The fierce white sunlight heralded another Australian mid-summer day. You didn't need to hear the incessant droning whir of the cicadas to know that the day would be another scorcher.

You regret the late night on the balcony where the chatter and the wine flowed just that bit too freely. That is always a hazard when staying with my old forestry mate, Adam, and his family. You hope whatever that special thing I had planned for today involved somewhere cool and peaceful, the museum would be nice.

You groan loudly when I bound in and announce that we're going for a bushwalk (a bushwalk!) and suggest that you dress suitably.

I have arranged for our eleven-year-old daughter to stay with Adam and Sue and their twin teenage sons; she is very impressed. Although friends from infancy, we chuckled last night about the first obvious signs of romance. We wondered how the boys would compete for Leslie's affections and how they'd resolve the usual impasse; usually by biff and bash.

You find me in the garage with Adam packing some strange items in the rucksack. You puzzle over the car inner tube, a huge plastic bag and rope. As its' to be a picnic lunch, you pack some fruit, cheeses and crackers. We also pack some towels and a key.

Grateful again for our car with its air-conditioning I drive through the Saturday morning traffic out towards the foothills with their lightly forested slopes and stunning gorges. You sigh as you realise the beach and the water theme parks are in the opposite direction.

Eventually I park on a reserve next to the single-lane bridge spanning one of the more spectacular gorges. Downstream, where the gorge opens out to floodplains, there is already a stream of cars leading to the popular swimming holes. Upstream was the beginning of the rugged state forest reserve, access barred by a locked gate.

Now the key makes sense to you, as you realise I used my old forestry contact through Adam to obtain it. Opening the gate, I explain we're going for a swim. You retort that you weren't told to pack a costume. Your breath catches as I explain where we're going no costume will be necessary. You thrill at the skillful way I have connected with a long-held fantasy and wonder how many other fantasies I have planned to exploit today.

Wow, the path is even more overgrown than when Adam And I used to come this way to perform faunal surveys! Coming once again to the lip of the gorge, I motion for you to proceed quietly to peer over the precipice. Movement in the river catches your eye as I explain that you could always rely on seeing the duck-billed platypus frolicking there. Today we are spoiled to see a pair playing in the back eddies of the stream.

The bush is strangely silent under the sizzling February sun. The river below looks so inviting but so far away and apparently impossible to reach. In places huge over -hangs in the gorge just about obscure all view and shade the river below.

Eventually we reach a place where the gorge appears to widen and the walls aren't quite as steep. Here the casuarina trees appear to grow more closely and have a straighter form. I explain that this is where we break away from the trail to head down to the water.

The descent is still very steep and we sidestep and slide from one gnarly trunk to another. Suddenly we reach a sharp precipice. You turn to me accusing that I had forgotten the way until you see me uncoiling the rope.

I explain the only way down to the river is to abseil the last twenty feet! I recount how the first time Adam and I found this place we had no rope so just ran and leaped as far as possible towards the centre of the dark pool. You shudder at my crazy risk-taking in those days.

Gingerly you abseil over the overhang and I lower you the last part onto the sandy beach. Next I lower the rucksack, before finally abseiling to stand beside you. You start to ask if I expect you to scale the overhang going back when shocked you see me retrieve the rope. I explain that we will inflate the inner tube, put the rucksack and all our gear in the plastic bag to float behind us downstream.

I explain that upstream there is a 40-foot cascade and no other way down to the water than the way we had come. Also downstream lie a series of plunges and pools so that access from downstream is well nigh impossible. Hence I explain there is no need for a swimming costume.

Looking about under the overhang, we marvel at torrents that piled up the great wall of debris. Dapples of reflected sunlight dance crazily around the ceiling. A short distance upstream we can see large flat dark boulders laying in the sun; a perfect spot for lunch!

We scrabble over to the rock platform and lay out our lunch. You go to sit down when the shock of the sizzling rock surface on your bare thigh causes you to shriek and jump. Carefully we lay out and sit on the towels. We suspect we'd fry like pancakes on the griddle on those rocks in no time flat!

After our trek, the food and wine are more than welcome and we sit and discuss the proceedings for the rest of our outing. I tell you of a rapid not far upstream which is perfectly formed to be the world's best all-natural spa. Intrigued, you insist I show you.

Reassured once again by me of our remoteness, you Finally shrug off your clothes to join me in being naked. My eyes feast on your naked loveliness. They drink in all those wondrous curves resting on the best curve of all; the little round belly above your fluffy mound, the one that never quite regained its girlish flatness after the birth of our princess.

Hand in hand I lead you to the rapids. My cock swinging hot, free, full and heavy in the sunshine. It started to thicken and stiffen as I thought of the erotic delights ahead of us in the rapids. Trying to hide my growing tumescence I guide you into a shallower section of the rapid. Wedging in beside you I instruct you to sit back and press into the rocks while the river flows over our shoulders down over our chest and abdomen as it flows eventually to the sea. I wonder whether the current will work its old magic?

Sure enough the incessant pounding and pummeling of The water past my loins brings on a full-blooded veiny erection. The tip of my cock feeling the shock of the cool water as the foreskin fully retracts. I remember the first time Adam and I discovered this effect of our "spa". I also remember how we left the water that time. How intently we stared at each others cocks as we rubbed our own until jerking spastically we shot ribbons of cum onto the water. Not once did we ever mention or seek to relive that private moment, it was just there as part of the rich tapestry of our friendship.

Whether the torrent was stimulating you in the same way or you just wanted to break my reverie anyway I feel your questing hand snaking into my groin. I warn you to be careful not to disturb our precarious position as the current will dislodge and sweep us down the rapid.

I swoon under the dual sensations of your fist milking my shaft while the water rushes past my aroused and engorged nipples and glans. I could feel the drawing tightening of my sac as I rushed inexorably towards orgasm. I feel the tell-tale tingling at the tip and I raise my hips to your grasp urging you- urging me on on, harder faster! Sensing the orgasm is near you lower your mouth to nip at my nipple.

That final exquisite contact brings me undone as my cock starts to buck and squirt in your fist. That final movement also upsets our precarious position in the rapid and the current sweeps us laughing, tumbling, squirting and sliding down the slick smooth rocks!

In the quiet pool below, we hold each other in our arms. Pulling away from me you say all that wine and water makes you want to pee. Drawing on an old fantasy I ask if I can watch you pass water. Either its the wine or the hilarity of the moment just shared, but you agree. Climbing up onto a semi-submerged boulder you squat in front of me. Fascinated I watch as your golden stream arches from your delicate pink pussy into the river. The current quickly carries away the spume. Emboldened, you ask me if I'd care to return the favour!

I climb onto the rock beside you as you take my softened pliant cock in your palm. As I pee you delight in aiming the stream first here and there, splashing yourself in the process. You giggle and squeeze me meaningfully asking if there are any other games we can play with "it". Sadly I say that you, the rapids and the cold water has done its worst. However I tell you my mouth and tongue are in perfect working order. Your green eyes cloud with lust as you consider the oral pleasures I am offering.

The rock we stand on is broad, smooth, in dappled shade with occasional ripples lapping over it. I draw you down in my arms, but the rock is too small for both of us! I slide back into the thigh deep water. I suggest you lie back and wiggle your delightful ass to the edge of the rock. Kneeling on the coarse river sand, I move onto you. You drape your legs over my shoulders and with your heels At my back, draw me closer towards your wonderful responsive pussy.

I plough the tip of my tongue up and down your mound until I part the hairs and the labia underneath. Your taste is much different today, more neutral somehow. Probing deeper at the entrance to your vagina I taste the beginnings of your arousal. I can feel your pussy flowering open offering me absolute access to your most sensitive tissue.

Your ass is hovering above the rock now as you direct your hood and clit to my mouth. Teasingly I skirt the proud nub electing instead to rove my tongue up and down your slit. Finally in exasperation you hold my face in your hands directing my mouth onto your clit. With a softened tongue I sweep that fine clit from side to side, until like my cock in that torrent becomes rigid. Then concentrating on that most sensitive part on the left I began to seriously suck and strum with my lips and tongue.

The fingers holding my head began to grip more firmly as you approach the moment of your orgasm. I begin a final frenzy of licking and sucking as I felt the powerful puckering and clenching of your pussy muscles. Lifting right off that rock you jam as much of your hood and clit as possible in my mouth. With a softened tongue now I gently soothe that tight bud until the sensations become too intense and you push me away. As is my reward I dip my head further to lap at the clear thick cream that comes with your orgasm.

Already I am hard, a woodier more durable erection this time. I stand before you, holding this masterpiece of manhood and invitingly you crook your elbows behind your knees to draw your thighs apart. As I move onto you again something grabs me by the toe! YEOOW I kick my leg to send a yabby (freshwater crayfish) sailing across the ravine! The moment is lost as we chuckle and remark how fortunate the yabby wasn't around while I was kneeling!

My proud hard cock had started to deflate until you offer to restore it to its former glory. Gently I cradle your head as you lower you head to the tip. Pushing the loose skin back with your lips you start to lave the smooth glans with your tongue. The first drop of sweet pre-cum tells you that once again it is ready to plunder the depths of your love canal. You lay back expecting me to enter you standing as before, but I shake my head, not wanting to tempt fate and hungry yabbies again.

Instead I offer to lie back on the rock while you take from on top. Hurriedly you scramble off the rock for me to take you place. First you crouch over me, groin to groin, chest to chest mouth to mouth as with our lips and tongues we hungrily feast on each other. Then grasping me firmly you rise up to mount me.

Expecting you to slowly slide down onto me, I am surprised as you pause to rub my smooth tight glans all around your slick inner lips; the friction is delightful! Gently you lower your snug wet warmth over me and lean back to show me your hand busy working away at that fine clit. Now, crouching over me, you begin that sweet jacking motion.

For the next few minutes the sounds of water over the rocks is joined with the liquid noises of our dance. My hands clench in the flesh of your ass as I rise off the rock to thrust into you each time you bear down. Meanwhile your hand between us is frantically tearing away at your clit. You arch your back to direct the tip of my cock against the front wall of your vagina.

That extra friction sends us spiraling over into a loud and prolonged mutual orgasm. My penis begins to erupt and spurt as I feel the deep powerful spasms at the neck of your womb snatch at the glans. Our cries of passion echo around that overhang scaring the tortoise from their logs and the kingfisher from its prey; but we are oblivious to anything but each other.

Laughing we roll into the cool welcoming embrace of the River in a slimy tangle of arms legs and lips. Finally drawing apart we drift an kick lazily around the pool; much like the platypuses earlier until lengthening shadows across our private gorge tell us it is time to leave.

We have never returned to that special place in the wilderness, yet carry with us vivid memories of the wild spirited loving that took place there.

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