tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 05

Just the Six of Us Ch. 05


Thanks to ZexWizzard for the editing and suggestions, yet again.

Chapter 5

There was a sharp pain in his chest. What the fuck hurt so much? Mike tried shifting his position and groaned in pain from the effort.

What the hell happened last night? The memories came back slowly, Danni, the frat house, the explosion on his head. He tried to open his eyes. It was dark. He felt around for his lamp. *Click*Click. Mike sighed, "Hello?" he said. Why did it sound muffled? He felt of his face. Bandages. 'Oh you must be really fucked up,' he thought.

"Mike? Are you okay?"

"Sarah, he's awake."

Mike was dimly aware of his sisters moving around the room, and felt the bed move as they gently moved toward him.

"I can't see shit." Mike said, waving his hands wildly for a second. "Fuck, ow, damn it that hurts," he said, sharp pains coursing through his chest. It was really hard to breathe and it felt like someone had taken a bat to his ribs.

Slowly, light began to leak through his bandages. He realized someone was taking them off his face. Sarah always did overdo it. Mike waited as patiently as he could for them to be removed.

Light poured into his eyes. "Ouch," he said, holding his hand up to the window. He was in Sarah's room. "Why am I in here?"

"Because you are heavy and we're much smaller and therefore weaker than you." It was Sarah removing his bandages.

"Oh yeah," he remembered that Sarah's room was on the ground floor, not upstairs like he and his other three sisters. "What the hell happened after they jumped me?"

"The big guy at the door actually jumped in, but only to keep them from killing you. He put two and two together, probably the only one in the place intelligent enough to do so, and put a stop to... it." Mike still couldn't see, but that had to be Emma. Sounded like her anyway, "You knocked out four other people before they took you down though. Six in all, it was kinda... awesome"

"Emma!" Sarah scolded her. "Your brother getting beaten to death isn't awesome."

"He didn't get beaten to death. He single handedly kicked the crap out of six people, left damage on as many more and then got hit over the head with a beer bottle. Then those cowardly bastards got more than a dozen licks in after he was unconscious. "So that's what that was." He raised his hand to his head and felt a painful, almost comically sized lump there. "Ouch," he said again, for what he was sure wouldn't be the last time.

"Danni", he said abruptly, starting to come to his senses, then he asked. "How's Danni?"

"I'm fine," she said, sitting somewhere very close to him.

He relaxed as he heard her voice, knowing that she was okay. His vision had finally adjusted to the light. She was sitting in the chair next to his bed. It looked like she had been there awhile, and there were tear streaks on her cheeks.

He looked down at himself. "Well? I gonna be okay, right? Someone say something."

"You have some bruised ribs and had a sizable bump on the head, along with some scattered superficial bruising, you'll be fine, in time," that was ever so analytical and straightforward Beth.

He turned and looked at Danni again. "You sure you are ok?"

She continued to look down, trying not to cry. He tried to let her off the hook, reaching over and patting her on her leg. "It's okay, it's okay. We can talk later," he said.

That's when her dam of calmness burst.

"I'm so sorry Mike," she said, tears starting to stream down her face. She made a soft wailing sound as she laid her head on the bed, sobs wracking her shoulders. He tried to shift in the bed and move so he could put a hand on her shoulder or something. He was stunned that she was so hurt.

"I should never have gone to that stupid party, then you wouldn't be hurt and I wouldn't feel like such an ass." She lifted her head up and suddenly wrapped her arms around her brother.

He felt stunned for a minute, then reached up and put a hand on her back, softly patting her. "It's okay Danni. I'm going to be fine, Beth said so," but she kept just kept crying. Sarah came over and hugged her from behind, tears in her eyes as well.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Danni was saying into his shoulder, over and over. He ran a hand through her hair.

"It's okay Danni, really," he said.

"I love you Mike," she said suddenly. "I know we fight all the damn time, and you mostly just drive me crazy, but I don't want you to ever forget that you are still my brother and I love you." Mike squeezed her tightly, "I know you do, Danni. I know."

Emma came over and hugged him, "I'm glad you are okay, bro," then whispered in his ear, "but no bull shit, you kicked some serious ass."

"So, what happened, Danni?" Mike asked.

She raised her head and shrugged, looking back down quickly.

"I don't remember much, just waking up at home on the couch, and then seeing you in Sarah's room all bruised and cut. It all kinda fell into place then, and I just felt so selfish, so dumb." She wiped her face and took a deep breath.

"Did someone drug you or something?"

"I guess," she said, shrugging again. "I was drinking with a few guys from the party, and I know you aren't supposed to take a drink from anyone that you don't know and trust. I didn't, but they must have put something in it when I was distracted. I remember playing pool and starting to feel sleepy. Someone said they had somewhere to lie down. I remember a lot of noise and bright light. The last thing I can remember before waking up is someone pulling my skirt up. I guess that was just before you kicked the door in." She started to weep again.

"I'm not mad at you Danni, and I don't think you are dumb. I'm just glad we got there in time."

"Me too. I just don't think I'd ever be able to tell you how glad I am that you found me. I don't' think I'll ever begin to repay you."

"Well, maybe you can start by calling me Mike, instead of Michelle."

"Or Mickey," Sarah chimed in.

"Or pigfucker, or Mickeypoo..." said Emma, rattling off a few more.

"I think she gets the idea," Mike said, "Ya'll can stop trying to, uh, help?"

"I'm going to call you Mike, from now on. I promise," she said. "I swear."

"Are you hungry?" Beth asked, leaning over and hugging her brother. "Would you like an omelet or something?" He squeezed her, trying not to cry in pain as she caused him agony.

"Starved, but I can get up and make something," he said, trying to rise.

"NO!" all four of them yelled in unison.

"You stay in bed, you big dummy," Sarah said. "We'll get whatever you need, okay? You just rest and get better."

Mike leaned over and looked at Danni. She was still clutching him close and sniffling on his chest. Beth had left the room and Emma followed after her, stopping at the door and looking at her twin, "I'll come and check on you later."

"Danni," Mike said, looking down at her frazzled hair. "I know you've been through a lot, and I know we've never really gotten along, but you should know that I'd never, ever let anyone hurt you, if I could possibly help it. If getting pounded like this can save you some pain, or heartache, I'd take it every time. I know I haven't said it in a long time, but I do mean it. I love you."

She sniffled again and hugged him tighter.


"Yeah, Mike."

"That hurts."

"Sorry," she said, relaxing a bit.

He was lying back on Sarah's headboard, her fluffy pillows behind him, propping him up. Danni lay with her head on his chest, still sniffling. Mike ran a hand through her hair. It was the most pleasant experience he'd ever had with his tempestuous sister.

"This is nice," he said finally.

"Yeah, it's nice not wanting to yell at you... call you names."

He leaned his nose close to her and smelled her hair, then kissed her on the head. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I just..." She seemed hesitant.

"It's okay Danni, you can tell me."

"I don't wanna let go. You just make me feel so..." She took deep breath and sighed, relaxing a bit into his chest, "...so safe." Mike felt very touched. He loved the feeling of taking care of his sisters. It was a different experience as they were usually taking care of him. This was well worth the scars he'd have.

"I like the way it feels lying here next to you, I just feel so safe and comfortable." She leaned back and looked up at him. "Promise me we'll spend more time together. I don't ever wanna go back to hating you."

"Oh, I promise," he said, then smiled and added, "but I don't know if our house functions correctly if we aren't fighting."

She smacked him in the arm, drawing a wince and yelp of pain from him.

"Oh Mike, I'm so sorry," she said, hugging him again, laughing easily.

"Recovery is proving to be painful," he decided. Beth came back in then, with her delicious omelet and set the tray down in his lap, so Danni backed out of the way. He tried not to look like a complete slob as he hurriedly ate his dinner, Danni looking nervously at him. It looked like she would burst into tears at any moment. After he finished and laid his tray on the table beside him, he looked at Danni. She looked like she was nervous, wanting something but afraid to ask. Smiling he opened his arms and beckoned her back in. She immediately came forward and laid her head down on his chest again, closing her eyes and sighing contentedly. "This feels so good."

They lay there for a while, enjoying each other's company, not speaking, and just rediscovering each other. He loved the way her hair smelled, some expensive product no doubt. It had a sweet aroma; apples, or strawberries maybe. Mike felt like if he squeezed her too hard he'd break her.

She felt so vulnerable and unprotected then to him. It was like he was seeing a side of her he'd never seen. She'd let down her façade of anger and expletives and let her brother in to see the tender thing she really was. He immediately began to regret every time he'd ever been mean to her.

Danni couldn't help but feel bad. She felt like she'd caused a beating on her brother, who was just coming to help her. She'd caused this. She kept mentally kicking herself for being so selfish. "I'll make it up to him," she told herself. She knew she should let him get some rest, or let Sarah smother him a little bit, but she just couldn't pull herself away. Last night had really scared her. She knew she wouldn't be going out any time soon, if ever. "God this feel so good," she sighed, trying to sink deeper into him without hurting him. She felt so safe, so protected. She loved feeling like this with Mike.

After a few hours of lying with each other and enjoying the silence, she finally sat back. "I better go get some rest, and let you get some as well." She shifted off the bed and stood, then leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled at her, catching her gaze. She stared deeply into his eyes for a second. "Thank you," she said again, then leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. It started as a sisterly 'I love you' kiss, but she held it a bit too long. A gentle spark of electricity shot through her as the kiss became something more. She pulled back suddenly and looked at him, slightly shocked.

"I'm gonna go sleep."

"I'll... I've got to... I'm gonna go sleep... get some sleep." she said, stumbling with her words. "I'll see you later."

Mike had a smile on his face, but the look in his eyes was of happy surprise. He nodded slightly at her, "I'll see you in a bit"

He lifted the sheet as she closed the door. He saw that he still had on boxers and blew a long sigh of relief. His chest and legs looked like someone had taken a hammer up and down his body. The fuckers had started kicking him as soon as he dropped.

He picked up a mirror from the table next to the bed. He had a bandage covering a large gash over his eye, and some bruises on his face. He didn't look too bad, and nothing looked permanent, except maybe a scar from the gash over his eyebrow.

Satisfied he was still his rugged, handsome self; he rolled over and dozed off.

He woke up with a start. He'd been dreaming again. The little walking breasts were back and they were beating him with tiny hammers. He shook his head chuckling, shaking away the haze and wiped some drool from his mouth. He still ached over most of his body, and decided it might be a good idea to take it slowly. He dropped his legs off the side of her bed, and turned. The T.V. was on, just outside Sarah's room. He heard the soft voices of some daytime show.

Bracing his arms on either side of him, he slowly rose to his feet. His ribs were really aching and the bump on his head throbbed. Allowing himself to get used to standing again, he stood there for a few seconds. Turning he went to the door, and slowly opened, peeked out and shuffled slowly into the room. Sarah immediately sprang from her seat on the couch and ran over to him, "You should still be in bed, sweetie."

"Sarah, I'm not sick, I just got a little bruised. I'm fine."

She wasn't having any of it though, and forcefully pushed him back into her room. "You got a lot bruised, you big dummy. Now lie back down and relax. We'll take care of you until you recover."

"Sarah, I can't lay in here anymore. You need your own room. I'll go lay in mine." He briefly pictured himself climbing the steps, each one jarring him on the way up, and winced in anticipation.

"It's the middle of the day Mike. I'm not using the room for anything." She had forced him back into the bed at this point, and he, in too much pain to argue, pulled the sheet back over him and sighed as his head hit her pillow.

"I'm just gonna make another escape attempt," he warned.

"Oh really?" She shifted her hips and her hands planted on them with a scolding look on her face. "I'll just have to lock you in."

He chuckled.

"Or maybe... I can just convince you to behave."

He felt the sheets rustling and looked down, curious as to what she was planning.

"Besides, I didn't get to look and see if something else got bruised."

He jerked, pain shooting through his ribs, as he felt her hand on his leg. "Sarah! What the hell are you doing?"

"Relax, Mike, no one got much sleep last night. Danni stayed by your bedside all night. She's in her room. Beth and Emma tried, but couldn't sleep and are both up in their rooms."

He relaxed slightly, but then felt her fooling around with his underwear. Her hands were warm and soft.

"We're alone and no one is going to bother us."

"It still feels wrong, them being in the house with us."

She leaned up closer to his head and grinned slyly. "It's making my pussy wet thinking about doing this with them here."

He couldn't believe how much his sister could surprise him, now that he'd been let into her sexual world. She was so... dirty. The thought excited him, too. She lifted the sheet higher and in one swift move, had his underwear down and off, tossing them to the floor. "Someone needs to reward you for being so protective of all of us girls." Her hands were gently rubbing his stomach as she smiled up at him, her chin resting on his thigh. A twitch shot through him and his cock throbbed slowly to life, rising up a few inches from her face. "It looks like someone agrees with me."

She grinned at him and slowly took her hands off his stomach, bringing them lower and gently wrapping them around his cock. She began to slowly rub her soft hands up and down, staring at her brother the entire time. There was a strange look of excitement, and he knew she felt naughty and she was probably getting wet.

The thought of her getting turned on hadn't ever crossed his mind, and now that thought caused his dick to harden, sticking straight up in her hands as they wrapped around it. She slowly pulled her face closer and he smiled as her tongue snaked out across her lips, wetting them and making them shine a little in the dim light. She pulled herself completely on the bed and positioned herself between his legs.

Mike was grinning in anticipation, watching his sister adjusting herself on the bed. He could see her cleavage as she squished her boobs into his legs and the mattress. Closing her eyes, she slowly parted her lips and bringing both hands towards her mouth, pulled him gently in.

"Ohmygod...," Mike moaned softly, causing her to smile and giggle on the end of his dick a bit. He could feel her tongue wrap itself tenderly around the tip of his penis, felt it lick his hole and travel down the shaft. She began to softly pump on his cock, pulling it slowly deeper and deeper into her mouth. He wondered if she was enjoying this, it certainly appeared so. She was taking great care to ensure that her lips were always over her teeth, and she always seemed to suck at the right moment and draw him further into her mouth.

"My brother has such a beautiful cock," she said, pulling it out of her mouth briefly before plunging it back in. His dick jumped at hearing her dirty talk, especially the brother part. Incest, naughty, wrong flashed through his mind and he groaned, a familiar feeling growing within him.

She pulled him out of her mouth again, "I love the way you feel in my mouth." Another quiet moan filled the room as she plunged him back into her mouth. She took him deeper and he felt the soft flesh at the back of her throat on the head of his cock, and then he felt it pulling back out of her mouth and heard her slurping noisily as he extracted it. The feeling of her tongue swirling around his shaft and the soft slurping noises she was making were pushing him dangerously close to the edge.

She pulled him out of her mouth again, knowing the effect her dirty talk had on him. "I bet you didn't think your big sister was such a good cocksucker," she said, licking the head again. "God I love sucking your cock," she said before pulling him in.

He teetered on the precipice of his orgasm, his cock deep in his sister's mouth again, her hands steadily pumping on his shaft, her tongue pasting his shaft with saliva. He glanced down; she was looking directly at him with her beautiful green eyes.

That image sent him over the edge. He tried to pull out, grunting quickly, "Coming," but he nearly fainted in ecstasy as she pulled him back into her mouth again, steadily pumping with both hands. His cock began to pulse hot semen into her mouth, eliciting soft yelps from her as her mouth quickly filled. "Oh... fuck... Sarah...," he gasped at her.

She moaned audibly and tried to hold all of her brother's seed in her mouth, but had to swallow, gulping it down as she felt more streams hitting her teeth and the roof and back of her mouth. He was still staring at her, and her at him as he shot stream after stream into her mouth. He could see her throat swallow several times as she emptied her mouth, only to have more piling up in it. Finally, after about fifteen seconds of coming, he finally stopped and melted into her sheets.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth with a soft popping noise, licked her lips and then started to run her tongue down the shaft again, cleaning any stray sperm off. The dick was quickly fleeing the scene of the crime, and soon was a sad, shriveled copy of its former glory.

"That was indescribable," Mike said at last as she licked and slurped on his shriveled penis, running her tongue along his balls. "Sarah, I think you can stop now."

"Don't' wanna," she said, raising her head and pouting at him. She conceded though, and reached over and grabbed a glass of water that had been sitting on the table next to him, swirling around in her mouth and swallowing.

"I wanted to make sure I got all of your sperm," she said with a wink.

He shook his head at her, still not believing that his sister could be so filthy. "God, the things you were saying were so damn hot. It was like you were in my head and knew all the right buttons to push." He glanced at her, wanting to ask her something but not knowing if she'd be offended.

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