tagGay MaleJust Wanted to Have Some Fun

Just Wanted to Have Some Fun


My friend Corey and I are both married guys that like to have fun with each other from time to time. We both will take time off from work to meet at one another’s house for some male bonding, as we like to refer to it. Corey is 5’8”, 7” cut, 160lbs with very short brown hair and green eyes that just lock onto you and a moderately hairy body. I am 6’, 7” uncut 170lbs with short brown hair and honey colored eyes. Corey loves my uncut, says it is a turn on and loves it when we get together after hanging around. He’ll tell me that he loves to clean it out with his tongue, that the taste of piss and pre cum is like nothing else he has ever tasted. One day we making arrangements to get together and started talking about making it exciting and that is when Corey said to me that he always fantasized about getting raped. So we started talking about it and decided that tomorrow when I came over to play, that I will pretend to rape him and let him live out his fantasy safely.

I arrived at Corey’s house just after noon; he left the front door unlocked as planned. I shut and lock the door quietly behind me. Taking off my shoes, I headed upstairs to the office where he’ll be working. I see him sitting there only in his boxers, I undo the button of my jeans and pull down my zipper then walk over to him. I speak out loud to surprise him, which I did. I say to him, looks like I caught you at a bad time, looking at some cocks I see. I reach my hand down to his crotch and open the flap of his boxers and his hard cock just sticks straight out, he gives me a smile. I look down at him harsh, since we are playing the rape scene, and grab him hard and asked about that smile on his face. His eyes light up when I did it and I must say that something about those eyes and the action I just took, well that’s when it began. I spun his chair around and stopped him right in front of me. Funny you think, I’ll show you what’s funny you little cock sucker, and with that I pulled my pants down enough to get my cock exposed and I held it out to him.

“Clean it out boy!” I commanded, and I grabbed his head and pulled him close. His mouth opened and he extended his tongue out. I again spoke “clean out under my skin first boy”

I know Corey loves it when I am, lets just say, not so fresh, so he went right for it. With his tongue extended, he worked his tongue under my foreskin and worked all under the skin, all around the head then started to chew the tip ever so tenderly, then I told him “suck it boy!”

Corey took the command and went down on my cock, taking it into his throat, but I have to say, I felt totally different, my cock felt harder, my heart raced more, I was more excited and I wanted to fuck this boys mouth big time. I was getting into this rape game we were playing but it also was something else, something that I did not understand yet.

I reached down to his head and held it in both hands. I straddled myself in front on him and then I let him have it. I thrusted forward, shoving my cock deep into his mouth, into his throat. He gags, chokes, but I don’t stop, I pull out and then it is back in. I hold onto his head so tight, it is like I have it in a vice and he is unable to move it. I am standing in front of my friend and I am fucking his mouth. I can see myself in my mind, standing there and thrusting my cock in and out of his mouth. As I see this I get even more excited and I start to pull him closed, fucking his mouth harder, deeper.

Tears start to develop in his eyes, he has them shut as I look down. I hear the gagging, choking and slurping sounds coming from him but I just can not stop. The excitement has taken over me, the thrill of this rape has total control and in a matter a minutes. I am shouting out “TAKE MY COCK YOU GOD DAMN COCK SUCKER! FUCK YOU! SUCK MY COCK! TAKE THIS BOY!” and with that I start shooting my load off.

Corey is choking and gagging big time with a mouth full of cum that I am shooting off into him. But I don’t let up any, I keep my cock buried into his mouth and throat. I can feel him gag on my cock. For a moment I thought I felt him spit up some but I have my cock so deep in that if he did he could only swallow it back down.

“That’s a good boy, that felt real good” is all I said. I still stand there holding his head and my cock buried into his mouth whichis not shrinking at all, in fact it is still hard as ever.

“Get on your knees boy, I want to give you something good” I command. A little smile I see on his face and he quickley takes the doggie position before I correct him. “I said knees, sit BOY!” and with that command I move him to his knees so that he is facing me. I turn around and put one leg up on the chair and bend forward and then I said “eat it BOY, eat my ass and eat it good”

I feel his two hands reach out to my ass cheeks and spread them apart, his tongue licks cautiously at first and moisten my hole up nicely. I tell him again to eat it and this gets him more excited, you see, Corey loves to eat ass as well. I have never been much into getting my ass eaten out but today that is all I am thinking of right now. I just blew this large load into his mouth, feeling totally in control, somehow I am going to make this BOY my slave.

His tongue is now working all around my hot puckered hole, that tongue penetrates it, wiggles around inside me. “Oh yes, that’s it BOY, fuck my ass with that tongue of yours, ohh yeahhhh!” I thrust back against his tongue as he tongue fucks me, spreading myself open to recieve more of his tongue. “Oh yeah, that’s it BOY”

My ass now wet and relaxed, my cock hard and still in control, I decide it is time to take my BOY to bed and fuck him like any MASTER would fuck his BOY. My mind swirls in thought, it is a game, I am to rape my friend but I have the uncontrollable urge to make him mine right now, to mark him as mine. I grab him by his arm and tell him to make it quick to the bed, not to make me wait, I want that ass and I want it now!!!!

He flew out of the room into his bedroom, on his knees and waiting. For some reason, I think he wants this, I think he wants to be my slave, my BOY. I search and find the lube, I lube up my fingers and his hole. I insert one finger, working that tight ring of his, stretching it open and then the second one. I work his hole, fingering him, fucking him with my fingers just to stretch him out.

“You know what I am going to do to you BOY don’t you”

“Yes SIR” he replies

“You want it don’t you BOY”

“Yes SIR”

“Tell me what you want BOY”

“I want your cock in my ass SIR, I want you to fuck my ass, please SIR, fuck my ass”

All of a sudden a wave comes over me, he is calling me SIR and I am liking it, no, loving it and I just can not wait any longer to fuck his tight ass. I kneel behind him, hold the head of my cock to his hole and ask him one more time.

“What do you want BOY”

“I want you to shove that cock into my ass SIR, I want you to fuck my ass SIR, shove it in me SIR” and with that I pressed forward and went straight in. I feel him tighten up, his head lifts up, his breathing stops, his ass squeezes tight around my cock.

“You still want it BOY, still need it”

“Oh SIR, yea.. Yes SIR, I, I, I do SIR, I do want it, I do need to be fucked SIR”

I hear the pain in his voice, the tremble in his body but he answers me in a way that drives me wild, he is submitting himself to me and I am loving it. I pull out half way and then push it back in. His head lowers as I do this, I am moving slowly in and out and then I feel his ass loosen up, his body relaxes and I start to fuck my BOY as a MASTER would.

Corey now sighs in pleasure, loving the sound I am hearing I ask my BOY “ you like this cock inside your hole don’t you BOY”

“Oh yes SIR, you are the best SIR”

He always has the place ready to play when I come over, candles are usually lit, the bed is pulled back ready for us, the lube out on the nightstand. I am looking around and I see a wire hanger and that is when it hits me. I am going to make him mine, Corey will be my BOY. With the thought that just came over me, my cock stiffens quick and I start pounding my cock into his ass hard and furiously. I reach over and grab the hanger and unwind it. I take the end and bend about two inches of it up and then put it over the candle. I place it so that it remains over the flame and is totally unknown to Corey.

Corey feels my cock harder then ever pounding his hole. “Fuck me SIR, fuck my hole” I am loving it when he talks like that to me, I am totally out of control.

“Your ass feels so good BOY, I want it, I want you to be my BOY. I am going to fuck your ass and shoot my cum into you BOY, then I am going to make you mine BOY, you will be mine”

He turns his head to me half way, like surprised or something but then he said to me “Yes SIR, make me yours, I am your BOY, your cock slave SIR, your boy toy, fuck my ass SIR, oh yeahhh fuck me SIR”

As he said that I went over the edge and grab his hips hard and start slamming, I mean slamming my cock into him and out shoots my load.

Corey can feel my shooting out into him and says “Give it to me SIR, shoot your cum up my ass SIR”

“AAAHHHH FUCK BOY! FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!” is all I can say.

I slow down, my cock throbbing inside his now wet hole, my cock feeling so powerful, by mind only thinking of what I am about to do to him. I am not afraid of how he will react, I am not even thinking of it. I am not even going to tell him, I am just going to brand him, make my mark on his ass and make him mine. How can I be thinking like this, what has come over me, I want him so bad right now.

I pull my cock out of his ass, he starts to move and tell him to wait. I know how much he loves to be fuck and I insert two fingers into him quick. “Oh yes BOY, I love your ass, do you love me in your ass BOY?”

“Oh yes SIR, you are the best”

“You want me BOY”

“Yes SIR”

“You want to me mine, you want to belong to me BOY”

“Yes SIR, I want you, I want to belong to you”

I know he has no idea of what I have in mind but he is just saying everything so right that I have no choice but to go and make him mine. I know the pain will make him jump, he has no idea, what am I going to do... I reach for the hanger with my free hand, he turns to see what I pulled away but does not notice the hot hanger. I bend my two fingers as a hook inside his ass to hold him.

“I want you BOY, I am going to make you mine”

I hear him sigh as I bent my fingers, he spread his ass wide as I did so and he says, “I want to be your SIR, I am yours SIR”

As soon as he said it I place the hot wire to the outside cheek of his ass, to the right of the crack and pressed it hard into him. He yells out, my fingers bend more inside his ass to hold him, his face falls into the pillow. “What the hell are you doing?” he shouts out. He does try to move but the hold I have makes it painful and almost impossible for him to free himself. It seemed to take forever, my cock soften so fast as I started this, my eyes wide open, the smell of his flesh burning then I remove the hanger and look. I see about a 2” burn on the ass of my friend. I straighten my fingers within and gently insert and withdraw them, repeating the motion over and over. His cries in the pillow of what I am doing, what I have done, why why why!!!!

“I want you Corey, you are my BOY now, you are mine”

He turns to me, tears in his eyes and looks wide eyed. It is those eyes that get me every time. “What are you saying Pete?”

“I want you, I want you to be my BOY Corey, I am now your MASTER”

He shakes his head and then plants it into the pillow, leaving his ass in the air. I move to the burn and I kiss it. He moves quickly from the touch, the burn is quite deep and raw. I then move to his ass and spread his cheeks. I lick his hole, lapping up some of my cum that has leaked out. He moans a little as I do this, I have never licked his ass before and told him before I had no interest in doing so. But today is different, I feel so empowered and I am going for it. I have just fucked his mouth and shout my load down his throat, fucked his ass and shot my load up it and now just lick up some cum from his ass that I just branded. “You’re mine now, you belong to me and I am going to consummate our ownership now” And with that I kneel behind him, grab my cock that is somehow hard again and insert it into him.

I push in gently not to hit his burn, I guess he was thinking about it and was turned on since he moaned and moved against my movements. “You’re mine now BOY, you belong to me”

“Yes SIR” he said “I am yours to do with as you please, I am your cock slave SIR, I am your BOY”

With that said I pressed deep into him, his burn touching my shin, I can feel the heat for it. I pull back and then in, hitting it again and again.

“Fuck me SIR, fuck me hard, fuck me like you never fuck me before SIR, tear my ass apart, take all my pain away SIR”

Thrusts after deep hard pounding thrust into his ass my cock goes. I see the blood smearing against my skin as I hit his burn over and over.... “Fuck me SIR”

It did not take me log to feel that I will start shooting off any minute, but I needed to have him share it with me. I flip him over to his back, I look into his eyes and tell him “We both need to share this BOY, we both have to make our union complete” and then I press my chest against his and I kiss him. He returns the kiss and in a second or two his legs are so far open and up that I am deep inside him, fucking his ass, still hitting his burn. I feel that I am close to cuming, my breathing picks up, my cock hardens. Our kissing gets more passionate and then I feel a hot wet substance shooting out over my stomach. I know he is shooting his load and as I feel this and his ass tightening I start shooting off into his ass once again.

We lie there embraced into each other, kissing, holding, I don’t know what else to say but loving each other for the next few moments. Once we recover some more, I roll off and told him that I am sorry for what I have done, that I don’t know what came over me. I told him to roll over that I wanted to see it. He said not to worry about it, that he wanted to belong to me for a long time, that he got so turned on that I did it to him and that he wanted to have this. He never thought about being marked before but as I was branding him that it was like nothing he has ever imagined. Yes it was painful but the way I held his ass, hooking my fingers to keep him was such a turn on, that he just could not help it anymore and just took it.

We now see each other every week, the mark has become a vital part of our relationship. I have become a very good MASTER, it all start out as a game of rape but it turned out that I got myself the perfect BOY.

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