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Just You & Me


It rained heavily as we packed the car. Your jacket was soaked by the time we were done, so you left it behind and got behind the wheel in that sweater I knitted for you last Christmas. The white colour looks great against your dark skin. I knew it would.

We drove through the wet streets and out of town. It was 4 in the afternoon, and the sun was already close to the horizon. I looked at you. You look so handsome, so manly. I looked at your hands steering the car. Why do I always find you so attractive when you drive a car?

You caught me looking at you and gave me a smile. I put my hand on your thigh, and felt your strong muscles.

-This is going to be a great weekend, you said.

-It already is, I answered.

And it was. All the little things made it great. Planning it, arranging a combined house/babysitter, packing our bags, going in the car with you... With you. Being with you has never ceased being great. My friend. My love.

Out in the countryside, the autumn trees were burning in red, orange and yellow. Leaves were drifting in the wind or mouldering brown on the wet ground. We arrived at our cabin just as the sun went down. The wind was chilly, and the rain was still pouring down. We grabbed our bags and ran to the house. We got a bit wet while I fumbled to get the right key to open the door. Then finally we got indoors, and I turned the lights on.

The cabin wasn't big, just two rooms. A bedroom and a living room, with a tiny kitchen in one end and a fireplace in the other. The whole house was made out of chunky logs, the rugs on the floor were hand woven, and there was a big fur on the floor in front of the fireplace. I couldn't tell what animal it had belonged to, but you told me that it was a bear.

We took our bags into the bedroom and unpacked them, putting underwear and socks in the drawers of a small cabinet, and then we tucked the bags away under the bed.

Your sweater was damp, so you went to start a fire in the fireplace. I took the plastic bag I had brought into the mini kitchen, and took out cans of beans, tomatoes, and tuna, a package of eggs, a bottle of milk, different types of bread, a box of pasta, and a ham wrapped in paper.

While you made a fire, I worked my magic in the kitchen. When the room was warm, and the smell of burning wood blended with that of tomatoes and spices, you went around the room, taking something out of a plastic bag of your own, placing out things. As I poured the Carbonara pasta sauce over to plates of pasta and topped them with yolks and black pepper, you turned the lights off, and 30-something candles spread their soft light over the room, together with the fire from the fire place.

-Oh, honey! I beamed.

You smiled at me, and sat down at the table, while I served the pasta. As I took the heated garlic rolls out of the oven, I heard a "cling" sound, and as I looked up, you poured red wine in two glasses. I put the garlic bread on the table, and accepted the wine you gave me. I raised my glass.

-To my soulmate, I said.

You raised your glass.

-To my beloved wife, you said.

Our glasses touched with another "cling", and we drank to our love, our life together.

We talked about funny memories while we ate. As by a silent mutual agreement, we only spoke of the memories that the two of us shared – our many trips together, our first home in a small condo before we bought the house together, our hard work to make that old house a home, personal and comfortable, truly OURS. We didn't mention our child. This was our night. Only for the two of us.

When we had finished our meal, we left everything for tomorrow, and got up.

-Do you want to dance? I said.

You took me in your arms.

-Where's the music? you asked.

-I'll sing to us, I said.

I sang a melody from my country, a slow and beautiful love song, and we danced, dragged our feet slowly around the same spot, until we stopped, and you silenced my song with a kiss.

We sank to our knees on the fur in front of the fireplace. You opened my blouse, button by button, and I held your cheeks and we kissed. When my blouse was open, you unhooked my bra in the front, and bent down and kissed my breasts. You sucked on my nipples. I took off my blouse and bra. You kissed my stomach, still not slim after child birth, with tenderness and worship. Your skin gleamed in the light of the fire. I wanted to see that light all over your body, so I interrupted your sucking, even though it felt oh!, so good. I pulled off both your sweater and your T-shirt in one move, and let my hands glide over your wide shoulders, over your broad chest, and down over your stomach. You're not as slim and muscular as that first time that we made love, but you're sexy. Handsome and masculine. Touching you still – always – makes me aroused.

You ran your fingers through my hair, and I looked into your warm, brown eyes. Your eyes said "I love you" before you did. I put the palm of my hand over your heart and said "I love you too". Your hands were everywhere when you kissed me. I vaguely remember laying on my back on the fur, naked, smiling, watching your beautiful naked body, before you and I united, melting together, as we moved with each other, dancing in front of the dancing flames. You caressed my hair, kissed my face, looked down at me and smiled when I put my arms around you, wrapped my legs around your back, and sighed with satisfaction.

-Come with me, you said, and brought me back to the top.

This time I clung on to you as I pressed my inside against your manhood, squeezed it within me, and moaned.

-You're so beautiful when you come, you whispered. You look so satisfied.

-It's so good! I purred, like a cat. You're so good! I want to see you when you come.

-Not yet, you smiled, and slowed down your pace. I don't want to come yet. I want to take my time and just enjoy being inside of you.

You moved in and out in a slow, steady pace that drove me close to the edge, but never allowed me deliverance from my sweet torture. I moved my hips, placed my hands on your butt and pressed you into me, begged for you to release me from this wait that was driving me crazy, but you just smiled teasingly at me, and slowly pushed as deep into me as you could.

-Darling, please... I said. You kissed me, and suddenly withdrew and pushed yourself back in, in a strong push that made my body shiver.

-Oh, yes! I gasped. Honey, yes!

You picked up the pace, and pushed deep and hard and fast into me. Your hands grabbed mine, and we entwined our fingers as we moved together, closer, closer, and your moans joined mine, and then we came together, me cramping around your pulsating manhood, as it filled my inside with hot seed. We moaned, shouted, and our hands squeezed each other hard.

I held you in my arms, and you buried your face in my hair. We breathed heavily.

-I love you, I whispered.

You pulled yourself out, and lay next to me on the fur. You pulled me close, and I rested my head on your chest.

-I love you too, you said.

The rain made a cozy noise against the windows and the roof top.

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