tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 27

Just the Six of Us Ch. 27


Thanks to Drew for the edits and ideas. Thanks to my readers for your patience.

I miss you Dad.

Chapter 27

The trip was a relatively quiet one, the girls in Mike's truck talking quietly to each other and actually seeming to ignore him. He really wasn't interested in what they were talking about, anyways. Something about girl stuff, apparently, which actually shocked Mike. Emma wasn't your typical woman. She could easily be considered a tomboy; a gorgeous, sexy tomboy, but a tomboy nonetheless. She hardly ever gushed over a guy, or talked about purses or makeup, or reality television or anything even vaguely female related.

Emily could always be counted on to talk about girly things. She'd been through a lot of adult things lately with her parents and California, but she was still as girly as ever. It seemed that she was infecting Emma.

"Maybe it's like a contagious disease that women get when they're around each other."

Mike wondered briefly if she was just being polite for Emily and that maybe he should say something to rescue her.

He tuned back in briefly. They were talking about getting a pedicure together sometime next week after they got back. He shook his head.

A few minutes later, they were bouncing down the oak-lined road that led to the Stuarts' place.

"Check and see if their tits are bouncin'!"

'Seriously man? How old are you?' Mike thought.

"Oh kiss my ass, you know damn well that you like jigglin' titties just as much as me."

He had a point, and Mike glanced over the next time they hit a rut in the road. Emma and Emily were both pretty small breasted, but they both bounced just the same.


Mike smiled.

"Too bad Blondie McHugetits or the other one weren't in here. That woulda been awesome!"

'Sarah and Beth, jackass.'

"Yeah, yeah."

'I don't think you've ever called them by their names, come to think of it,' Mike thought. 'Why is that?'

"Blondie McHugetits has a nice ring to it, I guess."

He turned off the main road and onto the dirt road that led to the cabin. The first gate was open, as was the second and Mike saw Matt's truck up ahead, pulled off the road next to another one he recognized as Mr. Stuart's, Matt and Missy's dad.

Matt came out from behind a giant oak tree carrying a chainsaw followed by his dad, both of them waving. Mike pulled up next to their pickups and hopped out as Emily and Emma stepped out of the other side.

"Hey Mr. Stuart, how are you?" Mike asked as Matt's dad tossed a pair of gloves into the open window of his truck.

"Mike," he called smiling. "Glad to hear you're okay."

"Y'all have a downed tree?" Mike asked.

"Nah, just needed to do some upkeep here and there."

"Well hell, I wish Matt would've told me, I'd have come help out."

"No need," Mr. Stuart said, waving his hands. "There wasn't much to do anyways. I mowed and Matt trimmed up around the house and down at the dock. There were a few big limbs down but he was just cutting up some firewood for later."

"So are y'all gonna be joinin' us?" Mike asked.

"Naw," Mr. Stuart said, "The wife and I've been looking for some quiet time," he smiled and winked. "Y'all don't want us here anyways. We trust you and your sisters."

"I won't tell Matt," Mike said with a laugh, noticing that Matt and Missy had been left out of the previous statement.

Matt came up then and shook his best friend's hand. "Where ya been, fuckstick?"

"You shoulda told me y'all were working!"

He shook his head, "I was just fuckin' with ya. There wasn't much to do." He turned and nodded at his dad. "There anything else we need to do?"

Mr Stuart was already headed to his truck. "Nah, I'm gonna head home and get some from your momma," he said with a wink.

Matt shook his head and turned toward Mike's truck. "Don't break a hip," he called.

"Try not to burn down the cabin," his dad called back.

Mike laughed and moved to help his friend unload the truck. It always made him envious of Matt when he and his father bantered back and forth. Must be really nice to have that kind of relationship with your dad, where you could bullshit with each other and not worry about offending anyone. Mike turned and saw Emma was showing Emily the property.

The Stuarts, cabin was relatively small, but it was mainly for any women to scared to sleep outside. There was a main room connected to the kitchen with a small table and a few couches, two bedrooms with bunk beds, and a single bathroom with a shower. The cabin itself sat up on a small hill a ways up from the river. There was a dirt path leading down to a large patch of St. Augustine next to a dock and small wooden shed. The flat area at the bottom of the hill followed the river in both directions, but came to an end on the right when the river came back to the edge of the hill, cutting off the flat area.

The river itself was cool and relatively clear, forming a wide area in front of the dock and flowing to the right if you were walking down the hill. There was a small rock dam that the Stuarts had built that water flowed gently over, forming a deeper pool on the other side, and shallow, ankle-deep rapids on the other that deepened back into river after thirty feet or so.

Beautiful, huge oak and pecan trees dotted the property, several casting shade over the grassy area at the bottom of the hill.

By the time his sister's car finally pulled up, Mike had all but unloaded his own truck and headed over to help her.

Sarah shook her head as she got out. "It was all in your truck," she said.

Mike nodded and headed towards the cabin where everyone was congregating. Missy was inside with Emma and Emily, Beth, Danni and Sarah joining them, followed by Mike and finally Matt.

The girls were talking amongst themselves as Matt and Mike sat down. Matt reached into a cooler by the couch and cracked open a beer, tossing one at his friend. Mike nodded in thanks and popped it open.

"We need to catch some bait and throw out a trot line," Matt said after a few pulls on his beer. "I've been itchin' for some catfish."

Mike nodded. "Yeah, sounds good. Any of y'all wanna help us catch some bait?"

Emily and Emma both called out a yes. He'd known Emma would, but Emily had been a bit of a surprise.

Emily came over and shrugged. "I don't know what I'm doing, but I'll give it a shot."

Mike smiled. "You're gonna wanna get into some wading shoes and old clothes."

She looked at him curiously. "Am I catching fish or wrestling gators?"

"Just trust me. I'm sure Emma has an extra pair of shoes you can use. You can put on a swimsuit and a shirt of mine if you need to."

She smiled and followed Emma, who went to retrieve her own pair of wading shoes, which were just a pair of old shoes she didn't mind getting wet.

Mike nodded at Matt and downed the rest of his beer, and the two went outside after changing quickly to some shorts and wading shoes, stopping to grab the seine and both minnow buckets, a few fishing poles and a small cup of dirt and worms.

"Lets try and get some Hellgrammites first," Mike said as they walked down towards the river.

"Yeah," Matt said, unrolling the seine and laying it out.

As they shook out the ten foot net attached to two poles, Emma and Emily came down the hill then and walked over.

"You catching or holding, Em?" Mike asked.

"You know I don't like those bastards," she responded. "I'm holding."

Emily looked over at her. "What bastards? What exactly are we catching?"

"Hellgrammites," she answered simply, as if that answered the question. "Mean little fuckers."

Mike laughed. "Oh come on, it bit you that one time and you still won't grab them?"

"That shit hurt!"

"Wait a minute," Emily said, "there's stuff in that water that bites?"

Matt laughed. "Oh, they don't hurt that bad."

"What's a Hellgrammite?" she asked.

"It's the larvae of a Dobsonfly. It's got pincers on its face and catfish love to eat 'em."

Emily paled.

Mike laughed then. "Don't worry. They aren't aggressive unless you fuck with them and they hide under rocks in the rapids where they can catch prey that swims past. You'll be fine. You can hold the net with Emma. Matt and I will grab 'em."

She smiled. "Okay. What do we do?"

Emma nodded at the other pole that Matt was holding. "Grab that and follow me."

Mike gingerly stepped into the water ahead of them, followed by Matt. "Goddamn, this feels good," he said as he stepped out from the shade into the gentle rapids.

Emily and Emma both took their time walking out to the boys, ensuring they didn't fall.

"Alright, spread out and hold the bottom of the net on the bottom of the river, and dig it in a little if you can."

The girls did as they were told and soon the flow of the river had the net bowed out in the middle. Emma didn't have any trouble holding it steady, but Emily had to strain a little to hold steady, finally planting her feet and leaning forward slightly.

"There we go," she said.

"Okay, just hold what you got," Matt called.

He and Mike began to turn rocks over and brush them off, a minnow bucket tied to each of the guys.

"Got one," Matt called, holding up a wriggling tan creature between his fingers. It thrashed back and forth and looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

"Ooh, let me see," Emily called.

Matt moved over and held it up.

"Eww, that's so gross," she said. "It's so tiny, too."

"Aww, don't tell me it's tiny! All the girls are gonna hear!"

Emily rolled her eyes.

Matt laughed and tossed it into his bucket, moving back and turning over more rocks. After they'd worked most of the rocks in front of the net, both of the guys took the net from the girls and strained against the current as they began to lift it out of the water. Muscles cording and bulging, the boys pulled back and the net finally cleared the water, a large stone weighing it down in the middle, which Emma quickly moved over to and lifted out, dropping it into the water with a large splash.

She moved quickly back to Mike's side and took over, her brother having done the heavy lifting.

Mike handed the pole over and moved to the center of the net, moving moss and algae-covered plants aside and picking up a few large minnows and a single angry crayfish, along with seven Hellgrammites, dropping them all into the minnow bucket.

"Okay," he called, at which point Matt and Emma turned the net and shook it, clearing the debris.

"Let's move over here," he called.

Emily took the net back from Matt, but as she tried to move, she slipped and pulled hard, splashing down into the water and bringing Emma with her. Both girls came up sputtering, soaked. Mike and Matt were laughing, but Matt whistled when he saw Emily's light blue shirt sticking to her chest.

Both girls were clearly not wearing anything underneath their t-shirts.

"Nice," he called, helping Emily up who pulled her shirt out to keep it from sticking to her chest.

Normally she would have given him a scowl or left altogether, but she nonchalantly grabbed the net from him and moved back to help catch bait. "They're just boobs, Matt," she said simply.

"Ha, maybe to you!" he laughed.

A short while later, they'd caught enough bait to bait a trot line and hopefully catch some catfish for the next night.

"Think the others at the cabin want to come swimming, maybe use the rope swing?" Matt asked, turning and glancing at Mike.

"Probably," Mike shrugged, wading over to a tree close to the water's edge to tie off the minnow buckets in order to keep the critters inside alive. As if on cue, Beth, Sarah, Missy and Danni all came out of the house wearing bikinis. Mike tried to ignore them but glanced a few hundred times out of the corner of his eye, but Matt didn't try and hide it at all.

"Goddamn I love me some bikinis," he called. Missy flipped him off and Mike's sisters smiled but ignored him. He leaned over and offered Mike a hand up out of the water. "By the way, when are you gonna let me get some of that?"

Mike shook his head and pulled, sending Matt tumbling into the water with a yell of protest, the girls all laughing as Emma and Emily tried to help him on to the bank. He made a show of tripping "accidently" and grabbed a hold of Emma's shirt, his hands groping her breasts.

"Oops," he said to Emma.

She slapped him upside his head and pushed him back down into the water.

"Dumbass," Mike laughed at him.

The four that had come out of the cabin all moved out onto the long L-shaped dock and set up their lounging chairs. The trees hung out far over the water, but Matt, Mike, and Matt's dad had added on to the end of the dock when the girls got old enough to want some place to tan.

"Ah hell, they ain't gonna swing," Matt called as he climbed out of the water yet again. "You wanna set up that trot line now or later," he asked Mike, as the girls all began to get situated.

"We've got time yet, lets do it later."

The girls were talking amongst themselves but kept looking back at the Mike and Matt. Finally, Missy turned and looked back. "Mike, do you think you can control my brother enough for us to take our tops off to tan?"


"Hell no," he replied, "I'll give it a shot, though."

"I'll beat his ass if he tries to come over there," Emma said as she walked past followed by Emily. They headed towards the dock and joined the other girls.

"Aw, hell, I'll behave," Matt said as he headed toward the cabin.

Mike couldn't help but glance over as tops began to come off. The girls were all facing away from shore, towards the tree covered shore on the opposite side of the river. He could still see Beth's mounds falling to the sides of her torso slightly.

"Mmm, sideboob."

Mike cleared his throat as Emma took her top off, facing him for a moment and then turning as she sat.

"You know she did that shit on purpose."

'Yes, of course she did,' he thought.

He was caught off guard, however, when Emily pulled her top off and tossed it onto the deck as she turned to sit in the chair. She had nice sized breasts—slightly bigger than Emma's—that bounced when they were freed from the light blue shirt. Mike shook his head and headed inside.

Matt was sitting down on the couch with a beer in his hand. He leaned over at Mike entered and tossed him one. The room was quiet for a few minutes, save for the sounds of the two men drinking and the house settling.

"Fuck this," Mike finally said, standing and heading towards the door. "I told them I'd make you behave. I never said I would," he said.

"That's my boy!"

Matt laughed out loud and followed his friend out the front door. "Rope swing?"

"Rope swing," Mike confirmed.

The two men walked out of the cabin and quietly walked towards the huge pecan tree to which the swing was tied. The swing was tied high in the tree, but secured with a rope to another tree at the top of the hill. One could swing from the top of the hill, all the way down into the water about ten feet to the left of the dock. Mike climbed the tree to where Matt was holding the swing and pulled back, leaping off the hill and swinging towards the water with a loud yell.

The girls all turned as Mike came soaring by and sailed out into the river. He let go too late and flailed in the air hilariously before landing on his back with a loud smack.

He surfaced groaning a few seconds and swam gingerly towards the dock, no longer interested in seeing breasts. The girls were gasping for breath they were laughing so hard, and Matt had fallen out of the tree up on the hill, clutching at this stomach.


Beth stood and came towards him, apparently oblivious to the fact that her perfect breasts were inches from her brother's face as she helped him out of the water.

"You okay baby?" she asked between laughs.

"Yeah, I'll be okay," he said. "Nothing hurt but my pride."

Emily, Missy and the other girls were covering their breasts, but Mike wasn't looking. He went to sit on the end of the dock and rest. Matt finally came down the hill and pulled on the small retrieval rope attached to the swing and pulled it back up the hill. A few seconds later he went sailing out past Mike and landed relatively correctly in the water. He came up swearing, however and swam quickly towards Mike.

"What's wrong?" Mike asked, between winces.

Matt didn't answer him but didn't get out of the water. The girls were covering up their breasts but eventually gave up trying to hide them once they saw that the boys weren't going to leave.

"They've seen them before," Emma said finally and dropped her hands, her nipples pointing skyward.

Missy turned and glanced at her, shrugging. "True enough," she said, dropping hers as well.

The other girls glanced at each other and shrugged, finally dropping their hands.

"What have y'all been doing while I was in California?" Emily asked with a giggle.

The girls laughed, realizing that she hadn't been at the party with Paul and Ashley.

"We had a party that got a little crazy not too long ago," Danni said.

"We did?" Mike asked, pretending not to remember.

His sisters all looked at him curiously. "That's right, that was before the accident," Sarah said at length.

"Yeah, it was a barbecue and swimming party. We all got drunk and took our tops off in the hot tub playing truth or dare."

"Well hell, lets play that shit again," Matt said, climbing out of the water.

"Matt! What the hell?" Missy yelled as her naked brother climbed out of the water the rest of the girls laughing and Mike shaking his head and smile on his face.

"Yeah, I forgot to tie my suit," he said, heading up to the cabin. "It's still out there in the river somewhere."

"Forgot, my ass," Missy yelled.

The afternoon wore on and the sun dripped below the trees. Mike and Matt spent about an hour in the mid afternoon with nets catching grasshoppers and other insects for more bait for the trot line, and Emma showed Emily how to fish for perch with an old cane pole.

As afternoon turned into evening, Mike and Matt pulled the old boat tied to the backside of the dock around and started the small trolling motor, tying one end of the trot line to one of the exposed roots of a huge oak tree hanging low over the water. Slowly, methodically, they strung the line out over the river as the crickets, frogs and fireflies began their evening song and light show, baiting it as they went, tying empty milk jugs in a few places to keep the line afloat. They reached the opposite bank and tied it to another low hanging tree and headed back to shore.

"With any luck, we'll have catfish tomorrow night," Matt said as they came back up to the cabin. Emma had busied herself with building a campfire down near the edge of the river and the other girls were roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.

"Y'all hungry?" Missy asked as they approached and warmed themselves by the fire.

"Yeah," Mike said, grabbing a bun and taking the hotdog she offered him. "Thanks," he said.

"Yeah, I knew Mike always was a fan of wiener," Matt said.

"I think he's calling you gay," the voice offered.

'You don't say,' Mike thought.

He pulled up a chair and grabbed a soda from the cooler his sister had brought out of the house.

"So what do you y'all wanna do tonight?" Emma asked, after everyone had their fill of food, though Matt was still noisily munching on chips.

"Truth or dare sounded fun," Emily smiled.

Matt rolled his eyes. "Hell, I don't care, it always ends up with one of y'all topless so I'm easy."

Missy rolled her eyes and went back to talking quietly with Sarah.

"Alright Emily," Beth said, "Truth or dare."

"Oh! Me first?" she asked, surprise evident on her face. "Um, truth, I guess."

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