tagLoving WivesKallie Discovers a New World Ch. 01

Kallie Discovers a New World Ch. 01


Kallie was your typical "soccer mom". She had one daughter and a loving husband. She spent her days around the house, running errands, cleaning the house, preparing meals and driving her daughter to practices and other functions. Her husband Steve worked hard and often traveled for his job. Things were good their sex life was above average, but some what standard. Often though Kallie found herself horny and wondering if there was more out there.

She was no prude, when she was younger she had her fare share of men. At 38 with a body that has not changed and was still in good shape with a 34b chest and an ass that most 18 year olds would die for, men were still flirting with her on a daily basis. One day here life took a change and opened her eyes to a whole new world.

One afternoon Kallie was meeting a few of her friends for an early happy hour at the local pub. Being summer she opted for a cute sundress that hung on her body showing all her curves in the right places. She opted for no bra and no underwear as they were meeting at a place with an outdoor patio and with temps nearing 90 she felt like she would be cooler. "I am meeting a bunch of other soccer moms so what's the harm" she thought.

She arrived at the bar and quickly found her group of friends sitting at a large table with a bunch of men in their mid 20's. A bit confused but eager to get caught up with her friends she walked over and grabbed a seat that was open between two of the guys. She said her hello's and Sharon one of her friends explains that the place was packed and the only way they could sit outside was if they could share a table with this group of young men. As she said that, Sharon had a very seductive look in her eyes.

Drinks were flowing and everyone was having a good time. Kallie was starting to feel the effects of the drinks. As they were talking she noticed that across the table Sharon seemed pretty quite and somewhat flushed. She then looked to Sharon's right and could see that Lee, the guy sitting next to Sharon, had his hand under the table and realized that her best friend was most likely being fingered. She was shocked, but could feel her self getting wet, matter of fact wetter then she had been in sometime and with no panties on she could feel her juices starting to trickle down her ass.

Sharon excused herself from the table and shortly after that Lee said he had to use the restroom. Meantime, Kallie had discreetly moved her hand between her legs and was slowly rubbing her clit. "What the hell am I doing playing with myself in public" she said to herself. This was something new for her and she found the whole thing very erotic. Sharon had still not returned, so she decided to go see what her friend was up to.

Kallie made her way to the women's room and when she entered she noticed only one stall was occupied and quietly walked over and peeked in to the stall through the small opening. She gasped at what she saw. Sharon was on her knees with Lee fucking her face. Not just a little oral sex, but outright fucking her in the mouth. Lee said "you really like sucking cock don't you slut?" As Sharon just moaned and nodded. "I am cumming and you better drink every drop." Kallie stared in awe as she began rubbing her own clit. Kallie had never swallowed cum and always wondered what it would be like, her husband may be one of the few men in the world who did not want his women to swallow.

Soon Lee began to moan and Kallie knew he was filling her friends mouth full of his cum. Lee said "hold it in your mouth so you can show me." The he pulled out and Sharon opened her mouth showing him his large load, there was so much some started running down her chin on to her shirt. Then Lee ordered her to swallow it and she promptly obeyed his order. Kallie hid in another stall as they both left.

She was so wet by now and found that she really had a deep desire to drink cum. What had come over her, this was so erotic and left her wondering what other desires she had.

She retuned to the table and sat down. She was sitting next to Jeff and Kevin who were both large athletic young men. After a few minutes she felt a hand on each thigh. She had a sharp intake of breath, but did nothing to stop them. Slowly they made there way up to her already soaking pussy. She spread her legs with out even thinking to allow better access. Soon the two guys realized they were both in the same place. Jeff decided to let Kevin enjoy her wet pussy as he worked a finger into her virgin ass. She took a deep breath as his finger penetrated her tight ass. She was amazed at how much she liked the feeling.

Kevin leaned over and whispered in her ear to meet him in the bathroom in a few mins. He removed his fingers from her and got up. Before he left he took his wet fingers and rubbed them around the rim of Kallies glass and then told her to have a drink as he walked off. "My god he wants me to taste my own pussy" and with out thinking that is exactly what she did. After that she told Jeff she would be back in a bit, and he removed his finger from her tight ass.

Kallie was nervous and excited as she entered the bathroom, she saw that Kevin was in the last stall and she slid inside. Kevin already had his hard cock out. With out a word he pushed her to her knees. She had given her husband numerous blowjobs, but only as a form of foreplay and never to completion. She attacked his cock, sucking and pumping like a hungry dog. Kevin forced his cock down her throat making her slightly gag but she recovered and relaxed her throat to allow him full access. Kevin asked "do you like sucking strange cock"? Kallie just moaned. "Do you want to be our fuck toy?" That about sent her over the edge and she realized that yes she wants to be used and she wants to learn more.

Just as she was having that thought he moaned and she felt her mouth flood with thick hot cum. She swallowed eagerly and was amazed at how wonderful this young mans cum tasted. Kevin slipped out and she was about to get up when Jeff stepped in. He told her to remove her dress which she promptly did. He then pulled out the thickest cock she had ever seen, it was about average in length but as wide as soda can. Jeff ordered her to turn around and bend over. She did not say anything and turned around presenting her now very wet pussy to him. He approached and she could feel him rubbing his thick cock head up and down her slit getting her even hotter. Then she felt an amazing amount of pressure as he began stretching her as he slowly entered her. She felt as if she would split in half. Once he was all the way in he let her just sit there and adjust to his size. Slowly he started fucking her harder and harder. She was moaning and cumming in a matter of minutes. She had the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her knees felt week as she felt him slide out of her.

Jeff told her to clean his cock off with her mouth. She did as ordered and loved the taste of her cum on his cock. Just as she was getting into it he pulled away and ordered her to turn around again. She was excited thinking she would get another fucking of a lifetime, but she was surprised when she felt him trying to enter her ass. She tried pulling away and Jeff said "listen you are now our whore and you will do as I say, do you understand?" She said "No please I have never done this and you are way too big". He grabbed her hair pulling her head back and forcing her back to arch giving him full access to her tight virgin ass. Slowly he her filled her ass forcing a small scream from her. He slowly started to fuck her ass and a few small tears ran down her face and at that moment she knew she was now a slut and that her life would change.

Eventually the pain starting going away and she started enjoying it. After about 5 mins she was pushing back and begging him to fuck her ass. Jeff said he was about to cum and she begged him to cum in her mouth. He pulled out and spun her around shoving his cock into her mouth spewing load after load in her mouth. He came so much it was coming out the sides of her mouth.

Once he finished he handed her his phone as she sat there nude with cum drying on her face. He said "enter you number and when I call; you will do what you are told." She nodded and entered her number and he left.

They made their way back to the table and soon after Sharon asked if she could get a ride home. They said their good byes and made their way to the car. Kallie pulled out the parking lot and started towards Sharon's house. They made some small talk and neither of the mentioned what had just happened. As if it never did.

Then Sharon's phone rang. She answered and said "I understand" and hung up the phone. With out a word she undid her seat built, leaned over and lifted Kallie's skirt and started sucking her clit.

Stunned Kallie pulled over in a large box store parking lot and stared down in amazement as her friend was going down on here. She had never been with women and never even considered the possibility. But her body reacted and she spread he legs wide. Kallie asked "are you their whore as well?" Sharon looked up and said yes and kissed her. Kallie could taste her pussy which was making her even hotter.

They broke the kiss off and Kallie asked "have you been with a women before" Sharon said "no never, but they called and said I needed to lick your clit, then your ass and when I am done with that I was supposed to fist fuck you." Kallie had a blank look on her face and whimpered "Oh my God"

She leaned back and pulled he knees up and gave her friend full access to her pussy and ass. Sharon leaned in and was soon tongue fucking Kaliie's ass. After a few minutes she stopped and started finger fucking her. Three at first, fucking her hard Kallie could feel another orgasm building when Sharon added the fourth. She was in heaven looking down as she saw her friend tucking her thumb inside and then an amazing pressure as she pushed and entered her with her entire hand. She was amazed at the site her little pussy with her friends hand wrist deep inside her. Sharon said "you like that slut, you like being fisted fucked?" Kallie moaned and said "yes I love it, use my pussy make me cum". Soon kallie was cuming in waves. She thought she might pass out at one point. Then Sharon pulled her hand out and licked it clean. She turned to Kallie and said they better get going.

That day was just the begging of Kallie's sexual awaking.

More to come in Chapter 2.

This is my first story and I look forward to your feedback both good and bad.

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