tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 02

Just the Six of Us Ch. 02


Author's note: Thanks to ZexWizzard for your edits and suggestions.

Chapter 2

Breakfast started normally enough. Sarah was up, as usual, when he came downstairs in his customary blue jeans and t-shirt. She was making some bacon and eggs, for him he knew. She turned as he reached the bottom step and came over looking concerned.

"I heard you tossing and turning last night, everything okay sweetie?" she said, reaching up and rubbing a hand on his cheek with genuine concern on her face. His gaze drifted lower, settling on her ample rack, her breasts tensed, moving beneath her customary apron, so large and inviting, Just look at that cleavage, it's the Rocky Mountains in there, Oh my god she's not wearing a bra..."


"Fine," he said a little too quickly and sat down with a thunk.

"Nightmare?" she said, trying not to let on that she knew he'd been ogling her.


"Wanna talk about it?"


"Eggs and bacon?" she asked, looking at him, still concerned.

Beth was there as well, sitting down and enjoying the smoothie she'd just finishing making. Mike cast a glance at it, and determined that it looked pretty damn good. It was a marvel at how well Beth could cook. She made some marvelous dishes when she could be bothered to. Normal nights, Sarah would do the cooking, but it was always Mike's favorite when Beth volunteered. Beth didn't notice him, or was pointedly ignoring him. Was it her? Oh god she knows and she's going to tell Danni. 'Oh shit oh fuck oh god oh no,' he thought.

Beth slurped a bit of the purple frothy drink. Mike forced himself to calm down.

"Do you want some of these or not, sweetie?"

"Sorry, yeah."

"You sure you're ok?"

"Uh...yeah sure, just... bad dreams again."

"Yeah, I know, we established that earlier," she said. She felt a twinge of sympathy for her younger brother. He was obviously horny, a blind woman would be able to sense that. It was positively oozing from him. It was obviously turning him into a drooling idiot, unable to concentrate. She'd have to start wearing a bra in the mornings, maybe encourage the other girls to do the same so it wasn't so hard, on him. She chuckled, 'hard on him' and amended the last part of that thought in her mind, 'difficult' on him.

"Yeah, I um... yeah."

She was looking at him with genuine concern again. "I'm here if you wanna talk about it." She slid a plate heaping with eggs and bacon on it in front of him. "Eat up."

"Nah, I'm fine," he said, diving into the heaping plate of warm yummy goodness. Danni came bouncing down the stairs. He glanced up at her. She was wearing a sports bra and some work out shorts. Looked like she was gonna go running again and make all the men rushing to work sweat. Mike couldn't help blushing as she came downstairs and he felt his eyes drawn to her breasts as well. Her sports bra definitely wasn't helping, and he wondered why it wouldn't quit slacking and do its damn job. God those jiggling boobs looked so nice, why isn't she yelling at me yet, 'oh god she knows, oh fuck fuck...,' he thought again.

"Grab her tits and run, she'll never catch you,"

As she bounced down the stairs, Mike saw Emma coming down behind him. Danni rounded the table and reached for the blender, still full of Beth's smoothie. She reached for a large glass, inspecting the bottom to see if it was clean.

"Save some for Em," Sarah admonished, seeing Danni start to pour some into the glass. Danni rolled her eyes at her sister. She turned at looked at Mike, shoveling runny eggs, bacon, and toast into his mouth.

"You're gonna start looking like a plate of eggs if you keep eating that many every morning, pigfucker," Danni said, smacking Mike on the back of the head.

"Knock it off, Danni," he warned, not in the mood. "Or, you'll what?"

"I'll knock you off," he said under his breath. She was facing away from him, taking a long swallow of her smoothie. His eyes drifted downwards towards her perfectly toned ass. It was so damn perfect and round, like an apple. A nice, warm, fleshy apple.

"Bite it"

'I thought we took care of this earlier,' he grumbled internally, and forced his gaze back to his plate of eggs. He inevitably looked back at her, his eyes cold and hateful. At least he hoped that's the look he was conveying. She had such smooth looking skin, it looked like she had spent hours rubbing lotion on it, which she probably had. A thin rivulet of pink froth ran out of her mouth and sped for the finish line down her neck and towards her cleavage.

"What did you say, Michelle?" That was another of her nicknames for him. Michelle, Mickey, Mikeypoo, shitbag. Oh yeah, she was hilarious. He rolled his eyes at her.

"Be nice," Sarah said.

He glanced over at Emma. She didn't return his look, and was almost pointedly ignoring him for some reason. "Fuck," he thought. That's who walked in on him. Great, it had to be her. He was already dreading the inevitable questions followed by the realization that she could blackmail him. He'd be washing her car by the end of the week, he just knew it.

"You guys wanna do anything today?" Sarah said, looking at the clock.

"I've gotta get the pool and hot tub cleaned and ready to swim in, and mow the lawn," he said, suddenly deciding to work out all his mental issues with some good old hard labor. There was nothing to like taking the edge off a rampaging sex drive like working out in the sun. At least he hoped it would help.

"There's a party tonight at the frat house. I'm gonna go lay out and get nice and bronzed. See if I can't meet a stud tonight." Danni said.

"Or three," Mike said.

Emma giggled across the room, pouring herself some smoothie.

"Fuck you, Mickey."

"No but thanks for the offer, Hoover," he said, but wasn't quick enough to duck the salt shaker she had grabbed and hurled at him. He groaned as it thunked into his chest. She hated it when he called her Hoover, for her tendency to suck on things like a vacuum would. "Strike a little too close to home?" he said, not looking at her.

"At least I can get a date and don't have to try and hide porn in my room," she said, her voice rising to a yell."

Mike turned red. "Try not to fuck anyone on the way to the party," he yelled at her.

Beth and Em couldn't contain themselves any longer and burst out laughing, Sarah though, had her hands crossed and was giving both Danni and Mike that knock it off look.

"Why don't you go jerk off, you little shit," Danni yelled loudly.

Emma sprayed her smoothie out of her mouth in laughter after hearing her and started to cough wildly. Mike was deep crimson, but knew better than to push his luck and turned to go upstairs. Beth was cackling loudly and even Sarah couldn't help as she cracked a smile and began giggling, though she kept saying "Stop laughing, it's not funny!"

Danni, however, knew when she had him on the ropes. "Maybe if you go with me tonight you can get a little bit of play, see if there are any guys that like you," she yelled at his quickly diminishing form.

After she stopped laughing at Emma, Sarah turned and admonished her sister. "When will you stop being so damned mean to him? Jesus Danni. Sometimes you go too far."

Beth was still laughing, clutching her sides as they began to ache. She always laughed a long time and it didn't look like it was stopping any time soon. She could barely breathe she was laughing so hard. Emma had finally stopped choking on smoothie but she wasn't even close to being finished laughing. Beth had a very infectious laugh and before long all three of her sisters were rolling along with her.

Beth had her head down on the table and her shoulders were rolling with sobs of laughter. Raising her head to inhale deeply, she accidently snorted, drawing more laughter from her three sisters than before. "It wasn't that funny," Sarah said, finally, able to regain her normal mask of composure after several minutes had passed.

Mike trudged upstairs to get some work clothes on.

"Bitch," the voice said again.

Mike didn't reprimand it this time since it was right. She was a bitch. A fucking bitch in fact. Well, fuck her. Wait, no. Wrong insult. He sighed, pulling an old shirt over his head, as images of her boobs jiggling while bouncing on the diving board filled his head.

How did she always know how to push his buttons so well? Practice maybe. They were always going at each other like that; Mike winning some, Danni winning more. He always managed to get in a few good hits though, before she threw the inevitable knockout blow. Unfortunately she'd gotten used to the insult 'Hoover', and it wasn't winning any fights for him anymore. He'd have to come up of something else.

He went downstairs and avoided looking into the kitchen. The laughter had died down but he wasn't going to take any chances of starting another volley. All four of them were in there yapping at each other. Why the fuck were they so damn talkative. Mike could spend a week in the house and not say a word. Not his damn sisters though. Yap yap yap blah blah blah fucking blah. Plus, the conversations they had were so damn ridiculous! Hair and makeup, boys, parties, reality television, it was all retarded to him. It was like he was living near a PMS tornado in an estrogen hurricane, desperately trying not to get swept away and still dealing with raging hormones to boot.

His mind began to inevitably replay the events of this morning, the dream, Emma, the shower. FUCK. Why did Danni have to pop into his head when he was masturbating? Fuck her, the nosy slut, always butting in where she wasn't wanted. Damnit, fuck her.

"Yeah, go fuck her"

"Stop it, damn you. That's so damn wrong!" he'd gotten far too loud now, in his head at least. Why had he felt the need to vocalize her name, and with Emma there! He felt himself getting flustered again and headed to the shed to find the lawn mower. He looked at the sun. It was barely up over the horizon. Screw it if the neighbors get upset. He didn't care if it was early. He bent over to check the gas and oil.

He liked to think that it was an evil presence in his mind that was making him think all of these things. He didn't know if it was really there or if it was a natural part of being a teenager. It had only started causing him grief recently. He'd only started getting interested in girls until he was out of high school. Having your parents die when you are still young does strange things to people.

All through junior high and high school he hadn't really had a girlfriend. Quite obviously, he wasn't interested in boys but he'd just never really pursued any girls. It wasn't that he wasn't attracted to them or get horny, he was and did. He just turned all that energy behind it to sports. Football, soccer, cross country, track, all of those he could understand. They translated well for him and they were where he had focused most of his frustrations. Bending over, he yanked on the starter cord and the mower roared to life.

College though, was different. He'd gone to a small town high school. Football was everything in Texas. If you didn't play, you didn't exist. If you did, you were popular. If you were good, you became a God among the locals. His sisters were stunned when he'd declined playing college football, though he'd been offered a few scholarships. He'd grown tired of it. He'd decided to put it behind him and focus on getting a degree, finding a good job and his place in the world. He hadn't realized how much of his horny, crazy psyche he'd either repressed or even only restrained through his strenuous sports workout schedule.

He slowly mowed around the small peach tree he'd planted in the backyard for Beth, not wanting to damage the thin layer of bark at the base.

It was like someone had turned on a fire hydrant but only had a water hose to use with it. A sex hydrant, a rampaging sex filled fire hydrant running loose in his brain, continually raping the other loose thoughts in his head. He felt like his head was bursting at the seams and just knew that a horde of little pussies and breasts with arms and legs would burst out if it did, and then run off to go terrorize the neighborhood. Sex was all he thought about. It was all he wanted. He'd never been with a girl, though he'd kissed a few. That was another odd thing about him. Back in high school, being the star wide receiver meant that he could pretty much have any girl he wanted, that wasn't already taken. Plenty tried to give it up for him, but he'd never seemed interested, never seemed like he really cared about it. He'd had a girlfriend in high school, but she was a very religious girl, and didn't really seem to mind that he never wanted to do anything more than make out or maybe grope her boobs a little. It worked out great. They split up after graduation and both went to different Universities. It had been amiable and they still emailed each other from time to time, but he knew there were never any real feelings between them.

It had been more of a mutually beneficial partnership than anything else. It kept her from having to try to stave off sexual advances from every guy around her, and it kept him from having to come up with reasons for not sleeping with every girl that offered it to him. She liked him much more than he liked her, and she was very good friends with Emma. Still, he did get to cop a few feels, and would get occasional urges to take it further. By the time he'd have the chance to do so, a football game or a track meet would have taken his concentration and all of his focus. They'd been voted 'Most Congenial' in the yearbook. He wondered briefly why they didn't have a 'Most Likely to Masturbate to Your Sister' category.

Walking over to the gate, he pulled the mower through and headed to the smaller front yard to finish. As soon as he was done mowing and had the mower put up, he trimmed the hedges, used the weed eater up next to the house and around the trees, edged the sidewalks and turned on a few hoses to water the lawn. Heading back into the shed, he grabbed the dip net to start fishing out the leaves from the pool.

The sun was up by now, it had been about 3 hours and it was already getting hot. It looked to be about 11 o clock. Sweat beaded on his forehead and trickled down his neck and chest. The door to the patio opened and Danni came out, followed by Beth, Emma, and finally Sarah, who was carrying a glass of water for him. She always looked out for him. She looked so small and vulnerable, so easily, breakable as she walked towards him. Her breasts were jiggling as she walked. STOP IT.

Danni walked around without saying a word to her brother and pulled her clothes off, revealing that same damned bikini that she always wore. Mike was glad he was wearing sunglasses. Emma was still pointedly not look at him, though, and Mike really couldn't blame her. He felt himself start to blush, but knew the heat of the sun would hide any color that might show up on his face.

"Here sweetie," Sarah said, reaching up and wiping sweat from his face and handing him the water. He downed it in a few gulps. Sarah turned to go back inside, presumably to clean something. Mike watched her until she had gone, her ass bouncing along behind her.

"Thanks," he said turning his attention away from his sisters and back to the pool. He stopped and deciding it was getting entirely too damn hot for a shirt, pulled his off and tossed it aside. Sweat coated his chest and ran down his back. He picked up the dip net again and went back to work.

Emma had definitely been avoiding looking at her brother. She was still trying to process everything that had occurred this morning. She couldn't help but notice as he took off his shirt, how well toned her brother was. He wasn't an overly muscled lummox like most of the guys in college and back in her high school were, or were desperately trying to be. He looked lithe, muscular but not bulging. Suddenly aware that she was ogling her brother, she turned and concentrated on her book. A few minutes later she reached into her towel bag pulled some oil out of it and began to rub it absent mindedly across her body.

"Oh dear god no," Mike said softly to himself as he glanced over and saw his twin rubbing herself down. He quickly turned his back.

Beth and Danni were lying on their backs, eyes covered with shades and bodies covered in oil. Emma lay down beside them to soak in the sun. They all reached beside themselves for magazines as their brother moved slowly around the pool, sweeping leaves out.

He was methodically moving around the bottom of the pool, scooping out any and everything that had fallen in during the winter and spring. "I should've done this when spring hit," he said aloud, desperately trying to keep the voice quiet. It was screaming "BOOBS" over and over and pounding on his brain with tiny fists. "OVER THERE, BOOBS," he couldn't help himself and glanced over, immediately regretting it.

Danni lay on the left, on a lounge chair in her tiny yellow micro-bikini. Her breasts were smaller than Beth's, but much larger than Emma's. He stared as she laid the magazine in her lap and flipped absently through the pages. Her skin was so shiny and still so soft looking. She must spend hours getting herself to look that good. He changed his mind. She'd always looked that good. She was so damn sexy. If she wasn't his sister, he could easily see fantasizing about her. He could see that her nipples pressing against the tight yellow fabric, seemingly like tiny creatures that were desperate to get out. He wondered how many guys had had them in their mouths. Did she like that, having her nipples nibbled? They seemed to be pressing awfully hard. His eyes widened, they almost looked erect. Holy crap, they were hard! It wasn't cold out, why were her nipples erect? Maybe there was a breeze where they were laying out.

He glanced over at Beth. Her boobs were very large, almost perfect in shape. Every time she moved they would bounce ever so slightly. Why couldn't he have pictured her when he was masturbating? If it had to be a sister that popped into his head, he'd definitely prefer it be Beth. Whereas Danni exuded pure sex, Beth was beautiful, intelligent and wise, but very beautiful; it was just hiding a little bit by what she wore and people how perceived her through her intelligence. He glanced downwards. He could just make out the lips of her pussy through her white bikini bottoms. He wondered if she shaved.

"What the fuck am I doing," he said loudly. This was Beth that was ogling. Sweet, innocent Beth! He glanced over at his prone sisters. All three had lifted their heads and looked at him curiously. Emma smiled knowingly and suppressed a giggle.

"Dropped some leaves back in the pool," he said, trying to dismiss it. He was immensely grateful when they laid they're heads back down. "Damn it," he muttered, even when he didn't hear the voice, it was still trying to corrupt his thoughts.

He couldn't help but look at his last sister. She was lying on the right, sunlight drenching her nearly naked form. He'd never realized how shapely she was. He was the tallest in the family, followed closely by his twin, and then Beth. Danni and Sarah were both much shorter than him, at least eight to ten inches. Emma came up just to his eyebrows, an inch or so short of six feet. Her blue bikini top was soaked in oil, having been a little overzealous when she was rubbing herself down. He'd never thought of her as being sexy. It was Emma, for Christ's sake.

He forced himself to look at her objectively, though. She'd almost never had a boyfriend, but he knew she wasn't a lesbian either. He somehow knew that she was still a virgin, 'twin intuition' he guessed. Her breasts were like small apples, not as big as any of her sister's. Her blue bikini top was draped over them, and they sort of disappeared as she lay back. She had to have small nipples, as the top she was wearing barely covered any of her breasts. Danni must have bought it for her. He could see them poking up through the blue fabric, again, seeming to want to try and get free.

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