tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust What I Need Ch. 02

Just What I Need Ch. 02


Back at the hotel Francine took a hot shower and put on a thong and an oversized t-shirt. She turned on the television and waited. After forty minutes had passed and there was no knock on her door Francine began to think that maybe she had Jeff all wrong. She thought about his big shoulders and firm hands. Thinking of Jeff she reached inside of her t-shirt and pinched her nipple letting a soft moan escape. Her other hand went between her legs, separating her lips and tenderly toyed with her clit. Her movements got rougher. She was plunging her finger deep into her cunt rubbing her clit with her thumb and pinching her nipple hard. Her orgasms came and went, not quite what she was hoping for but enough to allow her to sleep.

Francine woke to a sharp rap on the door. Looking at the bedside table the clock read 2:20 AM. Francine reacted automatically, not thinking about where she was and still in a sleeping stupor, she stumbled toward the door.

"Who's there?"

No answer just another knock on the door. Pissed off at being woke up and her senses not totally with her, she had forgotten that she was waiting for Jeff. She threw open the door ready to be her usual corporate bitch self but wasn't given time to get out a single word. Jeff pushed his way into her room and locked the door with all the security locks before she could react. He moved closer to her, taking his jacket off and throwing it on the chair.

"Did you wait long for me? Did you think that I was going to jump like one of your Daddies wimpy employees? I don't have to kiss your ass or jump at your demand. I don't have to take orders from you. As a matter of fact, I believe that I'm in control now." Jeff smiled and eyed Francine from head to toe.

Francine back away, all of it coming back to her now that she was waking up. Breathing heavy and feeling her pussy clench she tried to run past him to the door. One arm reached out and grabbed her around the waist; the other went firmly over her mouth.

"You can't get away from me bitch. Fight all you want, your going to be my slut tonight." Francine kicked wildly but her feet were well off the ground. Jeff threw her on the bed and was on top of her before she could move. He roughly pressed his lips to hers grinding her lips into her teeth until she had to part them. Roughly he filled her mouth with his tongue pushing her deeper into the mattress. His hard on could be felt through his jeans pressing against her thigh. He pulled her arms down to her side and pinned them under his legs as he sat up straddling her waist. Francine bucked underneath him as he let loose his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and let the zipper down.

"I'm going to let your hands go and when I do I want you to reach in and let loose my cock that is dying to meet you. If you're not nice, you will pay for it, understood bitch?" Francine shook her head yes. Jeff lifted his legs one at a time and let her arms free. She immediately started to hit him and tried to push him off of her. Jeff grabbed her hair in one big knot and yanked it hard causing Francine to gasp. Still holding her hair Jeff got off the side of the bed and with one hand let his pants down. He kicked off his shoes and kicked his pants out of the way. Pulling Francine by the hair he moved her in front of him.

"Use your teeth cunt. Get these shorts off of me now. I got plans for you that can't wait." He pulled Francine's face to his crotch and ground his pelvis hard against her. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts with her teeth and tried to pull them down, but his cock, fully erect, made this impossible. She reach with her hands to let loose his beautiful shaft. What she saw made her gasp. It was eight and a half to nine inches erect and thick. Wide enough to make her think of some sort of wild beast. He was cut with a luscious helmet glistening wet with pre cum. She reached out to touch him, to taste him, to take him in her mouth. She wanted this wild beast shoved down her throat but Jeff had other plans. He slapped her hands away and demanded to be undressed the rest of the way.

Using his shirt he wrapped the arm around her neck and tied it loose enough not to hurt her but tight enough that she couldn't pull it off. Now that he had her on a leash he could move about and not have to worry about her trying to escape. Jeff sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her across his lap. His cock poked into her soft stomach wetting her skin. He pulled her t-shirt up exposing her ass covered only by a thin thong. His hand lightly felt the contour of her shapely ass. He ran his fingers through her crack feeling the pucker of her asshole and he wiggled his finger just over the top of it. As Francine started to moan and squirm on his lap Jeff pulled his hand out quickly and sharply brought it down on her pale skin. After just one slap her ass shaded pink. He applied his hand to her ass again and again stopping once in awhile to smooth over it with a cool hand. Now and then dipping his finger into her ass making her wiggle. By the time she was cherry red Francine was begging for him to stop. Real tears welled up in her eyes as she begged please, she'd do anything if he would stop spanking her. He removed her thong and let his fingers slide into her wet pussy. Once he found her opening he thrust his finger in as hard as he could. Each time that his knuckles rammed into her mound she was thrust forward on his lap. He had three fingers stretching her cunt out. Francine was sobbing with pain and soaking his fingers with her juices at the same time.

"Stop your whining bitch, by time I fuck you with my dick your going to be grateful for this. Get your ass off of me. I want you on your knees in front of me now." He yanked at the leash around her neck and she obeyed. "Get that fucking shirt off now. I want to see those tits in front of me." Francine obeyed but Jeff had to let the leash go to get the shirt off of her. When he did she jumped to her feet and tried to run for the door. Jeff was on her quick grabbing the leash and dragging her back toward the bed. He pushed her onto her knees and pressed her back up to the wall. Holding the leash and a handful of hair he pressed his cock to her lips. Rubbing the head back and forth over her lips he tightened the grip on her hair forcing her to open her mouth. Once she did there was no holding back. He pushed his full length into her mouth until he could feel her breath at the base of his cock and on his balls. Pushing her into the wall he didn't withdraw. He kept rocking against her mouth feeling her throat tighten around the head. Pulling out almost completely he then thrust deep in one movement.

"Oh yeah baby: let me fuck that bitch mouth of yours. Go ahead, scream cunt: I like the feel of it on my cock." Jeff groaned as the wetness of her mouth did a beautiful number on him. "Oh yeah, isn't that good. Come on whore, suck it good. Make me cum right down your throat. Touch my balls, yeah. You are a fucking slut and so good at it. Suck my cock; grab my balls. I love fucking your face just as much as I'm gonna love ... fucking the rest of you. By the time I'm done with you nothing is going to be unfucked." Jeff could feel an eruption coming fast. "I'm gonna cum, oh..." With that he pulled out slightly wanting to make sure she had to taste and swallow his seed. He filled her mouth with five long shots of cum. For good measure he pushed his entire cock down her throat one more time before he had to withdraw.

Jeff patted Francine's head. Pulling on the leash he led her over to the bed. Using her t-shirt he tied her papoose style. Her arms down at her side with the knot in the back. He laid her down and retrieved her thong to wrap around her feet. Having her right where he wanted her, he could now take his time to explore this wonderful body that was to be his amusement park for the night.

Bending her knees he pushed her feet up toward her wet pussy. Her knees fell to the side giving him full exposure. He could smell her raging sex from two feet away. Moving in closer he could see her lips were glistening and her clit was fully erect, begging to be kissed. Happily, he let his tongue slide over her inflamed clit drawing soft moans from Francine. He sucked her nub hard then let it go breathing cool air over her. Her hips raised from the bed trying hard to reach his mouth. She wanted more and this bastard was toying with her. He ran the tip of his tongue down to her opening, slurping up her wetness. His middle finger plunged into her depths drawing out streams of wetness. Putting his mouth back over her mound he used both teeth and tongue to invade her while his slick finger roughly found its way into her ass. He took her rough, no time to adjust, tip to knuckle buried in her. She let out a low gasp as she bit her lip. The pain from the intrusion mixed with the pleasure of his skillful mouth put Francine on the edge. Just a little bit more, a little bit more and she was going to explode with the earth shaking orgasm that she had been waiting for.

Jeff added another finger to her ass, spreading her open. It didn't really matter though, regardless of how many fingers he used, she was never going to be ready for the girth of his meat. Knowing the power he had over her turned him on. His cock grew thinking about plunging into her ass or cunt. Either of them was going to be stretched to new widths. He dove into her clit with renewed lust. He wanted her to cum on his face, to flood him with her sweet nectar. As his tongue worked her pussy and his hand fucked her ass he worked his free hand up under the tight t-shirt to feel her nipple that he had been dying to get a hold of.

The feel of Jeff's fingers on her tit caused Francine to stiffen with the tingling of an orgasm building. She drew in a deep breath and held it as her body convulsed. The most intense orgasm rocked her body flooding Jeff's face with the warm woman juices he had been waiting for. Spent, Francine collapsed. Her muscles unable to respond after he first g spot orgasm of her life. Jeff took his time licking her clean. Driving his tongue deep and lapping at her opening like a wild beast from the forest.

Leaving her secured with her own clothing and her body unable to move if she wanted to, he went to enjoy a hot shower. Making himself fresh for lovely Francine and round two.

Francine lost the will to struggle. Jeff was going to be as rough as she wanted him to be. He returned to her and let her free from her bondage, warning her that if she didn't comply there would be hell to pay. Finally, he got to fondle her gorgeous tits. Holding them one in each hand, squeezing and kneading them. Feeling the fullness and softness of each globe. He brought his mouth to the nipple of one and then the other. Francine arched her back and threw her head back in sheer pleasure. Jeffs mouth sucked harder, fingers pinching the nipple to rock hardness. His own shaft growing to an incredible length.

Francine let out a pained gasp as he rolled her nipples hard between his finger and thumb. "You bastard, you fucking lousy bastard. You know I'm no match for your strength" she gasped between painful sobs "Do what you want to me."

"That's not good enough. I don't need your permission to fuck you any way I want, I'm going to do that anyway." Jeff twisted her nipple and whispered into her ear, "tell me what you are for me, beg me to take you."

"I'm your slut. I'm your cock sucking whore. I want you to please fuck me. Please... I want you to hurt me. I need you to fuck me hard. Please let me be your cum sucking, fucking whore."

Jeff nuzzled between her breast for a few minutes, caressing them while she begged to be fucked. Francine was getting impatient, begging more furiously, needing to feel his cock somewhere in her body. Not being able to hold back anymore she raised her fists and started to pound Jeff's shoulders and back, screaming out to fuck her. Jeff straddled her chest and pushed his cock into her mouth. Eagerly she sucked his shaft. Her body was uncontrollably bucking at the hips needing to be touched, to be taken.

Jeff pulled out of her mouth and led her over to the desk chair. Putting her hands on the seat and bending her over he came from behind her and in one movement plunged into her waiting pussy. For most men she probably was an easy lay, but the size of his cock stretched her. It was a tight fit and it felt good, her pussy walls clinging to him. She groaned in both pleasure and pain as he showed no mercy claiming her cunt for his own. He held her hips and used all his force to drive deep into her. With each stroke her feet left the floor and he pulled her down hard onto his shaft. Pulling almost all the way out he would enter her again with the same force. Francine screamed with each entry. Jeff let one hand move to rub her clit. Feeling her shaking body reading for an orgasm, he let the other hand find her swaying tit. Impaled on his meat, hands reaching all the right spots, Francine leaned back into Jeff's chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. He bounced her on his cock wanting himself to explode. He kissed her neck, squeezed her tit and whispered into her ear, "cum whore, now. My cock hungry bitch, let me have you now." Francine rode the wave of her orgasm on command. Jeff pushed her back down so that her hands were on the seat of the chair again. Pulling out of her his rigid shaft penetrated her ass without warning. He grunted at how tight she was and pushed with all he had deep into her. Ignoring her initial pain Jeff made her beg for more of the abuse he was giving.

"Fuck my ass" she whimpered with the searing pain that shot through her. "Fuck me hard. Oh yeah, go deeper," she begged as the pain subsided. "Give it to me, give it to me hard and deep. Fuck your whore, your little slut wants it hard."

Jeff pulled out of her and turned her around. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed he pulled her to his lap. Guiding his cock to her ass he pulled her back hard. She ground her ass into him taking all of it. Using her legs against his thighs she rode him. His hands pinched her nipples holding on like the reins to a horse as she impaled herself further onto his cock. She exploded while she continued to ride him as he helped by pushing up. His hands grabbed her hips and forced her up and down on his pole as his balls tightened. Francine screamed out in ecstasy as he rammed her harder than before. Three long full hard strokes of her tight hungry ass pulling on his solid member and he pulled her down and held her as his beast spit cum deep into her.

Jeff fell back onto the bed gasping for air. Francine lay on top of him until the inevitable separation came and she whined at the loss. Rolling to his side they shared a passionate long kiss.

"If you think I'm what you need," Jeff looked into her eyes, "I'm usually at the bar on Friday nights. Maybe I'll see you around again." Jeff showered and left.

Francine let her hand fall between her abused legs and rubbed her clit. How many days was it until Friday?

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