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Kara Makes A Discovery


Volume I: A Super Seduction

Chapter One

"Again. Do it again," he commanded.

He swung at her, harder this time, his granite fist streaking towards her face. His movement was lighting fast, so fast that even her hypersensitive vision barely registered the incoming blow.

By the time her blocking arm had swung halfway towards its intended target; his fist had already slammed against her temple. He pulled the punch, hit her as gently as he could – but physics cannot be denied. The girl, lithe and lean and half his size tumbled backwards and slammed into the brick wall behind her.

It hurt. A lot.

"Ouch!" she groaned.

He grinned, his chiseled features softening. "I barely hit you!"

She rubbed her face gingerly. There was a mark – actually several of them – on her delicate features, marring her tanned skin. The girl breathed heavily.

"It still hurt," she said.

"If you'd practice more and move faster and learn to block better, it wouldn't hurt!" he said, his voice deep and gravelly, yet patient.

"I can't do it, Superman!"

His expression turned grim. "You can. And you will. Now do it again."

Reluctantly, she approached him. He swung again – and again she was thrown backwards.

"You're just too fast, Superman!" she exclaimed, exasperated.

The man, clad in skin-tight bright red and blue, cape flowing behind, shook his head. "No – you're too slow, Supergirl. You can be faster than, as fast as I am, if you want. We're the same, you and I."

"You'll still be bigger and stronger, no matter how fast I am!" she said, pouting. She looked up at him, at his broad shoulders and thickly muscled chest, the harsh jutting jaw and fierce, pale blue eyes. He was the perfect specimen, part man and part machine, a work of living art.

He intimidated the most evil men that had ever lived, and he sure as Hell intimidated Supergirl. She was suddenly very glad they were friends.

"I just can't keep up with you, Superman!" she repeated.

He stepped closer to her, looking down into her soft brown eyes. "Supergirl, no villain is going to be less dangerous when you face him simply because you're a woman. You are going to have to learn all that I have to teach you. The alternative is death – not only for you, but for those we protect."

Supergirl nodded. "But how … how can I become as strong as you. As fast as you?"

Superman took her hand gently. "Superheroes don't all have the same strengths, the same powers. Do not try to do what I can do – instead, find your own secret talents, use whatever works for you. Uncover your own secret weapons."

All of a sudden, the look on her face changed. She stared off into the distance, and then furrowed her brow in concentration.

"What is it?" Superman asked.

She was silent for a long moment, and then looked up at her, her pretty smile stretching across her face. There was a bright twinkle in her eyes, a glimmer of mischievousness. She giggled softly, looking more like an innocent schoolgirl than a world famous superhero.

"I think I have an idea," she said.

And it turned out to be a very good idea indeed.

Chapter Two

Later that night, in her secret underground lair – secret even from the powerful eyes of Superman himself – Supergirl stood before a full-length mirror, studying herself.

Her blonde hair, thick and lustrous, fell in waves and curls, streaming over her narrow shoulders. The costume she wore revealed every curve on her slender frame, the flat firmness of her stomach, her thin hips and long, lithe legs.

Slowly, always watching herself, she began peeling the costume away, first dropping her mask to the floor, then sliding out of the skin-tight costume, revealing ever more flesh as she disrobed. Even in Supergirl garb her breasts seemed unusually large, full, and round; when finally stepped out of her costume, they fell free, dangling heavily on her chest, almost impossibly perky, each topped with a strawberry pink, swollen nipple. Running her fingers down the front of her body, she shivered with delight. Her legs, free of the knee-high boots, were firm, muscular, but slim. Between them was just the barest patch of pale blond hair, barely hiding her pink warmth.

She smiled to herself, a sly grin spreading across her innocent looking face. For a moment she looked just a like little girl with a delicious secret.

"I think I know how to beat him!" she whispered. "I really think I do!"

Chapter Three

"Oh, Clark …"

His eyes flew open, but he lay still.

"Clark …" the voice came again, a soft whisper from outside. Even with his preternaturally keen hearing, he could barely make out the quiet words.

Moving only his head, Superman looked to the right, towards the outside wall of his apartment. Someone was out there, on his balcony. 16 stories up, high above the concrete sidewalk and cold streets.

And that someone knew his real name!

With a barely perceptible effort, he opened his eyes wider and peered through the wall, using his x-ray vision.

It was a woman. A young girl, slim and blonde. Almost pixie-like, she was so small, but her brown eyes were gleaming, shining with … something. Power? Desire? He wasn't sure, but something was there, something that seemed almost … familiar.

The girl was completely nude. Her high, pert breasts swayed gently, and in the moonlight he could make out the shadowy outline of her nipples, and the dark place between her legs. Suddenly fascinated, he concentrated, staring there. She was smooth, almost hairless, so tender and young, barely more than a girl.

Yet still … somehow familiar.

Beneath the sheets, he felt himself stir, then begin to stiffen. In seconds his cock was throbbing, pulsing with desire. He was the man of steel … but still part man, after all. He wanted her fiercely, whoever she was.

The girl bit her lip, then giggled … and Superman sprinted towards the balcony, moving in a blur, almost shattering the glass.

But by the time he got there – the girl, the vision … was gone.

He looked around, perplexed. Glanced over the edge of the balcony, quietly relieved not to see a crumpled, nude body lying in the street below.

Shaking his head, still aroused by confused, he stumbled back to bed and fell quickly into a troubled sleep.

In the morning he was sure it was all a dream.

After all, even superheroes dream, and now and then those dreams can be naughty.

Chapter Four

But it wasn't a dream.

That night, back in her secret lair, Supergirl giggled softly as she lay on satin sheets, gently touching herself, seeking the sweet release of orgasm.

Even as she climaxed, even as she arched her back and moaned softly, the smile left her face.

It had worked – she was sure it had worked. He had seen her through the wall, wanted her, been aroused by her … and the arousal had slowed him down.

Just a bit.

But it was enough. She was sure it was enough.

Tomorrow she would find out. At that thought, she giggled again, sleepy now, as sleepy as the man of steel slumbering across town.

Chapter Five

She arrived at their training center early the next day to wait for him. A dab of rouge graced her cheeks, a splash of perfume on her neck, the faintest hint of color above her eyes. Makeup was not the sort of thing she'd normally wear, not into combat and certainly not while training and practicing.

But he'd told her to find her secret powers, to use what worked. She intended to do just that … and to find every advantage she could.

Today, she was going to bring the world's strongest man to his knees.

She hoped.

Beneath her costume, she wore nothing. Nothing at all. Every line of her body was visible, the swell of her breasts, the sharp points of her protruding nipples.

He would notice, she was sure … notice, and be weakened.

A sudden whoosh of air announced his presence as he landed in the courtyard outside.

"Hello, Supergirl!" he said in his commanding baritone.

She grinned like the spunky, unabashed teenager she was. "Hi there, Superman!"

"Are you ready to train?" he asked.

"Oh, yes!"

He smiled. "I'm glad to see you so eager this morning!"

She nodded. "I am definitely eager!"

"Shall we begin with a few drills then?"

She shook her head, grinning at him confidently. "No, Superman, not today. I think I'd rather just spar a few rounds, if you don't mind."

He raised one sculpted eyebrow at her. "Are you sure you're ready for that?" he asked.

"Let's find out!"

"What are the rules?"

"Simple," she said. "Your strength against mine. No flying, no laser beam eyes. Just our fists and feet, okay?"

Superman looked at the slender waif in front of him, curious about the change in her demeanor. "You have something up your sleeve!" he said.

"Actually, Superman, I have nothing at all up my sleeve. Can't you tell?" she purred like a kitten.

He glanced down at her … and for the first time he saw her. All of her. And realized that at some point the girl had become a woman. Her body was slim but full and ripe, athletic but voluptuous. Her breasts strained against the thin material of her costume, and her nipples were clearly visible through the stretchy fabric.

He gulped, suddenly feeling dizzy, warm … and weak. His loins stirred and his mouth watered. He wanted the girl, wanted her desperately.

Supergirl saw his reaction, his emotions clearly etched on his face. The time to strike was now.

"Let's begin, Superman. Give me your best shot!"

Frustrated, confused, Superman stepped forward quickly and reached for the girl.

But she was gone.

"Too slow, Superman!" a sultry voice whispered from behind him.

Striking like a cobra, he swung his fist towards her, his frustration mounting. He was still fast, almost unimaginably fast, and he hit her … but she managed to dodge to the left, and the blow glanced off her shoulder.

Supergirl fell to the floor but quickly rolled and stood up, her fists raised defiantly.

She blew him a kiss. "Superman, I could swear you're slowing down!"

He threw a sudden roundhouse kick towards her stomach but her block was even quicker; another flurry of blows, and she parried everyone. She ducked the final punch and rolled out of the way, her young flesh jiggling fetchingly as she moved.

Superman was stunned. "How are you …?" he began.

Supergirl licked her lips slowly, sensuously. "Just taking your advice, Superman, and using all of my weapons for a change. Now are we going to fight or what?"

Chapter Six

She stood there with her hands on her hips, breathing hard, her face flushed and sweaty. Her blonde hair curled in wisps around her forehead, and her breasts dangled tantalizingly just out of reach.

God, how he wanted the girl!

"C'mon, Superman!" she taunted. "Come and get me!"

His frustration finally escaped. He roared like a wounded beast and charged her, arms spread apart, intent on crushing her in his grasp. In a flash she jumped upward, over his head … making sure her breasts brushed against his lips as she leaped.

Superman's knees felt weak and his heart raced. He'd never felt this, not even under the evil spell of Kryptonite. The girl was weakening him with her feminine charms, using his own lust against him.

"Very clever, Supergirl," he admitted.

"I guess you like what you see?" she asked. "Have you finally realized that I've grown up a bit, Superman?"

He nodded, now staring at her openly. "You are indeed a desirable woman, Supergirl."

She pointed downwards, between his legs. His cock, swollen and engorged, was poking straight upwards, his erection plainly evident. "I can see that!" Supergirl said, smiling wickedly.

Now Superman grinned. "I am glad to see you using all of your talents for a change … but it won't be enough to defeat me!"

The teenager batted her eyes at him and laughed. "Prove it, Superman!"

Moving as fast as he could – which usually was faster than a speeding bullet, as everyone knows – he reached for the girl. This time, she let him catch her on purpose; let him catch hold of her costume, right around her neck.

She wanted to laugh out loud – he seemed so slow that for a change she was the one who actually had to slow down a bit, just to let him keep up. But when he had a firm grasp on her, his fingers entwined in her material of her costume, she quickly pulled away and jumped backwards.

There was a tremendous ripping; tearing noise … and Superman was left with just a swath of blue cloth in his hands.

Just as she had planned.

Her top had been ripped away, and her full, adolescent breasts were bare, teasing the man of steel. Superman stopped in his tracks and stared, momentarily stunned.

"Oh … wow," he whispered hoarsely, sounding decidedly human.

"I thought we were fighting, Superman! Are a couple of bare breasts are all it takes to slow you down?"

He shook his head violently, trying to clear his thoughts.

Supergirl giggled. "Good job Lex Luthor never tried this! You would have been defeated a long time ago …"

Superman was still staring. "Lex Luthor does not have those," he said.

She laughed again. "Like I said, good thing. Now fight!"

Half-heartedly, he swung his fist at her. Supergirl blocked the blow, and then threw him over her shoulder. He slammed against the brick wall, landing in a heap, his cape covering his face.

Painfully, he stood up and faced her. His cock was harder than ever, an iron bar against his stomach.

He put his fists up … and Supergirl attacked. She kicked him on the side of his head, a sharp blow that stunned him. Another kick, a spinning, looping strike to his jaw, and he staggered backwards.

He reached for her blindly, but she was too fast now. A half dozen punches struck him, each faster than he could see. They stung, blurring his vision.

"Is that all you've got, super hero?" she taunted.

Chapter Seven

With a final Herculean effort, he flew at her, aiming for her bare midsection, intent on getting his hands on her. Even weakened by her seduction, he was far stronger than the small girl … if only he could get his arms around her, he could crush her into submission.

Supergirl waited for the last second, then stepped aside. He flew past her and she pounced on his back.

As they fell to the ground, she wrapped her strong legs around his own and encircled his neck with one of her arms, choking him.

He struggled, as her other hand quickly slid down his torso … and found his throbbing cock.

His struggles grew weaker as she started to gently stroke him, teasing him with her fingertips, squeezing him tenderly. With her mouth she kissed the side of his neck, licking his flesh, tasting him, biting him.

With one last roar of frustration, he rose to his knees … but she hung on, her small hand still stroking his hardness. He reached for her, to pull her off him … and she slid her hand under his waistband, pulling his cock free.

Her soft, warm skin found his swollen member, her thin fingers wrapping around his shaft … and she started to stroke him, running her hand all the way up and down the length of his cock. His head dropped and his knees buckled as he grew weaker and weaker.

The fight was over. Kara pushed him over just using her little finger; he was weaker than a kitten and collapsed onto his back.

She quickly straddled him, her hand still touching him, fondling him. With her free hand she began to undress him, unclipping his cape, ripping the shirt from his body, roughly shoving his pants towards his ankles.

He was helpless, barely able to raise his head to watch her.

"No … please," he begged, powerless and humiliated.

"Please what?" she asked, her voice now haughty, almost cold.

"Please stop!"

"Why don't you make me, Superman? Are you really this helpless?" she asked.

As if to answer her own question, she started stroking him faster. He was naked now, completely exposed. He groaned loudly, feeling the pressure in his cock building.

"You are weak, Superman!" she gloated, masturbating him quickly now. "You can't even fight a little girl!"

He closed his eyes, trapped somewhere between ecstasy and despair.

She was right.

The girl had defeated him. The man of steel was not invincible.

When she withdrew her hand, he opened his eyes, startled. She stood over him, hands on her hips.

"Oh, Superman! That was just too easy!"

"But … but … aren't you going to …?" he stammered.

"Finish what I started?" She threw her head back and laughed. "I never thought I'd see Superman himself helpless and pathetic like this, begging for it!"

He tried to pull himself up, but he was still too weak.

Her eyes were dark now.

"Our lessons are over for now, Superman. I think I've learned enough from you, don't you?"

He was speechless, helpless, defeated.

"Until we meet again, my teacher," she whispered. Supergirl leaned down, kissed him gently on the cheek, and squeezed his cock one last time in her small hand …

And then disappeared into the night.


He lay there, slowly regaining strength.

And thought about what she had done to him. How she had defeated him. How badly he still wanted her.She must not be allowed to tell others of his weakness.

He must find a way to defeat Supergirl, to overcome her new strength.

He closed his eyes, imagining her body, the taste and feel of her flesh. As he dreamed of her, a question occurred to him, a dark and troubling question: did he really want to defeat her, even if he could? Or would he rather submit to the unspeakable pleasures of her young flesh? Even these thoughts caused waves of weakness, he staggered then struggled to his feet, looking up at the bright sky.The answer to that question, he decided, would have to come another day.

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