tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 11

Just the Six of Us Ch. 11


It seems silly to address this, but I guess it's necessary. While I don't mind criticism, I think it's silly to say something and do it behind a mask of anonymity. I don't care if you don't like the story. If you don't like it, why are you still reading chapters? If you do like it and are upset by a turn the story has taken, or a way that I've taken one of the sisters, then by all means, send me a message and leave a way for me to get back to you. None of the criticism bothers me. I love my story just the way it is. If you guys like it that way as well, then that's great.

This chapter is long in coming, pun intended. Some won't like the way I've taken things, and others will love it. You can't beat around the bush forever. Let's just say, the voice was very excited about this chapter.

Once again, thanks to ZexWizzard for all your help.

Chapter 11

Danni was still at Megan's during and after supper. No doubt she was talking about the incident at the frat house with her best friend. Meagan would be upset if Danni hadn't told her best friend of all people, what had happened.

Emma and Sarah were still out shopping and didn't get home until just after supper.

Mike had enjoyed a plate of something that Beth had conjured up, then went upstairs to his room just as Sarah and Emma came in carrying bags. He decided to try and stay away from the obviously plotting women, figuring nothing good could come of it. All they did was torture him anyways.

Beth finished her supper then went to her room, no doubt searching the web for information on her new theory.

Sarah winked at Emma and his twin knew that tonight would be the night that they would give their brother the surprise they had planned.

Mike was reading his magazine in his bedroom when Sarah opened the door and peered in. She smiled at him and waved a hand to him towards the door. Pulling her head back out, she then made her way down the hallway.

He stood and went to his door way and peered out. She was waiting at the top step and beckoning him towards her again. He glanced down and saw she was wearing a robe, loosely tied. He could see that she was wearing something lacy and blue beneath the robe. His gaze lingered on the cleavage that threatened to burst through the loose fitting garment.

He followed her downstairs, entranced by the promise of boobs and with only a few small prods by his inner voice.

She glided through the living room and towards her room, opening the door and entering quietly. He paused at her door, eager to discover what she had waiting for him, but ready to relish every delight he was about to experience.

His breathing deep, he entered the room. There were candles burning softly on various surfaces and the dim light flickered off Sarah as she lowered herself to the bed. His eyes drawn immediately to her, she'd dropped her robe to the floor and was wearing a lacy blue negligee. She was lying on her back, arms propped across her torso with her legs slightly spread.

Mike shut the door behind him quickly and locked it. He forced himself to calm down, lest he was tempted to just leap on her and start pounding away.

"Pound away, damn you!"

He started towards the bed, walking slowly towards it, with her smiling back at him, beckoning him with her finger once again. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it, running it down her neck, her body and then further down to the lips of her womanhood.

Wordlessly, Mike dropped to the bed and began to kiss at her feet, slowly moving upwards. He kissed her ankle and up her calf, gently pressing his lips to her soft flesh. Working his way ever upwards, he slowly moved to her knee, kissing the surface and moving inwards towards her thigh.

Unable to control herself, she opened her legs wider, allowing him to slide fully onto the bed and between them. He gently kissed along her inner thigh up the edge of her blue panties. He gently reached up and pulled the blue fabric aside, kissing above her clitoris and moving around the edge of her lips. He reached up with both hands and wrapped them around her legs, grasping the edge of her underwear with one hand as it wrapped under and back over her leg, pulling them out of the way again.

She closed her eyes and laid her head back as he gently ran his tongue along her slit upwards, then softly pushing into her. Her clit was gently prodded and drew a small gasp from her lips, followed by a moan as he pulled it fully into his mouth and began to nibble and suck gently.

"You know," she said between her high pitched yelps, "this feels so good, I'm so, so tempted not to even tell you your surprise."

He started to look up at her, but her hand went back to his head, pulling it back down into her crotch.

"No, no,, just keep eating sweetie, you'll find out soon enough." she said, as he resumed he forced a moan from her lips, and, "Oh,, yea."

He smiled and gently pulled her clitoris into his lips again, softly slurping and suckling. He pulled a hand free and ran it up her body, cupping a breast and worming its way under the bra to pinch a nipple, before continuing its way up and into her mouth.

Sarah slurped hungrily on his fingers, wetting them and almost giggling in the anticipation of the moment.

He brought his fingers quickly back down and turned his palm over, remembering what she had taught him. Gently, he pushed his two fingers into her, feeling them slide upwards as he bit softly down on her clit, causing her to arch her back and moan in pleasure.

He began to motion towards himself with his inserted fingers as he tenderly slurped on his sister's pussy, and soon began to feel her pussy tighten in orgasm.

"Oh,, my sweetie," she said, as a thousand tiny tentacles of pleasure thrummed along her body, her pussy convulsing around his fingers. She lay on the sheets in ecstasy for a few long moments as the pleasure continued to echo through her small frame.

Finally able to form a coherent sentence again, she pulled his head up from her dripping cunt. He'd still been slurping her as she lay there in pleasure, content to entertain himself while she came.

She raised her head and looked at him, smiling. "You are getting VERY good at that, young man," she told him. She pulled herself up to a sitting position. "I was originally just going to let you fuck me," she said, drawing a confused look from him.

"But we've been talking today," said someone behind him.

Mike turned and felt his jaw hit the floor.

Emma was standing in the doorway to Sarah's bathroom. She was wearing a red lingerie outfit with little bows.

"And Sarah has agreed to share you with me." Emma said, smiling. "Now you're going to have to fuck us both."


Mike could see the hunger in his twin's eyes. It was clear that the ravenous side of her alter ego had taken over and was thoroughly in control.

"It was all I could do to hold myself back," she said. "I wanted to join you two so badly," she said, hesitating at the door.

Sarah smiled, opening her arms. "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Emma leapt into bed with her sister, bypassing Mike as he slumped dumbfounded onto the bed with his jaw still wide open.

Sarah pulled her younger sister close and ran a hand along her red lace bra, brushing it across one of her petite breasts and searching for its nipple.

Emma leaned forward, eager to kiss her.

"First things first," Sarah said, reaching around Emma and grasping at the clasps on her lingerie. A few clicks and snaps, and the small red garment was off and fell to the floor. It was immediately followed by Sarah's.

"That's more like it," Emma said, pulling close to Sarah and smiling as her older sister lowered her head to her neck, kissing softly.

Mike's brain was desperately trying to reboot, the voice having hard-locked and crashed the entire system. He shook himself out of his daze and peered astonished at his sisters.

Emma's lithe muscular body was entwined lovingly with Sarah's softer, more voluptuous curves. Each sister was groping and sucking on the other, kissing necks, throats and taking turns on the other.

Emma lowered her head and pulled Sarah's nipple into her mouth, biting gently and feeling a surge of desire to throw her down and go down on her. She calmed herself and continued to nibble gently, moving down her body and kissing her stomach.

Sarah grabbed her sister's head and pushed her over, laying her on the bed and taking over kissing and sucking. She ran her tongue across Emma's nipple, drawing it into her mouth, biting and kissing the underside of her breast and moving to the other.

Sarah lifted her mouth and glanced at her brother, who was staring wide-eyed and just barely breathing. His dick looked like it was going to break through his blue jeans.

"Sweetie, you better get that monster out of there and give it to her, so our little sex-demon here can take care of it before she devours the both of us."

Mike stood dumbly, shuffling off his shirt and pulling his pants and boxers off. His dick poked straight out, desperate for attention.

"Bring that thing here, bro," Emma purred. Her eyes closed as Sarah lowered her head and let her lips continue their trip south. She kissed her navel and moved lower, gently kissing Emma's inner thighs and softly around her mound.

Mike shuffled up to the head of the bed where Emma was laying, and climbed up, getting his dick near her head. She sensed him getting close and attacked. Her hands wrapped around his dick and pulled him towards her, pulling the tip into her waiting mouth. He moaned as he felt her velvety tongue wrap around the tip and run across the slit.

Emma relaxed her death grip on her brother's penis and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him into her mouth deeper. She felt him hit the back of her throat and gagged slightly, then she gasped as she felt Sarah between her legs.

Sarah was running her tongue along her younger sister's slit, gently pushing it into her and running it upwards. She slurped at her juices, eagerly tasting her and swallowing them down. Emma arched her back and moaned as Sarah gently teased and then sucked at her clit. She reached down and ran a hand through her sisters hair, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her mouth locked onto her pussy.

Mike had the back of Emma's head in his hands and was gently guiding her mouth onto the head of his dick. She was preoccupied enjoying the mouth that was sucking her pussy at that moment, so he'd taken over. He loved the way her tongue was so warm, yet so soft and wet, and the way she seemed to absolutely love the way he tasted, as if he were a big lollipop in her favorite flavor that she was given to suck on.

He began to feel a familiar tingling and backed off, forcing himself to slow down so he didn't come too early. He knew she probably wanted to make love, and didn't know how many orgasms he was capable of.

"Give it back, you fucker," Emma said, pouting up at him.

"I don't wanna come too quickly," he said, "I know you have other plans in store for us tonight."

She arched her body and threw her head back as Sarah sucked gently on her clitoris. She felt her sister pushing a few fingers into her and gently pushing them around. A few seconds later she was rewarded as an orgasm clenched onto Sarah's digits and Emma's hips began to rock up and down swiftly. Sarah had her lips locked onto her sister's cunt and she came, not releasing until Emma had stopped bucking and lay motionless, breathing deeply.

"Oh, you are good at that," she said, "Wow."

"I've got a few secrets of my own," Sarah admitted, smiling mischievously. "But now, we get to decide who goes first on this, behemoth," she said, hungrily looking at her brother's cock.

Mike grinned like an idiot, and then fell back into Sarah's sheets as his two sisters sat up and crawled towards him. They both began to kiss on his thighs and move towards his angry red dick, standing proudly between his legs. Sarah and Emma both reached out with their tongues and ran them down the shaft of his penis, their tongues touching briefly as they painted him up and down with their saliva.

Sarah took the initiative and wrapped her lips around the tip, pulling him into her mouth in one swift movement. Emma ran her tongue down the shaft again, but then took her brother into her mouth as soon as her sister had released him. A few turns later and Sarah could contain herself no longer.

"You go first," Emma said.

Sarah needed no other urging. Emma backed out of the way as Sarah positioned her hips above her brother's waiting cock. Reaching back with one hand, she gently guided the tip into position, slowly sliding it inside and drawing a moan from them both.

Emma, not wanting to be left out, lifted a leg and pulled her brother's head between her own thighs, squealing in pleasure as she felt his warm tongue diving into her pussy. She moaned and began to rock back and forth, holding Sarah in her arms as her older sister slowly began to bounce up and down.

Sarah had finally done it, she'd finally gone all the way with her younger brother as she'd so desperately wanted to ever since he'd hit her in the face a week or so ago with his erection. She slowly slid down the length of his shaft, feeling it sliding along her vagina muscles and sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her. She flexed her pussy muscles and caused him to arch his back and moan from beneath Emma's hips.

Mike couldn't believe how good this felt. He had both arms wrapped around his twin sister's thighs and was assaulting her clitoris with his tongue and biting gently. His eldest sister was sliding up and down his shaft and was slowly picking up speed. He just knew that he'd wake up soon and discover that this was all some wicked dream, maybe even cooked up by his perverted inner voice as payback for some perceived offense.

Emma bucked her hips as another orgasm began to tickle itself up her spine and exploded through every pore. She fell forward into Sarah, who grabbed her sister and kissed her passionately as her own orgasm began to pulse through her. Her body began to thump up and down in pleasure as the orgasm squeezed her brother's cock, greedily trying to bring it deeper inside her.

Sarah cried out loudly in pleasure, "Oh Mike, oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes, just like that sweetie."

A few seconds of pleasure later, Sarah finally climbed off and decided to let Emma have her turn. Emma had collapsed down on her brother and immediately took his dick into her mouth, sucking her sister's pussy juice off as she hungrily slobbered on him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tightly around his mouth, sealing his tongue into her pussy. A few minutes passed as they sucked and slobbered all over one another before they broke the sixty-nine and hurriedly moved around the bed.

Emma immediately dropped to her back, opening her legs and reaching for her brother. Sarah leaned forward over the top of Emma as Mike positioned himself between her legs. She took her brother's cock in her mouth and sucked fiercely, drawing another moan from him. He popped softly out of her mouth and she dropped her face lower, slurping briefly on Emma's pussy, ensuring it was wet enough.

She looked up at her brother smiling, "Now go slow, and once you've taken her virginity, make sure that she's okay before continuing." Emma pulled her head between Sarah's legs, who gladly lifted a leg to let her younger sister in.

Mike nodded and leaned forward, kissing Sarah deeply as he gently pushed the tip of his erection into his twin's wet pussy. He felt Emma tense up as he entered her, and noticed subtle differences in how she felt from her sister. He felt a slight obstruction and gently pushed passed it, drawing a gasp from Emma.

"Slowly," Sarah reminded him, but quickly closed her eyes as Emma pushed her tongue into her older sister's pussy again.

Mike slowly pulled out, and pushed gently back in, taking his time and being as gentle as he could. He felt Emma relax after a few gentle thrusts and slowly began to pump in and out of her. He wrapped his arms around his sister's waist and pulled her hips upwards, drawing her further onto him. Pulling out slightly, he slid his erection slowly back in, feeling the walls of her vagina squeeze against his shaft as it made its pleasurable journey inwards. Emma pushed her tongue deeply into her sister, drawing a moan from her, at the same time she began to ease toward her first orgasm from her brother, which was working its fingers from her crotch up her spine. She began to yelp and moan as her hips bucked and her back arched. Her pussy clamped down on her brother's cock and pulled on it relentlessly.

Sarah smiled as she felt her younger sister coming, and knew that Mike had been gentle enough to make it pleasurable. She knew Mike wasn't far from coming, and raised her pussy off her little sister's lips. "Tell him where you want him to cum, sweetie," she said.

"Oh Mike, cum in me please," she said, moaning in pleasure as the orgasm finally began to release her from its grasp. "Please cum in me, I want you in me," she kept repeating.

Mike knew he was close, and began to pump swiftly in and out of her. Sarah titled her head to the side and lowered her head to her sister's snatch, snaking her tongue out and licking her every time her brother pulled back.

Mike gasped loudly and began to pound roughly into Emma as the last fingers of her orgasm left her body. Thick semen began to pump into his twin as she gasped beneath him.

"Oh god yes, that feels so wonderful," she moaned as she felt her brother emptying into her.

"That's so hot, sweetie, that's it," Sarah was saying, over and over.

Mike continued to thrust roughly into his twin, coming for about fifteen seconds before finally extracting himself from her. The siblings extracted themselves from the awkward position they'd been in and collapsed onto the sheets.

"I'll just retire for right now. I don't think you can top that."

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