tagIncest/TabooJustin Thyme Ch. 04

Justin Thyme Ch. 04


This is Part 4 of a multi-part story. If you have not read the previous three sections I suggest you do so, in order to follow along with the plot and not be confused by what is happening. As always, comments are welcomed, and appreciated. Enjoy!


Rosemary leaned in and lightly hugged me and placed a light kiss on my cheek. Her breasts felt so soft and warm against the side of my chest, and although I never believed it when guys said they felt a girl's nipples, I really did! They weren't "poking holes in my skin", or "threatening to bruise me", or "hard as bullets pressing into my flesh", but they did feel nice. Very, very nice. My hands slowly stroked the soft skin on her back, caressing her gently. Not in a sexual manner, although one would think under the circumstances it would be, but that of one who loves the one he is with and is expressing his love and admiration.

Rosemary's soft red-gold hair was splayed across my upper chest and shoulder, leaving a tender silky softness that one would think would tickle, but instead I found comforting and wonderful. I don't mean to sound superfluous in my description, but I have no other words to describe the feeling I had in my heart at the moment. Everything just seemed to come together between the two of us at one moment. How does one describe such a tender, intimate moment one would normally find sexual, that wasn't really sexual? Spiritual? That sounds sacrilegious, and I don't intend to be, but it was on that level.

To be sure, my cock was as hard as it has ever been, and was aching for release, but that is not what this was about. Both of us knew that was going too far, and as much as we were attracted to each other physically, the feelings we had for each other far transcended sex.

Rosemary murmured into my ear, "I don't know why I ever allowed us to grow apart, like we have the last several years. We used to be so close when we were younger."

"It wasn't just you. We both kind of drifted because of other interests."

"I'm glad we are together now. It's a shame it took Grandma getting sick to bring it about. This is just so comfortable. I like the way you hold me."

I turned my head and nuzzled my nose in her hair luxuriating in its softness. I loved the way hers was so full and rich, unlike my straight and rather thin blah brown hair. Lustrous, I think is the word I was looking for. See? There goes that superfluity again!

The phone ringing interrupted our snuggle, and broke the mood. Did I ever mention I hate the telephone? I quickly disentangled myself, feeling the sudden chill where the warmth of her body had been and grabbed the phone.

"Justin! Is everything OK? I've been trying to call you and Rosemary for quite a while, now, and all I got was voicemail!"

"Yeah, sure Mom. Everything is fine. I must have laid my phone down on my work bench. I don't know where Rosemary's is. We're both down here in the family room talking about Grandma and stuff."

"OK, good. You gave me a fright there for a moment. You two never are without your phones! I just called to let you know Grandma is doing fine. The Dr. was just in, and he wants to discharge her tomorrow morning. I'll be staying tonight and letting Grandpa get some rest, and then I'll go over there with them when the hospital releases her. I'll need one of you to stop by their house and pick me up after school. Dad took the car to the airport."

"OK. That will be no problem. We'll both drive and I'll have Rosemary stop by for you. I have to go to work tomorrow anyway."

"Good. I'll let you go then. Grandma said to send her love."

"Cool. Give her a hug for the two of us as well. Love ya, Mom. Sorry we scared you."

When I turned after hanging up the phone Rosemary was giggling at me. "Did you know you cock bounces up and down when you run? I think it's cute!" With arms over her head, and her back arched Rosemary stretched, with her breasts pushed upward and her abdomen taut, her pussy was thrust forward. It was a beautiful sight my cock could not fail to appreciate.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?"

Rosemary fell back onto the couch, arms akimbo, making no effort to hide herself, but leaving her body fully open to my gaze. My eyes gazed in wonder from her hair splayed out around her head, and her green eyes looking trustingly at me, to her slightly parted red lips over white teeth and her smooth soft neck reaching down to her shoulders. Her breasts formed small mounds on her chest, and hardly flattened at all, with their nipples partially hardened sticking up. Her belly was smooth and soft with the navel accenting the smoothness of her skin by its very presence. It tapered down to a tiny waist, then her hips flared out enticingly, with those long, volleyball and soccer toned legs. Those legs had enticed me since I had first started noticing girls! The wonderful thing about her legs, though, was the way they went back up to where they parted at her pussy, with its appropriately trimmed landing strip in an exclamation mark. I was in awe!

Rosemary smiled up at me, unfazed by my staring at her body. "Do you really think so, Justin?"

"I have always thought so, but now, wow! I'm literally overwhelmed!" I knelt down on the floor at her side and looked into her eyes. I carefully sat on my hands. I wanted to badly to touch.

Tears pooled in each of her eyes as she looked back at me. "You make me feel special. I like it that you like to look at me. Some of the guys at school make me feel creeped out when they stare at me, and that is with clothes on! Here I'm naked with you, and you make me feel loved and appreciated." She raised her head. "I need a hug. Would you please hug me?" I told you earlier we are a huggy family, but this was totally different. She wasn't looking for a "family" hug, but a hug from one she loved, and who loved her on a totally different plane.

I leaned in and gently wrapped my arms about her and pulled her into a tender embrace, nestling my face in her neck, feeling her hairs caressing my face and gently rocked her in my arms. The softness of her breasts pressing against my chest again was glorious. I know she felt it, too, for I heard and felt a soft "Ummmh." I gave the soft skin of her neck a soft kiss, and then a few more, causing her to breathe more heavily, and to grind her chest into mine. My lips slipped upward and nibbled on her earlobe, which caused her to giggle, and goosebumps to appear on her arm, and down her side. I started nibbling gently with my teeth, which caused her to writhe in my arms and moan interspersed with the giggles. The goosebumps were even more pronounced, and felt interesting to my hand, which had slipped out unbidden to stroke up and down her side, caressing her hip and upper leg, and on up her side until I felt just the side of her breast as it was pressed outward by the pressure from my chest.

Rosemary pressed me backwards until I fell back onto the floor, with her following me, to land on top of my body. The feeling was electric! I had full on frontal contact, but this time my cock was not pinned against her belly, but was up and between her legs, where the heat from her pussy felt exquisite. When Rosemary realized where it was she quickly squeezed her legs together, trapping me. She pulled her head back and looked into my eyes with a look of lust and desire that I know had to have been mirrored in mine. She rocked her pelvis up and down a few times, and then dove forward to lay a kiss on my like I've never been kissed before! Her tongue snaked out and pressed between my lips, where it met my tongue and started the lover's duel that both parties win.

My hands both were stroking her sides and caressing her wonderfully smooth, curvy, skin. The wandered around to caress her ass cheeks and up to play with her hair on her neck, then back out to stroke down her ribcage, with the soft pliant flesh of her breasts stroked by fingertips as they made their way by. I couldn't get over the feeling of her hips, and the way they melded into her tiny waist.

Rosemary continued writhing up and down and around on my cock, in time to rocking and thrusting on my part as well. Our actions were totally instinctual, with no conscious thought involved; else we would have stopped it. We neither one had intended for this to happen. Now, however, we had crossed the point of no return. Instinctively, I slid her upward slightly, giving me access to her breasts with my mouth, and I greedily sucked her right nipple into my mouth and laved the end of the nipple with my tongue. This brought a moan of pleasure from Rosemary that I felt reverberate throughout my whole person as she tensed her torso and increased her gyrations on my cock.

My intensity level was greatly increased also as I kissed my way across the valley between her breasts and I attacked her left breast as I had the right. This time however, my left hand as it caressed her side slid inward and grasped and squeezed her breast. A cross between a gasp and a moan came from her throat, and a more violent thrusting of her hips came at just the same instant my cock was pulled back the furthest, lining it up at the entrance to her pussy. As she thrust I thrust, and I felt a wonderfully warm, moist tightness around my cock I had never even imagined. Rosemary moaned an "OHHHH!" as she pressed her pelvis tightly against mine and held it there. At the same moment, my fingers found and plucked at her nipple, and with a shudder throughout her entire body, and a squeeze of her pussy walls around my cock she came. Mine was right behind hers, as I tried valiantly to crawl inside of her, cock first.

Several minutes of heavy panting ensued as we each tried to get out breath. She didn't try to pull away, and neither did I, but I held her tightly to me and kissed her cheek gently as one hand stroked slowly up and down her side.

"Wow! I didn't mean to do that!" Rosemary pulled her head back from me and looked up at me with a questioning smile on her face. "You aren't mad at me are you?"

"Mad? Why would I be mad after the most wonderful thing ever has happened to me? It wasn't supposed to be you, and I know it is supposed to be wrong, but I'm glad it was you. I didn't hurt you too much did I? I know the first time is supposed to hurt."

"Oh, no. It didn't hurt. I broke my hymen playing soccer. It didn't hurt at all." She squeezed her pussy muscles on my cock. "I thought it felt wonderful, and I wished it could be you the first time. I don't care if it is wrong. It didn't feel like it." She gave a little wiggle on my cock, which was still somewhat hard.

"Oh no! I came inside of you!" I started to pull out quickly, but Rosemary followed my body, keeping my cock buried inside her.

"Don't worry about that, either, 'big brother'. I've been on the Pill because of bad periods for three years. We're safe." She leaned her face forward and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. "Thank you. I know neither of us wanted to do that, well, we might have wanted to, but neither of us intended to do that, but now, even if I have to let Steph or some other girl have you, I will have had you to myself, first." A single tear dropped from her eye, and she dropped her head to my shoulder and held me tightly against her.

Gently, I felt her pelvis rocking, and her pussy clutched at my half hard cock as she held me. "You know I told you when I walked around the house naked I imagined you were with me, too? Well, sometimes I would imagine having sex with you, too. I never intended to, but it was always you I thought about when I masturbated, but I never imagined how good it would actually be. Thank you for the most wonderful day of my life! I love you, Justin, and if I have to let Steph or some other girl have you I'll smile and be happy for you, and I'll be eternally jealous of her."

My cock had started to stir in response to her gentle rocking, and had gotten hard again. Rosemary lifted her head and looked at me with a grin. "Well, now that we've broken the rules we might as well enjoy it, hadn't we?" Swiveling her knees up by my hips she sat up on my cock and started rocking and raising and lowering herself on my cock. I stared up in awe at those marvelous breasts of hers once more, and my hands were pulled as if magnetically to caress and stroke them. When I grasped the nipples between my thumbs and the lower knuckle of my first finger and plucked them, while simultaneously caressing the slope of her breast with my other fingers she smiled, and squeezed my cock with her pussy walls as she pulled upward. She leaned her face downward, with her hair tumbling around my face, and gently placed a kiss on the tip of my nose.

"That feels so nice, Justin. Keep doing that. I feel it all the way down to my pussy." She bottomed out on my cock, and swiveled about for a moment, and then with a sigh, she raised herself up again, slowly, and this time planted a kiss on my lips. My arms snaked around her, pulling her back into me in a hug, while I returned the kiss, a bit more forcefully than hers. My hips were matching her strokes also as our intensities mounted. Rosemary pulled away from my embrace, and resumed lifting herself up and down on my cock, while my fingers returned to her nipples, which I began twisting and pulling, gently at first, and then harder and faster in time with her frenzied motions on my cock. Her hands had been planted on my chest, caressing my nipples, but with a moan, Rosemary moved her right hand back to her pussy and started stroking furiously at her clit, while pistoning herself up and down on my cock.

Her moans were more frequent and louder, and I felt her pussy grasping at my cock until with a wail her orgasm overtook her again. She stiffened in place, and her pussy twitched, until suddenly she fell forward onto my chest. I continued slowly stroking in and out, allowing her time to recover, and to enjoy her orgasm. This may be my first time, but I've read enough porn to know to give her the chance to recover, and since it was my second time I was more in control. In just a couple of moments she lifted her head and whispered a quiet "Thank you." I began thrusting more vigorously, my climax approaching.

Rosemary began kissing me fervently, and whispering in my ear, "Let me have it, Justin. Come for me." It was oh, so close, when she lifted up and said, "Do you like my tits, Justin?" That was all it took, one look at those lovely breasts I've been trying to see for so long. If I never see another pair I will still know I've seen the best. Why? Because they are Rosemary's. What more reason do I need? After I gasped out my last shot of cum, and relaxed for the last few dribbles to make their way out my cock and into Rosemary's lovely pussy, I pulled her face down to mine for a tender kiss.

We lay there on the floor for the next few minutes, just enjoying the post orgasmic bliss, and enjoying each other's company. Rosemary's head was cuddled on my shoulder, and my hands stroked gently over her back and up and down her sides. I felt no guilt over what we had done. It had not been intentional, at least the first time. I know. You can say we set ourselves up for it by being naked together, but it all just flowed together, and now that it was done, I was not sorry. The love I felt for Rosemary was far beyond just a casual roll in the hay and loose sex. I know she is my sister, and she will always be my sister, and when she finds her man, and I find my woman that will be that, but in the meantime it was what it was, and what it was, was wonderful.

We had been lying there together for probably ten minutes, just talking together and cuddling, enjoying each other's company when the doorbell rang. Rosemary's head popped up, took a quick look at us and burst out laughing. "You've got to get it. I'm not dressed!" She quickly grabbed the towels from the couch, and putting them between her legs to catch the flow of semen that ran out as soon as she stood, she grabbed up her clothes and started up the stairs for her room as quickly as she could go in that condition. I pulled on my shorts, and took a quick look to be certain everything was presentable and walked to the front door.

Stephanie's concerned face was on the other side of the spyglass in the door when I looked to see who was there. I pulled open the door quickly, "Hi, Steph. What's up?"

I stepped back for her to enter and she said, "What's going on? I've been calling Rosemary's phone for a while now, and I only got voicemail. I tried yours, and the same thing! I was afraid something was wrong, so I came over. Are you guys OK?"

"Oh, sure, we're fine. We both just left our phones upstairs earlier, and didn't go get them. Mom wondered the same thing." I stuck my head around the corner and called up the stairs, "Rosemary, Steph's here!" and turned back to Stephanie. "Can I get you a drink or anything?"

"Oh, I'm OK; thanks. I was worried it was something with your Grandmother or something."

"Oh. Thanks. She's going to be fine. I guess when we got home we had so much on our minds we forgot to call you and let you know. We've just been down here talking and stuff."

"All this time? Do you realize what time it is? What's going on around here?"

I hadn't noticed the time, and now that I thought about it, it was getting dark outside when I let Stephie in. "Oh, wow, it is getting late," I said when I looked at my watch. "Time just got away from us! No wonder I'm getting hungry! I'm going to do some brats. Want on?"

"I think I'll just go up and see Rosemary a minute or two. I just ate a little bit ago." She shot me a puzzled look and turned for the stairs when Rosemary came bouncing down.

"Hey, Steph. What's up?

"You didn't answer your phone all afternoon, and neither did Justin; and I got worried! I thought something bad happened with your Grandmother."

"Oh, no. She's going to be fine. I forgot my phone when I changed after we got back about one o'clock. We fixed lunch and then Justin and I've been talking and stuff."

"Until 7:45 at night? I've never known you two to talk that long about anything, and what gives, girl? You are positively glowing." And she was. There was just a satisfied smile on her face, and a contented glow about her. Rosemary blushed, and looked down at the floor. "Come on, girl, spill it! You know the rules. No keeping secrets."

Rosemary looked over at me pleadingly. I really didn't know what I could say, and I kind of shrugged my shoulders a little. Stephanie caught it and turned on me. "You too, Justin. You looked like the cat that swallowed the canary when you opened the door." Suddenly, it dawned on her. "You two, you didn't?"

Rosemary just nodded slowly, and dropped her head. Steph stepped over and wrapped both arms around her. "Was it as good as I think it was?" Rosemary just nodded again, and looked up a little. "Please don't say anything to anyone!" she whispered. "We didn't mean to, it just happened."

"Girl, I wouldn't say anything, not even to Susie, but you won't be able to hide it from her. Your biggest problem is going to be your mom. Besides, I know how much you love him, and I don't blame you." She turned to me and said, "This girl has been going crazy over you for quite some time now, and I can understand why. You ARE pretty special. What you two do isn't any of my business. I'm just glad for you feeling about each other as you do; and I hope one day I can find someone to care for me as much. I'll get out of here and leave you two alone, but you'd better be calling Susie ASAP. I know she's been trying to reach you for a while, too."

Rosemary stopped her and said, "Please, you don't need to go. I'd really like it if you'd stay for a while. There's a lot . . . "She didn't get to finish, because the doorbell rang again. I went to the door, although I might as well have let Rosemary go. We both knew who it was before I even opened the door!

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