tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 17

Just the Six of Us Ch. 17


Author's note:

First, I'm sorry that it took so long, but I didn't want to shovel out a pile of crap.

Second, I'm having a contest. I'm coming up with blanks for Ashley's brother. I need a good name and I need suggestions. As a thank you from my editor and I, we've agreed to immortalize one lucky reader and name him after you. Send me a feedback email to mentalcase22@hotmail.com, with a return address, you name, and a great reason that I should name Ashley's brother after you.

Thirdly, I welcome all comments and suggestions, but threats don't work against me at all. I was warned by "Anonymous" that if anyone caught Mike besides one of the sisters, all of my chapters would get 1 star, cache cleared and then repeated. I am tickled that my stories get high ratings, but if I only got 3 stars, I'd still be writing. I don't do this for the stars, I do it for the feedback. I love knowing that I've helped people, and for the email from the young woman with the sexual problem that I've helped, you touched me, sincerely. You guys are the reason that I write this stuff. So to the girl named O. this chapter is for you.

Fourth, I deliberately changed the scene right after Mike and Beth got together, when Mike gets "interrupted" just to spite "Anonymous." You guys will know exactly what I mean. It actually worked out better and was funnier than the way I originally had it.

Lastly, keep sending feedback, suggestions and dislikes/likes, but send me a return address so I can get back to you. Keep checking my profile for updates. On with the erotica!

Thanks to ZexWizzard for you edits and suggestions.

Chapter 17

Mike didn't know how these post-orgasmic-spasms functioned, but Beth had evidently worked her body well past them and was quickly approaching a final climax. Having already come himself, he certainly wasn't going to do so again before she did, but she had successfully brought him back to full arousal.

Damn, she was hot.

As she continued riding his cock, she sat up from off his chest to get, what in the language of 'Beth' would be called, full extension on her up stroke, in order to receive full penetration on her thrust downward.

"Oh, God... Mike, you feel so good... (GASP)... OH, YES." her breasts bouncing in the air with every thrust she made down on his rock hard cock. "Oh, Oh... yeah baby... Damn it, that's so... (GASP) good." she cried as she thrust back down on his cock with her orgasm nearing.

Mike grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his throbbing meat, forcing its tip as deep inside her as it would go. She moaned when she felt it bottom out as his crown introduced itself to the entrance of her cervix. The muscles of her vagina obliged by contracting around his entire shaft as his actions triggered her climax.

She threw her head back as she did and gasped for air once more, her beautiful breasts bouncing all the more from the force of its impact. "Oh, GOD... (GASP) Michael... YES," she cried in a whispered squeal as her climax engulfed her, causing her entire body to shudder.

Arching her back as two more waves of ecstasy hit, her orgasm then washed over her as she enjoyed every sensation, rocking back and forth greedily to claim every little twinge. After a few more spasms, she collapsed back onto his chest, him still rock hard inside of her.

Then, while she was messaging his shaft with the aftershocks being experienced by her womanhood, and before she could finish him again, a sound came from behind the door in the hallway beyond, causing them both to freeze. Someone was just outside his door, listening.

As quickly as she could inside her spent condition, she slid off the bed and grabbed her night shirt. Pulling it on hurriedly, she ducked under his bed.

Mike leapt from the sheets and flew to his computer, which was thankfully still on and online, just as a knock came from the door a second later. He quickly turned on the screen and clicked to the first porn website in his favorite's collection.

As a chick getting fucked doggy style popped into view on the screen, he turned towards his door and softly answered, "Yeah?"

"FUCK! Don't answer it, dumbass."

Mike mentally reprimanded himself, as the voice had been right, just as the door creaked open slightly causing Mike to grimace. A slender face with red hair poked through the opening.

Ashley's expression changed to that of confusion as she saw him sitting at the computer desk, and asked, "Can I... come in?"

Mike looked down realizing he was still naked, complete with a hard-on that was still pleading for attention in his lap. He leapt from the chair, grabbed a blanket from his bed and wrapped it around himself.

"Ash... it's late." he said, turning back to the door.

He glanced down at the darkness beneath his bed and saw a flicker of movement as Beth pulled her feet further under the bed.

"I'm sorry Mike, I didn't mean to...," she started.

Mike, even though he knew he should be acting embarrassed, really didn't care that she thought he'd been jerking off. In fact, he hoped that's exactly what she did think. He waved his hand dismissively, and a sudden idea struck him.

"Hell's bells, man. No, No, No... don't say it. She's gonna want... You can't fuck the little psycho nymph right here, right now, with hot, fresh fucked wet pussy still underneath your bed."

"I'm sorry I stopped you earlier," he said, "in the hot tub I mean. I kept thinking about it and kept wishing that I could have... done more," he said, feeling pretty good about his cover since he was winging it. "I just got so turned on and needed to finish."

"You are such an idiot"

A wide smile played across her face, and she stepped forwards suddenly. "So, you wanted to fuck me?" she asked, reaching for his blanket.

'Oh... SHIT,' he thought.

Mike realized that the voice had been right, and this might not have been the best idea after all, especially now that she was now in his room with the door closed leaving Beth with no way out. He forced himself to try and think of sexless thoughts. 'Dead puppies, dead kittens, clowns with...'

"Beth's lips wrapped around your cock, bending Sarah over the washer, Emma's tight ass... You started this, might as well make the most of it and see where it takes us."

"Shut the fuck up!" Mike barked, out loud, drawing a confused, almost hurt look from Ashley.

"Wha...?" she asked.

"I wasn't..." he started, "I'm sorry, this is just embarrassing."

She looked at him confused and moved to sit on his bed.

"So, you were so turned on that you had to jerk yourself off? Why didn't you just come wake me up?" she asked as she began pulling her t-shirt off.

"Ashley..." he started, having absolutely no idea what he was going to say next.

"Mike, come on... you can fuck me, I want you to," she said, pulling the shirt completely off then reaching for her panties. "I like you. I like you a lot," she said, as she discarded her panties and reached for his hand.

"Since when does that matter, just fuck her."

"Ashley, I like you too," Mike said, thinking fast again. "I just think we need to take it slow."

She looked at him, dumbfounded. "Mike..."

He looked around the room, trying to think of what else to say, or where to go from here.

"Well, you're not going to get rid of her, without fucking her... or hitting her in the head with something heavy."

'What the fuck is wrong with you,' he thought quickly.

"Then fuck her, idiot. That's the only way out now."

'Beth is under the bed, asshole.'

"You can fuck her again after you finish this one off."

"Mike," she said, standing in front of him, her nipples hard and sticking out from her diminutive breasts. "You've already been inside me, in the hot tub."

"I can't," he started, then putting into words the only thing that came to mind, he added, "I already finished, and I can't get it up right now."

"Like she's going to believe that."

He pried his eyes off her body, and bit his lip as she pushed the blanket from off his shoulders and pulled it from his body, revealing the angry red tower in his lap.

"Then what do you call that monster, huh?" she said, reaching for him. "If that is your normal state of flaccid, I'm already in love with your erection."

"We wish!"

Mike put his hand up to stop her, and said, "Ashley, please."

She ignored him, though, and still staring at his rock hard erection she reached forward and wrapped her hands around it.

"Aww, yeah."

"Mike, honey, I just need to feel this inside me again, please," she said, and looked up at him with the cutest little pout on her face.

Mike groaned as she leaned forwards, lowering her face towards his cock and dropping to her knees.

"Just let it happen, Dude."

He groaned as he felt her mouth close around the head of his cock, her tongue washing over the tip. Underneath the bed, Beth snaked a hand out and pinched his leg as hard as she could.

"Ouch!" he yelled, and the sudden leap pushed his cock deep into Ashley's throat, upon which she gagged, then off his shaft.

"Mike, what the fuck?" she yelled, and fell back as he bolted from the room.

In the hallway, he bowled into Megan, Lynn, and Becca. They collapsed in a heap as Mike desperately tried to extricate himself. He felt a hand brush against his cock as all three girls squealed in surprise.

"Wow," one of them said as another hand grabbed his cock. Pulling himself carefully from whoever's grip, Mike got to his feet and ran downstairs.

"Where the hell are you going, idiot? You're naked."

With Mike not thinking straight, he just ran out the back door. Looking around, he finally just dived into the pool and sunk himself to the bottom, letting the cold water do what nothing else would. After coming up for air he swam to the side of the pool. Turning his attention back to the house he could hear several feminine voices coming from inside, but he couldn't make them out.

"I... I just... I have no words. You've really outdone yourself this time Slick."

'Just shut up.'

He stood in the cold water for a few minutes waiting for his erection to subside completely. The whole house was awake by that point with half drunk, half asleep women yammering to each other about what may or may not have happened.

Well, there was no getting out of this. He could think of nothing to explain it away.

Then he thought to himself, and the voice, 'You know what?

"No, I really don't. What?"

"Fuck it.'

"Fuck what, wait a second...Mike... you okay buddy?"

The voice sounded suddenly and genuinely concerned as Mike pulled himself up out of the pool, his naked body covered with beads of water. He walked towards the back door. There were several of the girls inside the living room and they all turned, wide eyed and mouths agape as he walked in.

"Mike..." Sarah said, covering her mouth.

Besides her, Sally had her eyes locked on Mike's wet and dripping, but still impressive package. It wasn't completely flaccid, but still held the amount of rigidity that guys secretly wish it would stay all the time. Floppy, but still somewhat enlarged, as if it was saying 'Look, I'm completely flaccid and I'm still huge!'

Tina had risen from her spot on the couch and was staring wide eyed at him as he passed. The other girls in the house were in the kitchen, mouths agape and eyes wide as he headed upstairs. Ashley had pulled her panties and shirt back on, and Beth was just making her way downstairs, having extricated herself from under the bed and successfully snuck out of his room in the confusion.

He passed her on the stairs and she made a point of not looking at him.

"Great, now you've done it, you idiot. You've gone and pissed off our brand new pussy, first rattle out of the box. No pun intended."

Mike went upstairs as the girls laughter echoed up through the house from down below.

'I think that should have ended better,' he thought as he closed the door behind himself.

"YA THINK? Which part? You flashing your cock at a house full of women, you fucking your sister, or the impromptu frigid skinny dip you decided to take?"

'Take your pick,' he thought, lying in his bed. 'Beth's angry now over Ashley, and there's no telling what havoc my walk upstairs has caused with the other girls. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do now.'

"Normally, I'd say something to make you go get some pussy, but honestly, I think we've had enough embarrassment for one night. I vote you get some sleep, and then tomorrow you can fuck all of them."

'Yeah, I think you're right, for once... about the sleep anyway.' He turned over and crawled under his sheets, pulling them up to his chest. But sleep would be long in claiming him.

He had really done it. All the events leading up to the last half hour kept replaying themselves in his mind. He'd made love to all four of his sisters. It wasn't guilt he was feeling, but something different. Maybe an odd sense of accomplishment is what it was.

They all felt different toward him though, and he had a special connection with each of them. He naturally began to wonder what the future held. What if one of them did get pregnant? He knew enough about genetics to know there were risks. Would they keep it? Wouldn't someone get suspicious about the father? Maybe he should start insisting on wearing a condom.


He'd have to insist they all go on birth control. Another thought crossed his mind as he lay in the darkness. How was he going to keep all four women pleased? School was starting very soon and he wouldn't have time to nap after each session, not to mention having to study and actually attend classes. And what the hell was he going to do about Ashley now?

"Fuck her, idiot."

'You're supposed to be sleeping.'

While Ashley did look to be extremely fun in bed, and he'd always heard redheads were, he didn't harbor any actual feelings for her. He'd known that she'd always had a thing for him as long as Emma and she had been friends. She'd been so eager to please him, it was almost sad. If he wasn't such an honorable guy, he could probably get her to do whatever the hell he wanted.

"Now you're seeing things my way."

Hopefully the rest of the girls visiting would just pass off the nights events as drunken party antics and forget about it. He wondered briefly which one had started rubbing his cock when he'd piled into Megan, Lynn, and Becca. What the hell were they doing out there anyway? He and Beth had been making too much noise, probably.

'Oh shit,' he thought, wondering if they'd heard any vocal clues as to who he was actually fucking. He didn't really hold any hope for them believing it was him just jerking off. That thought struck him as strange, hoping someone thought you were jerking off.

Mike's thoughts just kept wandering, but finally he drifted off to sleep.


Dawn came and glared at him through the window, demanding that he get up and stop all this fucking around in bed. Mike raised the middle finger of one hand flipping off the persistent sun. He just lay there a moment like that, letting his 'sign language' do his talking for him, illuminated by the morning light.

Eventually he began to stir and stomped towards the upstairs bathroom. Surprisingly it was empty and he went in, locking the door behind him and showered quickly. Emma was coming out of her room as he finished and headed back towards his room.

"Morning," she yawned, coming up to give him a hug. He loved how warm and soft she felt, the sound of her breathing, her soft, small but firm breasts pushing into his chest.

'Stop it,' he thought to himself, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, broke the hug, and headed for his room again. "Morning," he called behind himself as she turned for the bathroom. He closed his door and got dressed.

Beth was in the kitchen with Sarah and a few of the other girls, all making breakfast smoothies. He grumbled to himself and headed to the cabinet for a bowl of cereal. He'd been hoping for a real breakfast made by Sarah, or even better, Beth.

Beth glanced up at him and looked away quickly. 'Great,' he thought, 'I've gotta make some time to talk to her,' he decided.

"Morning sweetie," Sarah said, coming over and kissing his forehead.

He nodded curtly and spooned some cereal into his mouth. An uncomfortable silence fell over the kitchen as the rest of the girls entered and spied Mike sitting quietly, shoveling cereal into his mouth.

The stillness of the kitchen was eventually broken by the normal idle chatter. The girls spoke about anything but what had happened last night. Whether out of embarrassment or they just didn't remember, Mike didn't know. He was thankful either way. He stood after a few minutes and retreated upstairs.

Sarah leaned against the cabinet chatting with Sally and sipping some of her smoothie.

"So, who snuck into Mike's room last night?" Lynn asked out of the blue, her gaze scouting around the room. "You guys had to have heard him."

All the girls turned and looked at Ashley, but she was shaking her head. "It wasn't me," she said softly, almost sadly.

"Come on Ash," insisted Lynn, "you've had the itch for him every since we got here, and we all saw you come out of there. On top of that, Mike was naked as a jay bird when he ran into us in the hallway."

She shook her head again. "Really, it wasn't me. I went in but he was just pretending to be on his computer."

"So who was it?" Emma asked with a scowl on her face. Sarah glanced over at her sister, surprised at the tone of her voice.

She seemed to be angry that someone not of their family had been successful in seducing Mike. Sarah tried to pass her a look to cool it before anyone could get wise to the reason for her irritation, but Emma was to intent in finding the guilty party.

"Ash!" Emma glared at her. "It was you, wasn't it?"

Ashley ignored her, and glanced around the room. Beth had her head down and was doing her best to ignore the conversation. Realization slammed into her and she suddenly understood. It was Beth! It had to be!

'OH MY GOD!' she thought. Beth glanced up at her and immediately lowered her gaze. Beth had actually fucked her brother! The thought turned her on and disgusted her at the same time. Her head reeled with the implications, but she began to form an idea in her head, one that would get her exactly what she wanted from Mike.

"ASH!" Emma yelled, crossing her arms.

Ashley finally sat up defiantly and began nodding her head, and then threw a glance back at Beth who finally raised her eyes again. "Yeah, well. Okay, it was me," the redhead replied.

Sarah put a hand on Emma's shoulder to calm her down. "Mike's sex life is none of our business," she reminded her, giving her shoulder a squeeze for emphasis.

Emma glared back with an 'are you fucking kidding me' look, but finally realized the scene she was about to make, and calmed visibly. She glanced over at Danni, who was also glaring, but wisely kept her mouth shut too.

The girls finished their breakfast, continuing the polite banter of the earlier conversation, but the mood had been broken and they began to leave, thanking the sisters for the sleepover.

"We'll do it again soon," Sarah told each one as they left.

Emma and Danni were still in the kitchen, but Beth had disappeared. Then, as soon as the last girl was through the door, past the yard and out of ear shot...

"MIKE!!!" all three girls yelled simultaneously.

Mike came downstairs quickly, fearing that a snake had gotten into the house or something. He saw three of his four sisters glaring at him from the kitchen table and immediately got worried. 'What the hell did I do now?'

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