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Just Something that Happened


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"We worship the flaw, the belly, the belly,
the mole on the belly of an exquisite whore."

        Patti Smith, Babelogue

I wish it were more, something beyond the money, something worth everything I risked, something spiritual, something exotic, something... Fuck, it was nothing, it was not nothing, it was something, just something that happened, something that shouldn't have happened, but did. It was easy, after a half dozen tequila solos anything is easy and so this was easy. Hell, we didn't even speak the same language and it was easy, easy as, "You want sucky?" "How much?" "Sucky is twenty," and we both agreed. All that we lacked for the deal to be complete followed one last lick across the salty hand, a quick gulp and the tart bite into the lime.

She took my hand and led me around the dance floor where other transactions were occurring among the flashes of flesh, the sudden groping and the rhythmic grind. "I'm Erica," she had shouted over the music. More English? I didn't plan to do much talking so I silently followed the tiny woman down the dimly lit corridor into a small room, thankfully cool from the air conditioner.

As I unbuttoned my shirt I watched her remove the short dress, kick off her shoes and remove her bra, exposing her small, unremarkable breasts. I pulled off my shoes, my pants and underwear and in my stocking feet followed her to the bathroom. She ran the water, grabbed the soap and lathered up. Sliding her soapy fingers over my hard cock, she washed it thoroughly, working the suds around the head, running her thumb down over the tiny hole several times and then scrubbing both hands down the length of the shaft. It might have been enjoyable had it been a bit less mechanical and were it not for the implication of what I was exposing myself to.

Before I could think much more on it all, she had grabbed a damp rag and carefully rinsed the soap off before drying it with a towel. I watched as she climbed onto the bed, her hair cut very short, covering perhaps half her ears, reaching only slightly down her thin neck. She was thin, and though her panties were still on, I could see how nicely formed her hips and ass were. I wanted to see her naked, but wasn't sure the twenty dollars we agreed upon covered that and was afraid to ask. Instead I just followed her onto the bed, noticing her laugh at the sight of me, naked except for my white socks. Hell, my money was tucked into my socks, I couldn't take them off.

It might have been nice to kiss her, run my hands through her hair and then down over her breasts, but again, I was unsure so I simply leaned back, resting on my elbows so I could watch as she moved onto her knees and leaned over me. Gently grabbing my erection with her hands, she began stroking as she lowered her head down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. The warm, wet, gentle sensations rolling over my cock were pleasurable, but not exceedingly so. The sight of such a small woman moving her mouth up and down over my cock, her pointed breasts dangling slightly, the firm ass, hidden in pink and black print panties was exciting, but, once again, it wasn't overwhelming. Perhaps if I wasn't so drunk it might have been more.

While she continued, bobbing her head faster now, sucking me harder, I reached up and grabbed her ass, squeezing it through her panties. After a few moments, feeling emboldened, I moved my hand and slipped it into the panties and let the palm of my hand slide down over the soft skin of her firm ass. Sensations built in my cock as I squeezed her tiny ass and suddenly, the pleasure intensified and without notice I came, the first spurt splashing into her mouth as she jerked her head back, her hand still stroking my cock. It spurted again and again, splashing the warm liquid up on my stomach.

When I finished coming, she grabbed a towel, spit the cum from her mouth into it and then wiped the remainder of my jism off my stomach. An odd sense of pride splashed over me as I realized how I surprised her. She hadn't planned for me to come in her mouth yet I experienced it, the initial spurt into the soft warmth of her. Once she finished cleaning me up, not knowing what else to do, I reached into my right sock and pulled out the twenty dollar bill I had hidden there.

Looking up at me she asked, "You want more?"

I whined, "I only have twenty dollars."

Shrugging, she got up and began putting her clothes back on. I did the same and then followed her out of the room and back down the corridor. I wanted to kiss her, but once again I held off simply saying, "Good bye." Moving to a nearby table, I sat down, ordered a tequila solo and watched her move around the room brushing seductively against several men before sitting down at a table where someone ordered her a drink. A waiter returned in a few moments with the drink, slipping Erica a quarter as the man at the table paid for her drink.

After finishing my tequila solo I headed out of the bar and wandered through the crowd of people, the men groping the women, the women sliding against the men. At the end of the block I walked over to a cab and climbed in the back seat, directing the driver to return me to the border crossing. The driver pulled out into the street and headed out of Boystown toward the border.


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