tagInterracial LoveKali Opens Up Ch. 02

Kali Opens Up Ch. 02


The next morning Kali woke up to start her day wearing just a long t shirt and found the coffee was already made. Sitting next to the coffee pot was a dozen roses and a card from her husband. She opened the card as she drank her cup of coffee.

It read, "Thanks for last night it was great! You were super sexy and I loved every minute of you being so naughty. I love you so much and owe you big time!"

She sat at the kitchen table with her legs crossed smiling as she drifted off into deep thought replaying the prior nights activities in her head. She slid her finger tips up and down her her thigh making her shiver. "Good morning mom," her young son said startling her and bringing her back to reality.

She could feel the dampness between her legs and the burning sensation deep inside her but knew it would have to be put on hold for now.

As she began making breakfast she couldn't help but to play everything in her head again. "Why did that turn me on so much? Would he really want to see me do all that for real? I've never done anything close to that but for some reason the thought of it makes me feel so hot!" she thought to herself. She tried to go through her day without thinking about all of this but failed miserably as these thoughts consumed her mind.

That night as Michael lays in bed Kali enters the room naked from the shower. He instantly becomes erect as she walks to the bed and straddles his bare chest leaving her bald pussy just out of reach of his tongue. "Do you wanna lick it?" she asked in her sexy raspy voice as she slid her middle finger over her clit.

"Yes. Please let me eat your pussy" he replied while trying to lift his head and stick out his tongue but came up just short.

She slid her finger deep into her pussy and stroked herself before removing it leaving it slick with her juices. She placed it into his mouth letting him suck it clean.

"Mmmm does it taste good?" she asked not giving him time to answer. "You have to answer some questions for me first," she said as she gyrated her pussy onto her finger pushing down on his chest. She reached behind feeling his raging hard on. "First you have to tell me why it turned you on so much when I acted like my dildo was a black guy?" she said looking down into his eyes.

"I don't know," was his only reply. He wasn't sure she would really understand his darkest fantasy but found his underwear covered erection with his hand and began stroking himself thru them.

"You know. Your just embarrassed to say it!" she said still looking into his eyes and burying a second finger into her soaked pussy making her lips part as a small moan escaped through them. "You always say you wanna be able to talk about sex so tell me why it turns you on thinking about a big black cock fucking your wife?" she asked before letting out a long sexy moan. "I want to hear you say it," she said in a demanding voice.

"Say what?"

"You know what! Say you want to see me get fucked by a black cock!" she fired back and rubbed her pussy once across his lips and making him stick out his tongue before taking it away.

He lost control of reason and blurted out "I wanna see you get fucked by a big black cock! I want to see you bent over taking more black cock than you can handle!" he answered and moaned as he began cumming in his underwear leaving them visibly wet.

"Mmmm, did you just cum in your underwear just talking about it?" she asked with a smile on her face. She lifted herself from his chest and sat her full weight on his face as he began to bury his tongue into her as she ground her pussy into his face until she shook in orgasm and collapsed on top of him.

Once he changed into a clean pair of underwear he laid beside his naked wife in their bed now feeling slightly embarrassed of what just happened. She rolled toward him pressing her firm tits against his arm and said softly into his ear, "Are you sure you can handle seeing your wife suck a black cock?" she said in a taunting tone. She slid her hand down to his dick finding it erect again "I guess so," she said with a teasing smile as she rolled over and drifted off to sleep with her thick white ass exposed for him to admire.

Over the next couple of months they role played and talked dirty to each other and became closer not just sexually but in their all around marriage. Michael helped out around the house more and their petty arguments seemed to become few and far between.

The hustle of the holidays wore both of them down and they decided to get away for a night on new years eve and enjoy themselves. Its been three weeks since they had sex. They decided to drive three hours away to Pittsburg and stay in the honeymoon suite of a beautiful hotel that had a bar on the first floor which would keep them from driving after a night of drinking.

After dropping the kids off they hit the road and arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon and decided to do a little shopping. They noticed an adult store tucked in an alley. "We should go in and see what they have," Kali said.

Michael was once again surprised by his wife's new openness. "Let's go. We can get you something nice to wear," he said with a sly smile.

Kali looked around at the books, movies, cloths, and then noticed the dildos and vibrators hanging on the wall and left her husband to find an outfit on his own while she went to look at them. There were a couple other solo men in the store including a medium sized black guy behind the counter. Michael had picked out a gray and pink pleaded mini skirt, white blouse, white knee highs, and topped it off with a pair of white high heels.

He turned and noticed she was not with him anymore. He looked around and noticed her inspecting a large black dong toward the back of the store. He also noticed every man in the place was very interested in what she was doing. "I think I want this!" she said with excitement as she held it lying across both her palms.

When they made it to the checkout they placed their items on the counter. The black guy working picked the big black dong up "Are you sure a little white girl like you can handle all this dark meat" he said coyly.

"I'll make sure I take it all," she replied teasingly. Michael stood there dumbfounded but very turned on by her once again. They paid and made their way to the exit. Before opening the door to leave Kali grabbed his crotch confirming her suspicion that he was hard.

Back at the room she tried her outfit on and modeled it for him. The skirt did nothing to cover her ass and when she teasingly bent over the table he could see her exposed pussy. He approached her from behind pulling down his pants and placed the head of his erect dick to her opening and pushed the head in. She stood and turned to face him "No no, not yet. We have to get ready to go out," she said teasing him. He watched her beautiful ass hang out of her new skirt as she slowly walked away and disappeared into the bathroom.

They entered the bar around eight o'clock and found it to be fairly busy already. Kali was dressed in a pin striped skirt and a sweater that really accented her full breast. They were really getting buzzed and having a good time dancing. "It's been so long since we have been able to just let go and have fun!" she said looking at him with glassy eyes. He leaned forward and gave her a long kiss slipping his tongue into her mouth.

They sat down at the bar and ordered another drink when a man who introduced himself as Alex sat next to Kali. Alex was a thick built ebony colored man in his late twenties. They made small talk and learned Alex was a record producer and was busy all day making a video for one of his artists. He seemed very intelligent with his business but it was obvious to Michael from his speech he had a lot of street in him. Kali was feeling good now and was flirting with their new bar mate.

Alex walked to the restroom and She turned to her husband and talked close to his ear. "This could be our chance honey," she said.

"Our chance for what?" he said already knowing what she meant.

"Our chance for you to watch!" she answered as she rubbed his thigh.

"I don't know Kali he's kind of a thug. I don't know that we should really do this," he said second guessing the reality of his fantasy.

"Oh, so now in the moment of truth your gonna puss out on me?" she said taunting him. She sucked his earlobe into her lips and breathed heavily into his ear. "I guess all that talk we've done was just talk?" she said sarcastically.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" Alex asked as he returned.

"No, we were just getting ready to go back to our room, would you like to join us?" she asked to her husbands dismay.

"He'll ya, I'll join you!" he said looking down at her with an arrogant smile showing his white teeth.

"Come on honey let's go," she said to her husband as her and Alex started toward the door.

Michael felt a flood of butterflies in his stomach as he walked behind his wife and Alex to the elevator. When they walked into the elevator she stood next to Alex flirting with him and smiling and laughing at everything he said.

When they made it to the room they decided to sit in the living area. Alex took his place on the end of the couch. He slouched down in the seat leaving his long legs to hang far from the seat. Michael sat in a low stool next to the side of the table. Kali disappeared into the bedroom area and returned a couple minutes later wearing her new outfit.

"What are you doing?" Michael stuttered to her. "Your whole ass hangs out of that and your not even wearing panties!" again almost stuttering. He was becoming overwhelmed with the empty feeling in his stomach.

She looked at Alex who was now looking at her like a piece of meat and rubbing himself thru his jeans. "He always says he wants me to be a slut, now look at him," she says.

She walks slowly to her husband and bends over placing both hands on his thighs leaving her face just inches from his. She looks into his eyes with a slight smile on her face "Do you know what else he says Alex? He says he wants to see me get fucked by a big...she reaches to rub his erection through his pant never breaking eye contact...black.....COCK!" "Isn't that right honey?" she asks once again teasing him.

Alex walks across the room and stands to the side of her placing both his large black hands on either cheek of her exposed ass. "You have this fine ass wife with this perfect thick ass and you wanna pass that shit out for the niggas to hit!" he said in an arrogant demeaning tone.

She leaned forward so he lips were against her husbands ear. "Mmmm, he's playing with my ass baby." a slapping sound filled the room "Oh baby he's spanking me!" she breathed into his ear. She pressed her hand down onto Michaels erect dick thru his pants with light pressure and moaned into his ear with her mouth opened as Alex slid a finger into her pussy.

"Dam dude her pussy's wet as fuck. Tight as hell too," he said to Michael with a cocky laugh.

Kali kept her hand pressing on his covered dick and grabbed him behind his head with her other hand pressing his ear tight to her lips. She began moving her body as he finger fucked her wet pussy. "Do you want me to suck his black cock?" she asked breathlessly into his ear.

He closed his eyes and she suddenly felt a wet spot forming on the front of his pants. "I'll take that as a yes!" she said as she stood up and turned toward Alex who was now stripped naked and stroking his huge ebony cock.

She grabbed ahold and began stroking it as she looked over at her husband and smiled. She fell to her knees "Isn't this what you wanted, to see your wife suck a big black cock?" she said with his hard cock inches from her lips. She teasingly stuck her tongue out and slightly opened her mouth while looking at Michael but stopped just before it touched her.

Michael sat and watched in awe at the size of Alex's cock in his wife's tiny hand as she stroke it.

She looked right into his eyes "Is this what you wanted? To see your wife dressed like a slut on her knees sucking a big black cock?" she said as she wrapped her small hand around the top side of his cock and slowly licked it from the base to the tip.

She never moved her brown puppy dog eyes from Michael's as she swirled her wet tongue around the tip and let the head slip into her mouth. The over-sized head pulled her lips away from her mouth as she moaned and removed it.

Alex stood naked with his hands on his hips in front of Michael while his wife kneeled before him and mouthed his cock. "god dam dude! Your wife got a good fucking mouth," he said.

He grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed her mouth onto his cock until it hit the back of her throat. "You want your wife to suck some nigger dick white boy? I'll Take care of that!" he said as he grabbed her by the back of her hair and under her chin and began face fucking her.

She had her hands pushing on his thighs trying to get a break but it was no use. He is becoming aggressive and enjoying the fact he has a married white woman sucking his dick in front of her husband. He pulls his slobbery cock from her mouth leaving her gasping for air and looking up at him passively. "Show him how much you like sucking that black cock"

She grabbed his black cock with both hands and began rubbing it all over her lips. She rubbed her parted lips up and down the length of the underside of his cock occasionally looking at her husband. She made sure she made loud sucking sounds in-between her moans. She had her own slobber all around her mouth.

"That's it, suck that fucking dick! This is why I love white girls!" he said as she looked up at him. He grabbed his dick and pushed it into her mouth pulling her mouth further onto him. "Make me fucking cum!" he said closing his eyes tight.

She had tears in her eyes as she looked up at her black bull, his cock still filling her mouth. He let out a loud groan and she could feel his cock expand in her mouth. Her nature was to pull away but he had her mouth pinned on his cock as he released the first gush of hot thick cum into her mouth. She swallowed hard but her mouth continued to fill until cum cascaded from the corners of her lips and ran down her chin dripping on her bare breast.

Michael sat in disbelief as he watched his wife look up at this black stranger while swirling her tongue around the head of his big cock. He quickly noticed like his own cock Alex was still very much hard.

He pulled Kali to her feet and walked her to the bed, his big hard dick bouncing from side to side in front of him. He kept his eyes feasted on her ass the whole time until she laid on her back on the bed.

The hung black bull quickly moved between her legs and started rubbing his big cock head up and down her wet pussy lips. She reached down to spread her pussy and says nervously "go easy I don't know if I can take it" in an obvious nervous tone.

She bends her knees back with her legs still spread and feet in the air when he makes his first unsuccessful attempt to push his over-sized black cock into her. She is moaning lightly and bracing herself. "I really shouldn't be doing this, I am a married woman," she says as she looks at her husband coyly

He applies pressure and the big head forces it's way into her and she let's out a loud prolonged Squeal like grunt and begins breathing heavily. She lifts her head looking down at the black monster that just violated her married pussy.

He waits a moment then pushes another couple inches into her making her whimper and moan loud. She throws her head back lifting her chest and stomach up off the mattress trying to push away with her feet but he holds her by the hips and continues to feed her his throbbing ebony colored cock. She starts pleading, "your too big for me I can't take it" all the while grunting, moaning, and squealing loud. Michael was sure people I'm the next room could probably hear but she has no control of it.

He falls over her making her bent legs fully spread to the sides of his big body and making the remainder of his thick black pole sink into her. She begins moaning incoherently shaking beneath him clawing at his muscular shoulders, back, and arms swinging her head from side to side in a whining long moan says "I'm Cumming oh god I'm Cumming".

Her body shakes out of control as her eyes roll back and her neck bends backward to lift her back off the bed. She turns to look at her husband "Oh god he's so big!" she whines out to him breathlessly.

He is in shock it went this far and that she is acting like this but is too turned on to stop it and couldn't even if He wanted to.

"Tell him you love black dick"!

As she starts to tell him her black bull pulls out to the tip and sinks back in till his big balls rest on her ass cheeks making her squeal and lose her breath in mid sentence.

"I told you already you ain't fucking with no white boy tonight". "Spread them legs like a white girls supposed to when she's gettin black dick". She reaches her hands for her ankles and spreads her legs straight out to either side leaving herself totally open for his black cock as he starts to work her married white pussy harder and faster putting her in a lost state of lust.

"Do you like that dick"?


"Tell your husband!" He grabs her behind her knees and pins them both to her side.

"I LOVE HIS DICK" she moans out!

"Louder" he demands. I want everyone to know your husband is sitting here while you get your pussy fucked by black dick".

"I LOVE HIS BLACK DICK; I LOVE HIS BIG FUCKING DICK!!!! Biting down on her teeth "Oooohhhh fuck me! Give me that big dick! Make me cum again!!!" she screams out.

He pulls his huge black tool from Jenny's wet pussy and Michael can see it glistening with his wife's juices. Alex roughly rolls her over and puts her on all fours with her shoulders and head on the bed and her ass up in the air.

He angles himself so her Michael can watch him enter his wife's once tight pussy. She lets out an extended moan as he feeds her his full length. He wastes no time and grabs her hips tightly and begins pounding into her.

Michael watches his wife's ass jiggle with each violent thrust. She loses control again and begins cumming as she pushes herself back onto his big dick as it is pounding into her relentlessly.

He's pulling her hair and slapping her ass cheeks just adding to her excitement. He pushes his weight forward making Jenny fall onto her stomach. She is now flat on her stomach with her legs together. She is gripping the sheets and moaning as he pulls out of her dripping pussy and straddles her back and sprays his hot cum all over the side of her face.

As he climbs off of her she lays motionless letting his hot cum run from her cheek down her face onto her parted lips and forming a wet spot on the sheets.

"That's some good fucking pussy dawg!" he says to Michael. "Is she always that freaky?" he asks in a demeaning tone as he now stands between both of them.

"Not even close"' he answers in a dejected tone.

Alex gives a cocky smile and grabs his semi hard dick "Must be the black dick that turned her out" he says shaking it in Michaels direction.

After he dressed, he handed Michael a business card and turned toward Kali still lying on her stomach. He slapped her ass making it jiggle slightly. "Call me if you ever want some more of this black dick!" he said.

Her only response was "Mmmmmmm." with an exhausted smile forming on her lips.

"You two have fun," he said as he chuckled and left.

Once alone Michael looked at his wife and was flooded with emotions. Her ass still hanging out of her pleaded skirt, the white knee highs, high heels, but most of all the loads of dry and fresh cum on her face excited him. This was all becoming too much for him and he pulled his dick out and began ejaculating on himself in seconds.

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