Every year the office had its annual getaway, and this year was the usual routine. The Japanese men, who toiled long hours, day after day, all year long, hopped on a train out into the country to let off some steam, relax, and bond. And as was routine, this trip was not just full of wholesome fun, but of true fun, the kind that really let the men blow off the accumulated stress of a tough year's work.

Almost immediately upon getting out into their hotel rooms, the porn starting being passed around, the liquor starting flowing, and, of course, the harassment of the token young women who'd been brought along also began. The core of the group was all made of men, but naturally they had some assistants, secretaries, etc. These girls didn't want to come, but they knew it was their obligation. And the men had their eyes on the girls the whole time.

After a weekend of debauchery, the weekend finally came to a crescendo when the group decided to go to a Karaoke bar for the evening. There would be little singing done this evening, however.

They filled three Karaoke rooms, coming in loudly and drunkenly, a little unsteady. In each room, three to five guys and just one girl. The three girls had protested and asked to be put together, but had been easily badgered into isolation. The groups then ordered rounds of beers and some food, and started flipping through the song books and choosing songs to sing.

It didn't take long, of course, for things to get seedy. Not that they hadn't been seedy all night. Before five songs were sung, the five men in one room were eyeing the one girl greedily, sneakily, peering at her bare legs, her petite and bare feet, her cute little tits beneath her shirt, her pretty, demure face. When she sang a song, they all cheered warmly, and Tanaka patted her on the back complimentary. The pat turned into a brief hug, and Miki smiled shyly, a tinge of unease somewhere behind those eyes. She was just twenty-four, newly married just eight months earlier. She hadn't been particularly looking forward to this getaway, but wasn't overly surprised by the atmosphere. She knew how the guys got when they were all together at parties. She was used to a certain amount of harassment and could take it. She didn't really even mind, to be honest, a little groping, some lewd comments, etc. Not that she liked it, but she wouldn't lose sleep over it. They were just letting off steam, after all.

Tanaka was still rubbing her back. Nakata noticed, and spoke up.

"You like rubbing Miki-chan's back, there don't you!?" he leered, laughing appreciatively. He reached out a hand then, and suddenly grabbed a fistful of her ass, exclaiming, "Can't say I blame you!"

They all roared with laughter. Tanaka followed suit and took two big handfuls of her breasts, and she squealed and tried to get away. The joke was on, and they were all delighted. They lunged at her and grabbed what they could, tits, ass, groped her pussy. She wriggled away and went for the door, but big Yamata was there, blocking the exit. He was tall for a Japanese, around 6'2", and solidly built. She wasn't going anywhere.

A little more gently, still caressing but not quite groping, they eased her back towards the sofa, and calmed down a bit. As she sat down, she noticed Sasaki had his arm around her about half away. She wondered what her husband was up to. Probably just watching TV, maybe getting ready go to sleep; perhaps taking a path.

A few more songs were sung, several more beers gulped down, and Miki felt them converging around her again.

"Miki-chan, you're a cutie, aren't you?"

"You've got the cutest tits. Come on, lemme see em."

Tanaka reached down and rubbed his dick a little. She saw that it was hard inside his slacks. He leered at her. "You like sucking dick, Miki? Yeah, I'll bet you do." She acted appropriately shocked. "You suck your new hubby's little prick? What's it like? Big? Small? Hard?" She felt she must be beet red.

Then Kimura was next to her, his arms moving to encircle her. "You're so cute," he said, leaning forward. "You smell so good." He leaned forward further, trying to kiss her on the cheek. She was pulling away, making it difficult for him, but his arms tightened around her and he managed to plant one on her. His hands moved down, down towards her crotch. She tried to jump up and away, but they were around her and on her now.

Yamata grabbed her from behind as she stood up, and Tanaka sat on the couch on the side wall, waiting for her with a big smile on his face. Yamata put her in a full nelson and easily drove her to her knees. Laughing, Tanaka grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her face towards his crotch. His fly wasn't unzipped yet.

"Hey, Miki, why don't you suck us off?" That was from Sasaki.

"No way!"

"Come on, Miki, stop being such a cock tease," Nakata said. "Come on, I want my dick sucked too."

The momentum got them all into it.

"I'm gonna fuck you in that tight ass of yours."

"I'm gonna tear up that virginal pussy of yours like your husband never does."

"Oh yeah, suck me off, you kinky little bitch. Suck my hard dick. Slurp up my cum, you whore."

Miki was half crying now. The lewdness, the aggressiveness was bordering on something far more dangerous, and she was acutely aware of how alone she was. Alone, in a sound-proof, locked room, with no way to escape. Would someone from the Karaoke bar come to help her? No, they hadn't ordered anything. She was going to get raped here and now. On her first business trip. Eight months into her marriage. They were gonna fuck her silly.

She resisted but there was no use. Yamata kept her pushed down and Tanaka whipped out his dick. Still holding her firm by the back of her head, he forced her face onto his already hard prick, and she had no choice but to suck it. He pulled her head in towards his crotch, and they all cheered as the fun began. He had a bigger smile than ever on his face, and his dick was getting harder and harder as he and Yamata, and the rest of them for that matter, worked to keep her pressed down, her head being pushed and pulled back and forth in and out of his crotch. It felt fantastic, a great release from the day's pent up sexual energy. He took a handful of her slightly browned hair so he could really control her, and pulled her head up and down. Her cute little mouth struggled to take in his dick, and he could feel it pressing against the back of her throat. He tried to choke her with it, took a malicious satisfaction in the sound of her gulping his dick, gasping for breath, whimpering slightly as her mouth was raped. At the same time, hands from the other men were all over her tits, squeezing and meading them, pinching the nipples, not being particularly gentle. The hands worked roughly to get her clothes off, tearing away the buttons, half getting her shirt off, unzipping the back of her skirt, exposing her white panties beneath. In a moment's time, the guy's dicks were all out, wagging eagerly for some attention.

Miki was able to come up for a moment for a breath of air, and gasped deeply, pulling her head up as much as she could. Tanaka's dick was staring her in the face, swollen and bobbing in front of her, waiting expectantly for more. Two more dicks were approaching her from either side. She'd have choice but to suck them off too, she knew.

However, before she realized what was happening, her panties had been yanked down, and she felt a ripping pain into her ass. Her head slammed forward, her mouth getting impaled once again with the salty taste of Tanaka's sweaty dick, and her throat emitted a gurgling noise as Yamata's cock rammed into her ass. She gave a stifled cry and pulled off of Tanaka's dick for a moment again, bracing her hands against the couch, feeling Yamata's strong hands hold her hips still. The other men held her body steady as well. Yamata's sizable cock was only about a quarter of the way into her oh-so-tight ass, but it already hurt like searing fire. He gave another shove, and it lodged about half way in. She cried out but the blaring music easily drowned out the noise. Yamata pulled back slightly, gathering himself, and shoved in again, and again, and then a third time. Each time his cock slid deeper into her tight, dry asshole, spreading it apart but not with any ease. The muscles were squeezed shut and did not give way easily, especially in her fear. But he plunged in roughly, ravaging her ass apart with his ram of a cock, prying open the muscles, and not taking his time to lube or loosen her up, just thrusting it in as hard as he could. The pain was intense. She saw stars in her eyes, as Yamata got into a rhythm, slowly but surely. Before too long, he was really giving it to her ass, driving his staff up her asshole again and again. It must have felt great for him, she knew, so tight and hot. She was a virgin there, and now that was taken from her forever. The image of her husband, so gentle with her, flashed before her eyes, but then that vanished at once again Tanaka was forcing his dick between her lips and teeth and to the back of her throat again. With Yamata's tool pile-driving her from behind, with increasing speed and ferocity, her throat was pushed even farther onto Tanaka's dick, and soon it was plunging deep down into her throat, making her gag on it. The men noticed and laughed, cheered, especially Tanaka, who was still smiling that smile.

"Yeah, choke on it, you little bitch," he taunted her.

From behind, Yamata's pace was rising to a frenzy. He literally pounded his hips into the bones of her ass, rattling her body from head to toe. It become virtually impossible for her to suck Tanaka's dick, though he still had her head firm in his hands and was giving her little other alternative. Yamata's drove in faster and faster, tearing her ass apart, and then finally gave a loud groan. She felt his hot seed spurt up her ass, the ultimate violation, but at least it lubricated her a little. The warm, creamy fluid coated her asshole as Yamata grunted and jerked, his already impressive cock swelling to a painful size, stretching her poor asshole apart. After a few more jerks, he finally pulled out, and the men cheered.

"Don't stop," Tanaka ordered her. "I'm about to come. Suck my dick, you little bitch. Damn, you're a cute little whore. Your husband ever give it to you up the ass like that?"

He laughed, and pulled her head down on his dick again. Despite her pain, she took his member into her mouth, rubbed it with her tongue and sucked on it, and he did indeed seem about to come. He grabbed her by both sides of her small head with his hands and jammed her head up and down hard and fast, essentially jerking his dick off with her mouth. Then, true to his word, his dick spasmed and a moment later that same hot liquid came jetting out. He groaned loudly, like an animal, and the hot cream hit her in the back of the throat.

"Swallow it," he warned, and she complied, as the gushes of fluid filled her mouth. He held her face close to his dick as wave after wave of pleasure gushed through him, and listened with satisfaction to the sound of her swallowing his cum. He loved the feel of her tongue against his dick, lapping up his love juice.

"Get her over here, on her back," someone said.

She didn't know what they were up to at first, but someone pulled her back and over to the couch, but they arranged her so that her hips were still hanging off the couch. Then, someone grabbed an empty sake cup and held it beneath her asshole. She understood. She knew what they wanted. Meanwhile, as they waited, they made her jerk off the three as yet unsatisfied men, who perched above her impatiently, eyeing her body greedily and with anticipation.

Then, she closed her eyes and felt the sticky cum drip down and out of her ass. Yelling out in delight, Yamata held the sake cup up to her ass until it was as full as he could get it, and then they let her hips down onto the floor and thrust the cup up into her face. At first she shook her head and revulsion but they cajoled her and threatened her; Sasaki grabbed her nipples and twisted them so hard she cried out, and she knew he wouldn't stop until she drank Yamata's cum. Cum that had poured out of her ass. Grimacing, she let them hold the cup up and shove it in her mouth.

"Lick every drop, bitch!"

The disgusting, shitty tasting goopy cum ran into her mouth and she tried not to taste it as she forced it down her throat. They made her stick out her tongue and lick up every drop, lick the cup clean. Then another dick was in front of her face and the night continued.

There was still some more action to be had. Sasaki perched over her face and thrust his dick repeatedly into her mouth. She sat on the floor with her back against the couch and he fucked her mouth from above. That was all it took for him to get off. As the others cheered and grabbed her hands to their still hard dicks, he fucked the shit out of her face. First, he pounded into the throat, gagging her until drool dribbled out from the corners of her mouth, and a gurgling sound came from her throat. His dick rammed against the back of her throat and down into it. It was hard for her to breath. Her neck hurt from the strain of supporting her head against the battering. Then, after a few minutes, he switched to long, smooth strokes, in and out, deep and long. He shoved his dick, which was fairly long, all the way into her mouth and down her throat, so far that her lips were pressed up against his pubic hair, his balls brushing her bottom lip. He would hold her like that for a moment, letting his dick sink deep down her throat. She was forced to nose breath or choke to death. Then, mercifully, he'd pull out, but only to thrust deep into her mouth again after a few seconds. Finally, he tilted her head back and told her to open her mouth and get ready. He perched right above her open mouth and jerked himself off with long strokes, his red, swollen member quivering as it approached orgasm. She waited, helpless, and eventually he shot a huge, long load, followed by several more loads, all of which landed perfectly inside her open mouth. They could see the cum glistening against her tongue, pooling in her cheeks and throat. Then, Sasaki clamped her mouth shut and told her to swallow it. Reluctantly, she did as she was told.

At least they haven't fucked my pussy, she thought, but of course just then that dim hope was trampled. Nakata sat naked on the couch, and she was made to straddle his lap. Her heart cried at this, as another man was able to violate her sacred spot, where only her husband was supposed to be able to know her. What if I get pregnant? she thought in a panic, but there wasn't much she could do about it but beg him.

"Please don't come inside me," she whimpered pitifully, but there was no telling if he was listening or not. He took her buy her narrow hips and as the others held her body against him, he guided his prick up into her hot young pussy. Needless to say, she wasn't exactly dripping wet, so it wasn't easy for him to shove his dick up into her. She cried out and squealed, whimpered as he pushed hard up into her, hurting her, own face flushed with lust. Eventually he was able to get himself in, and her body produced some natural juices as a measure against the pain. He bucked his hips up into her and began to enjoy her.

Just as the pain was subsiding, though, an all too familiar sensation suddenly split open her ass. Kimura had snuck up from behind and was pushing his own rod into her ass. As it had already been stretched open, he was able to get it in a little easier than Yamata had been, but since her pussy was full, there was hardly any room to maneuver. She suddenly felt like she was full to bursting, and she cried out, but that only seemed to excite them. They got really into it, thrusting their hips into her like two machines, crushing her pelvis area.

Kimura was the first to come. With a grunt he shot his seed up her ass, and again at least she felt some relief as that lubed her up a little. His dick, after swelling up to the point where she thought she must have ripped something, shrank down after coming, and then he pulled out and she felt like a football had been dislodged from ass.

It didn't seem, though, that she'd be so lucky with Nakata. He kept fucking her for another good ten minutes, and still there seemed to be no sign of his coming.

"Please," she begged again. "Please don't come in my pussy. I'll suck you off. You can even fuck me in the ass."

"I know, you dumb whore," he said. "I can do whatever I feel like with you. But fuck that. I want your sweet pussy. It's so young, so fresh. Your so sweet and pure, so delicious. What a good fuck. I'm gonna take my time with you. Maybe I'll take you in the ass, maybe I'll let you blow me for a while. But it's your sweet pussy I really want."

"Please!" she begged. "I'll do anything." She didn't want her husband to ever find out about this.

He stared at her with a mysterious smile. "Okay," he finally said. "I want something from you."


"I want you to come. I want to feel you have an orgasm on my dick, in my arms." As his smiled broadened at the shock on her face, he added, "And no faking. I want to see your nipples hard, feel your pussy dripping on my cock."

She couldn't believe the demand. How was she supposed to do something like that? It was impossible. She was disgusted by this man she barely knew pressing his dick up inside her. She felt like sobbing and vomiting at the same time. Her asshole was in agony, and her pussy as well. The taste of three flavors of come, and of the foulness of her own ass, was deep in her throat and in her mouth. Plus, there were four other guys surrounding her, their perverted eyes on her, their hands making her skin crawl.

"You better do what he says," Sasaki warned her. "Or your life is gonna be miserable at work for a long, long time. No vacation, no promotions, constant harassment. We'll set you up, frame you, make it look like you're stealing. We can do a thousand different things to fuck with your life."

The other men nodded. Yamata looked at her and told her, "You better concentrate, girl. Think about whatever you need to. That hot dick inside your cunt. Do what you need to do. We want to see your ass come!"

What was she to do? She had no choice. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to imagine her husband, but it was no use. She couldn't keep him in her mind without feeling on the verge of hysterics at the thought of what was going on behind his back. She had no choice but to try to enjoy it, as crazy as that sounded.

She kept her eyes on the wall ahead of hers, and began rocking her hips up and down slightly. The men became hushed a little; perhaps they could hardly believe themselves that she was gonna make a go at it. She looked down at Nakata. He wasn't so bad looking. A fairly handsome face, thin but not scrawny. His dick was a good size. She tried to concentrate on the feel of it sliding in and out of her pussy. She knew, under normal circumstances, how to get herself off, and she tried to manipulate his dick inside her pussy in order to get the angle just right. She felt her nipples tingling a little, a flush spreading across her chest. She blocked out the feeling of horror, and tried to enjoy the caresses of the men around her. Nakata's mouth was suddenly on her right nipple, and the sensation was acute, startling. She gasped, and felt a surge of wetness in her pussy. He noticed it too, and began thrusting up into her a little harder. She had to admit, it felt great. She was feeling the first stirrings of an orgasm. She began to bounce up and down a little harder, and her new wetness allowed her to really slide up and down on his pole. It was hitting her just right, again and again. Her breathing grew louder, and she knew she was coming. She felt so degraded, so embarrassed, but suddenly incredibly aroused. She knew the men, particularly Nakata, were all delighted, but she couldn't help herself. She was bouncing up and down, and the orgasm swirled in around her loins. The debasement of it all was somehow adding to the pleasure, and the intensity of her emotions was squeezing her physical sensations to a level she'd never felt before. It was unbelievable, almost scary. She was losing control, but there was nothing to but go with it.

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