Just the Six of Us Ch. 15


Beth had definitely noticed a difference. She kept looking at each of her sisters, a frown on her face. Mike was eating like they weren't going to ever have food in the house again, but that was just Mike. Emma had a smile that she couldn't wipe off her face. Beth knew that she'd attacked Mike, and it was obvious to her that he had succumbed. She'd figured he wouldn't last long against the three, and hadn't.

She'd heard Sarah and him earlier, as they'd made enough noise to alarm the whole household until they'd realized what all the commotion was, and she was growing more and more curious about the whole affair. What was so special, that all of her sisters were now involved in an incestuous relationship with their own brother, and two with each other? She was confident that if she'd had any sexual experience at all, she'd have a clearer understanding of it all. She'd just never had any opportunities of that nature.

In high school and college she'd only ever been interested in her classes, studies and grades. The subject of sex had almost never come up, and when it did it was usually connected to her school work. Well, more times than not. The only other time was when the few girls she knew were talking about it, and she just dismissed it as idle adolescent foolishness.

But, when Mike had admitted that he was intimate with Sarah, Danni and Emma, something had begun to stir in her. Was it simple curiosity, or...

She found herself watching the way her brother moved and the way his muscles flexed beneath his shirt. She liked the way he looked without a shirt. She knew that for sure now. He wasn't some muscle bound behemoth like a lot of the men you saw on TV. She hated that. She did like muscles though, and Mike's were very nice.

She thought back to that very morning when she'd seen him in the shower. He was standing with an anguished look on his face. His cock erect, pointing upwards and almost like it was beckoning to her. She didn't have anything to compare it to, except maybe one of Sarah's toys, and that probably wasn't a fair comparison.

She'd wanted to stare at it longer, but Mike's face had turned from anguish to embarrassment, and she'd closed the door quickly. The image of him in the shower, his dick an angry red tower, pointing at her like it was mad at her somehow. All of that was hard to shake and she found that she couldn't get it out of her mind. Maybe that was why the girls were so taken with him.

'Maybe he's got a magic dick,' she thought, and couldn't suppress a giggle.

All four of her siblings around the table looked at her, but she was lost in the thought and didn't notice them. She was thinking back to their vacation now. Emma had been lavishly sucking and running her tongue on her brother's cock as she and Sarah watched from the window. She remembered how fun it had looked, how much Em had seemed to enjoy it.

She had kept looking up at Mike, who was obviously enjoying himself. When he'd started to cum, she'd swallowed him and it with not even a thought to the contrary. No first thought, let alone a second.

She'd briefly wondered how it would taste, and her mind drifted back to that again. Beth's thoughts continued to revolve around her brother and his cock for the next few minutes that it took to finish her meal.

Mike finished his third helping and headed for the stairs and his room.

'He was probably going to take a nap,' she thought, after all this morning's and afternoon's exercise.

Sarah washed her plate and began to load the dishwasher, Emma standing to help her. Danni finished and headed to the living room to watch TV. Beth handed Sarah her plate and went upstairs, still lost in thought.

She headed to her room. Closing the door behind her, she moved to sit on her bed, the thoughts of her brother's naked cock still filling her head. She thought back to the wonderful conversations they'd had, and their date. She'd admitted to him that she'd never masturbated, and he'd seemed surprised.

'Was it that common a thing to do?' she wondered.

She couldn't possibly see what the big deal was, it was just an orgasm. Of course, she'd never had one, so her words didn't carry any weight. Further curious, she stood to turn and look at herself in the mirror on her closet door. She definitely had large breasts. Larger than her sisters, that was obvious. She pulled her tight white shirt over her head, and unclasped her bra. Standing in front of her mirror, she stared at herself and wondered if Mike would really like the way they looked if he ever saw her naked.

Sometimes, when breasts were as large as hers, they would sag. Droop toward the floor like two bags of flour. Even large-breasted, Beth was fortunate enough for hers to be firm as well as full, and jaunting straight from her chest. If she arched her back, she found they even heaved upward, and her nipples were small and pink, like the rest of her sisters.

Mike had complemented her on her breasts, several times now. She supposed they were nice, but again, hadn't really ever thought about it before. Perhaps he was right. She ran a hand up her stomach to a breast, cupping it. Running a finger to her nipple, she traced the outer edge and pushed against it.

'That was nice,' she thought, but suddenly felt silly standing in her own room, half naked and playing with her own breasts.

She quickly reached for her bra and pulled it back over and re-clasped it. Her shirt quickly followed and she sat down on her bed. Why was this sex thing so enticing. She could hardly concentrate anymore. It was all she really thought about.

She quickly decided to get this out of her mind as well as out of her system before school started, as she'd never be able to concentrate and study otherwise. Then she remembered Mike had said that she could ask him anything.

She opened the door to her room and moved to her brother's. She stood quietly outside for a few seconds, listening for one of her sisters. Then she heard the click-click-click of Mike's keyboard and knew he was on his computer. She knocked on his door softly.

"Come in," Mike called from inside.

She opened the door and closed it behind her as quickly and quietly as she could. She found him sitting at his desk, looking at college football scores. He turned as she entered, smiling warmly at her. He looked genuinely happy to see her. The thought made her warm inside, and made her smile.

"What's up?" he asked, still smiling.

She continued to smile back and shrugged, heading to sit on his bed. "Just curious about a few things," she said as she plopped down on his mattress.

He turned to face her in his chair, curiosity on his face. "Well, I'm right here, what can I help you with?" he asked.

She began to twirl her finger in her hair. She didn't really know what or how to ask. She couldn't really just jump him like her sisters had. But, she shocked herself in realizing, that was exactly what she wanted to do.

"Well, I just wanted to see what was up with you, see if you wanted to talk," she said.

He stood to come over and sit next to her. "Anytime; what's on your mind?" he asked, brushing her hair back over her shoulder and placing his hand on it and her neck.

Glancing up at him, he looked so concerned to her, so cute, so... well, kissable.

She slowly raised her hand and ran it through his hair, then leaned in as both her hands went to his face. She gently grasp the sides of his head, pulling him close, while easing him backwards onto the bed, her body moving atop his. Her lips pressed against his, and he lay there stunned for a second as he allowed her to kiss him, her tongue playing along his lips, trying to find a way inside.

She began to feel him returning her kiss, and as he did, she felt a wave of excitement. He finally wrapped her up in his strong arms and pulled her close. Her breasts pressed into his chest and she felt his strong chest muscles pushing back into her.

He ran a hand along her back and surprised her when he began to squeeze her butt, cupping one of her cheeks and gently kneading it in his hand. She decided to let him continue, shocking them both. His other hand came up, and she lifted herself a bit to allow him to move his arm between them.

'What the hell are you doing?' she asked herself. 'He can grab your boobs now!'

She gasped, as he did indeed begin to grope her breasts, his hand roaming around over the top and front of her shirt. She began to feel flushed again, light headed. Without any thought of it, her body shifted its position on top of him as her legs parted, and her crotch settled over his own.

'He's turning you on, dummy,' she thought, as her pelvis ground into his.

She sighed happily, as he continued to fondle her breasts, his free hand still massaging her butt. She pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, feeling him suck on it and then pushing his own into hers. She loved the way it felt as she ran her tongue along it, the way her lips wrapped around it when gently sucking it.

He suddenly broke the kiss, and she pushed herself up, which put most of her weight and more pressure bearing down on his now engorged meat.

"I'm so sorry, Beth." he said, suddenly afraid that he'd crossed a line.

She backpedaled herself, slightly embarrassed but not sorry as he had said he was, then said, "No, it's my fault, I shouldn't have..."

He began to apologize again, but she crawled off of him and stood, then calmly but quickly walked from the room. Soon afterward, he heard her door close.

"Nice going, shithead, we could have had her. Why have you got to keep opening your stupid mouth, right at the beginning of bedding the only one we haven't had yet? Tell me which of your brain cells keeps bringing you up short so I can go and pull the fucking nerve ending it uses for a firing plug until...."

'Shut up,' Mike thought, and crashed back into his pillow.

The evening passed and Beth hadn't come out of her room. Mike eventually went back downstairs, vowing to talk to her later.

He stopped at the door to the kitchen and looked around. Sarah was standing in the washroom, on the telephone with someone, a friend of hers probably. He glanced over to the living room. Danni and Emma were lying on the couch together, watching some stupid reality TV show.

'Payback time,' he thought smiling, and headed for the washroom.

"Wait a second, what? This is my..."

'Trust me,' he thought.

"Yeah, we're doing fine," Sarah said, talking to someone Mike couldn't make out. "We just got back from a trip to the Cayman Islands, the first vacation we've had in years."

Her back was to him as she was loading clothes into the washing machine one at a time, and seemed too preoccupied to notice as he entered. He smiled to himself, and slowly crept forward.

"No, I'm not single anymore, really," she said, causing Mike to smile. "Not exactly," she said, "it's more of a 'friends with benefits' kind of thing. Real close friends. Well, more than friends actually. But we haven't actually defined it."

She laughed as whoever was on the other end of the phone said something in response to all the 'friends with benefits' comments. It was probably her best friend Sally. He crept up a little closer and had soon taken up a position directly behind her. He reached forward and wrapped his arms around her, cupping both of her breasts in his hands, squeezing gently.

She jumped slightly, startled at his touch. She turned and glared at him as he fondled her through her shirt. Covering the phone with her hand, she shot him a 'don't fuck with me right now' look and whispered, "Knock it off." Then she turned back away to continue her work and conversation.

Mike ignored her, and then pointed at the phone.

"Yeah, I'm still here," she said, still trying to wave him off. "I'm just folding clothes."

He reached up and under her shirt and grabbed her breasts, her nipples quickly hardening at his touch.

"No, it's no one you know," she said to Sally, "He's just a really good fuck."

Mike chuckled at it all, and then ran a hand along her stomach towards her shorts. She pushed backwards against him, trying to get him off of her, but he didn't relent, pushing his hand into her pants and causing her to bite her lip as he began to finger her now wet cunt.

"Mmmhmm," she said into the phone. "He's got a real nice cock, nice size too," she said. "No, I not going to share him," she giggled at the extended lie, and thought, 'Not with you anyway.'

Mike smiled, gently pulling her shorts down and pulling her ass towards him.

"Look at that ass. Stick it in her."

'Patience,' he thought.

"The trip was great though, lots of fun. Mike planned the whole thing." She was concentrating as hard as she could, trying to focus on the phone and not her evil little brother. He had his pants down now, and the beast was out of its cage.

Just slip it in, gently.

'Don't you go getting soft on me now,' he thought, and pulled his cock up and down Sarah's slit, who was still desperately trying to carry on her phone conversation. She willfully leaned forward over the washer, sticking her ass out, spreading her legs and biting her lip as Sally told her what she had been doing recently.

Then in one swift motion, Mike thrust deeply into his oldest sister, every inch a mountain of pleasure as it hit bottom. She winced at his invasion, still slightly tender from earlier, but enjoying every moment and abruptly spread her legs wider.

"Yeah, I know he was seeing Lisa, but I didn't know he was fucking Melanie too, (gasp)" Sarah said, trying to disguise a moan. Mike's hands were manhandling both of her hips now, thrusting deeper and deeper into her as he bumped her repeatedly into the washer.

"Mmmhmm," she said, unable to form a coherent sentence. "No, everything is fine, just (gasp)... oh god... folding clothes. Oh YES, I mean, no, that's just the washer (gasp)."

She felt her orgasm building and arched her back, bouncing into the washer again as Mike pounded into her, immediately releasing her as her orgasm washed over her. She nearly bit through her lip trying to stifle her moans and gasps of pleasure, her pussy contracting over and over on her brother's cock as it thrust in an out of her before leaving her void, and her pussy begging to be filled for a few seconds more.

"OH, YEAH... I'd love to see you sometime soon too," she said, her head lying nearly in the washer.

He leaned forward and lifted her up, pulling her face up to his and kissing her quietly. He moved his head to her free ear and leaned in close. "Payback and I love you," he said, kissing her cheek.

She scowled at him playfully, with her eyes rolled back in her head. Dizzily reaching for her shorts, she clumsily fumbling with them trying to pull them back on, wanting to follow him out as he retreated.

"What the...? you didn't...? we're not gonna...? Shit, that's not what I agreed to. You dim witted, back stabbing, cunt losing, fucked up piece of an excuse for a partner, shithead."

Mike, thoroughly pleased with himself, headed to the living room and sat down between his sisters.

Emma had the remote control and their reality show was just going off. She flipped around and found a good movie on one of the movie channels. Danni stood and got a couple of blankets and handed one to her sister and Mike. She was lying on her left side, her head on the couch pillow as Mike leaned over on her, his head resting on her shoulder.

Emma lay beside him, her head resting on his shoulder as they all settled in to watch the flick. She and Mike were both wrapped in one blanket, and the other covered Danni, but hers was draped over part of theirs.

Emma set the control down and nuzzled closer to her brother, glancing up at him and smiling as he looked down at her. She leaned up and kissed him quickly on the lips as the movie began to start.

An hour into the movie, Emma's hand began to wander. She first had it in her own lap, but it soon ended up on Mike's knee and slowly made the trip towards his cock. She ran her fingernails along his leg as they watched the movie.

Mike smiled and shook his head as Emma fiddled around with his shorts before finding a hole and wrapping her hand around his rapidly hardening meat. She gently began to stroke up and down underneath the blanket, as unnoticeably as she could.

Then Sarah and Beth came in, sitting on the other couch, relaxing back and leaning on each other to enjoy the movie.

Mike figured Emma would stop her impromptu incognito hand job, but quickly realized that she'd only get more turned on with an audience. He smiled as Danni looked back at him, and she smiled back, turning back to the movie.

Emma's hand continued to rub his cock up and down, over and over. She desperately wanted to plunge it into her mouth, to feel her brother's warm seed oozing down her throat. She briefly considered grabbing him and pulling him into Sarah's room, but suddenly had a better idea.

She stood, pulling her hand out of her brother's pants and shifting positions to sit between Danni and him. He grumbled at her, but shifted over, allowing her in.

"You just want to be in the middle where it's all warm," he said, eyeing her suspiciously.

She giggled and nodded, pretending he was right.

Danni glanced at her and giggled, smiling as Emma snuggled up close. She put her arm around her younger sister and began to twirl her hair in her fingers.

Mike leaned in close, but didn't put his head on Emma's shoulder this time, instead, laying it on the back of the couch as he continued watching the movie.

Emma smiled as he pulled the blanket back over his lap, satisfied that she could continue her plan. Ever so quietly, she began to wiggle and shift, sliding her shorts and panties off with one hand as she pushed her other hand around Danni's waist, pulling her closer and hugging her gently. After several minutes of gentle wiggling, she finally had her panties down past her hips, exposing her pussy, all under the blanket of course.

She turned and looked at her brother, staring at him until he looked at her. She winked at him when he glanced at her questioningly, then looked down at her lap pointedly, then back to the TV.

Mike sat confused for a minute until Emma turned back around to him and repeated the movement, glancing down at her lap and then back at the TV. He lifted the blanket, but then quickly pulled it back down when he saw her naked ass staring at him.

She reached behind herself and began to fiddle around with his shorts again, pulling at the waistband, begging him to move forward. The excitement and danger of the situation was too much for him and he complied, slowly shifting in his seat until he felt his crotch pressing against her naked flesh.

She greedily wrapped her fingers around his cock, pulling it out of the shorts he was wearing and pulling the head directly to the entrance of her pussy. Like Sarah, she was still a little tender from their earlier exertions, so she turned and looked at him and silently mouthed the word, "Softly."

He smiled and winked at her, then gently began to push inside her. The urge to turn her over and just start pounding was unreal, and he had to actually refrain himself from doing so. Emma rocked gently back and forth, causing him to slide in and out of her pussy, each thrust sending a wave of pleasure through her body, as well as down his shaft and into his body.

Danni glanced over at the two and immediately guessed what was going on, then glanced over at Sarah and Beth who were immersed in the movie.

Emma, seeing Danni's head move, looked up at her and the two locked eyes. Danni smiled warmly at her and Emma closed her eyes in pure pleasure as Mike thrust into her again. She ran her hand along Emma's face again, twirling a lock of hair in her hand and pulling her head back to her shoulder and chest.

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