tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 18

Just the Six of Us Ch. 18


Here it is loyal readers and loyal haters! It's been a while since you've had new material, so I hope my noggin is up to scratch. A few words before you get to the good stuff:

First, to Paul and Ashley, I hope you guys enjoy your part in my little yarn, and I wish you best of luck. Paul, good luck to you, and stay safe. This chapter is for you guys.

Second, check my profile for news and updates.

Third, thanks again to ZexxWizard, but also to our new proofreader, who happened to get this back to me in like...8 hours, but wishes to remain anonymous.

Enough outta me, on with the smut!

Chapter 18

"Slow down there, stud," Sarah said, smiling but holding a hand up when she saw Mike start towards them with a goofy smile on his face. "I've got work to do and I know Beth will be too sore for another round with you."


"Aww, man," Mike echoed, sounding more like a kid than he'd intended to.

Sarah giggled and glanced at Beth, who had a mischievous smile on her face.

"You know baby, there are two of us and only one of her. We could just... make her do what we want."

"Holy shit dude. I told you this one was a fuckin' freak!"

Sarah's jaw dropped, but she couldn't contain her smile or her surprise through it. She'd never seen this side of sweet little Beth. She seemed to be just like Emma when she was turned on.

Sarah extricated herself from her sister, but not before lifting her face and kissing her deeply on the lips, as Beth moaned softly and sweetly. As she left the room passing her brother, she ran her hand along his crotch, gripping his erection for a second.

"I'll expect you to come find me later with that monster," She said, grinning wickedly.

Beth giggled and leaned back against the dryer, her eyes giving Mike a 'Get the fuck over here, right now' look.

'Yes ma'am.'

Mike smiled as Beth ran a tongue along her lips and glanced down at his dick.

"You know, I'm not very good at sucking cock," she said, lewdly. "I haven't had near as much practice as the others, since I'm only fucking this one guy."

"She means us, right?"

'Shut up,' thought Mike to the voice.

Beth got down on her knees and lowered her hands to the floor and began crawling towards him.

'Oh... my... god...'

"So, can I practice on you? Then you can tell me just how terrible I am at giving blowjobs?"

"I know for a fact, that you aren't terrible. I seem to remember that silky tongue on my cock last night."

Beth crawled forwards towards him, staring upwards into his eyes as she did so. She reached his knees and glanced at his pants, frowning.

"Something must be done about that." she said, moving up and biting down on the button to his pants with her teeth, pulling it open with a swift jerk.

There was something so animalistic, so primal about the way she was acting. She worked for a second to get the zipper into her teeth so she could open it, and pulled, dragging it down, slowly freeing his erection.

"Mmm, a present for me?" she asked, licking the head of his cock through the fabric of his boxers.

Mike nearly fainted.

"Hold it the fuck together, dude."

"Jeez Beth," he chuckled, "for someone with no experience, you are damn good at this."

Beth grinned and pushed the head of his cock over towards the hole in his boxers with her tongue.

"Pull those down," she ordered, and a fraction of a second later, he was standing with the pants and boxers around his ankles, his cock sticking straight out, demanding attention.

She giggled at his eagerness, and thought briefly about getting up and leaving him in this state, but knew she'd never be able to do that, not with that beautiful cock staring at her. She absolutely adored the way he was so turned on by her; it gave her such a feeling of power. It was intoxicating, and she wanted more.

There was a movement at the door behind him and Sarah peered in, smiling.

She quietly entered behind him as Beth pulled Mike into her mouth, her warm tongue encircling the head of her brother's cock.

"Ahhhh, yeah baby. Luv that thang for me."

Mike, (and the voice) were lost in an abyss of pleasure and didn't hear Sarah until she was right in front of him, with Beth on her knees and staring up at him.

"I... I... thought you weren't... oh, God... interested... right now." Mike said as Beth's tongue ran in circles around the tip of his cock before slowly plunging it into her mouth.

"AWW, Shit. Just go with the fuckin flow, dude."

"I sent Danni and Emma to the store, I didn't think I could wait to have you," she said, as she reached up and pulled his cock out of Beth's mouth and pulling it into her own.


Beth pouted a little, but Mike smiled as she leaned over and kissed Sarah on the neck, and then turned to pull Sarah's shirt off of her, freeing her ample breasts.

Sarah pulled her brother's cock into her mouth deeply, completely, moaning as she tasted the warm saltiness that was him.

Beth, behind her now, worked her shorts and underwear down her legs. She lifted her knees and finally managed to pull them off her feet, leaving her kneeling naked on the floor with her brother's cock in her mouth.

"Oohh, what a vision."

"You know," Beth said, from behind Sarah, "I've never eaten pussy before either."

Sarah immediately pulled Mike out of her mouth and glanced back at her sister, and motioned for her to crawl underneath her hips, a grin on her lips. Beth did, and positioned herself directly under pussy.

"Wow," Mike said, "She's got the same sexual drive as someone else we know."

"Ohmygod, yes," Sarah moaned as she felt Beth begin to lick her pussy, her soft tongue probing the outer lips and pushing away the folds covering her clitoris, nudging softly against the little knob and sending a jolt of pleasure coursing through her.

"No," Sarah said, "I don't think Emma is this wild. Ohhh, yes Beth."

'Go girl, go.'

Sarah felt Beth wrap her arms around her hips and pull her down, forcing her to settle down on top of her face, drawing a moan from Sarah as the warm tongue pushed inside her. She felt Mike grab the back of her head as she began rubbing the head of his cock along her lips.

"God, what's gotten into you two," she moaned as she felt him pushing his cock into her mouth.

"Who the fuck cares, as long as our dick is in the mix."

'Our dick?' asked Mike.

"Quit splitting hairs again, asshole? The moment, the moment."

'Yeah, okay, you're right,' thought Mike.

Beth ran her tongue upwards against her sister's clit, then pulled it into her mouth, sucking gently on it. She glanced upwards and saw Mike's hands on Sarah's head and saw the underside of his cock gliding wetly in and out of her mouth. She smiled and focused back on the pussy covering her mouth, slurping loudly at the juices flowed freely from it.

Sarah was moaning and wriggling on top of her, unable to focus on the cock gliding in and out of her mouth.

"Do something, man! Ram that mouth."

Caught up in the moment, Mike grabbed the back of her head and wrapped his hands in two handfuls of hair, slowly building up speed as he fucked her face. She kept her composure enough to keep her lips over her teeth and opened her throat as much as she could, and concentrated.


Sarah moaned around his cock as Beth tongued a sensitive spot, making rude slurping noises beneath them. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and then back in again, pushing it deep into her throat as he felt the muscles give way. It slid gently in and then back out again as she wriggled her ass on top of Beth.

"Why don't you get down here and fuck her," Beth said, lifting Sarah up for a second to speak.

"Now you're talking bitch, let's FUCK."

'Watch it prick,' thought Mike, but not needing to be told twice, pulled his cock out of Sarah's throat and moved around behind her.

She fell forward onto her hands and glanced down at Beth still slurping at her soaked pussy. "I think you are an expert at that already," she moaned.

Mike straddled Beth's chest, groping at a shirt covered breast for a second while he waited for her to move.

"What are you waiting for?" Beth asked, her tongue coursing up Sarah's slit.

"Oh dear God," Sarah said, quivering in anticipation.

"Hell, yeah. DO IT DUDE!!"

Mike grinned eagerly and wiggled forward, pushing the tip of his cock towards Beth's chin and Sarah's pussy.

Sarah's legs were spread wide, Beth's arms wrapped around her thighs pulling her downwards as Mike positioned himself behind her and began to rub the tip of his cock against her asshole and down towards her soaked pussy lips.

Mike couldn't control himself, and desperately pushed into her, causing her back to arch as she threw her head back, Beth's tongue and his cock driving her insane with pleasure.

"Hell yeah, new terrain."

He paused a second for her to get her bearings as her head dropped back down and he began to slowly push in and out of her, his cock sliding in and out as every inch caused a mountain of pleasure to course through her body, while Beth's tongue drove her even higher.

Mike knew he wouldn't last long, not with the way Beth and Sarah were positioned, but he was determined that Sarah would get her orgasm.

He felt a tongue on the underside of his cock as he thrust forward, the tip of his cock pushing deep into his sister as his other sucked greedily at her pussy. He felt his balls come to rest on Beth's chin and pulled out, grabbing Sarah's hips and pulling roughly, shoving his cock deep into her and causing his pelvis to slap against her ass.

"Oh...Yes...Mike...fuck...me..." Sarah stammered as she was assaulted by her siblings.

"Fuck that ass dude. She's begging for it."

Mike began to thrust hard into her, his pelvis continuing to slap loudly against her ass cheeks as his cock plunged deep inside her, while Beth's tongue alternated between her clit, pussy lips, and the underside of his shaft.

"Oh... dear... sweet...," Sarah moaned, her head bouncing up and down, and her hair flying wildly as Mike hammered her from behind.

"I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come... so fuckin'... hard," she moaned as a wave of pleasure rocketed through her, "Oohhh, OOHH, YES," she screamed, as her pussy contracted and squeezed Mick's cock harder than ever before.

Beth responded, and locked her mouth on her clitoris as Mike thrust repeatedly in and out right above her. Sarah moaned loudly, almost sounding like she was crying in pain as the orgasm squeezed her pussy tightly around Mike's cock.

Mike winced for a second as the powerful muscles squeezed hard down on him, but began to feel his own orgasm begin to burst out of him.

"God, gonna come," he shouted.

He began to pull his cock out, but Beth reach around with a hand through his legs and pulled his ass back toward Sarah, his cock shoving in one last time before his orgasm erupted, just as Sarah's began to finally fade.

Hot semen burst forth, and Mike eased his cock out slightly, coating Sarah's quivering pussy with the warm liquid. It hit Beth's lips as her tongue continued its assault on the now cum coated pussy.

Both of them were moaning, swearing and lost in the pleasure of the moment as Beth continued to slurp the sticky sperm off her sister's sopping pussy.

Mike's cock kept convulsing for a good thirty seconds before finally stopping.

He sat back on his heels and glanced down at the site before him. Sarah was still on her hands and knees, quivering in pleasure as Beth's tongue ran repeatedly over her cum dripping pussy, drawing in drop after drop of her brother's seed, the sticky, salty liquid painting her tongue and chin.

"God, what's gotten into you?" Sarah moaned at Beth.

Beth giggled and continued to slurp for a few more seconds, greedily searching for every drop of her brother's seed.

"A little bit of you, I guess, and a little bit of Mike," she giggled as Sarah finally pulled her legs from around Beth's head and shakily sat down. She couldn't maintain the position, and collapsed back onto a stack of dirty towels, her legs spread with Mike's creamy goodness leaking from her wet snatch.

Beth giggled and turned over, seeing the semen coming from her sister's slit and worked her face forwards towards it.

"Hot damn, that was fuckin hot."

"Hot Damn, that's fuckin' hot." Mike repeated, as Beth moved forwards and plunged her face again into Sarah's pussy, slurping hungrily at the sperm leaking from it.

"Oh my God, Beth," Sarah moaned and arched her hips against Beth's tongue and lips.

"Mmmm," Beth answered.

Finally, after several more minutes of continued noisy slurping, Beth finally pulled up and sat down, smiling at her siblings.

"I don't believe that just happened." Sarah said. "You were... like Mike when we were tormenting him, and like Emma when she gets turned on, but on steroids."

"You're telling me," Mike said, chuckling.

Beth blushed slightly and giggled. "I told you, something just kinda takes over when I get horny, and boy was I horny."

"Something takes over?" Mike asked. "What? Like a little demon?"

"Nah," Beth said as the siblings began to extricate themselves from the pile. "It's more like a perverted little voice in my head telling me..." She stopped when she saw the amazed look on Mike's face.

After a few seconds of silence, Sarah said, "Well, I'd better go clean myself up."

'Uh, oh,' Mike thought, his mind still wondering if Beth had a voice in her head like he did.

"I wonder if her Voice is hot."

Mike ignored the Voice. He wasn't about to get a migraine trying to dissect and understand its perverse logic.

He turned and headed upstairs to shower, the mornings events playing through his head.

Beth came in after he'd been in for a few minutes, smiling and dropping the towel she'd wrapped around herself from the laundry room and closing the shower door behind her.

"Mind if I join you?" she giggled, smiling at him.

Mike couldn't pry his eyes off the gorgeous blonde in front of him. His eyes wandered over her breasts, down her soft stomach and onto the blonde triangle of hair between her legs. There wasn't anything on her body that he didn't find attractive. She washed her hair, the soap cascading down her body and across her full breasts.

"You know, this place isn't really that safe for us, is it," he said, a smirk on his face.

She turned and winked at him. "Oh I don't know, I think we've done some pretty exciting things in here."

She turned her body and fell into him, his arms wrapping around her as he kissed her on the lips. She turned her head and laid it on his chest as the water showered down on both of them. The stood there in the stream, holding each other for a good twenty minutes before they both got out and began toweling each other off, each rubbing a soft cotton towel over the other in long strokes.

"I think my breasts are dry now, baby," she giggled, and Mike smiled.

"I was just making sure," he laughed.

As the Mike and Beth came out of the bathroom, Emma nearly ran into them on the way to her room.

She glanced at the two and rolled her eyes, pushing through them and loudly slamming the door closed.

"What's the matter with her?" Mike asked, glancing at Beth.

Beth glanced at him and shook her head, "You're her twin, and you're asking me?"

Mike smirked at her. "I may be her twin, but she's still a woman."

Beth opened her mouth in playful shock and smacked him on the arm, then turned and headed to her room. When she reached the door she turned around and smiled to see he was still watching her.

"Still can't keep your eyes off me, huh?" she said with a wink.

Mike shook his head. He'd been watching the way her hips wiggled when she walked, in that particularly alluring way that women did. His eyes worked their way up the towel until he was finally looking her in the eyes.

She smiled again and dropped her towel, giggling and turning to her room. Her door closed softly behind her as she disappeared within.

"Damn fuckin' A."

'Shut up.' Mike thought, as he headed to his room, tired, but smiling the whole way.

The afternoon wore on, and Mike stayed in his room, sleeping and reading. As supper time neared, there was a knock at the door and Emma poked her head in. "Supper time, M," she said, and turned to leave.

"Hey, wait," he said, standing and moving towards her. He was in some boxers and an old T-shirt, and he laughed when he saw that she was dressed in the same.

She looked at him with a blank expression on her face.

"She looks irritated, dude."

'No shit, Sherlock,' Mike thought.

"No need to be rude, dude."

"What's the matter?" he asked her pointedly.

She shifted her hips and crossed her arms. "What's the matter? Are you fuckin' serious?"

Mike shifted nervously, feeling like he was nine years old about to get a spanking.

"I uh..."

"I haven't had any time with you lately," she said, "in... well... I don't know how long. You don't know either, probably. We're supposed to be, well... twins, two, shared in the womb. But you obviously have enough time for Beth and Sarah. And poor, poor Danni certainly can't be away from you for more than one night!"

"Em, come on..." he started to say, but she turned and pulled her head out of his room.

Sighing in anger, he opened his door wide and grabbed her arm as she tried to make her way to the stairs.

"Will you calm down for a second?"

"Fuck you," she said, turning and shoving him off of her.

Mike growled in frustration and grabbed her arm again and yanked her towards him.

"Get your fucking..." she started to yell at him. But that was as far as she got before he had her pinned up against the wall, his arms holding hers behind her back and his lips were crushing into hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth.

She slapped him on the arm a few times, but finally relented and began kissing him back, her own passion washing over her as her brother assaulted her. She moaned softly as he pushed against her, and she inhaled his scent deeply, relishing in his manly aroma. He bit her lip gently, moving his lips to her neck, never releasing her arms from behind her.

Her back was arched, pushing her breasts outwards. He pushed her wrists together and wrapped one hand around them, moving the other to her chest. Roughly shoving his hand into her shirt, he fondled her breasts as he nibbled on her throat, soft moans issuing from her mouth. His fingers pushed into her sports bra and pushed it up, revealing her nipples which hardened quickly as he lowered his mouth to one.

She moaned again and he pulled her backwards, towards his doorway.

"We can't," she moaned as he sucked her nipple again. "Supper..." she trailed off.

"I wasn't asking permission," he said in a low voice, pulling her backwards, turning her around so she was walking backwards with him, her arms still pinned by his hand. He pushed his hand back into her shirt and began fondling her again, as she moved her head to the side to let him start biting and sucking at her throat.

"God, Mike," she moaned as they reached his door and stumbled through it.

He kicked it closed as they entered. Pulling his hand out of her shirt, he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head backward, releasing her arms and running his newly freed hand down her back to her ass. His fingers ran along the crease, then cupped one of her muscled ass cheeks and squeezed.

With his handful of her hair, he pushed her forward towards his bed, pushing her forwards and releasing her hair finally. As she began to turn over, he reached up with both hands and grabbed the edges of her boxer shorts, pulling them down roughly, and then off completely, leaving her naked rear shaking briefly on the bed.

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