tagLoving WivesKallie Discovers a New World Ch. 02

Kallie Discovers a New World Ch. 02


Note to all of you, this is fiction, meaning it is not reality. Plain and simply put, this is for entertainment; if it is not your cup of tea then I suggest not reading.

Kallie sat on the edge of her bed just staring into space. She was attempting to make sense of all that happened that afternoon. She was somewhat stunned. "What did I do, its not like me." She said to herself.

She was struggling with the guilt and the pleasure. She had never experienced such immense sexual gratification. At the same time she felt the guilt washing over her. She had never really considered cheating on her husband; she had fantasies but nothing she ever thought she would act on.

She was drifting back to what happened, she was surprised how much she enjoyed the taste of a mans cum, and even more surprised how much she enjoyed anal sex. She had played back there before, but just with her fingers and was unsure if you would enjoy a man back there. She was sore now and knew that if she were ever to do it again, she needs to take it a bit slower. Then there was what happened in the car with her friend. The fisting was amazing; she had been using her own hand for a few years and knew she could handle it. She didn't expect it to feel as intense as it did.

Then there was the issue of Jeff and Kevin. What would she do if they called? She decided she needed a shower and would need to think more about the events. She stood and walked into bathroom, removed her dress and started the water.

Jeff hung up the phone and said to Kevin, "man this is a great gig having some guy pay us to bang his wife." Kevin said "yea and to involve his girlfriend is even more nuts if you as ask me." "I wonder how he gets away with it, why can't we find women like Sharon." Jeff said. Kevin smiled and took another sip of his beer and said "we did and we are getting paid for it."

After dropping off Kallie, Sharon headed to the apartment she kept with her lover. As she drove she became very excited by the memories of the afternoon. Their plan went off with out a hitch. When she first started fooling around with Tim she had no idea it would end up where it was now. She originally felt guilty about being with her best friend's husband. That had subsided the more she was with him and the more they played. She has given herself to him and would do anything he asked of her. How he had kept the secret from Kallie she was unsure, but he had managed to keep her from ever being suspicious.

Tim hung up the phone and thought about all the things that have transpired the past year. First he set out to seduce Sharon which turned out to be much easier then he had anticipated. It started with flirting and he knew she was attracted to him. The first time he had her was a night when Kallie had went out of town to see her mother. Tim was home alone and Sharon stopped by to get something that Kallie had left out for her. Tim was relaxing listening to an old Stones CD and having some of his favorite scotch. He invited Sharon in for a drink and she had accepted. Sharon has one of those girls next door smiles. Not overly attractive but pretty, not to much make-up but rather enough to accent her qualities. She stood 5'5 and was about 140 lbs. Curvy but not over weight. Average breasts and a bit of a bubble butt. That night she had on a pair of jean shorts and a black tank top and her hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail.

As they hit their fourth drink, they started talking about sex and if she was seeing anyone. She said "No, I just don't have the patients to deal with the whole dating scene." And took another sip if her drink.

Tim smiled and asked the obvious questions "Well what do you do to meet your needs." and smiled.

Sharon laughed and said "Well that's why they make toys".

Tim could see her nipples starting to harden and new it was not because of the air temperature and at the same time she could see the swelling in his shorts.

Tim stood and walked over to her and sat down, leaned over and began kissing her. At that moment she knew she would give herself to him, at least for the night. Sharon could feel herself getting wet and wanted him, no she needed him. She knew it was wrong but she had not had a man for almost a year and had secretly wanted him for years. She worked her hand down to his shorts undoing them and reaches her hand inside.

As she released his swelling cock from his shorts she instinctively leaned down and took him in her mouth. She wanted to please him and took him slowly all the way into her throat as he moaned. She worked him near orgasm and then released him from her mouth.

She then stood and slowly started removing her clothes in a seductive slow dance. Then laid back on the couch. Tim stood and removed his shorts and leaned over and kissed her stomach.

He slowly worked his way down, to her now very wet and clean shaven pussy. He flicked her click was his tongue as he slid two fingers deep inside her. He then began sucking her clit as he pounded her with his fingers. As she neared her first climax he pulled his wet fingers out and inserted one deep in her ass as the climax hit her. She lay there shaking as he came up to her lips and kissed her, she could taste her own cum as their lips met.

Tim then positioned himself between her legs and she felt his fat cock head starting to enter her. He leaned in and asked her if she wanted to be his, not just tonight but rather for good, to be his sex slave, her head was spinning and all she could do is give a soft moan and nod. Tim said "are you sure baby, do you want to be my slut, I will not enter you unless you agree." Sharon looked him in the eyes and said "fuck me and I am yours".

Tim did just that and he did it hard. He was going to fuck her, not make love, but hard animal style fucking. As he slammed into her she came again and thought it would not end. Then he flipped her over and started fucking her from behind pulling her ponytail forcing her to arch her back. With his other hand he spread her ass and worked a thumb into her ass. "Do you like that baby" Tim asked "Do you like having your ass used baby".

Sharon said "Yes baby, take me, use me, I don't care". Tim then pulled out and reached for the bottle of lube he kept in the drawer of the end table. Once lubed he slowly started working his cock is her ass. She clinched her teeth as she felt him going deeper and deeper inside her ass. Slowly he started picking up the pace and she new this would soon lead to her third orgasm of the night. As it washed over her she collapsed and he slid out of her, close to coming him turned her over and pushed his cock in her mouth.

She began sucking him hard and felt him swelling in her mouth, then she felt wave after wave of cum fill her mouth.

She loved the taste of cum and tried hard not to lose a drop, but some still spilled out the corner of her mouth making her look even sexier then she already looked.

Tim stepped back and flopped into the chair across the room and took another drink.

From then on they met about twice a week and she gave her self fully to him.

A week or so had passed and Jeff had called Kallie several times, she had yet to answer the phone and had not really talked to Sharon other then some small talk on the phone and nothing about what had happened.

It was Saturday afternoon and Tim was out of town when Jeff called again, she stared at the phone then said to herself "fuck it". And answered....

More to come in Chapter 3.

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