick my juices off her fingers and hand, then moved to lick all my juices from her mouth and lips, which caused the surrounding men to cheer again. After I had my fill of my own taste, I laid her back and began to lick and suck my way down her body. Stopping at her breasts to return the favor she did on mine. While her nipple was in my mouth and between my teeth, my hand slid down toward her shaved pussy. I could feel the wetness on her g-string and pulled it to the side so I could feel that shaved smooth skin. I began to lick at her clit and run my tongue over that bald pussy tasting her delightful cunt. I planted my fingers in her pussy and my mouth on her clit and began to eat my first pussy.

As I said before I've always been a sexual person, but I didn't mention that I can never get enough fucking. I raised up my head from eating and looked around at the swarm of men around us and said "I've got a empty pussy here and I need someone to fill it. Who's going to be the first to fuck me?" Which led to a mad scramble to see who could get his cock out first and into me. There was no problem of waiting for any man to get hard, because I could tell that most of the crowd was already hard and ready.

I couldn't see who was the lucky man to fuck me first, and I didn't really care. I just knew I now had a big hard cock filling my waiting cunt. He began to pound me from behind, and I was in heaven. As I said before I'm not gay or bi, and I so much prefer cock to pussy and I had to say to the dancer, "I'm sorry honey, but I have to have a hard cock to suck and fuck" and she replied "no problem, baby, I want some of that too." She then called out "hey, I need some of those cocks too". So my friend Keith obliged her by sliding his cock into her waiting pussy.

One of the guys that came with me put his waiting cock in my mouth and I began to do one of my favorite things which is suck cock. The first man had shot a big load of cum in my pussy and the next man took his place. He was bigger than the first man and I could feel his cock so deep in my pussy.

One thing I haven't mentioned is that I can have many, many multiple orgasms and I hadn't stopped cuming since the dancer made me squirt. The huge cock shooting cum in my pussy sent me over to the edge to another massive orgasm. I could feel warm cum drip out of my pussy and down my legs and I wanted more! My ass was ready for a cock.

The next man I licked and sucked to rock hard I wanted in my ass. When I stopped sucking his cock, I said "you get to be the first to fuck my ass". Which made the men cheer again. Since I was still on my knees, he positioned his hard cock at my ass and lubricated with all the extra cum dripping out of my pussy. He slowly began to push his cock into my ass moving out each time he pushed in further. The teasing was killing me, I pushed back against his cock and yelled "fuck my ass hard NOW!". He began to ram his cock into my ass hard and deep. It felt so good. The next cock I sucked and licked I knew where I wanted it. I said "baby put that cock in my pussy, I want both of you fucking me". It took a bit of maneuvering to get both cocks in me, and a few moments to work on the timing, but soon I was getting the full double penetration. Both men were wildly fucking both holes and I could feel that they were about ready to cum. My pussy and ass were ready to be filled with that hot cum. I yelled, "boys, it's time to explode and fill me with your cum". With that the cock in my ass began to throb and I could feel the cum shooting into me. Within in a few seconds the cock in my pussy was shooting his cum in me, which sent me into a the most massive orgasm I have ever had.

By the end of this session I had fucked and sucked every man in the club at least once and some numerous times. I was fully sated and filled with cum. Now the guys know that I'm not really just one of the guys and there is nothing they can do or say to make me blush.

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