tagNonHumanKairi Ch. 01

Kairi Ch. 01


Author's note: First submission to literotica any comments are welcome and much appreciated. Short chapter to test the water but hopefully future chapters will be much longer! As of right now this story is a work in progress and I could use any suggestions to the plot line or characters plus I have no editor so lets see how this goes ;)



The previous night had been terrible to say the least. Lately tending the bar at the most prestigious night club in Nevada, Red Riding's, has become a nightly struggle from all the drunken fights, or the wasted clientele that try to cop a feel. Believe me tending the bar in an upscale night club has it's plethora of employee perks, and I can cross it off my bucket list, but I would rather work in one of the small veterinary clinics in the town. I've always been drawn to animals. I am broken out of my reverie when my son of a bitch boss grabbed my ass.

"I see you've been hitting the gym Kairi how about I help you with your cardio?" Rick winks at me as he moves to the opposite end of the bar.

"Jesus the man may be the biggest douche bag, but damn that ass!" Steven states.

I looked up to see Ryan and Matt staring at me while Steven flashes me a seductive grin. I'm starting realize why my male co-workers never get anything done, and I blush shyly. As a long-legged five foot six inch tall brunette I guess I can understand why men find me attractive at the bar since I have high cheek bones and full lips.

I understand I'm pretty but I've never thought of myself as the sexy bombshell due to my smaller tits and almost nonexistent hips. The only advantage to having an athletic body is the tiny waist that resists my poor diet choices.

I resume taking drink orders, "guys my face is up here remember, not that I have anything downstairs anyways," I reply sweetly.

Ryan shakes his head, "Kairi you're different, not like a blonde bimbo with fake boobs, or a just another curvy woman, you're more than a casual fuck remember that."

I hand a pomegranate margarita to an exceptionally beautiful redhead before I respond,

"thanks Ryan I'm glad I don't come across as easy,"

I give the guys my best cheeky smile over my shoulder before I fill more drink orders. I glance at the clock that hangs above the beer taps, I'm relieved that the night has gone so smoothly and only a half-hour remains until the end of my shift, 2:30 A.M. I make my way over to a group of six unusually large men, the shortest being about six-one.

"Hey can I get you guys anything to drink?" I ask.

"Yeah, what do you recommend?" the tallest of the men, around six-four, inquires.

"The pomegranate margarita has to be the best drink we offer, although it's not very manly," I respond with a friendly smile since the man is attractive.

He nods his agreement while his friends try to find unoccupied stools, I retreat to the far end of the bar to make his margarita. My body tenses when I feel the presence of someone behind me who had not been there seconds before, I turn around quickly and find myself at eye level with Stevens broad, thickly muscled chest teasingly covered by a tight fitting black dress shirt. I'm startled by a low rumbling noise,

"fuck Steven you almost gave me a heart attack! Why don't you take off early to grab something to eat since you're obviously famished, it's not very busy so I can cover for you until our shifts over." My eyes meet Steven's and I suppress a shudder, his eyes appear to glow a piercing emerald color before he speaks, "no I can wait the twenty-five minutes until our shift ends, but I think you could use the sleep cause you look like shit and you have school tomorrow."

I roll my eyes "men are insensitive bastards most of the time! Whatever I just love being told I look like shit." I walk over to the nameless, tall, attractive male and hand him his drink before I disappear into the office to grab my purse and put my uniform into my locker before I slip out to the bar again.

"Thanks Steven, night guys you're the best!" I call over my shoulder as I leave through the bars employee exit door and continue walking the short distance to my 1978 camaro.

You know that feeling you get when you're being followed, or when you're just paranoid while walking to your car at night, alone? Calm down you are going to be fine it plus it only makes it worse by imagining bad things happening.

I begin to walk faster as my imagination becomes frighteningly creative. When I finally reach my camaro I quickly unlock the door, climb in, and quickly re-lock all the doors again. "Safe," I whisper before my eyes meet the predatory gaze of a large animal. I shouldn't feel this horrified since mountain lions are common in Nevada but I am, my heart beats erratically. Those gold eyes terrify me.

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