tagBDSMKara Ch. 04

Kara Ch. 04

byMr James©

Kara hurried from her office, the hard points of her erect nipples chafing against the slick silk of her blouse. She had taken to wearing the below bust corsets, that Andrew had introduced her to, beneath a heavy top, as part of her office attire. She could feel the eyes of her male colleagues, as they appraised her erect nipples, pressed against the smooth cloth. The knowledge of their lust and the sting of her buttocks left her wet and excited, more than ready for her sojourns under Andrew's tutelage.

Martine arrived, punctual to the second, as Kara left her office and stood with the rear door of Andrew's sleek limousine open. Kara could see the hint of a smile curving the woman's mouth into an attractive bow, as they exchanged glances while she settled herself against the cool leather of the back seat. She listened to the soft double click of the door closing and felt the smooth acceleration as Martine guided the big car expertly through the building traffic.

Kara glanced at her watch and calculated whether she would have time to ask Martine to stop at her home for a few minutes, so that she could change her blouse, but changed her mind as she felt her nipples harden against her silk blouse, anticipating the sweetness of surrendering to Andrew's mastery of her mind and body. Martine slid the car expertly to a halt by the kerb and hurried to open the door for Kara to alight. Kara nodded to her and hurried up the steps to the gleaming front door. As usual, the door had been left unlocked for her and she pushed it open to step inside the long cool hallway.

As she hung her jacket behind the door, she saw the note, in Andrew's careful script, on the table beneath the coat rack. Slitting it open with her thumbnail she read the short instruction, telling her to wait for him downstairs.

Quickly, Kara walked the length of the hallway and climbed down the steep, concrete, steps that lead to the room where Andrew had whipped her bare bottom. Even now, the remembered sting of the silken cords lashing across the taut mounds of her buttocks excited her and made her already wet pussy dribble down the inside of her thighs. Pushing the door open, she found Andrew waiting for her, wearing just a pair of dark slacks. Moving close to her he pulled her to him and pressed his mouth hungrily to her lips, his tongue thrusting against her teeth and forcing its way inside her mouth. Kara groaned deeply into his mouth and relaxed into his embrace. Still embracing her with one arm, he slid his hand between their bodies and cupped her small, rounded breast, the swelling curve emphasised by the tight corset that she wore all of the time now. The nipple, erect and hard as a hazelnut, quivered between his finger and thumb, drawing a long gasp of pleasure, as he gently tugged and squeezed her delicate flesh.

Slowly, he unfastened the pearl buttons, exposing more and more of her silky skin to his exploring fingertips, until her blouse hung open and he could reach higher, cupping her breast in his warm hand and rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb. Kara moaned and arched her spine, pressing her breast more firmly against Andrew's hand so that she could feel his rough caress against every possible inch of her skin. Andrew pushed Kara to her feet and over to the centre of the room where an old-fashioned vaulting horse had been set up, in place of the bed.

Kara knew that Andrew wanted her to bend over the back of it, her breasts pressed hard against the rough leather surface. Obediently, she bent at her waist and Andrew hooked his fingers in the waistband of her skirt and yanked it down to her ankles. Kara gasped at the rush of cool air against the shaven, damp lips of her pussy and then shivered as Andrew slowly ran his hands down one thigh, past her knee, until he had her ankle in his hands and was guiding it to the splayed leg of the vaulting horse. She felt him fasten her ankle to the wooden leg with a thin leather strap and then, swiftly, his hands were caressing her other thigh, sliding downwards. It took a moment, but her other ankle was swiftly fastened and she was bent over the vaulting horse, helpless.

Kara heard Andrew behind her, moving closer and then, without giving her a chance to protest, he had covered her eyes with a, heavy, black velvet blindfold, fastening it tightly so she could not see. Kara swallowed nervously as she heard the rustle of something being taken out of a paper bag. She felt something cool, but roughened, stroking the side of her face and then disappearing to slide over the bare skin at her shoulders. A moment later she felt the same rough coolness against the other side of her face and then across her bare shoulders. Andrew gripped her chin and squeezed, his fingers digging into her cheeks and forcing her mouth open in an agonised pout then, with his other hand, ran the leather strap he had been stroking over her face and shoulders across her lips.

Kara could feel the strange coolness and contrasting rough and smooth surfaces and smell the masculine tang of dressed leather, even though she could see nothing, apart from the occasional flash from beneath the material. Andrew leaned over and she could feel the warmth of his breath as he spoke.

"Welcome to your next training session, dearest Kara," he murmured gently "Thank you, Sir."

Kara tensed a little as Andrew drew the tip of the leather strap along the back of one thigh and along the crack between her buttocks, making her shiver with the caress against her skin. Slowly he drew the smooth side across her buttocks and then the rough side, tormenting and teasing her with the contact. Kara moaned deep in her throat as the leather rasped against her skin and then yelped when he drew his arm back and swung the leather across the cheeks of her arse with an earsplitting CRACK!

Kara stiffened as the leather smacked into her tender buttocks, instantly raising a bright pink welt across both cheeks. She wanted desperately to reach back and massage her violated flesh but stayed still, knowing that Andrew expected her total surrender. The leather hissed through the air, like a striking snake and she felt it bite into her delicate skin again, reddening it and making her nerves burn.

The first stroke of the leather across her tight arse sent dark sparks of pleasure directly to Kara's clit. She sobbed, frustration gripping her body, as she waited for the next swing of the strap, unable to beg Andrew for a release from the building excitement because the ball held her tongue pressed onto the floor of her mouth. Involuntarily, she reached back towards the reddened skin of her buttocks, only for Andrew to catch her wrists and bind them, swiftly, with a silk scarf.

Kara felt Andrew's hand on the back of her neck and sensed the shift in his weight, as he raised the strap high and brought it down across her arse, marking it with another fiery stripe and making her jerk in his grasp. She tensed for a third blow but Andrew anticipated her reaction and slowly dragged the end of the strap lightly across the pair of welts he had decorated her buttocks with. Kara shivered and sobbed around the ball in her mouth, her saliva drooling from the corners of her lips, just as it did when she sucked on his cock.

Andrew suddenly flicked his wrist, sending the leather snaking across Kara's bottom, just a finger width below the previous welt. This time she could not even attempt to reach back and touch the inflamed skin, so she had to content herself with a shiver of excitement. The room was filled with the scent of the warm leather, mingled with the sharper sweetness of her dripping pussy.

Andrew pressed the tips of his fingers between Kara's thighs, running them along the length of her slit, parting the soft folds that were gummed together by the juices that had begun to ooze from inside her and trickle along the inside of her thighs. Kara shuddered at Andrew's touch and tried to tilt her hips so that his fingers would slide deeper into her hot, moist passage but he drew his hand back and swung the leather again.

Kara heard the crack of the strap against her bottom before the searing, burning sensation that seemed to ignite her clit and she moaned, low in her throat as Andrew parted her cheeks with his fingers and slowly dragged the strap along the crack and across the tight bud of her anus. The dark pucker tightened and seemed to wink, invitingly, as Andrew teased Kara, the leather a gentle caress, this time.

Tears mingled with Kara's eye make-up and made clownish streaks as she sobbed in frustration, her arse and pussy achingly empty while her jaws ached where the gag forced her mouth open. She heard the strap swish through the air and, before she could brace herself, felt it crashing against her tender, sensitive, bottom. Her arse was crimson now and she felt as though it was burning up. Even while she was shuddering from the blow, trying to control her rebellious body, Andrew cracked the strap against her flesh, this time along the length of the valley between her buttocks.

Andrew laid the strap aside and released her ankles from the wooden legs of the horse, leading Kara over to the narrow bed that had been pushed into a corner, pushing her, belly down, onto the mattress. She felt his fingers, unfastening the gag and the blindfold and she drew a huge, shuddering breath, deep into her lungs.

Before Kara could speak, Andrew was spreading her thighs and probing the wet cavity of her pussy with two fingers, his thumb resting on her anus, rubbing in circular caresses. Kara lifted her hips and gasped as she felt a third finger stretching her pussy and the tip of Andrew's cock sliding along the sweaty valley between her buttocks.

Andrew moved back and bent over Kara's reddened bottom, pressing his lips gently, tenderly against her hot skin in a caressing kiss. Slowly, his fingers still massaging Kara's dripping pussy, Andrew laid a pattern of feathery kisses on her inflamed buttocks. Gradually, his mouth moved towards the dimple at the base of her spine and then, imperceptibly onto the start of the valley that deepened between her buttocks.

Kara felt the pressure of Andrew's fingers, as he eased her buttocks apart, exposing the puckered ring of her anus. Slowly, he ran the tip of his tongue down the crack of her arse until it brushed against her tight ring. Kara arched her back, pressing against the bed with her elbows, her dark hair fanned across her shoulders.

Andrew pointed his tongue and, gently stretching her anus with his fingertips, slipped the tip into Kara's bottom, swirling it over the sensitive dark ring and easing it inside, tasting her. Kara groaned deep in her chest and felt her pussy tighten and her belly cramping a little with the sensations filling her body. Her aching pussy oozed a little more moisture, perfuming the air with the sharpness of her sex.

Andrew moved his mouth away from Kara's bottom and blew gently across the opening of her anus. Kara spasmed briefly at the contrast as his breath cooled the moisture bedewing her arsehole and then Andrew was turning her onto her back and gently parting her legs.

Kara felt the velvet hardness of Andrew's cockhead against the lips of her bald pussy and groaned a murmur of encouragement as he pressed forward, opening her slowly and gently, by easing his cock into her wet passage and sinking its length slowly into her vagina. Kara lay beneath Andrew, pinned to the bed by the cock impaling her sodden cunt.

Andrew slowly rocked his hips back and forth, pulling back until his cock was almost slipping out of her cunt and then ramming harder and deeper so that his balls slapped against her arse. Kara was grunting like an animal, her pleas of 'fuck me fuck me' barely distinguishable from the rutting sound she made with each thrust.

Grabbing her ankles, but with his cock buried all of the way to his balls in her cunt, Andrew draped Kara's legs, both of them, over his right shoulder, twisting her spine and tightening her cunt. Kara's hair spread across the pillow and her breasts jiggled as he thrust his way viciously into her cunt, her thighs pressed against his chest and their bodies meeting with a wet slap.

Kara was too tight for Andrew to last much longer and roaring triumphantly, he felt his cock swell and start spraying his load of virile, hot sperm into Kara's womb.

Kara fell deeply asleep, cradled in Andrew's arms. She did not stir as he slipped from her embrace and, stooping a little, lifted her from the mattress and carried her out of the basement room and upstairs to the master bedroom. There he laid her on the crisp Egyptian cotton sheets that covered his bed and drew a fine sheet, barely thicker than a piece of gauze over her somnolent form.

Kara slept deeply, almost dreamlessly, only once turning to reach out for the warmth of Andrew's body. As she slept, Andrew showered and shaved, splashing a dab of the sharp scented after-shave lotion, which he wore in the daytime, against his face. Then, his body cleansed and fresh, he slid under the sheet and gently pressed himself into Kara's firm buttocks, plastering himself along her sweat-slicked spine.

Kara stirred and opened her eyes, feeling the pleasant ache between her loins, reminding her of the sensations she had thrilled to as Andrew had gently but passionately made love to her. she moved again and felt the hot throb of Andrew's cock, pressed along the crack of her arse. Slowly she shifted position, using the sweat that was pooled between the cheeks of her bottom to moisten the shaft of his cock.

Kara may have fantasised Andrew thrusting his cock into her unprepared anus but, realistically, she knew that the pain of such a violation would far outweigh the pleasures that she might gain afterwards. Even thoroughly laved and lubricated with her saliva and her sexual juices, his cock was large enough to tear her a little.

Almost instantly, Kara was rewarded with a stiffening of Andrew's cock and she felt his hands on her hips, holding her. She struggled for a moment, trying to turn onto her belly and lift her arse to take his hardening cock, but he held her, one hand gripping her hip tightly, while the other guided the head of his swollen cock between her buttocks until it was pressed against the centre of her anus.

His grip tightened as he shoved his hips forwards, the head of his cock stretching her anus and then tearing through, so that she cried out in a mingling of pain and pleasure that was both her pleasure and her craving. Even as she cried out and her eyes streamed with hot tears at the pain of Andrew's forceful intrusion, Kara was pushing back against his loins and bearing down to open her bowel, so that his cock could slide deeper into her rectum.

Kara could feel Andrew's breath against her neck, as he thrust forwards, driving his swollen cock deeper and deeper into her arse. She felt his grip relax and his hand move along the front of her thigh, pressing her back against him, adjusting the angle of her body, so that she remained impaled on his cock. Andrew curled his hand under her knee, lifting it back so that her pussy was opened a little.

Kara's eyes widened and she realised that Andrew had angled the mirrored door of his wardrobe so that she could see herself, her legs splayed and her clit obviously erect and swollen as he thrust his cock into her arse. She watched as Andrew pushed deeply into her pliant body, observing the curve of breast to hip and the darkness of her hard, erect, nipples against the cool milky mounds of her breasts.

"Do you like what you see?" Andrew murmured into her ear, "You like watching yourself responding to the feel of my cock filling your beautiful arse?"

"God yes!" Kara hissed back, "but I need you to fuck me hard, please, just fuck my arse."

"You have beautiful tits, my sweet, and your arse is so tight and hot"

With his last word, Andrew drove his cock hard into Kara's bottom, feeling the delicate membrane at her entrance tearing a little and making her eyes water. Kara could see the merest hint of her blood on the shaft of his cock as he withdrew and she smiled, taking a perverse and dark pleasure in the knowledge that he split her bottom again, despite his efforts to be gentle and considerate.

For a few long moments, the only sounds in the room were their pants as they coupled, mingled with the slap of wet flesh against wet flesh, as their sweat soaked bodies crashed together. Kara felt his cock stiffen inside her and knew that, again, she would be treated to a sample of Andrew's hot, thick sperm, this time, where she liked best to feel it - in her arse.

Andrew roared and, with a deeper than ever lunge that buried his cock, up to his heavy balls, in Kara's arse, he unleashed a torrent of sperm, plastering the inner walls of her bowel and rectum with stinging splashes of his semen. Kara shuddered, feeling the quaking inside them both subside and smiled as she wondered whether this could be her favourite way of being wakened in the morning.

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