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Superman's Conquest Ch. 01


I do not own Power Girl, Superman or any other DC Comics characters. Characters in this story are properties of DC Comics. I take no credit for creating them.


Kara Zor-L wiped a fleeting tear from her cheek as she slowly floated down from the starry night sky to the roof of Metropolis's tallest skyscraper, The Daily Planet. She sat herself on the ledge of the building with a depressing thud, and felt another wave of sadness overcoming her. She barely held back more tears and gazed into the fuzzy yellow lights of the city below.

Kara focused her eyes and used her telescopic vision to view the city night life. A couple holding hands walked from the sidewalk up to an apartment building, obviously returning from a successfully romantic date. She turned her gaze toward a park, where a group of pre-teen girls laughed loudly on the swing set, probably out past curfew. Kara's eyes drifted towards a strip of restaurants, where she witnessed a rehearsal dinner, two families together in one place to celebrate commitment and love.

Everything she had seen ranged from innocent, to happy moments in people's lives. It didn't make her feel any better. She felt worse. Her eyes welled up, and her cheeks became red as she let herself cry. Why couldn't she have what they had?

Kara was rocketed to Earth from the planet Krypton by her parents, just as her cousin Kal-L had been, before Krypton exploded. But those events occurred in a universe parallel to this one, and it collapsed. Everyone from her original parallel universe ceased to exist, and Kara was assimilated into this universe. Though she had been here from quite some time, no one here knew how much it bothered her that she had no home.

Here, she was not related to any of the Kryptonians that escaped the planet's doom. She was from a different place, and though she came to love Kal-El of this universe and his friends, she was not their family. This drove her to tears more often than she would ever admit, and to be sure, it was the cause of her angst now.

"I've often come up here when I'm upset too, Kara," a soft voice said.

Kara quickly removed her face from her gloved hands and exhaled deeply.

"Hi, Kal," she sniffled.

Superman hovered mid-air in front of her, staring at her empathetically. His muscled body rippled as he crossed his arms over his large S-shield on his chest. He said nothing, only looked at Kara for a long moment, waiting for her to speak. Kara gasped sobbingly.

"I feel so lonely Kal," she sobbed," I don't belong here. Sure, I fly around as Power Girl and do good for those who need it, and even though you have been so nice to me, I still know deep inside I'm not family."

Kal floated next to Kara and placed himself next to her on the building's ledge.

"Kara, you know that isn't true," he said, concerned.

"I'm just a copy of Supergirl here; she is your real cousin. The most attention I get here is due to my breasts," she cried, pointing to her mentioned anatomy.

Kal stared into the window in Kara's costume which allowed a generous view of the deep crevice which was her bountiful cleavage. His eyes lingered and traced the bulging outline of her enormous globes, and he felt a tingling sensation growing inside of him. He knew Lois's breasts were a DD cup size, and those were wonderfully big. Kara's beautiful breasts were much, much, larger. He wondered for a moment how she even fit them into her white costume.

Kara coughed slightly, "Kal?"

Kal quickly lifted his gaze to her face and noticed she was blushing. Kara had ceased crying and was now looking up at Kal with innocent curiosity. Kal quickly averted his gaze back down to the city. Kara followed suit, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Kara, I can't emphasize enough how happy we are that you are here. Don't ever feel like you are second to anyone," Kal spoke sincerely.

"We?" she asked inquisitively.

Kal smiled slightly and said, "Well I can speak for myself at least. I am happy you are here."

Kara and Kal shared a moment of silence and Kara seemed to regain her composure. A gust of wind sent their capes flapping, and Kal noticed her pleasant scent in the air. The more he thought about it, the more intoxicating it became.

"You know, it would be easier if I had someone like you do Kal, Lois must help you with this kind of thing," Kara said somberly.

"She does, but there are some things Lois can't help me with," he responded.

"Like what?" Kara was deeply interested.

"Well, the thing I think most about is how we can't have children. Kyrptonian DNA just isn't compatible with human DNA," he admitted.

Kal's mind wandered to a thought that normally he would have been ashamed of. But the urges he had been feeling since he looked upon Kara's chest made the idea exciting, regardless of moral purity. He turned toward Kara and the look in his eyes changed from consoling, to hungry.

He couldn't stop staring at Kara's body. Her tight fitting costume clung to her curves so enticingly. Her body was strong and healthy. He watched her giant breasts move through her cleavage window as Kara inhaled and exhaled. He longed to touch her wide hips as she shifted her weight to one side. Her shoulder length blonde hair blew in the wind, providing a frame for her beautiful face. Her high cheek bones and luscious, full lips were the most stunning Kal had ever seen, and her gorgeously deep blue eyes completed the package.

Kal stopped thinking about Lois, probably waiting at home in bed for him to come and take her. Kal couldn't feel and anything other than unfettered desire. If this weren't enough to make him act on his thoughts, one simple fact did.

Kara could bear his children.

"Are you okay Kal?" Kara asked, noticing a difference in his demeanor.

Superman used his super speed and sprung unto Power Girl before she could respond. He flung her onto the roof of the Daily Planet, pinning her on her back as a small crack in the concrete appeared from the force.

"Kal?! What are you doing?" Kara asked, surprised at his advance.

Kal shut her up by meeting his lips to hers, kissing deeply. Kara let out a small squeal from the unexpected act. Kal broke the kiss and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I'm going to make sure you never feel alone again Kara. I'm going to show you how much I care by making you feel indescribable ecstasy. I'm going to give you the appreciation you want. All I want in return is your womb. Mother my children," he demanded.

Kal reached down to Kara's womanhood and began rubbing her clit through the white latex of her costume. Kara eyes widened in surprise, but quickly became foggy as spurts of pleasure shot up her body. Her curves wriggled into Kal's strong hand, pushing herself against it, hard.

Kara had never felt closer to anyone. She wanted Kal to take her. All she wanted was his body now.

Suddenly, in the middle of her impassioned foreplay, she gained a moment of clarity and punched Kal straight in the jaw. A sonic boom echoed and Kal's body flew into the night. It only took a second for him to return, and he was angry.

"We can't do this to Lois," Kara protested.

"The hell I can't!" Kal yelled, flying fast as the speed of sound into Kara.

Kal pushed her against the wall on the roof of the building, and wrapped her arms around her back with one hand. With the other, he parted Kara's costume from where her still dripping pussy was, exposing it to the night air. It was beautiful and pink. Kara protested.

"No! No! You can't! No!" she screamed and unleashed her heat vision.

Kal's eyes glowed red and he met her attack with his own heat vision and the beams met each other between the two struggling Kryptonians. Sparks flew as Kal's member grew at the sight of Kara's wet pussy. His erection grew so hard it ripped through his costume, and his massive, erect member hit Kara in the clit as it flopped out into the air.

Kara shuddered in a wave of pleasure, which almost made her lose her concentration in her heat vision battle. It was hard for her to lie to herself. She wanted to feel more. She wanted to be taken by Kal. Hell, she even wanted to be bred by Kal. But it was wrong...wasn't it? Maybe they needed to be together and breed. Maybe this was right. But she continued to lie about her desire as Kal advanced his giant penis toward Kara's hot entrance.

"No! No! Don't! It's not right!" She screamed.

Kal was quickly overcoming her heat vision.

"Stop! Please! No!" she continued frivolously.

The enormous head of Kal's penis was touching her lips, ready to part them and take her pussy.

"No! No N-"

Kal shoved his cock violently up her tight crevice so far it punished her cervix painfully.

"-YES!" Kara shouted.

Kal gave another thrust, just as deeply.

"YES!" Kara cried again.

The Kryptonians ceased their heat vision battle and Kal concentrated on doing his best to destroy Kara's cervix. Kara had what she never did before. Kryptonian cock.

Kara reciprocated by gyrating and thrusting her hips against Kal's train of a dick. Kara fought to speak between bouts of ecstasy.

"You are splitting me...mmm...in half...so...deep," She struggled to say, constantly being drilled.

"And that's not all of it you Kryptonian slut," Superman snarled.

Kara's eyes widened and she peered down at the giant dick pounding her. She saw about five inches of Kal's cock not being pushed inside of her. Her mouthed dropped.

"Wha-How much is in me?" she gasped, demanding to know hungrily, her eyes burning with lust.

"Seven of my twelve steel hard inches you big tittied slut," he answered.

Her mind exploded at the thought of a twelve inch dick fucking her. She was in delightful pain. His first seven inches tortured her cervix and she wanted more. She knew how to get it. Kara slowly slithered her arms up her curvaceous body and pushed her hands inside the cleavage window of her costume. Kal was concentrating on watching his member slide in and out of her body.

"Oh Kal baby..." she said between gasps, her voice in a mocking tone, "Give me your whole cock, now."

Kara ripped the window showcasing her massive bust, finally exposing her boulder sized breasts. Despite their back breaking size, they sat amazingly perky, and her rosy red nipples hit her in the face every time Kal rammed her. Kal gazed upon the glorious sight and immediately shoved his entire cock inside her.

"Ohhhhh FUUUCK!!!" Kara screamed, feeling ecstasy in every part of her body, "fuck me with all twelve inches of that cock! Punish me! Fuck me harder than you ever fucked Lois."

Kal became blinded with lust at the reminder of his betrayal to his wife, and fucked Kara harder, grabbing her mammoth breasts. Kara returned his thrusts with a ravenous gallop. They pounded one another until they were fucking at the speed of sound, creating sonic booms with every thrust.

Without warning, Kal spun Kara's body, keeping his long shaft completely inside her, and bent her over to showcase her wonderfully plump ass. He grabbed handfuls of her cheeks and caressed them as he continued to drill her at speed of sound.

"Oh yes, Kal! You are getting so deep! I can feel you in my stomach!" Kara shouted behind her.

"You fucking whore," Kal insulted, "I'm married to Lois. You should be ashamed you are taking my huge cock like an animal. But you love it. You love bending over and taking my married dick. Worse yet, you want me to cum in your tight pussy. You want my jizz in your fertile womb. Isn't that right?"

Kara was on the edge. She was on the precipice of complete ecstasy. It was hard for her to coherently respond.

"Ye...yes...." She managed, taking in every little bit of pleasure Kal dick was ramming into her.

Kal again suddenly spun her around on his member to face him, and grabbed her by the throat.

"I didn't hear you, slut," Kal angrily said, continuing to fuck her relentlessly.

"YES!" she screamed as the pleasure inside her pussy was ready to make her orgasm.

"Yes, what?!" Kal yelled at her, watching pleasantly as her tits hit her in the face.

"Yes I want you to cum in my tight pussy. I want you to commit the ultimate betrayal to your wife and impregnate me with your seed. Fuck me full of your jizz and fertilize me. Breed me Kal. Breed me Superman!" she demanded.

Kal's body tensed and he shouted as he emptied the entirety of his balls into Kara. His cum shot into her at super speed and his jizz hit her cervix violently. That was all the push Kara needed.

Kara's back arched and she threw her head back shouting into the sky, approaching climax. As he pumped his sperm into Kara, Kal used his super breath to blow on Kara's clit, sending her into a crazed screech of ecstasy, shattering the windows of the Daily Planet.

"Oh FUCK! I'm cumming! I'm cummmmmming! Suck my humongous tits!" Kara screamed.

Kal obliged and Kara's screams continued for several minutes, all while Kal pumped his seed into her womb.

Kara and Kal slumped to the ground, a heap of post-coital bliss. Neither had enjoyed the full pleasures of sex with another Kryptonian, and neither could think correctly for some time. After Kara regained some kind of composure, she looked at her tight belly and focused her eyes. She looked through her skin and used her microscopic vision to see into her womb. Kara followed millions of Kal's super sperm on the journey to her egg. She watched as his seed fertilized her, and she smiled happily watching herself become pregnant.

"Oh thank you Kal!" she bubbled, kissing him on the cheek.

"For?" he still seemed groggy.

"Making me a mommy, I'll never feel alone again," she gleefully said.

The door on the roof of the Daily Planet slammed wide open and a dark haired beauty, walked with authority towards Kara and Kal. Her work suit made her body sexy in a secretary-way and her hips swayed with her strut pleasantly. She stopped in front of Kara and looked down at her. Kara followed the woman's long legs up her thin torso, past her bountiful chest, and straight into her dark piercing eyes. Kara stuttered but managed to weakly speak the woman's name.


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