tagBDSMKara & Laurie Ch. 1

Kara & Laurie Ch. 1


So far, the medieval festival had been boring. The typical things were in evidence: Overpriced souvenirs and food, fops in bad accents cavorting about and nothing new added to the shows across the sprawling fields and glades that made up the festival. Kara was getting tired and her friend Laurie was also starting to sag. Kara would have preferred to stay home that Saturday and just kill time watching movies at her apartment or lounging by the pool while her delectable friend flounced in a t-shirt and socks or one of her little bikinis. Kara and Laurie were great friends, but what Laurie didn’t know was that Kara had wanted to ball her little ass for the last two years. Not just eat her and be eaten, but really fuck her. There was no other civil word for it. Just strap one on, bend her over her sofa and cram eight or ten inches into anything that would take it.

That wasn’t all. She wanted to make her suffer. She loved her dearly, but there was something about Laurie’s coquettish nature and nymph-like body that made her want to be humiliated and cry while she abused her, playfully of course. She was just as lovely crying as she was laughing, and Kara wanted to explore it with growing hunger. Even now she was growing wet thinking about it. She would have loved to lift her long flowing tie-dyed skirt and rustle one of the studly Scots wandering around and just ride him in the Common Square for her own satisfaction. Getting arrested wasn’t on her agenda, though, she thought with a sigh. Laurie had wandered off and was demurely flirting with one of the stall vendors peddling his wares, no doubt thinking about trading in Laurie’s goods as well. Dejectedly and with growing exhaustion, Kara stomped after her.

The guy at least was handsome, maybe in his late twenties, certainly not much older than they were. He was peddling staves and wands of different designs, all very beautiful. His charisma and skill with the customers were no worse and he worked Laurie with practiced skill.

“My lovely faun, this is what you seek.” He pulled out a wand, wooden with copper accents that twirled around its length. It ended in a small but well shaped piece of quartz that focused the light in dozens of dazzling prisms. Pastel ribbons adorned the piece. “Only the queen of the fairies could possess such a thing of beauty.” Laurie’s eyes lit up as she handed it to him. “Of course, its beauty pales beside yours.” Kara rolled her eyes.

“Oh, Kara, isn’t it beautiful?” The vendor stepped out of range and pretended to tend to something else. “And the guy is hunky too.”

“I guess. I’m getting tired, can we go?” If they hurried they could still get back in time to hang out, get pissed and Kara could get lucky with her, a feel here, a squeeze there. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Back in their first year of college, they roomed together and had come back during orientation from a night of slumming and drinking courtesy of their fresh fake IDs. Laurie had been all over everyone, including Kara that night. Laurie had the perfect perfume, something soft and delicate, just like her and she smelled great. Kara had watched her sneak off to a guy’s car and blow him in the front seat. She watched from around the corner as her blonde curls flashed into sight as she eagerly bobbed up and down on him, both of them wrecked out of their minds. Kara went back in before they finished.

When Laurie had finished, she staggered back into the bar to find Kara and another girl, an ebony Amazon of a girl named Alea that scared but excited the hell out of Kara. Kara and Alea were drinking and hanging out when Alea bent over laughing. Kara laughed with her until she realized what she had seen. It was Laurie staggering back into the bar with dollops of white grease in the bangs of her hair and on her cheek. She was licking her lips but not getting the job done. Kara had immediately wheeled her into the ladies’ room and helped her clean up. While Laurie patted at herself with a damp towel, Kara realized how blitzed her friend was and took the opportunity to touch her. As soon as they moved in she was taken with Laurie’s gentle curves and petite body. Their first day at the pool had her drooling as she, and everyone else, watched her cavort in her little pink thong. Now they were alone and Laurie didn’t seem like she was going to object.

Kara reached under Laurie’s miniskirt and was not surprised to find the party girls panties missing. She pressed the tips of two fingers against the soft matte of hair and the raised lips of her pubes. Her fingers slid slickly against her excited lips, moist and ready, or perhaps already christened by the guy in the car. Laurie was limber as well, and Kara thought the guy would not have hesitated to lay her back or bend her over in his car and finish the job between her silken thighs. Kara slipped her fingers into her friend. Laurie was warm and wet, tight, but yielding to Kara’s persistent touch. Unable to control herself, Kara withdrew her fingers and touched them to her lips, slipping them into her mouth. Whether from excitement or inebriation, Kara shook, the sweet and sour taste of Laurie’s sex on her tongue. She didn’t want to stretch her luck any further. She washed her hands and helped clean up Laurie as best she could and the pair went back out to the bar.

Shortly afterwards, a designated driver was able to take them home and Kara and Laurie crashed. Kara, however, stayed awake while Laurie passed out on her bed, still in her miniskirt and midi-shirt. Kara crept over to her and laid her hands on Laurie’s tan and muscular but soft and petite thighs. She slid her skirt up, revealing her honey colored muff and her still engorged slit. Sure enough, a telltale trickle of cum had dried on her thigh. ‘You little slut’, she thought. ‘Well, better for me you’re out.’

Kara slipped out of her jeans and dropped her sopping panties on top of them. She slipped the tee-shirt she had been wearing over her head and unhooked her bra, letting her ample bosom bob out. She walked over to Laurie’s sleeping form, sweating from the exertion of staying upright and from the fear that she might wake and go nuts at seeing her roommate about to molest her. Laurie didn’t awake, and Kara advanced on her. She carefully kneeled on her bed, her thighs framing Laurie’s face, her golden hair trailing out above her head. Kara’s pussy was dripping, beads of wetness dangling on her thinly cut patch of muff. She leaned down, bracing herself drunkenly on all fours, her breasts swaying above her new friend, her shining lips just inches above her face. Kara leaned on one arm so she could finger herself and a few drops fell from her steaming crotch. Laurie licked them from her face in her sleep.

‘God, this is too much!’ Kara thought. Ever so carefully, she lowered her groin closer to Laurie’s mouth. Then they touched, Kara’s lips to Laurie’s and electricity flowed through her. Kara swayed as she leaned back on her haunches, trying to settle her slick sex against Laurie’s lips, rubbing herself gently against her roommate’s face. Kara squeezed her nipples and the feelings were delicious, between the tingling in her chest, the booze in her system and the maddeningly soft rubbing on her clitoris and mons. She wanted to make noise out loud but didn’t dare. It was bad enough she was sitting on her sleeping roommate’s face. Kara had taken ten minutes of quietly straddling Laurie before she came, biting her fingers in order not to howl as her pussy dripped on Laurie’s face. Kara finally stood up on wobbly legs seeing Laurie’s face shining in the dim light, covered with her juices. ‘Honey, you were great,’ she said jokingly as she kicked her clothes into a corner of the room and crawled into bed.

The next day, Laurie hadn’t been the wiser and didn’t seem to notice the fragrance on her face. It would be the first of many wonderful encounters where Kara took advantage of her, and after three years, moving from the dorm to an apartment, it was far from the last.

Kara came out of her reverie as her friend dug through her purse.

“Yeah, we can go in a sec, but I think I’m going to buy this. Maybe get this guy’s number.”

“He doesn’t even live here. He travels all over the country, at other medi-fests.”

“Tis true,” the vendor interrupted. “I travel hither and yon coming here only once a year.” He sighed dramatically. “If only it weren’t so lonely.”

“Aw, you poor thing,” Laurie flirted over her shoulder as she carried the wand to his assistant, to ring it up.

Kara stood there bored, her arms folded, waiting for the transaction to finish. She had dismissed the vendor in her mind, and was startled when he spoke.

“You aren’t like your friend?” His false accent had slipped away and now he was just another guy in a costume, but his voice was deep and mesmerizing, focused on a goal.


“Your friend bothers you. I can understand why. Girls like her are good for one thing. You on the other hand are deeper, you have greater goals, and more mystical intents. Am I right?” Kara tried to ignore him, but she found that she was warming slightly to this stranger.

“Uh, I guess she does a bit.” Loyalty to her friend as opposed to the intrusion of a stranger goaded her. “I don’t think it’s any of your business, though.”

“Perhaps not. But she does bother you. And something else, too. It’s a shame, really. Bothers you and excites you, doesn’t she?”

Something snapped in Kara and her desire rose to the surface.


“Almost like something is missing from her. Some sort of misery or pain.”

“It’s almost like that.”

The vendor smiled, a gleam in his eye, and he gestured to her.

“I may have something you would be interested in, my Dark Wonder.” Kara brushed her jet-black hair self-consciously. Whether he meant her long mane or her disposition she didn’t know. Laurie had been right though: He was handsome, and he was definitely growing on him. He led her to a wall in the vendor stall lined with weapons. There were axes and swords and various other tools of the warrior trade. His lithe hands settled on a short rod of wood, capped at the ends with black kid leather, its grip wound with strands of leather in a deep shade of crimson, and falling from one end were nine lengths of fine chain.

“It’s a cat-o’-nine-tails,” Kara said, needing no education. She had wanted one herself, particularly to go with the black mid thigh boots, and the blood-colored bodice she kept tucked away, only brought out for special occasions favoring the right man or woman.

“It is indeed. It would be simply wonderful on your little friend there. Just imagine her piercing cries, the slap of chains on her tender whiteness.” He caressed the chains in his hands and they clattered softly. “The raw redness against her porcelain flesh. Tell me that doesn’t excite you.”

“It does,” Kara croaked. She found that it did and her throat was getting tighter, her pussy getting wetter.

“What would it be worth to you?”

“What does it cost?” Kara reached out for the flail to check its price, but he pulled it just out of reach.

“No, my dear. What would it be worth to liberate you from your own torture and make your friend the subject instead.”

“I would do just about anything,” she heard herself say, regretting it immediately.

“I’m glad. I tell you what. I don’t have to be here tomorrow. I could join you and your friend and we could put this beauty to work, among other things.” Kara bit.

“Such as?” Kara looked into the man’s eyes. They were deep, tarry, sucking her in, and she hung on his every word.

“This plaything is just that. It isn’t the key to really enjoying the humiliation and degradation of another. Oh no. This is just a tool to get started. I don’t torture directly. I make my subjects want to be tortured. Not through some undeveloped sense of self-esteem or desire for something new, but to make them crave me, to desire me so truly and with such an aching in their hearts, that even pain and humiliation are welcome expenditures of my affection. I won’t torture your friend. She’ll beg me to torture her.” Kara was speechless.

“So when can you come over?” she heard herself asking. She didn’t care, she just had to know what he had in store for Laurie, and undoubtedly for her.”

“I can be over by 10 A.M.”

“That would be perfect.”

“Excellent. Oh, there’s one other thing.” Kara was flustered.

“Oh, duh, our address.”

“Well, that too. What I meant was this.” He took the unchained end of the flail and pressed it between her legs, nestling the leather end against her wet peasant skirt. Kara’s eyes closed reflexively. “You’re wet, aren’t you, and in need of release.” He wasn’t asking her, but telling her. She nodded, unable to open her eyes. The firm nub between her legs felt so good! Finally, she opened her eyes, his deep pools much too close to hers.

“Okay,” she said breathily, “where?”

“This way, my Dark Wonder.” He led her, almost by the flail as the hub of the shaft never left the junction between her legs and she followed closely enough to press it against her burning wetness. They walked behind the rows of vendors’ stalls and found themselves to be alone. She was going to ask him how he wanted to do it, but she never got the chance. He pulled the flail from her legs, causing her to gasp and with his free hand, grabbed her arm and swung her around to where a barrel had been lying on its side. He threw her across the stage prop such that her ass was up to him. He carefully set the flail on the ground where it would not get dirty and proceeded to unbuckle his markedly anachronistic blue jeans. Kara was excited and afraid to look back, just sensing what he was about to do. He finally lifted her skirt onto her back, exposing her legs and ass, the latter clad in her flowery drenched panties. He pulled these down to her ankles from her ass revealing her large but firm cheeks. He lifted her hips with his thin but strong hands, displaying her wet pussy. He prodded her carefully, lining up his bulging head without his hands, measuring her so as to hit her with proper aim. Feeling that he was on target, Kara rocked back to meet his pulsing organ. The head slipped inside her as she cooed, finally getting her festival wish. Seeing that they were both ready, he plunged into her gulping twat, bringing a gasp from Kara’s lips and a groan from his own. He put his full weight on her, reaching his arms over the barrel and stroking her from behind. His hands covered hers, pressing them against the dirt as he pushed in deeply and pulled out to the head with each cycle. Despite the openness of their wanton sex, Kara couldn’t help but to moan as the stranger laid into her, pressing his flesh into hers, sloshing between her needy lips.

Soon, he slowed down and, sensing his pending explosion, Kara stopped bucking her hips, concentrating on sucking him in and squeezing his raging cock. Then, he was spasming within her and she felt the sudden hotness of liquid completion deep inside, then slowly drizzling down her thigh just as another stranger’s cum had slipped from her roommates little cunt so many nights ago.

The man sighed and released his weight from her, wiping his dripping cock on her skirt and buckling up. Kara got shakily to her feet, feeling all about the joke of not being able to walk right. The man was slender, almost gaunt, but he had been copiously hung, or so her ravenous pussy was telling her. She brushed herself off and straightened her skirt.

“Now, I’ll take your address,” the man said with a smile. Kara grinned back and giggled, feeling giddy and kinda stupid.

‘Kinda like Laurie’ her mind flashed at her and that pissed her off. Somehow this fucking felt, although Kara definitely enjoyed it, like it was a punishment, meant for Laurie. Kara rummaged through her bag and found a pen and slip of paper. She hurriedly wrote her address and their names.

The stranger took it and simply said.

“I am Jon.” Then he picked up the flail and walked away. That was it. Kara followed him back to the front and Laurie was still flirting with Jon’s assistant. Kara walked up to her and Laurie spoke.

“Okay, I’m ready to go. Did you get anything?”

“No,” Kara lied. “Let’s go home.”

That night, as Kara had hoped, they both got snockered on what they had around the house, or at least Laurie did. Kara drank water when Laurie drank gin and Laurie didn’t know any better. Kara let Laurie crash on the sofa: She was too heavy to carry to her room. She got the idea of riding her friend’s face once, just to cap off her day, but then thought better of it. Tomorrow would be a busy day, and Kara was going to need her rest.

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