tagIncest/TabooJust You and Me and Sis

Just You and Me and Sis


As I awoke I turned to my left to look at Robbie face. It wasn't until I had stared at the empty pillow that I remembered Robbie had died. He was gone. Not on a business trip, not to the store, but gone from us forever.

I reached for the pillow and held it in my arms as tears began to run down my cheeks and onto that same pillow. God, I missed Robbie so much. I lay there trying so hard to not let my depression and tears rack my body with tremors.

The doctors had said I should cry and let my grief show, get it out. Don't hold it inside. That wasn't going to be a problem, not at all. Finally I put the pillow back in its place and I lay on my back as I looked up toward Heaven and began to talk to Robbie. Maybe this would help me accept the grief.

"Robert Allan Evans, it's me your wife. Remember me? Of course you do. I've been trying to deal with your not being here anymore and let me tell you, it's not easy."

As I wiped the tears from my face I continued to talk to his spirit. "Mikie and Maddy and I miss you so much. Why did you have to go away? Why did God take you away from us? We needed you. I needed you my husband. Your children needed you."

It wasn't getting easier to talk to him just not so angry. Robbie and I had married right out of high school. 2 years later I gave birth to Maddy, she's now 20 and getting ready to go back to Northwestern in a few weeks. Then just like clock work, 2 years later I gave birth to Mikie. He is 18 (and a half as he proudly tells me) and he will

be starting an internship at his uncles publishing company in down town in a few weeks. Both of the kids well be living at home which I'm thankful for. I'm just not ready to be all alone. The house is already feeling too big.

I finally feel back to sleep. As I turned on my side to cuddle down into the comforter and pillow I felt the bed shake. I didn't bother to turn to see which cat it was that had jumped up on the bed. It didn't matter, either one Spot or Rover they were both my sweeties. They were twin long hair black males that we had gotten about a year ago. I just thought that which ever one it was would just curl up on Robbie's pillow and go to sleep.

"Mom?" a voice said softly. "Are you awake Mom? I need to talk."

It was Mikie that had sat down on the bed.

I turned my head toward his voice and said "Yes honey I'm right here, what do you need?"

There was a brief silence and then I heard Mikie sob. He cried as if his heart were breaking. "Oh Mom, I miss Dad so much."

His body shook with the sobs. His muscular chest heaving as he cried.

I turned onto my back as I held out my arms to my son. "Come here honey" I whispered to Mikie. He climbed into the bed and curled up next to me. Just like he'd done since he was 3. When something upset him he'd come to me and just curl up to my side. I didn't care if he was 3 or 18 ½. I held Mikie as he just whimpered and tried to get all his anger out.

He sat up and turned toward me as he wiped his face and said "Mom, it's just not fair. Why did Dad die? How are we supposed to go on?" He sat there with these questions on his lips.

"Mikie, I want you to listen to me, alright?" I said. "It was your Dad's time to go. Everyone arrives on earth at different times. And then we have to leave at different times to go back to Heaven. And I know that you are questioning your faith in the Almighty but please don't, just set it aside for now and grieve. God hasn't given up on you, ok?"

He sat there and just looked at me. "Mom, where did you learn that?"

"I read" I said with a smile as I held his hand. I was just gazing at my handsome son's face, just so beautiful. "Mikie why don't you just go wash your face and come back and lay down and we'll go back to sleep for a little while" I said with a smile on my face.

Mikie turned and went into my bathroom and ran a wet wash clothe over his face and came back and pulled up the blanket to lie down.

I had turned on my side to face him and my eyes were closed as I felt him get comfortable and drift off back to sleep. I opened my eyes as I gazed over his sweet face. I placed my hand over his arm to comfort him and went back to sleep.

Finally the clock radio went off at 9:00 and I sat up to turn it off. My head was swimming in the things that had happened in the last few months.

Then I remembered that Mikie was in my bed. I turned to look at him. He was lying on his back with his left leg out from under the blanket just like Robbie. But unlike Robbie, Mikie had flannel pajamas on where as his Father had slept in his birthday suit, I just smiled to myself as I got up to go make some breakfast. Mikie was sleeping so soundly I didn't think I'd wake him. I slipped on a robe and quietly left the room.

I went down stairs and began to make eggs, bacon and toast. I for one was very hungry. Both my kids would probably be hungry too since they were still growing. Gee Mikie was already 6'2" and if he did keep growing we'd need to get him a new bed.

As I stood in the front of the fridge getting the ingredients out I heard a yawn at the kitchen table. Sounded like Maddy. Without even turning I said "Good morning little Miss Muffet."

"Morning Mom" Maddy said still a little groggy. Maddy was dressed in her usual night time affair, a bigger than normal football jersey and lacey panties, not that you could see them with the jersey almost going to her knees.

"I'm making breakfast, you hungry?" I asked her as I turned to the island and laid everything out.

"Oh yes Mom, famished" Maddy grinned. "Where's Mikie?"

"Last I saw of him he was still asleep in my room" I began. "He had a rather bad night so I let him sleep in my bed." It wasn't unusual for either of my children to sleep with me since there Father died. We were always a close family and I didn't want them to have night terrors.

As I began to stir the eggs, the bacon was sizzling lightly on the stove. The coffee pot began to drip and the aroma of the coffee beans and the bacon filled the air. It smelled like a normal kitchen on a normal morning. Only thing that wasn't normal I thought was Robbie wouldn't be rushing down the stairs in a mad dash to get out the door. I poured a cup of coffee for Maddy and one for myself as a tear feel down my cheek and onto my robe. I lifted my sleeve to wipe it away. And then I heard the board on the stairs squeak and there was Mikie standing in a sleeping stupor.

"Oh Mom it smells so good down here" Mikie sighed as he planted his bottom on a stool at the breakfast bar.

"Morning Maddy, how'd you sleep?" Mikie asked his sister as he picked up a slice of bacon and slipped it into his mouth.

"Okay brother dear" she answered "Sorry you had a bad night" she said as she put her arm around his waist and kissed his cheek. "I love you, you know?"

Mikie just nodded as he began to eat his eggs and toast. He always left the bacon for the end. He used to say that it was his treat to himself.

As I sat at the end of the bar and looked down at my son and my daughter I realized just how lucky I was. They were beautiful in looks and personality and they were smart too. I smiled to myself as I began to eat what I had put on my plate.

I was planning my day in my head. I needed to get to the boxes in the garage ready for the rummage sale at the church. I knew I would need a strong back so I thought I wouldn't dance around the bush so to spoke. "Just come out and ask the boy" I thought. Okay here goes

"Mikie would you help me in the garage today? I need a strong man."

"Sure Mom, no problem. I'd be happy to help" he grinned as he finished the last slice of bacon. "Anymore bacon please?" he whispered.

"Yes honey it's on the counter, help yourself" I said. "You too Maddy."

"Okay" I said "Meet me out there in about 30 minutes." I ran up stairs as I pulled the scrunchy from my long hair. All of a sudden I was feeling so full of energy.

When I reached the top of the stairs I was bouncing, really feeling good. I have no idea why but I wasn't going to ask. I began to jump as I entered my bedroom. I reached into my drawer for a pair of cut offs and a tank top. I ran my brush through my hair as I pulled it back into a pony tail. Just as I turned I caught a profile of myself in the mirror over the dresser. I sighed to myself, not too bad of a figure for a 38 year old. My butt was curvy and my breasts weren't sagging. My belly was relatively flat. "Just not too bad" I thought to myself.

As I ran to the door Mikie appeared before I had a chance to stop. I knocked him over right onto his back side. "Oh honey I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Sure Mom, I'm fine. Gee you seem to be filled with energy today."

He said as he got to his feet. "I guess I should watch out where I stand today." With that said he turned and went down stairs and out the back door to the garage.

I jumped on the banister and slide down the stairs. I was feeling like a teenager again, a big grin on my face as I passed Maddy in the kitchen and gave her a pat on the butt.

"Mom-m-m are you okay?" she asked me.

I just began to sing as I let the screen door slam.

Mikie was going through a few boxes as I danced into the garage. He had been lifting weights at the school gym and had developed a nice set of biceps. I could see his trim torso through his tank top. Reminded me of Robbie when we were in high school.

"Okay Mom, where should we begin" He asked me as he picked up a box of old encyclopedias and brought them to the front of the garage.

I had no earthly idea of where to start. So I figured I'd wing it.

"Well bring me the boxes and when I finish with them we can take them over to the church." That was my bright idea of winging it.

I giggled to myself as I watched Mikie walk to the back of the garage and bring another box to me.

The next thing I knew it was 4:00. We'd missed lunch and the drive way was getting full of boxes. I moved out to the first few boxes and reached to the side as I placed a big fat X on it.

When Mikie saw I was bent over he leaned back and gave a wolf whistle. "Mom, what a nice ........" he said as I looked up at him. He was looking down my shirt. I didn't have on a bra. I stood up and gave him the meanest Mom face I could muster up. I just shook my head at him as I then squatted down and began to mark the boxes for the rummage sale. "Ah-h-h Mom" he sighed as he went back to work.

"Mikie the boxes with the X are for the rummage sale and need to go into my SUV. The rest of them are junk and can go in your truck for the convenience center" I said along about 6:00.

I began to pick up a few of the lighter boxes and put them in the cargo area of my SUV. Then I realized that I should put down the back seat....more room that way. So I went around to the second door and began to move the seat around so I could lower the back. As I was bending over I felt the back of my cut offs creep up my bum, right up against my ass. I glanced down the driveway hoping not to see anyone. Nope it was clear. As I leaned into the car I felt my left breast pop out of my tank top. "Oops" I thought to myself. This time I wouldn't be so lucky to not have a witness.

Just as I reached to cover myself I felt the car bounce. Mikie had put a box in the back and then he noticed my predicament. For some reason I wanted him to look at me. I felt he should see me. I let my tank top go and my breast was in clear view of my son. He pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and wiped his brow as he kept his eyes trained on my breast. I backed out of the cargo area and I lowered my top back down to its proper place. Mikie was still standing at the back tailgate as I walked around to him.

I reached to the hem of my tank top as I approached him and lifted it completely off of my chest, my eyes locked onto his. I was now topless and just inches from my sexy son. As I closed the few inches between Mikie and me, I placed my hands around his neck and pulled myself to him. I planted a warm wet kiss on his cute lips. His hands encircled my body as his tongue probed deep into my mouth. I moaned as I felt my body come alive with sensations I hadn't felt since before Robbie died. I was French kissing my virile son. I was lusting after his manliness. I wanted to feel his strong hands on my body.

With our lips still joined Mikie lifted me up and carried me to the work bench in the garage. He swept the tools off the top and placed my butt on the bench. I had moved my lips from his and they were trailing down his neck and around to his ear. My hands ripped his tank top off his muscular chest and I pulled at the snap of his jeans. I was hungry, hungry for what he kept in his jeans.

Mikie was now naked as he lowered the zipper of my cut offs. I lifted first my left hip and then my right one. Our mouths were almost biting at each others bodies. I pulled back as I looked into his crystal blue eyes.

I spoke the first things that came into my mind. "Mikie take my body. Do with it as you will. I'm all yours" I whispered.

I glanced down as he stepped closer to me. My knees spread wide to pull him against me. His cock was in clear view for only a mere second. I could see the droplet of pre-cum on the tip of his long thick manhood.

He lifted his cock up and pressed it against my engorged lips and across my clit. That sent shivers up my body and right to my nipples.

His mouth was against my neck as I felt him push into me. With the strength of a mad man I felt Mikie slide unyielding inside of me. He pulled his body tight against mine.

"Mother, I love you so much" Mikie moaned.

I could feel the heat between our bodies. It was like a blast furnace as I moved against him. We pulled back from each other and then he thrust his cock deep inside of me. I threw my head back as I moaned like a cave woman. He was giving me something that I needed and wanted so much.

"Now Mikie" I said as I began to breathe faster and harder. The only other words that were audible were really non-words. Just moans and sighs as we gave our bodies to each other.

He pounded against me with his hardness, the manhood that I had given birth to these 18 years and some months ago. He locked eyes with me again and I could see the muscles in his chest tighten. He closed his eyes and grabbed my waist as he came with the "strength of ..... of.....oh just never mind I thought." He shot ropes of hot sticky cum and filled me completely with himself.

Mikie slowed down and was now just standing pressed deep inside of me. We opened our eyes and gazed at each other. As he lowered his lips to my hard nipples, he suckled ever so lightly.

I ran my hands up his chest. All I was capable of was moaning. Our bodies covered in steamy sweat. I could feel my ass getting wetter as Mikie's cum overflowed my pussy and was now leaking onto work bench. Did I care you may ask? No not really. I had needed this for so long, to feel a man inside of my body. I felt Mikie's cock jump still buried deep within me. He moved up from my nipples as he looked into my eyes.

"Oh Mikie" I sighed as I felt his cock slip out of me. I wanted to say something to him. But what do you say to a man that has just given you the best moments of your life.

He stepped back from my body and retrieved my cut offs and tank top from the garage floor. He was still naked but only briefly. He reached for his jeans and sled them up his muscular legs and over his tight firm ass. Then he turned with his back to me and zipped up his pants.

I pulled my tank top up and over my sweaty body and sat back up on the bench and worked my cut offs up my legs and just as I was going to snap the top and pull the zipper up Mikie turned and placed his hand on mine as he brought the zipper up and then pulled my face to his for a sweet tender kiss.

He kissed me and held me for what seemed like hours. The sun was completely down by the time we exited the garage. As I walked passed Mikie to go in the house he slapped his hand on my ass. I could have turned and said something but I didn't. I was still in a dream state from the loving we had shared.

"Mom?" it was Maddy. "Are you and Mikie okay?" she asked.

"Yes, dear we're fine. Why?" I said as I walked in the back door.

"Well, I fell asleep sometime after 4:00 and you guys were still out there shuffling boxes around. Did you get it all done?" she asked.

"Well no not really. There are still boxes in the driveway but tomorrow is another day" I said as I ran upstairs to take a shower. When I got to the top of the stairs I turned and said "I'll back down in a few to make dinner."

As I walked into the bathroom I turned on the water in the shower to get it nice and hot. Then I reached to my top and pulled it off over my head and lowered my shorts down my legs. The crotch of my cut offs were wet with Mikie's cum and my juices. I could smell the sex in the air. "How could Maddy not have noticed it" I thought.

I pulled the shower door open and stepped into the hot running water. It fell against my skin, down onto my up turned breasts, across my belly and down my legs. My hand sled down my belly and lingered at the top of my hair covered triangle. I wanted to touch myself again. I wanted to taste Mikie's cum as it fell from my pussy.

Then I felt a breeze as the door opened to the bathroom. "Mom are you in here?" Mikie whispered.

"Yes, honey I'm in the shower" I said as I reach between my legs and then brought my fingers to my lips. I had to taste myself.

I had closed my eyes as I sucked on my fingers. Oh the taste was magnificent. Just as I opened my eyes Mikie was standing next to me in the shower.

He pulled me to him and with only the strength of a young stud I could feel his cock between my legs as he rubbed himself against me.

"Mom.....oh Mom" he sighed as he brought my lips to his. His tongue sled between my open lips and pressed hungrily against mine. I know he could taste what I tasted, how could he not have? The flavor of sex was wonderful.

As our bodies parted we shared many more kisses as we washed each others body. I put the bar of soap in my hand as I guided it tenderly over his cock. He watched as I pressed my lips to his nipples and I felt him come alive in my hand. My other hand was gripping his firm ass cheeks as we stood together.

Mikie's hand was now down between my legs washing and rubbing my slit.

"Mom, your body is so perfect." He said as he stepped back and glanced up and down to take in all of my body.

"Oh honey, it's far from perfect" I sighed.

"I have to have you again Mom" he said as he looked into my eyes.

"After dinner......we will sleep together" I whispered into his ear.

Mikie turned and faced the shower as he rinsed off and left me in the shower alone.

I finished my shower with a shampoo and shaved my legs. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my robe from the hook on the bathroom door.

Just as I stepped out of the bathroom Maddy ran past me into the bathroom. "Sorry mom, I have to pee" she said as she closed the door.

I walked down the stairs and Mikie was sitting at the breakfast bar with just a towel around his waist and a smile on his face.

"So handsome" I said in a Motherly tone. "What can I get you for dinner?"

Mikie just sat there and giggled while he looked at me.

"What's so funny Mister?" I asked me with a smile on my lips.

"You can get me a plate full of your pussy and a side of nipple" he said as he looked at me in the sexiest way he could.

"Mikie" I said in a shocking tone. "Your sister is here you know?"

"She's in the bathroom Mom" he said as he looked at me. Almost as if he were looking threw my robe and picturing me naked.

"Honey, I don't want to hurt Maddy. Maybe she feels you belong to her" I said as I reached for some steaks in the freezer.

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