tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 04

Just the Six of Us Ch. 04


Thanks to ZexWizzard again for your edits and suggestions, and all the extra help you gave to this chapter as well.

Chapter 4

Mike slept as well as he had in ages. So well in fact that he slept through lunch, and nearly through supper. He tossed fitfully in his sleep, dreaming again. He was being chased by a little horde of walking breasts. They were chanting something at him.



"MIKE!" Emma finally smacked him in the face lightly, "Wake up."

"I SWEAR TO GOD I DIDN'T FUCK HER," Mike yelled, as he sat bolt upright in bed. He looked around. He was covered with a sheet. Sarah must have come in earlier to check on him. He would have started to drift back into the haze and thought about what had happened between them, but there was someone else in his bed at that moment, laughing her ass off. He could hear the voice in his head giggling uncontrollably, as well.

Emma was rolling around on his bed next to him, covering her mouth and cackling. A few minutes passed before she could stop herself from laughing. "Oh god, my stomach hurts now. Holy crap that was funny."

Mike wasn't nearly as amused as his sister so obviously was. "Keep laughin', Em, keep laughin'."

Her laughter finally stopped, and she gazed over at her scowling brother, "C'mon Mike, that was hilarious," she shoved her shoulder into him. "What the hell were you dreaming about?"

"Clowns," he lied, wrapping the sheet around him and yanking it out from under her.

"Was it Danni?" she said, standing and bolting out of the room.

"NOT FUNNY," he yelled after her.

She peeked her head back in the door, "By the way, supper's almost ready. Beth cooked. A smile shot across his face and he looked up at her. She had an imaginary head in her hands and was making out with the air, making exaggerated faces and kissing sounds. He threw a shoe at her.

"Oh Danni!" she yelled, slamming the door shut as the shoe impacted into it. He could hear her giggling all the way down stairs.

Yeah, he'd be washing her car by the end of the week. He groaned, thinking about how much she'd dirty it up for him. He reached for some clean clothes, got dressed and headed down stairs. Beth was actually cooking something, it looked and smelled Italian. He knew better than to suggest that it was plain old spaghetti though.

He glanced around the room, Danni was sitting on the couch in the den, watching TV. Emma had gone in there with her, lazing around on the couch. Sarah came out of the washroom then, and caught his eye for a second. His eyes immediately began to roam over her, stopping at her pendulous breasts. He tore his eyes off, afraid someone would see, and would somehow know what happened between them. She saw his look and shuffled quickly in, heading over to Beth.

Beth looked at him, "Mike, would you mind getting me the heavy cream out of the fridge? Mike? MIKE?"

He snapped his head around and looked at her, "Yeah, sorry, heavy cream. Got it."

He went to the fridge and grabbed the cream for her, walked over and slid it on the counter to her. She was peeling some kind of vegetable and her ass was jiggling as she vigorously moved the sharp peeler over the skin. God, Beth was so hot, how did she never have a boyfriend?

Sarah moved next to him. He glanced over; her breasts were visible beneath her apron. She leaned forward and the apron bunched up as she leaned over the counter, her breasts pushing forward and her cleavage multiplying. She'd done that on purpose. He looked away, Beth's breasts were even more visible. She was wearing a low cut, lacy white top, her breasts bouncing every time she moved. He felt like dying, standing between these two giant pairs of breasts, trying to smother him in their fleshy, sexy, wanton sexuality.

"Mike, can you come grab something for me in the washroom?" Sarah asked sweetly, "I can't reach it."

Glad to be out of the breast-laden kitchen, Mike quickly followed his eldest sister out to the small washroom, just behind the kitchen. She quickly pushed him up against the washer and planted a deep, unbelievably deep, "my god she's got a long tongue...," he thought.

"Mike," she said, breaking the kiss. "I'm sorry, you just looked so sweet standing over there, all conflicted and horny and staring at my breasts and Beth's. I just couldn't stand it."

She ran her hand along his back and along the seat of his pants. Tingles shot up and down his body, and he could feel Old Faithful starting to rumble.

"Sweetie, you've got to get a grip. You can't feel so uneasy around us. We're just girls. I'm trying to get you used to the sight of breasts around you. I know it's not easy with them in your face all the time, but I'm trying to make it easier on you."

She ran her hand along the side of his pants and to the front. "That's really not helping," he said.

"I think it will... eventually," she purred at him, staring up at him with her beautiful doe eyes. Unblinking, she slowly dropped to her knees.

"Sarah, our sisters are in the NEXT ROOM."

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Then we're better be quick and quiet," she said, grinning up at him with a wicked smile.

"Please Sarah, I can't do this here!" he barked, standing and gently pushing passed her. It looked like his pants were smuggling a rocket when he opened the door and went back in, sitting down at the table and waiting for supper.

Beth was still at the stove, doing something to her sauce. Mike was just starting to feel his hard-on subside when she started bringing over her meal.

"Time to eat you guys," she called to everyone.

Chairs were shuffled and the meal was distributed, and everyone sat down for a delicious supper. It was relatively quiet in the room, save for forks and knives spearing vegetables, clanking against plates, glasses being refilled with tea. It was a subdued, peaceful dinner. Kinda.

Mike felt like his sisters were deliberately taunting him with their flesh. Emma had on a white t-shirt, her relatively small but adorable cleavage clearly visible as her shirt dipped low. They didn't really jiggle, they weren't nearly big enough, but they did slightly shift whenever she moved.

Sarah had a bemused smile on her face. Mike could tell that she would be hell to deal with. She kept her eyes down for most of the meal, but did flash them upwards at him a few times. He tried in vain to stare at his plate, but even the vegetables reminded him of body parts. Sarah took a carrot into her mouth and slowly sucked it in, raising her eyes and winking at Mike. She was definitely having way too much fun, tormenting him.

Beth, not really knowing what effect she was having on her poor brother, was the worst for him. She lifted a food-filled fork to her mouth and a noodle dropped directly down the cleavage of her low cut shirt. Not thinking anything of the act, she lifted her left breast where the noodle had hit first and licked the creamy sauce off, then repeated the move with the other breast, then fished the noodle out, pulling her top down and fishing around in her bra, jiggling her boobs around entirely too much.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh."

Mike's eyes were as large as dinner plates, and he nearly choked on a carrot. Sarah and Emma started laughing, Danni was desperately trying not to snort her food.

"Beth!" Sarah blurted out between giggles.

"What?" she asked, looking at her, honestly not knowing what was so funny.

Sarah was laughing again and had to point at Mike.

"What's wrong, honey?" Beth asked him, "Is your food okay?"

"It's great, no problem at all," Mike said quickly, staring down at his plate. He couldn't help it, he glanced over again, and he could still see the wet spot where her tongue was.

"Pervert," Danni said, looking at him with a wicked smile. He knew he'd just given her ample ammunition for their next fight.

Deciding he'd had enough of family time at the dinner table, Mike quickly wolfed down the rest of his meal and washed his plate in the sink. He turned and immediately went upstairs.

He heard them talking below him. He groaned and slapped his forehead when he heard Beth's customary, "Ohhhhhh," as someone finally told her what went on.

He briefly considered looking for his own place, somewhere away from all the vaginas and boobs that were constantly tormenting him. He resolved to spend the rest of the evening in his room.

Later in the evening, he came down stairs and went to sit in the den to watch television. Sarah was somewhere else, probably doing laundry or something, and Beth was upstairs in her room. Emma and Danni had gone out to the frat party. Mike rolled his eyes at the thought.

He hated frat parties. It reminded him too much of his high school days. He'd never had fun at them, and always saw them as an excuse to get drunk and act like a shit-head. He couldn't stand not feeling in control and that's all partying at a frat house was. It was a bunch of drunk idiots groping each other while shitty music played way too loud over blown out speakers.

There was a good show television, so he stopped flipping through the channels and scooted down in the couch, trying to get more comfy. He was just getting into the show when his cell phone rang. Annoyed he pulled it out and looked at it. Emma-Cell, flashed in blue on the screen. "Shit, probably got a flat or something," he grumbled. He flipped it open, "Yeah?."

"Mike, something's wrong."

He froze. She sounded scared, and the sound of her voice began to worry him.

"Calm down Emma, tell me what's wrong."

"I can't find Danni."

Mike felt and involuntary shiver go up his spine.

"Are you okay? Are you safe?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but I can't find her anywhere! I'm starting to get worried, Mike. She was talking to a few guys and they went off somewhere and now I can't find her. I called her cell-phone and she's not answering. She wouldn't do that Mike, we all have to answer," Emma really was scared, he could hear it in her voice.

"Are you at the frat house?"

"Yes, I'll meet you out front."

"Be there in five."Mike jumped up off the couch, yelling for Sarah, and charged up the stairs.


"Whats wrong Mike?" she yelled coming out of the washroom and standing at the bottom of the stairs. Beth had come out of her room, wearing a night shirt and holding a thick novel.

"Something's wrong, Emma can't find Danni and I'm going to go help look."

"Oh, no," Beth said, tears welling up in concern for her sister.

"Beth, it's going to be okay, I'm gonna go find her," Mike said, turning to her and trying to speak slowly and calmly.

"I'm coming with you." Sarah said, pulling on some shoes.

Mike knew it was useless to argue. He finished pulling on his steel-toe work boots and threw a t-shirt on. Grabbing his keys, he rushed downstairs, passed Sarah and out the front door, towards his truck parked on the street. He opened the passenger door for Sarah, and glanced back ensuring that she was behind him. He leapt around his truck and jumped inside, the engine roaring to life. Tires squealed and he took off.

The only thing said on the way there was Sarah, who was softly whispering, "Please God, not again, not again."

Mike's heart sank, he knew this must be rough on her. She was the one that had to deal with their parent's death after that asshole drunk driver plowed into them, she'd been the one to deal with all the death arrangements, she'd been the one to take over the mantle of parent to four kids when she was still not much more than a mature teenager herself.

"It's gonna be okay, Sarah," Mike said, leaning over and grasping her hand.

They pulled up to the frat house four minutes and seven seconds later. Mike hopped out and glanced around for his twin. He spotted her walking towards them through the parking lot. She'd been crying, and it broke his heart to see her so upset.

"Where did you see her last?" he asked quickly.

Seeing Sarah, she started to cry again, "She's inside somewhere Mike."

Turning, Mike made a beeline for the door. There was a guy standing there watching the door, letting people out, but not many back in. There definitely weren't any guys going in. Rolling his eyes, Mike walked up to him. "I know you're not letting anymore guys in, but I need to find my sister, and she's in there. That's all I'm here for. If I'm not back in ten minutes with her, you can whip my ass." 'Or try', is what he was actually thinking.

The guy looked at him briefly, "ten minutes," and looked at his watch.

Mike went inside and was immediately disgusted. It was just like high school. Drunken guys hanging all over drunken girls who were both making fools of themselves and acting like children trying to act grown up. He hated places like this. He wasn't here to reminisce about how much this sucked though, and quickly scanned the room looking for Danni's brown locks. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Emma and Sarah behind her. Emma looked like she had composed herself.

"What was she wearing," he turned and had to yell at Emma for her to hear.

"Her red dress," she yelled back.

'Damn it.' he thought. He automatically knew the one. He turned and got both of his sisters' attention. He pointed at both of them and pointed to one side of the room, and then he pointed at himself and pointed to the other and then up the stairs.

"Don't worry," he mouthed at them. The bottom floor was a bust, she wasn't anywhere. She had to be upstairs. He followed the small line up the stairs and stood, staring when he reached the top. There was a loft with a pool table, with a line of small rooms off to one side and a hallway that curved around to the other. Mike figured he knew where she'd be. If she was just fucking some asshole, he really would consider killing her. He began to check rooms, but didn't have any luck with any of the smaller ones.

"Damn it to hell, Danni," he said. Where the fuck was she? He saw a drunk frat guy come around the corner of the cornered hallway. 'Okay', he thought, 'There had to be another room back there'. He walked quickly towards the hallway and turned the corner. There was a single door. It had a FRAT ONLY sign on it. He jiggled the handle. Locked.

He peeked back around the corner, Emma and Sarah had just appeared at the top of the steps, Sarah pointing at Mike down the hallway. He held up his hand and told them to stay put.

He backed up to about three feet away from the door, then kicked with all the strength he had. The door was solid, but its frame was pretty flimsy and the impact broke it loose from its hinges. It caved in hitting something pretty solid inside. It turned out to be a frat boy. Mike looked around the room and stopped cold. What he saw infuriated him.

No, infuriated didn't feel like a strong enough word. He was totally enraged. Danni lay on a small bed in the room on her stomach. Her dress was pulled up exposing her underwear and there was some red haired frat guy with his pants down and his dick out, massaging its short length. She still had her underwear on, so he wasn't too late.

He leapt over the remains of the door as the half naked frat guy slowly turned and glanced back just in time to see Mike's fist impact into his eye socket. "That's my sister you Son of a Bitch," he yelled as he decked him. No stranger to a fight having been taught by his dad while growing up, Mike knew how to throw as well as avoid a punch. He had put all of his weight behind his fist and knocked "Red" out cold. Besides the unconscious dick holder and the guy groaning underneath the door, there was one other guy in the room who was now standing near the back wall, looking terrified. He held his hands up and backed away.

"We didn't touch her man. Just take her and go."

"You were going to, asshole."

Mike gently placed his arms underneath Danni, then gathered her up and backed slowly out of the room, side stepping the guy moaning under the door and then down the hall. Handing her off to his sisters, they carefully but quickly made their way down the stairs to the front door with him not far behind, him eyeing the crowd as they neared the door. They were almost home free. Almost.

Just then from the loft, the red headed pencil dick no-longer unconscious wanna-be Romeo already sporting a shiner covering one eye, yelled at his fucking frat brothers down below.

Someone stopped the music, unintentionally giving Mike the chance to hear someone coming up from behind. He turned and slipped the first punch thrown at him for the evening, just as he was taught by his father, and landed two body shots and finished with a quick left hook.

'One down and only about fifty to go... shit,' he thought. The girls would be safe, but he wasn't going to make it. Oh well, he'd found Danni... and that's all that mattered. 'Hope there's an empty bed in the emergency room,' he thought.

Several of the guys downstairs, those that were obviously frat brothers, naturally thought Mike had sucker punched one of their bros from upstairs and was now running off with his hard won pussy. They swarmed. Mike braced himself against the onslaught, ducking away from two more swings at his head, and landing three of his own. One more went down, and the other two staggered.

The next tried to kick him and he caught his foot, then with it he ran him hard back against the wall. He actually crushed through the dry wall between two studs. He ducked another blow and landed two more hard to the body and someone lost the wind in their lungs and crumbled.

He turned one last time towards the door in hopes of just maybe... when suddenly he found himself getting punched from all directions at once. With nowhere to duck, he swung at anything that came into view. His fists landed several times before one blow to his temple staggered him. Then the lights almost went out as Mike felt something impact the back of his head. Now unable to stand, he was forced to the floor himself, where he quickly had to make-do with defending himself from repeated impacts to his ribs and face, as best he could, most of which came without any warning since he was having trouble making anything out through the stars. That's when the lights did go out.

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