tagRomanceJust to be Together

Just to be Together

byJennifer C©

We stand in the middle of the bedroom slowly touching each other, kissing softly, he brakes away to put on some music and light the candles he has already placed around the bed.

Silently he comes up behind me and runs his hands down my back, his hand finds my zip as he slowly undoes my dress, gently removing my shoulder straps, placing a kiss on each shoulder as he does so and lets it fall to the floor, I hear him gasp and know my body still has his approval. He slowly turns me around and kisses my mouth, lightly stroking my hair; he kisses my neck down to my shoulder, then in-between my breasts down to my stomach.

The feel of his mouth on my body is electrifying as he makes his way back up to my mouth, a little harder this time and our tongues entwine and I run my hands down his chest to the bottom of his shirt and lift it up over his head.

He still has an incredible body firm and toned. I lightly touch his chest taking time to circle each nipple; he turns me around and presses me up against the foot of the bed, caressing my throat and pressing himself against me.

His hand slips around me and up to my breasts, teasing my nipples through the lace cups of my bra, I moan as the lace causes delicious friction against my skin. I push back into him, feeling his hard cock through his jeans; I rub myself against him and hear him moan softly as I bring his cock to life.

I reach my hand behind and cup his erection slowly gliding my hand over his crotch and tease him as he groans with pleasure. I find his button and pull it out of its holder before sliding down his zip, my hand creeps inside and I curl my fingers around his length feeling him shudder with delight.

I hear him lower his jeans and boxers to the floor and kicking them to one side. He presses himself against me again so I can feel his cock between my thighs. His hands go around to my breasts once again cupping one in each hand. He slides them round to my back and unhooks my bra letting the red lace garment drop to the floor.

He takes a breast in each hand and softy circles them, taking their weight and holding them firmly. He finds my nipples and they harden at his touch His hands are melting into me and I am powerless, I am his. He rolls my nipples in his expert fingers and my skin is on fire, I am burning with desire for him.

He releases his hold on my breasts and lightly rubs my shoulders; tenderly he works his fingers into my flesh and I can feel a stirring in my stomach, that familiar feeling of overwhelming joy trying to brake free.

He senses my approaching climax and wraps his arms around my waist, holding me lovingly through my pleasure, his hard cock still between my thighs feeling my knickers soak up my juices.

With his hands firmly on my hips he keeps me pressed against the bed, trailing kisses down my spine. He kneels down and slips his hands up and down my legs enjoying their smoothness.

His fingers move up along the inside of my thigh and brush lightly against my lace-covered pussy. He murmurs with delight as he feels how wet I am. His fingers tease and taunt me through the wet lace and I moan and tremble unsure how long my legs will hold me.

Turning me around to face him he hooks his fingers into the waistband of my thong and eases it over my hips and down my thighs, his fingers trace my skin and I moan in anticipation.

My knickers are now on the floor with everything else as he licks his way up my inner thigh, his tongue finds my clit as he licks and sucks with passion, the sensation is incredible and my knees begin to tremble. His tongue works up and down my wet lips and then slips inside.

I feel my orgasm building up as he alternates from tongue fucking me to sucking my clit. I can stand it no longer as my orgasm floods my body and I cry out, but he doesn’t stop, he keeps up his tongue gymnastics feverishly working my cunt and my body convulses in multiple orgasms, again and again I loose control of my body as he holds me up in his strong arms. Finally my body can take no more and he returns to my mouth kissing me through the last of my pleasure.

Gently he pushes me down to kneel in front of him, I know what he wants and my heart beats faster at the thought of it. I place light and teasing kisses on the tip of his cock, I run my tongue around the head and he moans cupping the back of my head to urge me closer. Slowly I suck on his balls knowing the delay is almost too much for him to take. I suck them into my mouth and run my tongue around them all the time still stroking him with my fingers.

Finally I give in and slowly take his throbbing cock into my mouth, I feel him shiver as he lets out a low moan and I suck him in deeper. He begins to loose control as I suck him into my throat, filling my mouth with his cock His hips begin to move with me, thrusting himself gently into my mouth, his breathing becomes ragged and uneven and I know he is close to cumming.

Still I slow down, taunting him, making his pleasure last. Swirling my tongue around his whole length then gently sucking at the head. Finally I give him what he craves and take him back into my mouth. Applying more pressure and keeping a strong, steady rhythm. He can take no more and I let him fill my mouth with his hot cum. I keep sucking until he has no more to give. He pulls me to my feet kissing me hard tasting himself in my mouth.

He picks me up and gently lays me on the bed; the sheets are soft and warm and welcome me into their folds. He crawls his way up my body; his fingers creeping there way to my dripping pussy as he probes at my entrance, his fingers slip inside as his mouth comes down on mine, kissing me deeply and slowly, and taking his time.

His other hand pushes my legs wider apart allowing him to sink further into me. My moans are muffled by are kissing and I long to feel his cock inside me.

He removes his fingers and runs his hand over my stomach and up to my check stroking my hair away from my face looking lovingly into my eyes. Kissing me hungrily he finally pushes himself inside me with a triumphant cry and I shudder as he sinks deeper and deeper inside not stopping until he is filling me completely.

Slowly he eases his way back out until only the tip is left inside then pushing himself back in. In and out in slow teasing strokes prolonging the pleasure.

His thrusts get harder as he buries himself inside me and I wrap my legs around his waist holding him tightly in place, right where I want him. Our bodies are drenched in sweat and our cries are getting louder by the second.

I elevate my legs to rest on his shoulders, and he lifts my arse of the bed and plunges himself further into me than I ever thought possible. The deeper he is the better it feels as he continues our lovemaking. My breathing is shallow and my vision is blurred as I begin to orgasm once more, screaming through those delicious sensations.

He rolls me over onto my side and lays himself behind me; once again I can feel his cock between my legs and I push myself back on to it and it easily slips inside.

With one hand on my hip he rocks be back and forth gently and rhythmically, I grip the pillow as the pleasure becomes too much, I’m moaning and crying as he tips me over the edge, our orgasms coincide and we cum together, our lovemaking reaches its end, and he holds me, he holds me tight as we recover together, and bask in the warmth and the love that we share.

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