tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust You and I Ch. 02

Just You and I Ch. 02


It's been nearly an entire month since I've seen you, and tomorrow brings the full moon again. I've looked for you everywhere; the gym, the grocery store, in every place I've been and in every face I've passed. I've looked for your build, your hands, but most of all I've looked for your eyes; those bottomless brown eyes. I want to stare into their depths again whatever the cost, whatever price I have to pay.


I had hoped to get my daily run in early this morning, but the weather had other plans. The clouds burst forth with an early fall rain, misting the air and bringing a chill with it. I dressed warmly in black and red track suit and a bright red hoodie secured loosely under my chin, and set off down the path behind my apartment. I ran parallel to the gray brick building for about a mile until I came to the turnoff to the woods.

My headphones blasted Mozart into my ears as I inhaled the scent of wet woods and fallen leaves. The ground was slick and I had to place my feet carefully to stay on the path. The rhythm of my plodding feet drove all thoughts out of my mind; all thoughts that is, but the ones of you. I replayed that night over and over again in my head: my fear, your strength; my pain, your pleasure; your dominance, my submission. What a night.

I can feel my body responding to these thoughts as my nipples harden and my panties become wet. I wish I could stop thinking about your hands on my body, your lips on mine, your eyes boring into mine....

I am abruptly yanked from my reverie by a hand clamped roughly over my mouth as I am pulled from the path and deeper into the woods. I am pushed up against the damp bark of a tree, both wrists clutched in one very strong, very large hand; the other hand still covering my mouth.

Forcing myself to not pass out from fear, I focus upon my captor. I see a man wearing a black hoodie and dark sun glasses. I know you instantly but I insanely think that you look like the Unibomber. A hysterical giggle escapes my lips with that thought and you smile a very sexy smile. Still smiling, you lean in close to my ear and whisper, "Hey there Little Red Riding Hood."

I focus on your smile and try to remember every bit of it; your full lips and white teeth; the way one side of your mouth crooks up a bit higher than the other...and your dimple; you have a dimple like I do...and on the same side of your face. But trying to catch that smile, trying to remember it perfectly is like trying to catch the Cheshire cat. I always get there the moment after it disappears.

My heart thrums in my chest as you loosen the tie to my hoodie and pull it back from my face. My copper hair spills out over my shoulders and your hand entwines itself within its depths. Your hand caresses the silken strands for a moment before you pull my head back in an iron grip.

Your lips descend upon mine and capture them for a kiss. I sigh in response as my lips part in acquiescence to yours and your tongue probes the depths of my mouth. I surrender to that kiss completely. My hope and fear is that you will take me here, right now against this tree in the chilly woods. Your nimble fingers pull on the zipper of my hoodie, exposing my track tank to the cool fall air. Your fingers are hot as they trail over my neck and slowly down my chest. I shiver, but it's not from the cold.

Your hand slowly moves over my breast and down, down, down. You stroke my thighs as they quiver with desire. Your warm hand cups me and the heat radiates through my very being. I can't hold back as I moan into your lips...still covering mine. Your hands are so hot even through my clothes and I ache with the desire to have you touch me more intimately. Anything; I'll do anything to have you touch me, to have you, in any way at all.

You, of course, sense this thought. You are always in my head, knowing my thoughts before I even think them. You place slight but firm pressure on my shoulders, pushing my down to my knees. I go willingly although I don't know why. I shouldn't want you. I don't know why I want you, why I want to please you. But I do. I'm so obsessed with finding out who you are and what you have in store for me next that I can't resist. I sink to my knees willingly; with no other thought than to give you pleasure. Both your hands are still entwined in my hair now and unbelievingly you are shaking in anticipation.

I feel just a little bit of my power and I slowly, deliberately unbutton your jeans and equally as slowly pull your zipper down. All the while I am looking at you, directly into your eyes (I think). You look back steadily at me as your fully hard erection springs out unencumbered. I am rendered breathless by the sight of you and my tongue lashes out to circle the tip of your penis. I lap up the wonderful drop of precum that shines on the tip. Oh, I've missed the taste of you.

I take you further into my mouth loving the feel of you filling me; loving the feel of your hardness sliding back into my throat and the pleasure of swallowing around you. You groan and push your cock further down my throat. I accept you easily, loving the way you feel, the way you taste. It doesn't take long before you are coming and I am eagerly swallowing every drop that you have to offer.

After a moment, you pull me up to my feet and let go of me while you do up your pants. I could leave. I could run away. Away from whatever else you have in store for me. But I don't. I stay. I stand there. I stand there and await your next command.

The wait is short as you pull my arms together in front of me and I hear the familiar click of handcuffs. You pull my sleeves down over the silver ringlets and whisper "Lace your hands together."

I do as you ask and I don't even think to question you. You pull the hoodie back up over my head and tie it loosely under my chin. You are looking at me while you do this, smiling your crooked smile. You whisper, "We're gonna have some fun tonight." Fear and delight wrestle with the butterflies in my stomach.

You guide me through the woods, helping me over fallen branches and wayward roots in our path. I almost fall twice, but your strong hands keep me on my feet. As we reach the edge of the woods, you turn to me again and push me against another tree. Your kiss is so welcome it helps to allay my fears. You press up against me and I can feel your hardness once again. You sigh audibly and say in a half whisper, "The woods are lovely dark and deep, but we have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep."


Are you kidding me...and one of my favorite poets at that? I'm so stunned I can only croak out, "Who ARE you?"

You give me that smile again and whisper, "I like Robert Frost too."

Before you lead me out of the woods you hold up a pair of sunglasses briefly before you put them on me. They don't just darken my vision, but completely wrap around and block it out. I am blind as you guide me out of the woods. I can smell the change in the air; the open air as opposed to the dank woods. You take me to a vehicle and put me in the front passenger seat.

We drive for so long, I doze off. When I wake up, I have no idea how much time has passed or where we would could possibly be. You put the car in park and come around to the passenger side. The door opens and I feel your steadying hand on my arm. Our feet crunch through the dry leaves as you lead me along. I hear the jangle of keys and a door opening.

You lead me in to a cold room and sit me down on a couch. "Stay there and I'll light the fire." You say softly. I don't move simply because you told me not to move. I can't understand my need to follow your every command. I mean, really! My hands are cuffed in front of me and all I have on to block my vision is a simple pair of sunglasses. I could look at you at any time if I wanted. But, I don't want to see you until you let me. I feel like I have to obey. I feel like I want to obey.

I smell the fire before I feel it, but I'm close to it and my feet start to thaw out quickly. I hear you go to the other side of the room; then the sound of water running and another scent; lavender. Did you know that it's my favorite or is that just a coincidence? I'm starting to think that with you there are no coincidences.

I feel the couch sink down as you sit beside me. You don't say anything, you don't touch me. It's unnerving. After several minutes of this I'm unable to take it any longer and say sharply, "What are you doing?"

"Just looking." You reply easily in that now irritating whisper. I feel you stand up and you pull me up by my hands and lead me to the other side of the room. The rushing of water is louder and the scent of lavender is much stronger here. I realize with a start that you've run a bath.

"Don't move." You command and the rushing water suddenly ceases. "Time for a nice hot bath, we've got to get you ready for our company." Again with the whisper.

Company? Fear courses through me, lighting my body on fire. I'm terrified and excited at once; and wet, of course I'm wet. I had no idea I was so screwed up.

With a swift motion you remove the cuffs and toss them aside then proceed to untie and unzip the hoodie again, slipping it off my shoulders in one swift motion. "Arms up." you order and I obey putting my hands in the air like a five year old that needs help undressing. You slip the track tank over my head carefully avoiding the sunglasses. You remove one shoe, then the other as I steady myself with a hand on your shoulder. The track pants and underwear follow and I am standing naked and vulnerable in front of you.

You're in no hurry to get to your feet as you stroke the back of one finger over my pussy lips. You tongue replaces your finger and I now have to use both hands to steady myself on your shoulders. Placing one thumb on each of my now swollen lips you gently part them and your tongue finds my clit. Your slow soft strokes are making me crazy and I widen my stance to give you better access. I want your fingers inside me; I want your tongue inside me. A low moan escapes me.

You stop and quickly stand up and kiss me; hard. You pull away and your hands are in my hair again and I realize you are twisting my hair up off my neck. I feel it being secured to my head by a large clip and you say gruffly, "Ok, into the bath." You guide me to the edge of the tub and help me in. The water is so warm and welcoming that I sink down into it with a sigh of pleasure.

I hear you moving around for a moment before you pull me up to a sitting position and slide into the bath behind me. "Don't turn around and these can stay off." You say into my ear as you slip the sunglasses off my face. Although the light is dim, I have to blink several times to clear my vision. A candle is lit somewhere behind you and I am struck by how romantic all of this is, or rather could be romantic if I just knew what kind of night you had planned for me. The mere thought of my helplessness and my body begins to respond again.

I think I need professional help.

I smell the lavender soap as you lather it up in your hands. A moment later I feel your warm hands on my cool skin. My nipples are as hard as pebbles as your palms slide over them. Your hands slide further down caressing my skin and awakening every nerve ending in my body. I nestle myself snugly between your legs, relishing the feel of your hardness against my back.

Your hands slip to my inner thighs and spread them apart a wide as they can go within the confines of the tub. Every sense is alive as you stroke my thighs and further up. One finger from each hand strokes my lips, so soft and freshly waxed. I feel and hear your moan in my ear, your pleasure evident against the small of my back. One finger begins to massage my clit while the other searches for entrance into the very heart of me.

I answer your moan as your finger slowly, maddeningly pierces my folds and you curl it slightly, finding my g-spot with pinpoint accuracy. You gently rub both my clit and that magic spot until I am overtaken by the orgasm that has been waiting to be released by your skilled hands.

The sensuality of this moment is breathtaking.....and very short-lived.

You blow out the candle and push me forward as you stand up and exit the tub; the water and the air colder with your absence. After a moment, you order me to stand up as well and you wrap a large towel around me. The firelight cast almost no light, but you are careful to stay behind me.

You propel me toward the bed roughly and I'm confused by your change in attitude. Standing behind me, you pull something out of the night stand drawer and hold it in front of me for a moment.

"Remember this?" you ask softly.

It's the ever-present sleep mask. In a flash it's over my head and covering my eyes once again. I hear the creak of the bed as you sit down and my towel is whisked away. The air is only slightly warmer than earlier and my skin immediately forms goose pimples and my nipples are hard as rocks. You remove the clip from my hair and enjoy the luxurious curls for a moment.

For the second time today, you push me down by my shoulders until I am kneeling in front of you. You slap me in the face with your cock before guiding it into my mouth. You push it so far back into my mouth that I am gagging and tears begin to roll down my face. I'm starting to get desperate because I can't breathe.

"I let you off easy last time." You whisper gruffly. "You were supposed to still be a virgin. Why weren't you a virgin? What happened in those two short months when I didn't see you?" The volume of your voice is ratcheting up. You sound angry now.

My air is running out and the fear I feel is real. I'm not sure if you're angry enough to kill me or not. All I know at this point is...I can't breathe.

I'm pushing on your thighs, trying to break the grip you have on my head. My vision is starting to go black and I'm only a moment away from passing out...only a moment away from death?

You release me and I push away from you gasping for breath. I inhale deeply of life-giving air as I move as far away from you as I possibly can. I'm at a disadvantage being blind. Still I don't think of removing the sleep mask. I just cower in the corner while what you said reverberates in my brain.

"Two short months." That's what you said. You knew I was a virgin, but when you came to rape me you found out that I was no longer a virgin. I'm starting to suspect that I do know who you are. However, I can't process it, because the idea is just too ludicrous.

You slap my face; hard. I am stunned by your action; stunned by your anger and the pain throbbing through my cheek. You are yelling again, "Who'd you fuck you whore? Huh? Who'd you fuck?" I can feel the heat from your breath on my face and I am terrified. I thought I knew fear before, but this....this is real terror. I'm afraid you may kill me in your anger. You slap my other cheek. Harder.

I am still reeling from your violence. I'm incapable of answering you.

"ANSWER ME!" You roar.

"I can't tell you. I'm sorry." I say as subserviently as possible in an attempt to assuage your anger. Although why I'm apologizing to you, I can't fathom. I'm shaking in fear and I can't stop the tears. My already confused feelings for you are further entangled.

"Remember this tonight: you deserve everything you're getting." You growl at me.

My fear is amplified as a solid knock sounds on the door. You don't move and are silent for a long moment and I can feel your eyes on me. I feel like you're thinking things over. I hear you take a deep breath.

The knock sounds again, louder this time.

Finally, you move toward the door and I hear it open. "Hey man, what's up? Whatcha got for me?"

I didn't think my heart could pound so hard.

"She's over there." You say casually like you don't even care. But then you yell, "Stand up bitch!"

I stand up slowly; mask still on my face. "Oooh, she's nice! Tiny little thing, bet she's tight."

"Yeah, she's tight alright. Enjoy." You say.

"You're not gonna hit this?" He asks.

"Maybe, in a while she can finish the BJ she started before you got here." You reply easily. "I've got cuffs if you want them."

"Nah man, I can see how you kept her in line." He reaches out and touches my still throbbing cheek. "You don't mind if I do the same if she needs it do you?"

"Whatever." You reply nonchalantly.

I can't believe that I'm standing naked in a cold room being talked about as though I'm nothing; as though I'm less than human; as though I'm just a hole to be filled.

Oh, and my pussy is dripping and all I can think about is getting fucked. The pain in my cheeks is subsiding as the blood rushes to other parts of my body. I stand there mute and wait my next command.

I DO need professional help.

I hear a zipper, the rustle of clothing, and the thunk of shoes hitting the floor. After more sounds of clothing rustling a rough hands grab me and pulls me forward. I am again forced to my knees.

"You good man? Can I take the mask off? She'll never see me again." He says to you, again like he talking about furniture instead of a living breathing person.

"Look over here and tell me how much you can see." I hear you answer. Again you're using your gruff voice.

"Nothing but what you want her to see." He replies as slips the mask over my head and guides my mouth to his waiting cock. I don't look up at him before he forces his cock into my mouth.

I am overwhelmed by his scent. Although it's not altogether unpleasant, but it's not yours. He is longer and thicker than you are and I find it difficult to adjust to his size. He's not waiting for my comfort either and he shoves his cock further into my mouth and into my throat.

"Swallow." He croaks. I comply and am rewarded by a moan. "Oh yeah, suck my dick, bitch. And look at me! I want to see those pretty blue eyes."

I look up at him wondering how he knew my eyes were blue. I try to remember every detail of him. His skin is cocoa brown and his eyes are pale green, and hard. There is nothing soft about this man, especially not the cock that is roughly being plunged in and out of my mouth. He entwines both hands into my hair and sets the pace by forcing my head forward and back.

"C'mon bitch, I don't want to fuck your face! Suck my dick!"

I'm trying, but the pace that he sets is too erratic for me to fall into a rhythm. Again, he holds my head in place while his dick is down my throat. I'm trying to please him, I'm trying to swallow, but the air is running out.

Finally, he releases me to get a breath of air. He then pumps his cock into my mouth a few more time before he pulls me to my feet and bends me over the bed. Without any warning he spreads my legs apart with his knee and plunges into my pussy. Thankfully, I'm wet already and the pain is minimal. He thrusts roughly and is anything but gentle.

"Oh man, she IS tight. Oh man, what a pussy!" He's says excitedly as he begins to finger my ass. "How's her ass man? Gotta be so tight, she'll squeeze your dick off!"

"Try it out and see for yourself." You answer. I am horrified. Last month was the first time anyone had ever fucked me in the ass. You were gentle then. I don't think he's planning on being gentle.

"You got anything to lube her up?"

What am I; a car?

"Yeah, in the drawer." You answer calmly.

He doesn't stop fucking me while he looking for lube or while he's applying it to his fingers or while he's shoving his fingers into my ass. Even with the lube, it hurts.

He pulls his fingers out and I can hear him squeezing more lube out of the tube. I assume he's going to apply it to his cock and realize I was right when I feel him pull out of my pussy and press his cock against my asshole.

While you used pleasure to relax me and open me up, he uses pain. He grabs one arm and twists it behind my back. Pain shoots through my shoulder and at the same moment he pushes past the tight ring of my ass. He pulls harder and I cry out from the pain afraid he'll dislocate my shoulder. Without any warning at all, he slams his cock into my tight hole. I scream out loud from the pain. The tears come in earnest now. He doesn't care; he just keeps fucking my ass.

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